"This download is a multi-edition ISO which uses your product key to unlock the correct edition." It says that on the download page. Regardless if you use the ISO or Media Creation Tool it will contain at least Home and Pro.


Thanks. Somehow I totally missed that!


To make Windows show the "Pro Version" when your bios has an OEM key stored. In case you bought your system prebuilt but later updated to Pro. 1. In Windows 11 make sure "hide known file types" isn't checked in file explorer options. This is turned on by default so you need to make sure its not turned on. 2. Open notepad and type the following: \[Channel\] \_Default \[VL\] 0 3. Save the file as: ei.cfg 4. Make a Windows 11 boot USB with the official Microsoft Windows 11 Media Creation tool. 5. Copy the "ei.cfg" file to the Windows 11 Boot USB inside the "sources" folder. 6. when you boot the USB to reinstall Windows 11 in the future you won't be forced to install Home because that's the key it sees encoded in your OEM bios. Just make sure you have a valid Pro key to enter once the install is completed or make sure you save the pro key to your microsoft.com account so that you can activate with your Microsoft account instead. Reference Article where the solution came from: https://www.intowindows.com/how-to-select-pro-edition-while-installing-windows-10/


You can also just let it install home and then upgrade to pro later


You could, but why not just start with pro if you have a manual key or have one attached to your Microsoft account. Much cleaner install.


It's pretty much the same, but either way works.


Until you want local accounts for some reason. Then you need to go directly to Pro (at least the last time I did it)


Easy way around that is to not connect to the internet until you are finished the OOBE setup. No internet, no forced online account.


Easier way around that is to enter a non-existent email such as \``[email protected]`\` or \``[email protected]`\`.


So you don't even need to do all of that. Rename an empty notepad.txt file to ei.cfg and drop it in the sources folder and you will unlock the screen to chose your preferred sku of windows to install. Found this out by accident.