I sincerely doubt all six are ‘believing’.


Me too. I grew up in a quite conservative religious family, basically none of my siblings including me are not religious anymore. Edit: i've made a linguistic blunder, have fun with it


Same. But my parents don't know that, because when you forbid and punish lying, you actually end up raising *super* good liars.


Same here. Parents insisted on total honesty and totally punished it. I try not to lie but when I have to I am a very sincere liar.


when the truth sets you free to get a beating, lying is safer.


Just super good at lying about it.


these are the types of situations where you read about some father going to prison for beating his son to death for coming out as gay, or worse, an atheist


They could have saved a lot of words and just said “We beat our kids.”


"We beat our kids and our cooking taste like shit"


Don’t eat your broccoli and ima pop you one but it’s all good, you’ll get a hug after.


How to make sure your daughters don't know how to leave a partner that hurts them but says that it's because they love them 101


Its called "trauma bonding" and it's a tactic used by psychopaths, narcissists, sex traffickers and cults.


Does this only happen with physical abuse or can it be stuff like emotional abuse/insulting/things of that nature? Because if so I may understand my relationship with my mom a bit better.


It’s very possible with or without the physical abuse. It’s just abuse in any flavour.


You beat me to that joke! First thing I thought was "how to teach your daughters to be abused and sons how to abuse their wives"


This is not a joke. Grew up with a very harsh, scary father. He terrified me. Every time his car pulled in the drive I felt sick to my stomach. Took decades to understand that good, kind men existed.


I apologize. That was insensitive of me. I'm raising 2 little ones now and I try my best to not lose my temper or raise my voice. It happens sometimes but I hear my dad's voice when I yell. That makes me cringe. Hopefully, more people look at this post and realize that being dominant, abusive parents doesn't help raise discipline children, it teachers children that abuse is ok.


Sadly, we all laughed at your joke because it was absolutely spot-on and we’ve either been that person or know that person.


It also teaches children to keep their opinions to themselves, which is nearly as unhealthy for themselves as abuse is to their partners.


You’re totally right. I remember writing a journal entry when I was about 14 titled “rules for living under dad’s roof” and the first rule was “never have any opinions that are different from dad’s.” I don’t remember the others, but it’s funny because my dad “found” my journal I got grounded for writing that, haha! Luckily after years of therapy I don’t have any communication or relationship issues. I mean none except for when it feels like my husband is being overly critical and dismissive (I say “feels”because he says he doesn’t do this) and I completely freeze and shut down and I can’t get out of this weird internal prison for hours. Ok that’s definitely not my only issue.


Did you also just happen to be in the bathroom when he came in? I'd see my dad's car pull up and immediately panic and run to the bathroom. If I was sitting down, he'd find some reason to start bitching me out for not doing something even though everything was done. Couldn't bitch at me for sitting if I was in the bathroom. Then I'd go outside to "find something to do" with a book in my pocket, find a place I could hide in for a few hours and read.


Shit, i always felt bad about not reading as much since i left home for college (was like 2-3 books a week beforehand), but i should probably acknowledge that it was totally fair of me to read in order to escape the culture of my house growing up.


I’m sorry that you had to endure that as a child.. No one deserves to live in fear, especially a child who cannot remove their self from that situation. I lived like that very similarly…. except “mom’s” boyfriend. Hope that you were able to overcome the trauma and no longer have that baggage. 😁


Sounds similar to my experience. My father was a WW2 bomber pilot. I think that experience screwed him up for the rest of his life.


"Beat" you to it. Oof.


A man who hits his kids will also hit his wife. I would be shocked if those kids didn't grow up thinking domestic violence was a normal part of a relationship.


You can tell by Rule 2 that he doesn't consider a woman to be equal to a man. "I want them to understand that being disrespectful to their mother is being disrespectful to me!" (Paraphrased) I don't teach my kids that because being disrespectful to their mother is bad in and of itself.


It's a slippery slope from disrespecting your mother to disrespecting a person.


Don’t forget to add that Jesus loves you and died for your sins afterwards


There are several steps to properly hitting a child, and rest assured we've given a lot of thought about how to strike children in the best possible context and setting. And, of course, we look for any conceivable opportunity to practice on the nearest child. It's easy as hell to be like "You did not look upon your mom with deference, did you?" And then you get to practice striking the child. Make sure you have a set of Bible verses marked out to use afterward. Try different ones. If you find a new one you'd like to try, just cook something disgusting (frozen plain lima beans are my go-to) and presto!--someone's not eating cheerfully, are they? Strike the child, then try out your new verse and see how it goes. EDIT: /s because you gotta do that nowadays


The "punishment must come immediately" thing is the scariest part of that. No time to determine if the kid actually did anything wrong or you just suspected they did. You just hit them the second you think they deserve it. That's not healthy at all and 200% most of these kids are probably to afraid to admit they're atheists to their parents, because they know if they had ever admitted it while kids they would have been beaten, and that's not something you can just check at the door when you hit 18.


My brother and I both left our dad's religious indoctrination behind a while back. He, of course, doesn't know anything for sure yet, for exactly this reason. Once an abuser, well, not always an abuser, but it would take sincere effort and an acknowledgement of one's own shortcomings, which my dad is entirely incapable of. Unfortunately, while I'd love to see exactly what'll happen when I officially leave the church (mormon, so there is actually a formal process to go through if you don't want to deal with the harassment and bullshit being a less-active member opens you up to), I have to put it off because there's still a few things that revelation could enable my dad or his wife to do to my younger brother that could seriously ruin his life. (And yes, I could come out without my brother coming out, but the most likely sequence of events that would follow would end up outing my brother too. It's only sixish more months.)


Can't you just hit me again Dad?


Sure thing pal, but only because I love you


I’m just beating the fuck out of you because love


When your kids are not in jail and you think it’s because of you, not despite you.


I feel like "kids aren't in jail" is a laughably low bar for dispensing parenting advice as if you are some kind of authority


Hey… they are also generally pleasant to be around.


None of my kids have eaten someone else, so they're fine.


Right? None of my kids are in jail either. I kind of feel like that is the norm.


Several of them, however, are (secretly) in therapy.


Cuz Jesus or whatever


"None are in jail" --what a brag


Reminds me of Chris Rock’s bit “”I take care of my kids” you’re supposed to you dumb motherfucka”


"What you want a cookie?!"


Ah ain't never been to jail!


Micheal Scott has entered the chat.


None of Scott’s Tots are in jail.


Or in college!


But all of them will be on antidepressants


None are in jail but how many do you have a good relationship with? My guess is none.


But they're 'generally pleasant to be with'. I assume that means the few times a year they see them at holidays.


You’re right. “Generally pleasant” is how I might describe work colleagues or neighbors. Rather dispassionate when it’s referring to your flesh and blood though


It’s how I’d describe someone I either don’t know well or don’t care for but don’t want to sound rude lol. So bizarre in this context


“Generally pleasant” is how you describe a retail worker who puts on a good show of not hating their job. If you use it to describe family members, there are definitely bodies buried in your crawlspace.


It’s how I would describe the scent of Mrs. Meyers hand soap.


But do they feel the same about his arrogant ass?


Not in jail YET.


Yeah theyre good little mindless drones just doing whatever they're told because free thought, critical thinking, and the ability to discuss and debate was literally beaten out of them. Holy shit...


These are typically the kinds of people who find themselves in abusive relationships. Because they don't understand appropriate boundaries, or the fact that they're allowed to ever say no.


Yeah I wonder if this fuckface ever admitted being wrong to his kids


They’re a child abusing god fanatic. Apologies are rare as rocking horse shit.


“Rare as rocking horse shit.” Now that’s a new one on me. I may have to borrow that for future use, spread it around.


There's a tourist attraction in South Australia called the giant rocking horse. They sell bags of sawdust labelled as rocking horse poo.


They'll make good MAGAts


Or best case scenario, they don't tell their parents what they actually do/think because their dad is insane.


They ain’t in jail but they are or will be in therapy.


Or they'll just perpetuate this cycle of abusive parenting. "I turned out fine." bleh.


This is the most likely outcome tbh


"None are in jail- *yet*." FTFY


In order to say that none are in jail as a brag, doesn’t that mean they were in jail at one time already and probably just got released. That way they can say none of them are in jail now


That can also mean that their kids are good enough at hiding the fact that their psycho parents damaged them irreversibly and now at least 4 of them have someone tied up in their basement.


Right? Evangelicals are GREAT at covering up crimes as long as the powerful white guy Says He Repents and is more discrete next time or the woman absorbs all guilt and stays silent.




Same. Its like these idiots don’t realize they will need to rely on these HUMANS (not obedient lifeless soldiers) when they can no longer function entirely. If I was one of their kids I’d be like “you better give me immediate obedience if you want me to care for you, or face Corporal punishment. Also eat your fucking mashed potatoes, complain one more time they taste like dust and I’ll take your walker away


Yeah…the people that ‘demand respect’ also don’t like it when the tables are turned. “I’m your elder” which is code for “I get to do what I want”


I know, imagine thinking beating your kid and then hugging them isn’t abuse. Your little babies that trust you so much being physically hurt by you while you show no emotion then hugging them telling them they have no right to be upset. What a mind fukk. They forever damaged their kids and then have the nerve to call them relatively easy to be around. How grotesque. My parents loved and nurtured me and I never lied to them or went to prison either. My daughter is loved and allowed to make mistakes and have feelings and she’s the best person I’ve ever known. I could never imagine hitting my baby or forcing her to eat and not letting her have autonomy bc I’m a controlling abusive pos.


You seem like a good parent


I just think the one job a parent has is to make sure their kids are safe, healthy and kind. Everything else falls into place. We’re here to guide and love them not terrorize them and change the pathways in their brains that will forever traumatize them. Of course I make mistakes but I also own up to them and apologize to her and show her through actions I’ll do the best that I can. This guy failed at the simplest thing which is to love them for who they are and thank you. I really hope so.


As a parent, I couldn't agree more. Sometimes, I tell my 9 year old "I don't make the rules, I just enforce them" and I'm both joking and serious. There are some things that I can't stop or change and I have to simply teach her or remind her about them. Reading this dude's posts, it just brings back bad memories of being told "no" for no damn good reason... Among other things.


I have a six year old and I couldn’t agree with you more! It’s absolutely disgusting to read things like this. Truly awful. You sound like a wonderful parent- I’m glad there’s like minded parents out there


Me too! My daughter is 20 now and we’re very close. I’m so proud of her. She’s texting me from her room right now asking me what she should wear to a party tonight. I’m great at picking the outfits!


That’s lovely! My own relationship with my mom isn’t the greatest (by no means anywhere as close as this- she’s just a little bit dramatic “I’m the victim” ness that gets tiring) so I’m making sure not to repeat the same pattern with my kid


And then tie jayzus into the whole thing as well.


Yeah a scary mean ghost is all they need on top of this craziness


Demanding respect is pretty much announcing that no one is giving it to you freely.


LOl - YES! Complete obedience starts with the teacher. Dad, eat those mashed potatoes, or mister happy's coming out (the belt).


And as soon as you’re done taking your whipping, let’s hug it out.


That's exactly how you groom people for an abusive relationship. "I'm beating the shit out of you because I love you, and if you would just obey me unconditionally, I wouldn't have to hit you!"


Reminds me of that scene from *Sleeping With the Enemy* when he beats the shit out of her and then casually says, “I hate it when we quarrel.”


I’d like to see immediate obedience, followed by a smack, delivered to the parent when they are old and “don’t want to go in a shitty care home”.


It depends. It usually swings one of two ways. Either they completely rebel against everything they were taught (like I did), or they stay good little christians and completely embrace that ideology (like my sister).


I was your sister until my life fell apart despite DoiNg tHe RigHt tHinG. I’m in the middle of a torrid love affair and deconversion.


Obey immediately or face Corporal punishment. Sounds like a fucking peachy keen life. Of course it’s all in the name of Jesus, as if that fucking matters. I hope Jesus comes out the Gate and bitch slaps this man and says, get the fuck outta heeeere, why did you even line up you damned fool


“Now that I’ve beaten you as a token of my deep love for you, let me tell you about someone ELSE who loves you: Jesus Christ.”


That’s the sad thing. Because of the timing of that, it makes Jesus seem angry and uncaring. And they wonder why nobody wants to be Christian


As someone with a heavily religious dad that I very much dislike, I can confirm religious parents are the worst


>Obey immediately or face Corporal punishment. Kinda funny to say you only have 4 rules and this is 1 of them. Sorta the opposite of 'the only rule is there ain't no rules'


Our only rule: obey all my demands. Or else...


I was raised like this. ...I have problems now.


Me too.


I'm almost 40 and finally feel like I'm starting to figure it out. Hope you're healing, friend. It gets better :-)


I was raised like this and I still to this day am surprised that not everyone else was raised this way. I just thought that it was normal and I was a bad person for having issues with my parents or being resentful to them. They don’t realize how much they mess you up and that is part of the damage, not being able to really confront them about it because they refuse to acknowledge that they messed you up.


Oh yeah, realizing some people actually like their parents was a doozy for me. When I was in the military and my battalion was coming home from deployment, I went around to all the other single people and tried to get a group together to go party when we got back. About half of them were like, "Sorry, I can't, my parents are going to be there." I was like, "God really? How'd they find out?" which they thought was crazy talk. That was when I learned that other people had told their parents that they were deployed and that had made it easier and not harder. My parents don't even know I'm a combat vet, to this day, precisely because every time they've known anything I was doing, they showed up to the visible parts of it, and made the whole thing much harder for me. By the time I was 15, I'd learned never to tell them what I was up to unless I wanted the difficulty moved up to 11. Learning that people had parents they could trust and actually liked, and actually meeting some of those parents and seeing how well they treated their kids, was just mind blowing.


Yeah after reading those rules I'd wager good money the children are party animals in college.


They're also very good liars and will have issues because of it in future relationships. They've been trained to always hide their true feelings.


I’ve been trained to hide my true feelings by my dad because crying or every appearing upset is a sign of weakness, and apparently that’s the worst thing in the world. I never talk about how I feel to actually lie about it.


Me too, I thought I was alone in this. My dad says the exact same things and then I went to college overseas and had a very traumatizing experience because I could never tell anyone how I truly felt and got sexually harassed and when I came back from summer break my dad was shocked at how quiet I became and keeps asking me to freely talk to him and say what happened but I just can’t. I want to sometimes because he’s been really nice and comforting but the words just don’t come out. And he wonders where he went wrong. It’s the same w my mom but with her it’s because every single time I’ve showed her my true feelings she invalidates them so I just pretend to feel the way she expects me to. Controlling parents always brag about their parenting skills when they just traumatize their kids for life :/


Not to mention disordered eating


Spent my tween and teen years growing up pentecostal. My takeaway was learning to lie *quite well*.


There was a whole Simpsons episode on this very thing.


I was raised in the south, everyone knows the preachers kids are the worst when they grow up 😭


One of the best blowjobs I ever got was from the preachers daughter when we were in high school at church camp.


Praise Jesus.


Actually laughed out loud at that one


he died for this


Ohhhhhhh so *that's* why she's on her knees...


And Scotty doesn't know!


Blessed be the fruit


Fucking church camp. I was doing lacrosse camps boxing in the hallways with helmets on and all my friends were going to church camp getting bjs. Edit: I also learned from my roommate that you could sprinkle Taco Bell coffee creamer over an open flame to get a flamethrower of sorts.


They were dumb enough to have coed "lock-in" during my adolescent years. It was a rather fun time for me.


I only went to that church because my friends and the boy I had a crush on went there. Didn’t give 2 shits about “the message”. I was there to flirt and it worked. Thank you Baptist lock-in 1991 or so.


Hey those boxing matches created character!


And the chief of detectives daughter was a huge crack head. He never knew


The chief of police kept the crime off the streets.


The fact that so many people share this experience attests to the number of expert BJowskies the preacher’s daughters gave.


Can confirm, am preacher's daughter who gave legendary bjs in church camp


Received preacher's daughter blowskies in 1987, can confirm.


I only ever got a blowski from the preacher. He wasn't even very good at it.


Can confirm. I never got any better either




Those preachers sons tho 👀


**37!** **In a row?**


Try not to suck any dicks on the way through the parking lot!


Nothing like that old time religion!


He has Risen!!


Haha I'm from the south, and I'm a preachers kid. At 34 I am just now coming down from the batshittery. From like 16-32 it was a whirlwind of crime, drugs, booze, and butt stuff. I'm kind of surprised I'm not in jail or dead. Doing better now though!


It’s funny and ironic that the preacher’s family are the ones who enjoy sodomy the most


Also it's kind of shocking how many of us turn out to be one of the letters in the alphabet mafia.. I'd like to say my dad was shocked when I married another dude, but at that point I think he'd just given up lol 😆


Can't get pregnant that way, it's a form of birth control.


As is the other place


“Why are you wearing a condom if I’m fucking you with a strap on?” “To be safe, bitch!” -Bo Burnham


In jrotc in high school, the two PKs in our group were always the ones who provided the alcohol on the bus rides to competitions.


The preacher at my grandma’s church had 2 daughters. Both were pregnant by 16, one was 14. They could also do no wrong. Horrible girls. They’re the “only my abortion is the moral abortion” holier than thou types.


The only one who could ever reach me...


For real. Best lay of my life was the preachers son. Goddamn that man was talented!!


Preacher’s kid. I can attest this is true!


when i tell people im a preachers kid, they immediately understand why i am the way i am


It's like automatic, built-in instinctual Rumspringa.


I had a bit of a delayed reaction so I basically went through adolescence in my early to mid 20s. As an enlisted soldier on my own rather than as a child with guidance. There have been some issues.


I teach at a college. Deal with a lot of students raised this way (they share details in office hours/emails). They’re more likely to be anxious messes. Every task makes them break into a cold sweat. They ask 10,000 questions…not because they’re curious, but because they’re terrified of making a mistake. They’re respectful to the point of discomfort…it makes me feel like they think I’m going to slap them if they make a mistake. They’re cruel to their peers, too. Any mistakes from their peers are judged harshly, and they only get upset if punishment isn’t given to those who don’t tow the line precisely. Lateness, distraction in class, arguing with me…all deserve scorn. Here’s the problem: College is about forming independent thoughts and arguments (when done right). The goal is to get students to think critically, and that requires pushback and capacity to go beyond obedience. These students struggle in my class not because they don’t understand the material, but because independence has been beaten out of them. They party/fuck AFTER college, though. They lose their fucking minds.


lol, they didn’t go to College. OnlyFans makes disobedience a career.


Wait until they're 30 and realize what their parents did to them and get back to me. When you're in your 20s you don't yet understand the depth of your dysfunction, most of the time.


Am in my 20s, had a conversation with my dad a couple years ago where he asked what I thought they did wrong as parents. Answered that he hit us a lot. He finally admitted, after years and years of saying about corporal punishment what this tweet says, that it indeed was out of anger. Light bulb went off in my head, you can't hit people in a nice way. Seems obvious in retrospect, but that's what I'd been told as long as I could remember.


After years later, I figured out my father would get angry at work then come home and use every excuse to take it out on his sons. Meaning me and brother


Same with my mom. Even still to this day if she’s stressed out or angry about something else she immediately turns it on whoever’s around. Just lashing out and starting a huge fight over tiny shit and twisting it into blaming them. It’s bc she has no emotional intelligence or non harmful coping mechanisms. She doesn’t even understand she’s doing it I think especially when she feels she’s justified in it bc other people upset her so she can do what she wants.


I would say fear is the other true motivator. My mother still (35+ years later) feels guilty about the *one* time she spanked me: I broke free of her hand and ran across a busy street and scared the absolute ever-loving shit out of her. She said "I just didn't know what to do to get it across to you to NEVER do that again." Never a good reason to hit anyone but I totally understand her feeling. But yeah, fear is a hell of a motivator to do poorly thought-through things.


I got spanked maybe twice by my mom my entire life… the only time I can really remember I was about 5, and can’t remember what I did that got her angry enough to spank me, but it was really a heat of the moment angry few swats. She cried for about a solid hour after that. And never spanked me again. And that’s what has really stuck with me. How remorseful she was for not being able to control herself. A few years ago she let me know that she and her siblings were hit a lot growing up and she was so angry at herself for not being able to break the cycle. I think she did well enough.


37 and yup


This is how you get your kids to set up a “minimum 3000 miles” rules when picking cities to live in. Speaking from experience.


This comment is perfect. All four of us kids scattered to different states lol.


I moved 11,500km away.


This. 1,000% And they also don’t understand why I don’t visit or call, or share literally anything of consequence with them and never will.


Raises hand.


Oh. I’m not the only one, huh?


10,000 miles for me!


I'm glad my parents weren't such ogres. These people are sadly mistaken if they think that's how you raise decent human beings, and worse is their offspring are likely to do the same.


Did he just give a TedTalk on how to abuse your kids and get away with it?


Rule 1 - Complete obedience. What if your kids actually have brains and realize their dad is an a\*\* hole? At best, you raise someone who is fearful and constantly pandering to perceived authority and at worst a total wildcat that completely rebels. Great parenting!


I was raised this way. I wasn’t allowed to use my brain to question *anything* in my parents’ house. I was the absolute BEST at hiding everything from my parents.


It has taken me a long time to realize that my evasion and “little lies” were learned at my parents’ hand because I couldn’t actually tell them anything without getting in trouble… it fucked up quite a few relationships before I learned that lesson, and began to make an effort to actually be honest, instead of telling people what I thought they wanted to hear to keep myself in their good graces


Or the third option: A sneaky little bastard who'll suck up to your face but who'd stab you in the back at the drop of a hat.


Teach your daughter that it’s perfectly fine if her husband beats her as long as he hugs her and tells her he loves her and explains what she did to deserve the beating. That makes my stomach turn!


I give it a few years until their kids stop talking to them.


You just know they are the best liars that ever existed too


Sure, they got smacked about if they ever got caught lying, so they had to get *real* good at it real fast.


Yep controlling and strict make kids have to lie for pure survival. This guy sounds extremely abusive too. Poor kids


...or do the same to their own kids.


"they never come to visit anymore"


No lying ever. If you make things up then the magical bearded guy in the sky will know and I'll have no choice but to hit you. I wish there were actually a hell so assholes like this could burn in it.


Reading that made me want to go punch this dude in the testicles


So you wanted to deal out some corporal punishment?


In the name of jeebus, I hereby kick thee in thy goolies. Amen.


Sorry but 6 kids are usually too many kids. Unless these parents had plenty of resources, I'm going to guess these kids were either A) Neglected B) Forced to take on parental tasks way too young


C) all the above


Aaaamen and Amen. I grew up homeschooled and there were several families with 10+ kids in our community. The kids learned self-refinance at a young age, but not for good reasons and there was little to no supervision leading to lots of sibling abuse. The Josh Duggar situation didn’t surprise me in the least bit, but that whole community still pretends like he was an anomaly and they don’t know what to do with cases like that so they just ignore him and lean harder into their dogma.


“Generally pleasant” lol, I wonder which kid they’re throwing shade at. These kinds of people are the worst.


I thought that was the oddest part of the whole thing. Describing your own kids as “generally pleasant to be around” as if they’re a neighbor that you make pleasant small talk with.


"I have six kids, you'd think one of them would have called me since putting me in the home." - This guy, 20 years from now.


The therapy bills will be enormous.


So... My kids aren't in jail... They also don't express themselves, they keep feelings hidden and silent. They learn that anything "bad" they happens around them is their fault and the guilt they fell is a heavier burden than these parents can possibly understand. The kids know that, so their parents are not part of their support system, but because they were taught that their parents border on godliness, they haven't been able to develop a support system so they're on their own. This is one way that depression comes to own them. No, it's not the devil, it's depression. It'll own them because their parents stripped them of who they may have become. Maybe one of them sees through it all and manages to make it through to adulthood and gets the hell away from those "parents." Most likely, the rest are miserable. They don't know why they are miserable. They wonder why their god is putting them through ordeal after ordeal. They know that everything is their fault. There's only one way to escape it. One kid finds it. That emboldens the others. These parents will bury all of their kids that haven't completely escaped them.


These parents sound like real assholes.


I dunno, man. I have one rule in my house: Dont be a dick. Thats it, thats the rule. And my 14 year old ia turning into what I think is going to be a pretty amazing man. Follow that and none of tgese bullshit rules are necessary.


Fuck this dude. He sounds just like my dad and I don't see him anymore. These rules are stifling and only force children to completely suppress who they are to placate an abusive parent


Holeee fuuuck


These poor kids


Those kids couldn’t wait to get away. Now they have a superficial surface level relationship with them. Sad


My parents simply raised me to be responsible for my own actions. You do something stupid, face the consequences. You drink too much and have a hangover, deal with it and be smarter next time. Never felt the need to act out.


My parents never spanked or grounded me, and only gave me time out a handful of times. Instead, they were _disappointed_, and that hurt way more.


My kids were also taught not to lie but were raised in safety and compassion. Now I get calls home because my current teen(middle child) is honest when his teachers want lies. "What did you enjoy about this assignment and what was challenging?" He replied "nothing and nothing. It was step by step directions to a foregone conclusion" and I got a call because he has "disdain for learning" the assignment was do a, then b and you will see this reaction caused by x. It really wasn't stimulating. When the teacher asked why he wrote that response he said that he was brought up to not lie.