Normalizing men wearing makeup!


Mayonnaise eyes.


….and high heels.


And girdles. Hell, with all the cosmetics, shapewear, heels, and such, Diaper Donnie is probably the closest thing to an open cross-dresser we've ever had in that wing of the government. Even J. Edgar Hoover wasn't that open about wearing "women's things" whilst catering to the hyper-masculine right-wing America.


This is why I have to disagree. Yes, he is a male wearing makeup, but it isn't *good* makeup. It's "my first YouTube video" makeup. Drag queens and mua's could've done wonders for him, but in true Donny fashion, he knows best.


It isn't even "My first youtube tutorial" bad. Donald Trump's makeup is "The year is 1991, I'm nine, Youtube makeup tutorials are 20 years away, and I just found my mother's bronzer and mistook it for foundation, and now I think I look like Janet Jackson sans eyebrows, eyelashes, or literally anything but this accidental blackface situation" bad.


This is the best thing I have ever read.


Except the way he wears makeup is far from normal.


You don’t want the complexion of a Cheeto?






Even Gene Simmons is like "That's too much. Take some of that off."


Was watching a thing on the Late Show that showed clips of various times he was talking about his tax returns over the last 10 years. His face got darker and more orange as it moved closer to the present day. Can't tell if it was video editing or if he became that insecure with all the additional media on him and just starting layering it on extra thick.


But without it he just looks like a K-Mart Palpatine


Dont do Kmart dirty like that. RIP Kmart.


Men in heels.






I informed a maga person about his bankruptcies and he said he did them because he is really good at business.


I went to a restaurant with my dad a few years ago and there was a guy at the table next to us talking about how Trump was a "business man" and no other president before him had business experience. Just reminded me of a tweet I saw about how terrible you have to be at running a business in order to bankrupt a casino. E: shout out to the person that tried replying "well Biden bankrupted the US by closing businesses during covid" thanks for chickening out and deleting your comment seconds after posting it and saving everyone the headache of reading your comments.


If you watch “Dirty Money” on Netflix, the guy who ran one of his AC casinos said they were sending millions of dollars each month up to Trump. Definitely nothing suspicious there…


Yeah, that’s really the only way you can bankrupt a casino. Just stealing way too much from it.


His dad gave him millions too in "loans" to help his casino, and it still failed.


They’re so fucking stupid, they couldn’t even do that right. Get a mil and go put it on a number on roulette. Chances are really good he’ll lose, and even if he does win, he’ll just keep gambling it away until it’s gone. Nope. Gotta do it in some really fucking sketchy and obviously illegal way.


Yeah his dad couldn't give a real loan for some reason so he would buy millions in chips. Lol


It wasn’t a loan. Never was meant to be one. He was giving him a million dollars. It was a bailout. He bought $1 million in chips and then walked out, without ever intending to bet any of it.


Correct. It was just a way to give him money because he wasn't really supposed to


So, money laundering?




Imagine my horror as a boomer NYer who has hated Trump since the 1980s. A couple before he ran for President I went to the US Open and when his photo came on the Jumbotron during a commercial break, the entire place booed.


Yeah, a lot of us knew this, too. But his racism,and misogyny (and other horrible things) were so appealing to the racist, misogynistic, (and other horrible things) willfully-ignorant that they formed a cult. And with the help of Putin and the charlatan christian evangelists, he won the electoral votes. Not the popular vote, mind you. And now we’re still paying the price.


Made me want to go back into my coma


Which is crazy because owning a casino is the same as having a license to print money how did he mess that up?


Even if you're just using it to launder money, I imagine it takes a special kind of stupid to ruin that.


By stealing from it, and by being a complete and utter moron


I think the MAGA talking point on this was the terrible crime rates on the streets of AC that scared away customers. You know the violence & lawlessness of 'those people'.


Yet all of the other casinos in AC seemed to continue prospering


Harry S. Truman was a successful haberdasher. Also: I like using the word "haberdasher".


I heard he had the business sewn up.


Because he never cut corners.




Only idiots unclear on the concept want government to be 'run as a business'. Government is not now, nor has it ***ever*** been a 'business'. Government was established for the purpose of providing a set of rules to keep society stable, to build infrastructure, promote public safety, defend the country, and to provide services to the people. It has never made any money. Let me just repeat that: GOVERNMENT HAS **NEVER** MADE ANY MONEY. That is not, nor has it ever been its business. Anyone who wants to run it 'as a business' must expect it to run a profit, the seriously dumbest idea ever proposed. And because it's just ***that*** stupid, only Republicans unclear on the concept love the idea.


Not just that. He’s in *real estate*. One of the least risky business ventures you can be in. Especially in the US where land has so much value.


> He’s in real estate. One of the least risky business ventures you can be in. Repugnicans investigated Bill Clinton in the 90s because Bill made *too much money* with real estate.




They lack the warmth and depth for that name.


Yet he still failed. Had unlimited cash he stole from his other family members inheritances and was nearly destitute when he got offered the apprentice…


But really good at laundering corrupt foreign money.


How tf dose one even mange that


Yeah all rich business file bankruptcy, it how they get to keep lonely when they f up


When Musk files Twitter for bankruptcy sometime in 2023 I swear some SpaceX bro is gonna say that was Elon’s intention and that he “saved free speech by taking down big tech”


RemindMe! 360 days. I think you’re on to something.


!remindme 1 year


Elon is the Millennial's Trump.


At least THAT halfwit can't run for president.


There are 3 possible outcomes I see for twitter 1. Elon Musk changes twitter and makes it into a success, most likely with it basically being the same thing with a new owner 2. Twitter collapses and a site that does not exist right now comes and takes its place 3. Twitter collapses and an already existing and well established site takes advantage.


1. Not likely that a fixer, who isn't a face, is going to want to come in the shadows of a crybaby gigallionaire and pull back on the stick. 2. Mmmmmmfor something as big Twitter, I don't think there's any startup powerful enough to tackle that demon. 3. Try looking up Mastodon.


Sooooo prophetic. Put that one in the vault and whip it out again next November.


Tbf, bankrupting Twitter to funnel money into tesla is probably his intentions to begin with.


Meanwhile, the actions he has taken with Twitter have contributed to the decline in Tesla's value in a major way.


Which is just one of the tools he uses to avoid paying creditors - for which he is also an expert.


He's had plenty of experience.


Nobody bankrupts better than me


The smartest best people, like super smart people. That say I’m smarter than them are saying it. No one takes a bankruptcy better than ol Donny.


They say, “ Sir, no one bankrupts like you do”. And there are always tears running down their faces when they say this.


I have thee best bankruptcies


Seriously he bankrupted a casino, HOW DO YOU DO THAT


You skim way too much off the top. A little bit is fine, you see. But it’s trump, so.


By using it to launder money.


Idk Ozark made It look pretty easy , I think he's just *dumb* dumb.


Actually, I think he bankrupted multiple casinos.


Avoiding consequences.


This is his real superpower - doing things any regular person would go to prison for, doing them multiple times, and having other people pay the price instead.


Someone accidentally took one classified document home with her and she got sent to prison for it. And it didn't take years to send her there. Yeah, there seems to be a double standard.


Liberty 🗽 and Justice for SOME


>Liberty 🗽 and Justice for SOME We're all equal, but some are more equal than others.


>Yeah, there seems to be a double standard. Someone needs to remind Merrick Garland there is no "Office of former Presidents". Trump is a citizen just like everyone else and I'm sick of all the special treatment he gets. He hasn't even been charged yet. Anyone else would've been arrested during the raid where they found the documents and probably denied bail. It's not that no one will care if he kills anyone on 5th Avenue it's if anyone has the guts to treat him like the criminal he is.


Don’t kid yourself. Trump is still a de facto leader in the Republican Party, hateful as that is. DOJ is being very cautious to build a rock solid case that points directly and irrefutably to trump before arresting him. For example, they need to build a clear and evidence based chain of possession of the documents found at Mar-a-Lago that ties directly to Trump. He has many followers around the country who have repeatedly demonstrated a lack of understanding or belief in many of our basic institutions in favor of ‘Trump’ (why, I’ll never, ever understand… talk about a self defeating circle of lies). Those same followers have repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to use violence equivalent to terrorism if they don’t get what they want. While a full blown civil war seems very unlikely to me, isolated incidents of extreme violence would be a serious concern, especially with certain ‘news’ agencies, echo chambers in the new Twitter, and the religious right inciting them directly and/or indirectly.


I wasn't aware that leader of the Republican party put one above the law. If we as a country bow to those that would use force in lieu of the law then we might as well rip up the Constitution.


If any normal citizen did what he allegedly did they would get death penalty.


She just forgot to “declassify” the doc by THINKING it.


Fucking guy stole classified documents, many of which are still missing and he can't/won't account for them, and he's walking around free...


Poor Michael Cohen. Decided to cooperate with the law, end up in jail for years, and his boss, the actual criminal escapes justice every god damn time.




getting really, really dumb people to do what he says.


And all he's saying to them is "send me more money."


Yeah just like Elon musk he’s a begger, only traitor cheeto, grifter in chief only had daddy vladdy money and now daddy vladdy has no money so agent orange needs to beg his maga peasants to donate what little they have so he can use his frog penis on a gold toilet.


>use his frog penis on a gold toilet 🤌🤌🤌


I don't know if I agree with or understand this comment but I had to upvote it.


Traitor cheeto = agent orange = traitor in chief = grifter in chief. Eric trump “we get all our money from Russia”. Donny dunce is putlers submissive object, one step below subject. He wears a collar when they’re alone and daddy vladdy whips old TT (traitor trump) if he doesn’t send enough agents to kill. Now that putler is becoming a peasant slowly and watching his country burn around him he can’t afford traitor cheeto. Stormy danials, who trump fucked with campaign money or something illegal… anyway she says his “penis” looks like a frog or toad or something. He’s into golden everything, including golden showers, piss pig… Before he was a traitor or even on tv we went into his gaudy ass building and there was gold everywhere. It’s like a saddam hussien building… he can’t afford golden toilets if vlad doesn’t send him money to keep his businesses afloat… so he had to beg his peasant maggot followers to afford to feel rich. He’s just a peasant himself without that Russian money. I’d like to see him jailed, his money rico’d and then have him live out his life as a begger on the street. Maybe he can be in a freak show with his hair and frog cock, if he gets really desperate. He doesn’t have nuclear secrets to steal/“lose” and sell to ruzzia or some other enemy of the state.


I mean if it works it works


The reason he's running again. "It's a great scam... The best."


Ding ding ding. We have the winner!


I was gonna say "receiving golden showers" but hey I'm with you my dude


Avoiding consequences of his actions and jail time.


He is, arguably, really bad at this. He continually incriminates himself for no particular reason and makes his legal cases harder and harder to defend. If he avoids consequences it's less through skill and more through being born with a lot of money and having a bunch of powerful friends who are happy to protect him in exchange for favors.


Yeah. I mean none of it have anything to do with him or the things he does. He's like the evil Forrest Gump. He just floats through extraordinarily improbable events, driven on by all the people around him, often without him having any idea about the realities of what's happening. Forrest buys a shrimp boat when it makes no sense to do so, and by sheer stupid luck, a storm eliminates all the *other* shrimp boats, such that his becomes unimaginably wealthy. Then Lt. Dan invests all his money for him wisely, making him even more wealthy, while he just drives a lawn mower around for the fun of it. That's Trump, except unlike Forrest, who is kind-hearted and genuine, Trump's a pants-shitting narcissistic monster.


As bad as he seemingly is, he hasnt faced any jail time yet. He is good at weaseling out of things, thats pretty much undebiable. Now the real question is how good of a person is he? And we all the know the answer yet we still like to give him the benefit of the doubt as ridiculous as that is.


So far 🙄


Well he's also pretty good at losing too, can't forget that one!


What are you? Like a hammer or something?


Thankfully I’m only dumb and not really, really dumb.


Tax fraud


Little tax fraud: paying off a hooker for $140,000 and deducting it as business expense. Right out in the open!


Possibly used campaign finances for it no less. People went to jail because he did it. Just not him yet.........


He’s not even that good. Ever seen Legal Eagle?


That’s what I said!!!




Is he though? He grist the dumbest most selfish hateful insecure people on the planet. They are easy marks.


The best lion goes for the easy kill.


And there’s so much easy prey around that ~~watering~~ kool aid hole.


Thanks, Kool Aid Hole is my new band name.


Just because Jared and Ivanka were less qualified than my (british) buttcheeks for genuine White House jobs doesn't mean Trump appointing them wasn't nepotism. Grifting easy (or even willing) marks is still grifting


Not only were they unqualified but they could not get clearances..


Why work hard when the sheep keep topping the cup?


Who has grifted that demographic as hard as he has tho? Trump is such a good grifter they elected him president.


He is the present day version of the "Snake Oil Salesman" of the old west. He attracts people that want to believe something will fix their horrible lives with no effort, but lack any discernible intelligence to think critically.


Wasn't there some punishment for old time snake oil salesmen involving tar n feathers? I'm not *suggesting* anything, it's historical curiosity. History matters 🤷‍♀️


# My Pillow Guy has entered the chat!


I realize "grist" was probably a typo, but still absolutely appropriate.


Part of being a good grifter is target acquisition, and he’s an expert in that.


GOAT at grifting


Perpetually stalling court cases against him.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men don’t go to Jail


Avoiding consequences of his actions


Tax fraud


Breaking the law and getting away with it


Being impeached. Better than anyone.


My man is twice as good as it as anybody before him.


Raw Dogging a porn star right after his third wife gave birth while demanding loyalty from everyone around him


I feel like if he were an expert at it, he wouldn't have had to pay for it


He didn't, his lawyer did.


And that is expert Experting.


Yeah seems at best he's below average in that department. 130k seems really expensive to bang an X porn star. Figure an average person could at least have gotten a better price.




Ok. Time out. Just because Trump lost the 2020 election to “sleepy Joe”, conducted a failed coup, lost ALL of the mid term elections of his endorsed maga candidates, is embroiled in multiple serious, founded lawsuits, and desperately announced his presidential candidacy WAY before the normal time frame… you think he FAILED?!


You’re neglecting not even getting the popular vote the first time around.


Don't forget the 60someodd legal challenges to the 2020 election that ALL failed in courts


All? NC voted for Ted Budd, and I'm sure there were some other Trumpists who managed to sneak out a victory


Bullshitting 😂


Or just plain lying.


Being an expert liar implies that your lies aren't completely transparent.


Yeah, Trump is an absolutely *terrible* liar. He lies a lot, but he's so damn bad at it. He can't keep his lies straight. His lies are often so utterly whack that they're not believable for even a second.


If he was actually good at it I might have -- **just once** -- said "hmm is that true?"


Throwing tantrums




Heh. Those can lead to strokes. Just sayin',,,,,


Let’s hope so 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Sexual harassment and defrauding subcontractors.


Bankrupting a casino. It's extremely hard to bankrupt a casino. Imo it had to be money laundering.




And a vodka brand! Just add a tobacco company and he would’ve failed in all of the big “sin” industries.


Yeah, you either have to be extremely reckless with your spending or doing something funny. Atlantic City didn’t always have competition within driving distance. It was really hard to fuck it up, but he found a way.


Take a cash cow and milk it to death - or eating the goose that lays golden eggs. What a fucking pathological loser.


Dividing the country


And now we watch him divide the Republican party.


Convincing dumb people they are smart for doing whatever he says.


lying, harassing woman, harassing teenage beauty contestants, stiffing contractors, stiffing hookers, cheating on his taxes, cheating on his wives, turning in his wives for younger models, garbage words salad responses to questions, playing the victim, hypnotizing chickens, calling for the death penalty on black teenagers who were later exonerated


This is what I don’t get, he’s a blue collar hero to so many morons yet have you ever seen him in jeans and a pair of good, worn boots? How about with a gun, fishing rod, or a fucking axe in hand? Screwdriver, hand saw, or a drill? How about DRIVING a pickup truck? THROWING a ball? Petting a dog?How about helping others directly…and throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans doesn’t count. Fact is, that sack of shit is the least “masculine” motherfucker alive. He’s EVERYTHING real, working men should despise. He talks shit and never backs it up, he’s a bitch ass bully and nothing more.


Selling stupid stuff to idiots.


Those pens and mugs and hats he sells? Those are to get contact info. If someone is stupid enough to buy that crap they're susceptible to further exploitation in the form of direct marketing. In turn these idiots infect those nearest to them who are most likely just as gullible. In the old days it was warranty cards that were really marketing research.


Being an idiot.






Sadly yes


Getting attention


All insults aside, he is probably the world's greatest con man. He started up a business, convinced rich dudes to put in their money to pay for it, kept half the money and let the business fail, then went and did it all again. And you think that after doing it 5 times, people would stop giving him money... But 7 fucking bankrupt businesses and literally hundreds of billions of dollar taken from the investments of old, rich men... And he still has people paying for everything he wants. I'm not saying he's so much as a decent human being, but he is an expert con man.




Sexual harassment.


Being a loser


being a cuck


Cuck would be him offering up Melania, holster is much more representative of his offering up of himself and the American people to Putin.


Melania has a full on boyfriend, for years now.


Too bad he is not in the news. That would be interesting.


Milking sheep.


Separating morons from their money.


Stoking fear and hatred, which brings out the worst in people.


![gif](giphy|VGVwLultLZjrrssAak) Words. He knows words.


Ruining things. he has a midas touch but instead of gold it is just recycled garbage.


He’s good at words. Some people, maybe most people say he’s the best at words. It’s true, it’s true. The bigglyist words are his. The RADICAL LEFT tries to say that “biggly” isn’t a real word, but we know it is don’t we folks?


Let me give him credit, he has an amazing ability to market himself even if he has no other discernible skill whatsoever.


Self promotion and manipulating people


Demonstrating incredibly thin skin, probably due to his microscopic self-esteem. His fragility is embarrassing to behold.


Not paying his bills


Propaganda. Repeating a lie over and over until it becomes the truth to some Gullible non-critical thinking people.


Convincing other more stupid chumps that he isnt a stupid chump


Alienating the Unites States from historic allies while courting dictators. Gutting our ambassadorial service, leaving large holes in our ability to observe from on the ground and make measured in person responses and communications using linguistic and cultural experts. Selling Unites States secrets to hostile foreign powers. Narcissistic boasting. Being an ignorant, arrogant, cowardly bastard.


I think he is probably the most successful conartist to ever live. A lot of these comments are jokes but I’m dead serious.


Covfefe. Very good at it.


Tying up small businesses in court until they fail to avoid paying for work performed on Trump properties.


The comb over


The Art of the Steal.


Trump is the most successful grifter in all of history. He will probably get his own wing in the Grifter Hall of Fame.


Rape. Racism. Being a con man. Painting your face orange. Wearing adult diapers. Shitting adult diapers. Cheating on your wife. Trying to fuck your daughter.


making white people twitter rage


Denying facts


Chapter 11


Tricking idiots into giving him money.