There is pretty easy counterplay - play one of the LT heavy cruisers....oh...wait...WG totally forgot to add those amidst all the BBs and super cruisers.


I find Des Moines kicks the crap out of Colbert and Mino , pretty well.


Des Moines is the single CA we have up there. And yes it easily annihilates Colberts and Minotaurs. Which is just my point - CAs are supposed to counter CLs but WG is just not adding any to LT. Instead we get more BBs.


Alaska as well, we’ll I guess that’s more super cruiser. But I agree 100% they need more heavies and less fire spammers but those are easy to sell/use for the player base that’s why they keep adding them. Of course when they do add a good heavy cruiser they nerf it.


True. We are definitely not short on BBs. I guess itbis important for WG to keep 5 BBs per game in the MM, for some reason. I have never played PC, so not sure what the options are. I have also found it odd that there are no premium T6+/ LT RN DDs either.


So many options, a smattering of Russian heavy cruisers, Petropavlavsk being the most obvious. Henry IV is the french heavy with 240mm guns.. Germans have Hindernburg, Brits have Goliath, Italians have Venezia (15 203mm guns), there is also Napoli (with SAP secondaries), Zao for the japanese.. there are honestly so many that it is really mind boggling that we have only had, exactly, one heavy cruiser added.. (no, not counting the supercruisers) But even if those were added, would people put away their battleships and play them? I'm not so sure.


Please not petro, anything but petro. Hindenburg and Zao would be excellent, especially with a huge boost to progression if you have Roon and Ibuki. Would also love Venezia, Italians need some love


Yes, petro… I have 16L4 Lightful just waiting for it… but then we need Goliath as a hard counter too.


I'd prefer we get Goliath first for sure, but I'll take anything but Petro unless it shows up nerfed harder than its current self in PC, otherwise I'll also have to finally take my lightful to L4


Wow, lots of choices! I never understand why there are so many BBs in each game, they are the most boring class.


"the most boring class" Sir may I introduce you to aircraft carriers? also about your comment but the reason we get so many BB's is because they're the most played/popular ship. people wouldn't play them if they were universally boring


I do not own, play or count CVs. They are of course " technically " ships, but it is just planes.


>I have never played PC, so not sure what the options are. That one italian cruiser with bismarck range sap secondaries might make quick work of the light armor But it's rare that wg gives us an italian ship to begin with, hell we are still waiting for sap on the tt cruisers


I haven't noticed this thing starting anymore fires than the Worcester. It can't obviously have had that much of impact on the game. Every single match continues to be 5 Battleships per side.


>the POS spammer still managed to set THREE fires 15 seconds after my DCP ran out > >There is zero counterplay to this ship Fight Fire with Fire would disagree.


Zero counterplay? Colbert has a huge hang time on shells and a lower than usual range for LT cruisers so for you to get pounced like that means you were either too close or not paying attention. The Colbert is a DD killer and cruiser menace but in a BB if you keep your distance there is no way for a Colbert to hit you consistently especially if you’re moving your ship.


What is "moving"?


It’s when you hit reverse at the start of a match and see how long it takes to get to the border.


I detect sarcasm.


18km is short range?


And this leads back to the burning question… if a Des Moines wipes a Colbert with ease then why the hell did anyone spend 3000 steel for it?


Because French boat purdy. Seriously I love how they look.


Colbert is probably the ugliest ship in the game lol


You must’ve never seen Zieten


You mean Graf Spees uglier cousin?


Zieten makes Graf Spee look like a 1940s US ship in terms of beauty


I blapped one yesterday in a Musashi. Easy to citadel is my impression.


Hard part isn't killing one when you hit it, it's hitting it to begin with. I'm not as far in the colbert is overpowered bs as op but they can be rather tricky to nail down if they're keeping range and not fully exposing themselves when you don't have anything else to be shooting at.


I’m pretty sure I’ve Dev-Struck every single Colbert that’s ever come within range of my main guns. I’m not exaggerating. Signed, a BB main.




I've been devastated maybe a handful of times, and never by a ship I'm actively avoiding. Colbert is not a squishy ship.


I wouldn’t call it squishy, but it’s a cruiser, and I’m typically using a Montana with Arthas as an inspiration… that build can dev-strike just about anything :)