My favorite part about this picture is that we didn't even know those mountains were there when we started setting up camp in the rain. It was day two of our eight-day trek, which we stubbornly decided to go on with despite it getting close to the start of the rainy season. I started regretting my decision after nearly eight hours of trekking in fog and rain, but damn, once those clouds cleared up, it was all worth it. We ended up having sunshine the rest of the way, but this magical sunset still stands out as one of my favorite views along Peru's absolutely stunning [Cordillera Huayhuash trek](https://thepartyingtraveler.com/2019/11/11/the-complete-guide-to-trekking-perus-cordillera-huayhuash/).


Were there trees / shade along the trail?


Nope! Don't think it was until the last day when we were hiking back down to a farming town that we really ran into much vegetation. We were typically around 4200-5000 meters above sea level at any given time, except for one campsite at around 3500 meters.




Man, that must have been a stellar trip!


Absolutely! Still my favorite adventure to date.


Beautiful. Please keep posting about your trip periodically because I need to be reminded that I really want to do this someday. I saw your trip narrative like a year ago and this has been highlighted on my bucket list ever since.


haha sure, I can do that! My friend actually just did it a couple of weeks ago so Peru is open for travel and trekking!


Where in Peru?


Nice shot. Thanks for sharing.