This is a major reason as to why T8/LT matches are absolute balls. No class variety..


Constant 5 BB matches with 1 DD creates a problem. Not enough spotting which gives enemy BB players the chance to stealth fire from cover. And when it’s 1 cruiser and 5 BB’s that poor cruiser is going to be focus fired into oblivion. This is why LT/T8 play is so boring and stale atm. Need more diversity and a potential cap on 4 of any class per match to increase the diversity of matches.


And then Yammy smacks all the rest of the BBs from a bow in position at 20km, so fun




Sadly we are a minority. Battleships are far and away the most popular class among the Legends playerbase. So squeaky wheel gets the grease.


It's popular with the newer players that probably shouldn't be in the high tiers just yet because their BB won't get dev struck, however, I think a solid chunk of the player base wants a CA at top tier that isn't a super-cruiser


Yep, and on top of this it is yet ANOTHER German BrAwLeR BB 😑 Literally the most ubiquitous ship type at T7/8 with Tirpitz, Bismarck, Brandenburg, Odin, Zieten, FDG, and the others that I'm forgetting cause there are so damn many of them 🤔 If it has to be a BB, at least try to give us something more than a re-skinned version of one of the ships named above 🤷


My brother in christ there isn't a single German BB that isn't a brawler it's kind of their thing after all. But even as a BB main who loves German battleships I will agree that I would have preferred a cruiser or destroyer because too many battleships tend to get stale after a while. And tbh I don't think calling Pommern a 'reskin' is fair because if different guns size/layout and the addition torp tubes is a 'reskin' then I could brush of a lot of ships because they are simply a 'reskin'


No doubt I get that Germans are brawlers across the board, my point is we have at least 6 or more very similar ships at T7 & 8 and at some point the excitement for these types of ships wanes.. Some players I know are super dedicated to those lines and it will pique their interest, but many of us have ports filled with these ship types that seldom get any action.. If they have to give us another BB I would have liked for something with more variety/unique aspects..nothing to propose off hand as I don't know PC WOWS at all, but this just literally feels like Odin/Brandenburg 2.0 which offers nothing inherently new or different then what we already have, hence my "reskin" sentiment 👍


Yeah I can definitely understand that and even as much as I enjoy my Germans variety is always a good thing after all. Pommern is more similar to FDG than Odin and Brandenburg, FDG with 12x380mm guns instead of 8x420 and with torpedoes. Definitely the most unique bb from pc but then again it's better than the final 'reward' from the current campaign.


Maybe Ägir pre-WG nerf to her secondaries sonthat she was an actual good secondary cruiser


I love the brawlers. They make great target practice for Americans


No shit it's a German bb, it's like asking for shimakaze and expecting something other than torps


Huh? Geez some ppl are sensitive! I completely understand the point of German BBs as a whole.. My point is it's a lackluster ship at this point since there are literally 6-8 ships in the same tier range that do THE EXACT SAME THINGS!? 😴


When we gonna get a Russian DD campaign? Is that too much to ask? I want a T8 gnevny. I’ve got a port full of campaign BBs I’ll never play. Can weegee please throw the gunboat people a bone?


Yep. I may skip this campaign.


BBs keep the waters from being populated by the HE spammers (the win condition Meta for legends). Unless you've played PC, you have no idea that the most OP ships, excluding carriers, of course, are the top tier cruisers. And if you think minotaur or colbert are "unbearable and toxic," oh boy can't wait to see the reactions to smolensk. So yes, I would like to see fewer BB campaigns. But they do postpone me having to face the actual toxic ships, yet to be released onto console. Especially since I'm a DD main. If they do release a cruiser campaign soon, I hope it's Marsielle. It's tier 10 on PC, so getting it into a tier 8 campaign on console would be difficult. But that hasn't stopped WG from smashing ships into wrong tiers before.


I think this is right on target. WG doesn't want to directly nerf HE spam but having fewer new ships of that type will reduce the impact of HE spam on gameplay. I don't actually think it's a problem if BBs position well and move but getting torched by rapid fire HE is frustrating for new players.


The console version is set up even better for cruiser gameplay. It always amazes me how underutilized cruisers are overall. I guess big guns go BOOM for all the BB players. But the Map spawns are condensed down, which allows cruisers to get into cover and get firing positions much faster than on PC. They also benefit from the BBs having their Max range knee capped because of this "spawn feature". So, console cruisers and BBs have the same effective max range. Some cruisers have even further ranges when specd right. Cruisers also benefit from less ships per battle, meaning flanks aren't contested as much, meaning their firing positions are far less likely to be compromised during the course of a battle.


It's because cruisers are easily dev struck..puts people off playing them with so many BBs


I feel like just having this many BBs is gonna make things like Smolensk seem wven more broken since she wouldn't be exactly be spoiled for targets and there wouldn't be anything comparable to her at the tier


Yep, people complain so much about the HE currently on console. But they have no idea of how toxic the ships are that will be arriving. Smolensk is literally going to burn LT matches to the ground. You think LT is boring or empty now, once any of the Russian fire breathers (smolensk, nevsky) or the Russian unkillable (petro) arrive, LT will be dead for good. No way they put those tier X ships below LT, I mean, they put JB at tier 7 and wiemar at tier 6. So hey let's throw smolensk in at tier 8, for the memes.


Idc if it’s another BB, what I don’t like is that it’s an even more broken Brandenburg. I rarely play games at those tiers but now I have even less reason to play them


As a German BB main, who will probably get it because we’ll yeah.. I still would have preferred a new cruiser especially a heavy cruiser something T8/LT really needs more of.


Yeah it’s a bummer. They could do more choice campaigns it seems like — that way they get their battleship money but also give players the option to choose something (cruisers) that will improve balance and gameplay at T8/Legendary


This ^ Give us more campaigns with a choice (tho I don't like the monetary strategy of it) with different ship types available to choose from.. As you said, a BB/CA or CL/DD campaign or whatever of various combinations, where you choose one or the other at the end would improve ship diversity as a whole.. Plus it would give them an easy roadmap for future GXP ships (offer both or the least popular of the two 6 months to a year later for said currency).. As it is this will become yet another port decoration that gets little use from players such as myself who are just over the German brawling BB play style... But then again based on the number of those ships I see day to day in battle (they are new player friendly as they don't go Poof so easily) I guess I'm probably in a minority of those who have little use for these ships 🤷


Hah yeah we’re the vocal minority. I did hear that they’ll be adding a heavy cruiser bureau project soon so maybe that’s their way of throwing us a bone.


https://preview.redd.it/r1j1i4zgs9ea1.jpeg?width=1578&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=e209b54ac10f14e0995eb290a57279dadb73c94e WG probably 😑


At least it's nothing like their CV/Sub "Silent Majority" excuses on making them even more broken, but even as a German BB enjoyer, I'd love a CA of any origin, though preferably German as that's where my best captains are, be added as a campaign ship.


More choice campaigns, and have the one you didn't pick available for GXP shortly after the campaign. It will allow more variety, gives a purpose for us end-game users to collect GXP (I have everything I can get with GXP), and people can still pay cash if that's their thing by converting elite XP.


While I'm excited for Pommern there's already been one T7 ship that should've been a T8 premium campaign ship Plymouth.... In it's current state Plymouth would've been perfect as a T8 campaign ship but greed and money said no


I don’t know about others, but I had a field day playing higher tier DDs during the last update with all of those Marco Polos and Marlboroughs floating about.


I love BB's


Not thrilling me, either but hey, its worth 19m credits which will get me the Fantesque so smiles all round :)


It’s unfortunate and T8 is suffering as a result. In addition to being low income, the gameplay at that tier is incredibly unbalanced right now


What about Hindenburg, Ägir, Smolensk, Thunderer, shikishima (I'll wait especially for this monster) Vampire II Those would be quite interesting tbh.


All of those ships, with the expectation of Ägir would make good Legendary tier ships. In fact two of those ships, Thunderer and Shikishima can at their paper stats and looks be consider side grades to their counterparts of Conqueror and Yamato


Fair point.


All of those except Ägir should be Legendary, especially Thunderer and Smolensk. Those two would just be busted against anything they come against.


I'm excited for Pommern. 🤷🏻‍♂️


The five collective brain cells responsible for the majority of wallets in this game see German anything and open their wallets…. WG sells what sells. Stop buying if you don’t want it.


I think there just anxious to get them all out there we could do with more cruisers and destroyers though and here’s a though how about tier 6 and 8 carriers?


There will never be even tier CVs.


I find this amusing cause a lot of tier 6 boats tiger59 for example have exceptional AA but rarely encounter cvs