Apparently wanting to fix your country's issues is too woke


Conservatism is insisting that the status quo is how it always has been and always should be.


This is a perfect summary of the GOP platform. That’s why they don’t propose solutions to problems because they believe there aren’t any problems and any proposed change is going to create new problems. Everything is fine.


Because everything *is* fine to them. These evangelicals had an entire generation of perfect legislation to themselves. The only wars we fought for forty-years were negligible skirmishes they don't talk about in the history books. They had it good, because they successfully gamed the system so they would benefit from all the suffering and mayhem being caused in the background. While the govt. was off collapsing societies and planting dictators overseas, bombing small countries, doing whatever would spite Russia, escalating an imaginary war on drugs and on suburban Black America, and planting the seeds that eventually would lead to the corporatization/industrialization of the economy, Straight White Christian Males knew a time of unprecedented freedom, power, and control. We (*We*, by existing) now threaten that.




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Wait, so why are they changing tax laws if everything is peachy keen?


You ever hear of the [Two Santas](https://www.salon.com/2018/02/12/thom-hartmann-how-the-gop-used-a-two-santa-clauses-tactic-to-con-america-for-nearly-40-years_partner/) Theory? Short version: Democrats act as one variety of Santa Claus to the people, by enacting laws and running government programs that people actually *like*. You know: funding education, improving healthcare, creating jobs and housing, that kind of stuff. Republicans want the popularity of Santa, too, but they *hate* giving stuff to those undeserving slobs who haven't pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to become self-made millionaires. So the only option they have to offer is — anyone? Anyone? That's right, *tax cuts!* They can funnel billions, trillions into the pockets of their top-1% overlords, while setting the stage to make sure the next time Democrats are in office they can't balance a budget, and then they scream and shout about socialists and overspending. When, in reality, they spend just as much if not more. It's been working for a really long time now.




Trump tax cuts are a fine example of this. Republicans wanted to enact tax cuts for the rich, but didn't have the votes. So they passed tax cuts for everyone. But there's a catch. The tax cuts for the rich were permanent, while the tax cuts for the rest of us expired a year after Trump left office. So now that the tax cuts for the rest of us are expiring, Republicans are now claiming that Biden is raising taxes. And everyone who hates Biden believes that horseshit.


Anything that could get them and their friends more money and make the lower half of society to fit the bill, us hard working Americans.


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But what about the border crisis? Or the fact that god has been removed from the public square? Or got-dayum Obamacare? They want to make America great AGAIN, which means restoring xenophobic, racist, and nonsensical traditionalist policies like Jim Crow


The first two aren’t real problems. The second one is a problem because the status quo before Obama care was how things should be.


> the status quo before Obama care was how things should be. And they conveniently ignore *why* Obama was trying to overhaul healthcare. People were up in arms over the premium increases combined with slashing of provided services. Once the GQP vilified the ACA, collective amnesia took effect and people acted like the Dems pushed it into existence to fuck with the insurance companies, which they love because of "capitalism".


>Everything is fine. As long as it benefits them.


Everything is fine for rich white straight christians * so the USA is all good!


Conservativism is inherently regressive, as progress is constant


It’s mesmerizing to watch humanity literally attempt to stop evolution. Think about it, if we talk of human evolution we mostly stopped evolving (dramatically at least) from a physical standpoint but, we very much continue to evolve from a socio-emotional perspective and we are facing severe challenges in our ability to allow our evolution of our minds to match the necessary societal changes in order to move our species forward. It is clear that countries who acknowledge and understand this and modify their socio-economic policies have surpassed us as their societies improve at a rapid rate by comparison yet if we all don’t join this evolution (a big reason why global cooperation on climate change hasn’t happened) then we will (if we haven’t already) drag down our species to the point of extinction.


The problem is that the world is constantly changing whether you like it or not, and whatever idealized vision younger conservatives have of past generations isn't completely accurate. They have a flawed, incomplete notion of "how things were" before they were even born. The older ones just have rose-colored vision and don't seem to realize that all their good times were one tiny sliver of the collective experience.


Note: those ‘CRT’ laws usually have a section that bans teaching that the US has not always been at root a meritocracy. That was the main goal: if you are not successful in the US it’s completely on you. There are no inequities of opportunity. This is their myth. This is what they insist upon.


But then wouldn’t the decline of the white male be their own fault and failure?


The decline of the white male is, according to them, because everyone else is *just now* being given unfair advantages. Lol. Because the success of the white male was due to a meritocracy. It’s like - the opposite of historical reality.


That's why i never understood why affirmative action is seen as a bad thing. Yes, it's giving an advantage to POC and women and such. But, they already started a few rungs lower on the ladder than straight white men, simply by being born. For POC it's stuff like lack of generational wealth and opportunities given to their ancestors that could set them up for more future success. Like I'm a white dude from a middle class family. I had my parents' and grandparents' wealth and resources to bail me out of a few situations. I was homeless for a while. You know what homeless was for a white guy with a rich mom? I crashed in her basement for a year saving money and getting myself back on my feet. When I lost my job she had money to give me to help me out. If I was poor and black, systemic inequalities would have likely (or rather much more likely) robbed my parents of being able to build a social safety net like that. It's the old argument "oh you're just gonna give them money/an education/whatever just because they're black?" Yes. Because historically we have already taken that chance from them. We burned their grandpa's business down. We lynched their uncle who had a steady job to support the family. We need to lift others as we rise, and we owe more to them for what opportunities we've taken than to someone who's family has always lived the good life because of the lack of societal persecution.




Problem was they boogy-manned the term "woke" when it's not bad. Same as the attempt the make "anti-fa", anti-fascism a "bad" thing. America has a long history of not liking fascists and also systemic racism. Whoever gives them their marching orders is an idiot.


Wait, fixing your country... *Make America great* again Is MAGA secretly woke?


It’s ironic coming from Florida. They had ballet initiatives to expunge records for weed offenders, allow felons to vote, legalize several recreational drugs, all passing with 65-75% support. Then they turn around and vote for the Republicans that are going to stand against all of those. Lol.


Rich WASPs wanting to suck all of the value out of every nook and cranny of society is only an issue for everyone else, and everyone else doesn’t matter.


Exactly this. To Republicans systemic injustice is a feature, not a big.


It’s working fine rich white men. Why address injustices?


When the issue being fixed is people they just don't like, right?


There literally is injustice in American society that needs to be addressed tho.


Correct. Which is what Warren stated he would be working toward before DeSantis ousted him on a whim.


A country distracted is a country divided. And we go from one dividing distraction to the next


Agreed, to an extent. There are some things we can't overlook, like Nazis, Christofacists, and the impact of their direct involvement in our government. There are some stupid things that are meant to distract and divide us further. We have to learn to keep our attention on the right things.


"attention on defeating the reicht things".


Hey I had heard about that and that sounds serious… But I’m more interested in this laptop story. #/S


I'm pretty sure there are somewhere between 87 to 89 of these things that we really need to keep an eye on.


But Republicans not getting their revenge pr0n dick pics is the real injustice!


Tbh it's because they've never seen a hog before, just their own lil wee wees. They think they're outing him as a freak. Lol


The problem honestly isn't bringing the issues to light it's that things are brought to light nothing is done and then it's the next thing which is why I believe it's all distracted division and I hope the government does something about the christofacists and Nazis but many of them are people of power


Wait are you saying the “War on Christmas” isn’t a real thing and is completely made up by the sheepherders on the right in order to get their flock of Christofascists all riled up and malleable


Aayup we brought the issues to light and Republicans said "hey thanks its so much easier to just say the thing"


Yes, except for the people who are living in the "distractions". They cannot pick and choose what to observe from some sidelines. It is a constant reality, not some fleeting fad.


I call them "distractions" because they're known issues that don't get fixed only brought up then buried to be brought up again if anyone were actively attempting to fix the issues we have they wouldn't be distractions


“Christofacists” Did you mean “Republicans”?


The Venn diagram for the two groups is almost a single circle. Still, there's a tiny sliver that covers those who identify as "mostly apolitical", or are maybe single-issue voters, etc. In an effort to be inclusive everywhere that it matters, I didn't specify a political party.


Fair enough.


That's super easy to do, because all you have to do is one thing... pull the lever for blue, no matter who... EVERY FUCKING ELECTION! It's literally that easy.


This is Reddit, so please explain this statement. What is “distracting,” that is dividing our country.


Drag queens.


When you are not directly impacted by said "injustices", than it is an epitome of privilege to call addressing them as a distraction.


By design. It's not chance that We The Little People are kept busy fearing and fighting each other. It keeps us too busy, tired, and overwhelmed to rise up against the oligarchs and their corporate-sponsored politicians.


True, but I’m inclined to hold the ‘little people’ who are fighting against other ‘little people’ responsible for their choices as well.




Or God forbid women or anyone who isn't white for that reason be able to vote, sickening /s




That's a good point! Can't have any non-aryan opinions in our government! And them damn kids will have this whole planet ablaze!


Its crazy that for the longest time Irish weren't considered white. It wasn't until they started "acting" white, i.e. joining in lynching, excluding black folk from their communities and all around supporting 1800's white supremacy where they able to join in on "whiteness." I highly suggest How the Irish Became White to anyone who is interested in this history.


But it's geared toward people that don't fit the description of straight white male, they don't believe there are injustices in America because they feel like black, gay, non-whites, etc., all deserve what they get, it's literally not an injustice in their minds. They're really fucked in the head and should be avoided at all angles.


its not that they feel there's not injustice, they feel that we've already taken care of addressing said injusticed in the form of welfare, affirmative action, etc


And they think those things are unfair and need to be taken away.


No there isn't -The people benefitting it


So, really, DeSantis and all of these people whining about wokeness are, by their own definition, woke. They think they're addressing injustices towards whatever demographic they want to claim, bitching about unfairness in media representation and government interfering in business. Interesting.




Believe it or not: woke and straight to jail


Yeah, that's not the definition he should've used.


The problem is, the right's language is 70% dog whistles at this point. You can't really define rallying calls and master signifiers. The same thing happened with the 'Don't Say Gay' bill, which comically ends up, by its own wording, disallowing discussion of heterosexuality. These are laws designed to allow for (ostensibly political) persecution of various kinds when interpreted by people who operate as parts of political-ideological machines. If you remove them from their context and try to use them in a rigorous way, they fall apart like wet paper, since they're so poorly defined. Granted, there are probably ways to define these terms that *aren't* absolute sieves, but the people who try to do so aren't exactly geniuses, and see what they think as so absolutely self-evident so as not to need to be worked out rigorously


I don't think most of these politicians are real thinkers ya know


Woke libtard /s


Wouldn't woke be a good thing then?? Why is needing to address systemic injustice a bad thing- as they portray it to be?


It’s hilarious that they added “and the need to address them.” So believing in systematic injustices (and wanting them to continue) is just peachy


Because it will destroy the America they want. But the majority of Americans are “woke” and want change. A lot of change.


lol then what is all the censorship and dont say gay shit about, boys?


Right?! Says “the belief” while living and running the state with some of the most obscene [voter suppression laws](https://www.npr.org/2021/04/30/992277557/florida-legislature-approves-election-reform-bill-that-includes-restrictions). That’s something to address, tf does he mean “belief”. Fuck that guy.


The party that believes they need guns in case of government tyranny, believes we the government is perfect now.


I sort of blocked those guys out when they claimed they had guns to defend the country against a tyrannical state and then not a peep from them when a police state descended on a large portion of the country because civil rights demonstrations ramped up hard in 2020. If you aren't going to use your guns against a literal police state you're complicit in the tyranny, you just like guns.


So, what Jesus stood for? Jesus was woke.


I keep telling folks. Jesus was hanging out with prostitutes and lepers not lobbyists and senators.


He called out religious leaders’ hypocrisy and flipped tables in the temple


Yep. Told ppl to pray in private in the closet. And to not run around pronouncing gods judgement on ppl.


It was also the only time he ever got violent. Think about that, the people who who invited such a reaction wasn't the prostitutes, tax collectors,theives and murderers. It was the hypocrites and those who exploited others by denying them access to God.


Indeed. And no doubt why he was crucified.


Senators are sort of like prostitutes though


They're more like compensated dating. You cant just trow a wag of money at them and have it your way. You have to buy gifts, take them out for dinners, show support, etc... before they start dancing to your tune.


Nah, prostitution is honest work.


Jesus loved the hos and liked to party. Dude made food and drinks for everybody.


You're getting your Jesus confused with whatever they preach in church now.


Have you heard about our lord and saviour, Supply Side JC?


And a jew


Jesus was so gay. Present day republicans sign bills into law that would make him cry.


That would make a great t-shirt!


Jesus didn't really have a specific stance on American society


Jesus had a specific stance on society in general. Regardless of geography.


Ohmygosh that's terrible! They want to address systematic injustice? Lock them up before it spreads!


systemic, the difference really does completely change the meaning. It means our social systems - police, banking, the courts - perpetuate injustice, even on those occasions when the people in those institutions don't mean to.


I’ve always said that anyone who is anti-woke can’t define it without admitting that being anti-woke is just another word for being a complete asshole. Looks like that’s true.


Absolutely this


By this definition, believing that Jews secretly run the government is extremely woke.


I showed this to my QAnon friend and his response was “DeSantis and all his friends are juice box boys. He's super controlled op” He says ‘juice box’ these days cause he is antisemetic now, but doesn’t want to be completely obvious about it.


Why is this person still your friend


So I guess we’ll know what it means when we inevitably start seeing “Let’s Go Juice Box” bumper stickers.


American conservatism is inherently racist, sexist, homophobic (even before you get to the extreme right wing). When you start a country with the proposition that all men are created equal, but the equality only includes white, land owning men, then an ideology devoted to stopping, slowing, or reversing change seeks to prevent or reverse any attempts at increasing the franchise beyond that initial group, regardless of what the constitution purported to be for


No no, you don’t get it I’m just FISCALLY conservative *ignoring that conservative fiscal policy is just meant to preserve wealth and power for the wealthy elite, and prevent services to uplift marginalized groups


“The want to improve society somewhat”


Get this for irony: when they talk about how society is biased against white people and men, they are being woke by that definition. Demented and sad “woke” though.


Self Aware Wolves? They are angry that the 🌈 means that people won't be wiped out but people they want to murder are using it and they do not like the reminder.


Oh, that's good then, because it will be easy to win in court when you just show something like sentencing averages for the same crimes, then reveal the colors.


Underrated comment here. I love it when an argument can be backed by the numbers, and any discrepancy in these averages would be difficult to dismiss as anything other than systemic racial bias.


Being “woke” is literally being a decent human being


Republicans are against that




So if that's the case and thats the definition they're going to run with, then I have to ask whether their argument is... A. No injustices exists at all? or B. That they *do exist* but we shouldn't work to fix them?


It's really the second one they want but they'll pretend it's the first one


By that definition, it is totally understandable why Republicans are anti-woke.


Hey! They got it right!


Oh no!!! Not the public wanting to address systemic injustices!!! Everyone fight against it!


so they're against addressing systematic injustices


If that’s not self indictment of the fact you’re complete human garbage… I don’t know what is.


So, you don't want to talk about social injustice? "BUT YOUR HONOR... WHAT IF THE NON-WHITES AND WOMEN WANT RIGHTS TOO?!?"


“Woke” when used by racist white nationalist’s like Ronald DeSantis are just an efficient way of saying the Nword and all other racial slurs at once.


Fear of anything not white, heterosexual or Christian


Depends on which kind of Christian, though, don't forget that. And which kind of white. And if you're hetero enough to have an ideal nuclear family with multiple children who will preferably have more children sooner rather than later.


I'm not sure they care about christians, I think they just want the votes


Desantis, just another Republican idiot that will work twice as hard to make life worse for everyone and won’t work at all to make anything better. Fuck him and his backwards thinking supporters.


Someone needs to ask him if freeing the slaves was Woke. Or if suffrage was Woke.


The single greatest response to anyone mentioning how "woke" things are bad is to just ask them to define "woke". They can't, not without either admitting that "wokeness" is just basic empathy and awareness for other's existences or accidentally admitting they just hate some random group of people and want the government to implement laws making it legal to hurt them in some manner.


So, Woke is believing that what's been happening throughout the history of this nation has actually been happening throughout the history of this nation. These assholes have really made reality their enemy.


Such a radical idea: Making life better for people.


Okay so they do know what woke is, but continue to use it as a catch-all for anything they hate. Bastards.


Oh heck we sure wouldn't want Americans to have good lives now, much too woke.


Keeping this definition. It’s a good one, and it’s good to cite one of ‘their own’ when asking if they disagree with it. Can put the discussion on a less euphemistic level and shift it to talking about reality.


Cool, bet this gets to the Supreme Court somehow. If it does have them define “boofing”.


It just pisses me off so much that we need to pay for his reps to define woke after he pulls another fascist stunt to abuse the government's power.


I love that they defined it as a thing that anyone with a shred of decency would never object to. Sweet white Jesus says we should never try to make things better for others.


So DeSantis’s official definition is the meme with the dog on fire saying “this is fine.” Good to know. Not surprised.


So woke is acknowledging reality?


TIL all those QAnon election deniers who believe in BS systemic election fraud theories are legally “woke” in Florida. Huh.


As an old mother fucker, and I don't say this with lightness or wokeness really fucking anything else. I am so fucking done with these people in power. And I think there's a few of us out here that, a life sentence just doesn't mean shit but things have to fucking change. My entire fucking life I've been fighting against this shit and I'm just done with it. String me up, hang me, life sentence I don't give a fuck but I'm about to go Second Amendment on your asses. That basically said that my daughter had to move to Ireland to enjoy equal rights. It makes me sad that I had to expatriate to Mexico to enjoy a life of freedom. You mother fuckers on the left, you progressives, if you are not arming yourself against the shit show that is about to come you're fucking stupid. It's sad but it's what it's going to take. You're going to die for your beliefs. That's just the way it is. It's always been this way. I will die for you, I won't see the shade of the tree that I planted, and I'm good with that. But if you fuckers think it's not going to come to this, you need to think again. It is, violence solves a lot of shit. Is it sad? Yeah it is.


Your last line is absolutely right. Liberal pacifism is just another tool to suppress actual change that would affect the status quo.


Wait wait, didn't they just define the word "inequality"? Man these people are dumb.


So racist like DeSantis are fighting hard to prove that there’s no racism in this world and therefore no need to fight injustice, by being even more racist and discriminatory?


Guess I’m woke then. Desantis is such a fucking jackass.


Let’s be honest here, conservatives don’t know what the fuck definitions these words mean, to them they heard it’s bad on fox and that is all that matters


DeSantis is another clown.


I love how every time these idiots have to actually explain themselves, in court...they end up looking like fucking morons, trying to define how moronic they really are.


And they are against this...because......


So when conservatives call themselves the enemy of the woke, they're calling themselves pro-injustice? At least they're admitting it aloud now.


I mean, they've been calling their opposition "social justice warriors" as an insult for years. It's not like this is new.


So “Woke” is officially defined as accurately perceiving reality. That’s some wild shit.


these people believe there are no injustices in USA? it turns out i am extremely woke think about all the cops that dish out abuse unto and kill minorites with zero repercussions, think about the crazies that go out armed to the teeth terrorizing gay people (right after the Q club shooting, no less), think about the tons of prisoners who are forced into literal textbook definition slavery... republicans hate you for wanting to fix all that, and they think it's absolutely fine


Their president is a nazi, so I can see how they wouldn't be down with wokeness.


Then being woke is a good thing.


Thus answering the question of why Desantis isn't woke.


woke /wōk/ *adjective* 1. a progressive alert to injustice in society, especially race and gender equality. "We need to stay angry, and stay woke about the attack on equal rights!" *noun* 1. a rightwing alert to injustice in society, especially race and gender equality. "We need to stay angry, and shutdown wokeness calling for equal rights!"


Only Republican’ts could oppose that.


So they are policing beliefs (but only the true ones)


Such a joke. This is what the FL gov has money for! This and illegally transporting undocumented immigrants across state lines. Definitely not for fixing infrastructure or addressing homelessness or instituting free school lunches for all students.


It means “unlimited fund-raising from morons.”


Okay but what does it mean when ppl are talking about Marvel or HBO shows? Like how is Wakanda Forever woke?


So how is being “woke” possibly a bad thing? I’ve never understood how pointing out problems in the way things are done is bad, and as an Aspy, I’ve gotten in trouble for this a lot.


Lol so basically the exact definition for which why there are even alternative discussions and things like Critical Race Theory. The single collective brain cell is drying up.


Love the accurate definition. Now, what is that reason it’s a bad thing?


Lmfao What a self-own


Guess I'm woke then


Isn’t this basically the definition of critical race theory? It’s wild because if you asked him to define CRT i doubt he’d be able to lol


Task failed successfully


Just saying it out loud. Perfect.


I mean there is no belief involved, it's just a matter of fact. The only people that have any beliefs about it is the far right that believes the injustices, that clearly are happening, don't exist.


I like how they forget they hate “woke” but listen to any of them rattling on, they themselves speak about people needing to WAKE up.


What a weird thing to try to argue against. I know there are some people who legitimately believe this isn't true, because they are just that uneducated and unaware. Virtually any lawyer would absolutely know better though. They have to present an entire argument that they know is demonstrably false.


The full article for those interested https://floridapolitics.com/archives/574045-in-andrew-warren-suspension-trial-gov-desantis-officials-answer-what-does-woke-mean/


And they think “woke” is bad?


So woke just means you’re observant


"Because it's the way we've always done things" is hardly an adequate reason for continuing to do things the same way, especially when continuing those actions makes situations worse. Conservatives are ill-equipped for solving problems they create and they prefer sadism and stagnation to critically thinking to find ethical solutions.


Not really on topic, but why is it so that when people say: "you can't say anything anymore", the stuff they want to say is always bigoted?


There it is boys open acknowledgement that republicans are against fixing systemic injustices. I wonder why.


And the Republicans view this as a bad thing because.....


So making life better for everyone is woke?


Oh look at that, some of them can fucking read, they just choose not to


Being woke is evidence-based!


So… when they are fighting “wokeism” they are defending white privilege. Got it!


And desantis and others like him are against addressing injustices? Or do they not believe injustices exist?


so that means that this is the perfect society - nothing ever needs to change and it's always the status quo.


My favorite definition of it I've seen is "Basic Empathy," but okay


How horrible! These woke people must be stopped!!! /s


Often when I see woke used, it is used when someone is upset with a black, gay or trans character.


Huh, today I learned everyone in the world is woke. Cool!


Ah great. So the antonym of that, which your client would represent would be defined as what? Asleep? Braindead? Incompetent cause you can't see that there are in fact systemic inequalities built into the system?


The Supreme Court said racism doesn't exist anymore so there's no need for things like the Voting Rights Act, or any other laws that would help the now nonexistent disenfranchised