Oh shit! This is way worse than that time hunter funneled campaign money to pay off a porn star to keep quiet. Or when he got billions in mysterious donations from the Saudis a few weeks before it was discovered he had access to a poorly controlled coat room full of national security secrets. Or that other time when.... Oh wait, I'm thinking of someone different, nevermind


Don’t forget about the time that Hunter Biden withheld US military aid to Ukraine to pressure the Ukrainian government to open a sham investigation into his political rival!


And also hurt Ukrainian defense against his best buddy Putin, who is very smart and strong and he respects a lot. That *was* Hunter, right?




Hunter also asked the Russians to interfere in the 2016 election on national TV, followed by them doing exactly that. Remember the leaked RNC emails? The Russians also took the DNC emails, but didn't release those for whatever reason.


And don't forget about the time Hunter's dad became president and then used his influence to bring Hunter and the rest of his family into the White House as "advisors" despite having no experience, or when Joe Biden personally overruled the rest of the executive branch to issue Hunter a security clearance despite concerns that Hunter had numerous, initially undisclosed, financial and social ties with foreign governments and powerful foreign nationals, including states and people who weren't exactly "friendly" with the US.


> initially undisclosed, financial and social ties with foreign governments and powerful foreign nationals And got billions of dollars in sweetheart deals from these same interests after iffy actions from his dad causing the murder and dismemberment (by the same people) of a WaPo journalist and us citizen to go not just unanswered, but be let by with a wink and a nod.


Don't forget the time Hunter sent out an order for Americans to evacuate South Korea. Maddis immediately showed up in person at the WH to talk him into withdrawing the order, which had already gone out. Hunter just didn't seem to understand why that could provoke a war. www.wnyc.org/story/inside-trump-presidency/


Don't forget that time he was caught walking into the dressing rooms of the child beauty pageant while the little girls were changing. Multiple different pageants with multiple different witnesses Or that time he made sexual comments on live radio and TV about his own daughter Or taking creepy photos with his daughter Or the two pedophiles that were in his own campaign, including one that had previously been arrested for child porn in the 90s, and then arrested again for raping 8 boys in the 00s (George Nader), both of whom were arrested for their connection to Russia Or all those times that he hung out with Epstein, including letting Epstein rent his property multiple times and riding on the "Lolita Express" multiple times Or telling the public how Epstein "likes them young" Or being the co-defendant in a lawsuit involving Epstein and two 13 year olds Or having the only woman he hasn't sexually "complimented" be Ghislaine Maxwell Or hiring on multiple people connected to Epstein, like William Barr, whose own father gave him a teaching job despite having no qualifications. Which, William Barr had access to the prison that Epstein "killed himself" in. Seriously, there wasn't a single lawyer that he didn't hire that wasn't connected to Epstein and his case Or openly supporting people like Roy Moore and Matt Gaetz And let's not forget about the dozens of adult women that have accused him of his predatory behavior as he tells someone: >"I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."


I guess nobody believed when dumpy said the FBI raided MAL looking for Hillary's emails? So its back to the ole Hunter Biden and the laptop from hell crap again. It's so predictable ....


Hunter and Hillary are the only 2 defenses they've got, so they're going to beat that dead horse until it's a fine paste.


> Hunter and Hillary are the only 2 defenses they've got, And the FBI searched trump for Hillary E-mails showed trump is a total idiot and a whole new low. And will proves such next week when he has to prove it.


If he thinks the FBI raided Mar-a-largo looking for Clinton's emails was in anyway shape or form even close to a good excuse, then I think it's time we start to question if he has the critical thinking skills necessary to hold such a critical position as PotUS...




I mean, he made it blatantly, repeatedly obvious he lacks those critical thinking skills (see: “inject bleach to kill COVID” and “lying so often fact checkers became the norm,” for starters). This is just the latest example.


He thinks her emails are in a box somewhere.


That way they can use that paste as a covid remedy


Now that I think about it I don't see that many mentions of Ivermectin anymore. I did see one tweet that claimed Ivermectin is now considered an officially recognized way to fight covid (which many of the same people also considered fake to begin with).


That horse is practically a singularity, at this point...


Glue 🐎


Incredibly predictable. Just like the migrant caravan. It’s so boring at this point.


It's funny how they always show up right before an election.


Yep. I saw it mentioned (yet again) in a political ad when I was visiting Ohio before the primaries, and all I could think was, “right on cue.”


There's been a migrant horde coming to scare those people since the 1800's.


After the election is over they get tired and go home


When Hunter Biden runs for President this will be useful info...now about ***that guy*** ***who was the president***...and had to pay off a porn star.... What was it? 100K for sex with Stormy Daniels while your wife Melania was pregnant? Preach me your morals when you have some.


I remember when stormy Daniels was on the tonight show. They brought out this test with different shaped mushrooms and told her to pick the mushroom 🍄 that most resembled Trump's penis. She chose a short stubby one with a big top. Nobody else saw this??


Im sure hes just helping those young ladies out with school, right Geatz?


Did he fuck a pornstar and pay her while his wife was pregnant like ur best buddy Trump did?


Can't take any of them seriously on moral issues when they still support Trump.


This started before Trump. Newt Gingrich was a complete POS when Republicans tried to claim they were the “Party of Family Values.” Can’t take them seriously, ever.


Newt Gingrich cheated on his wife while leading the impeachment proceedings against Clinton. Also his wife was recovering from cancer. Also he divorced his wife and married his mistress.


Someone fucked Newt Gingrich? Like, intentionally?


It's really difficult to believe. Nothing should enrage incels more than the fact that multiple women have touched that guy.


What's more family values than starting lots of families?


And it was with a staffer…he broke all sorts of rules and nobody even talks about it.


Ugh! Newt. He set the blueprint for modern republicanism being a world-class(less) hypocrite. A "family values" guy who cheated on his own wife with a young woman while his wife of his kids was in the hospital dying of cancer. The right took this and went, "oh, cool, we don't even need to pretend we have morals anymore, let alone ethics and standards."


The bickering obstructionism and culture wars, the animosity was the point. Reading from interviews with this hack, Newt made it his life mission to dismantle the functional bipartisanship in Washington, unironically believing representatives that worked together and actually did their damn job we pay our fucking tax dollars for was "corruption" leading us to another world war. So a malignant narcissist with nihilistic delusions of grandeur caused this pre-apocalyptic dark timeline we live in.


Newt Gingrich, Author of the infamous Contract *on* America. One of the defining steps in the movement toward minority theocratic rule.


Or his friend Jeffery? ![gif](giphy|H47XFX8I6mdstTlGHY|downsized)


Was that the wife who posed naked, lied on her visa application, and used her status to push through citizenship for her parents, who were members of the communist party? Or one of the other wives?


And even if he did, is Hunter Biden an elected official? Nope, don’t care then.


if Sean Hannity has a problem with rich people who pay for sex, I've got some bad news about the Trumps


The only thing stiff about Trump, is trying to get paid...


The only stiff Trump delivers is at the time of payment


Naw, he has to pay them the hush money so they don’t spread rumors of his tiny little baby orange. 🤣☝️


I'm more offended by his use if the word hookers than by Hunter Biden having fun in his birthday suit.


How do we know they’re hookers anyway? They could just be girls who want to party at a $4000/night rental in Malibu. I’m a 40yo dude and I want to!


look it’s only acceptable if the girls are underage and you are “paying for school supplies”, that is perfectly ok with Hannity.


Or flying underage girls across state lines like Gaetz


I'm still waiting for them to make ANY connection on any of this to Joe Biden. Because while I don't like it and think it SHOULD be illegal, the only thing hunter has done in relation to his father in any way. Was to trade on his father's name. And if fucking conservatives got such a huge problem with that... good. Guess that means we're gonna lock up hunter biden and basically everyone in trump's circle then right? Nepotism isn't illegal, despite that it should be when its involving politics. Other than that, I really don't give a fuck who hunter fucks or how many drugs he does. Arrest and try him for that, still has absolutely nothing to do with anything related to politics. Edit* For the particularly stupid/thick skulled. I said political nepotism should be illegal. EX: A senator's family member gets a cushy "consulting" job at a company that wants access to said senator. Nepotism does NOT mean sex work or nudity and I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this distinction has to be made when talking to conservatives. So yeah, nudity is fine and sex work should be legal.


Ivanka and Jared’s personal wealth went from around 33 million to over 600 million trading for access to president daddy.


Two billion from the Saudis to son in law, the middle east expert. /s


Yes, let’s ask Fox to investigate that and see what happens.


ha it would be like the police when they investigate themselves


It goes like this: “Police investigated allegations of misconduct and concluded that this is a partisan witch hunt orchestrated by hillary or hunter or whoever you hate most”


Does Fox ever investigate anything?


Yeah. Hunter. Hillary. 2 people who’ve never been president


It happened in 2018 when Biden wasn’t even president. A great big who cares from me. This is when Hunter was at his worst in his addiction.


Honestly if at the worst of his addiction he just likes to go naked water sliding then who cares? Seems pretty harmless. As long as there was consent from the hookers then idc about that either. If he’s not harming anyone then i don’t give a fuck. Why does Fox News care about naked water sliding anyway?


Also, just for the record, he was in a car accident as a baby that killed his mom and sister and left him in the hospital for months with brain damage. They didn't even know if he'd survive. So it's really not surprising that the dude has issues with drugs. Especially since his brother also died of cancer. I don't blame the guy for doing whatever he needs to cope with all that.


None of that matters because he’s a grown man and he isn’t president. He also isn’t holding any other political position of power so unless Malibu CA wants to charge him with soliciting prostitution he can do what he wants. It’s America. Edited to say this happened in 2018! He was at the height of his addiction and Biden wasn’t even president then. Even less of a nothing than I thought. I thought it just happened!


Had a coworker give me his smug long winded rant about everything hunter did wrong. I simply replied "well that settles it, I won't vote for Hunter". He threw a little pissy fit and stormed off


>He the a little pissy for and stormed off Did you tell him that facts don't care about his feelings?


It’s not against the law to pay women to waterslide nude with you in a private setting


Especially if you film it


Right, then it's just acting.


Your asshole conservatives do not or pretend to not understand this. They think (or pretend to think) that this hierarchical father-son structure always exists and extends to moral obligations. They can not fathom that the son has nothing to do with the father when it comes to politics or morals or business. And even if: The morals they measure them by are their own and frankly, they are absurd. What I am trying to say is: You could also report on another random rich person that coincidentally has the surname "Biden". Or any other name.


remember, we're being unnecessarily cruel to trumps kids for investigating their active participation in attempting to overthrow american democracy. but its okay to just whip out naked photos and videos of bidens kids who are in no way related to politics. I wonder how many more videos and photos of naked men Hannity has on his devices. I['d wager quite a lot.


What is Trump’s kids excuse for not being traumatized from their parents? /s


On a serious note, this is something I have wondered about. Not that I believe it in anyway excuses any of the bullshit any of those kids did, are doing, and will do. More of just a curiosity of how they learned to cope and the consequences of their coping mechanisms. (More of an explanation than an excuse) But I mainly wonder what type of sick twisted shit (or if there really is any) they went through as kids to possibly connect any behaviors and/or actions they have as teens, young adults, and now. When I think about Hunter I think about the relatively “normal” coping mechanisms/strategies and wacky decisions he made (and continues to make). Because I really do feel that drug abuse, partying, general intoxication, hookers, wild sexscapades, excessive money spending and generally bad money spending decisions or investments, and incidents with breaking the law, are all relatively “normal” things people with any type of “issues” really struggle with. Which is exactly why no one cares or gives a shit when Hunter in a video like this comes out. Well, with notable exceptions of Trump family, Fox News and MAGA idiots. Plus I kind of feel that the more they push this “Hunter Is Evil” rhetoric the more everyone else sees Hunter as a little bit more badass. I know we should absolutely not be romanticizing this type of behavior but there is a part of me that wishes I was cool enough to be high on a water slide with hookers in $4k Malibu spot!


Maybe the normalized narcissism in the family? After my kids received my sole custody as result from Tiger mom hitting them at age 5 when I wasn’t around, they seem to think “all parents do that to their kids, nothing to see here.” I also don’t see anthing malicious in Hunter Biden. Is having fun while not being a government worker a crime?


As a child of two narcissists, I can say there are different paths. My sister and I saw through it, but some of my cousins think my dad is some sort of deity (and of course he laps that shit up). I always figured the Trump kids bought into his BS and because they benefited from it, there was no impetus to question reality. I wonder more about the people who marry into that family TBH, either they don’t buy into the success myth but are just looking to benefit from it or they also fell for that garbage.


So, he's basically Tyrion Lannister??


In short , yes


Nepotism would be if Joe Biden took action to get his kid a job. I’m not sure what it’s called when you use a family member’s name to to get yourself a job. Trump giving his totally unqualified kids important jobs was nepotism. And it would be great if it were illegal. Admittedly, that’s the sort of thing that’s difficult to quantify.


They failed background checks and he gave them top secret clearance. That’s pretty quantifiable. He basically overrode top secret clearance failures than all the rest of the potus combined. It’s just one of his more low key failures to lead the country.


Here was one article's allegations. > The videos show Hunter dancing shirtless, riding a bike across the lawn, stripping naked, and sliding down a waterslide into the pool. Yes, apparently "riding a bike across the lawn" is enough for an entire political apparatus to make a story about it. These people are pants-shitting imbeciles.


Nothing wrong with honest sex work or nude water park fun tbh


Yep. The fact of the matter is, Hunter Biden is not, and has not been, in an official capacity with our government and has no authority. You can disagree with his behavior, nothing wrong with that. But he's not in a position of authority over... well... anything. It's one thing to be a drug addicted womanizer with zero accountability as a regular person, and quite another thing to be a drug addicted womanizer with zero accountability *who works for the public in an official capacity*. You know, like the Trumps. Everytime Republicans open their mouths about Hunter Biden they just make themselves look foolish and petty.


It should be illegal to go on a water slide with hookers? Why?


Don't be silly. The females pay Donald for the honour of changing his depends, hooking up his drip feed of Coca-cola and cherish the times he allows them to brush the crumbs from betwixt his jowls.


I hate you for making me imagine this


Understandable. I would say have a nice day but I kinda ruined that chance on you...... sorry.


Trump: committed treason and about a dozen other crimes Fox News: zzzzzzzzzz Hunter Biden: goes down water slide naked Fox News: this is the most important story in America right now


The only reason anybody cares is because of who he is. When I saw this, the first thing I thought of is - of course you'd go down a waterslide naked if you're at some ritzy private place that has a waterslide. I bet more than half of us would if in the same situation.


I've been in a jacuzzi naked, I almost definitely would go down a slide naked if it was private lol


Depends on the quality of slide, wanna keep my private parts from nicking on a slightly misconnected slide


New fear unlocked


Especially if there are hookers I’ll ride one of them down the slide naked with the hardest coke jaw you’ve ever seen


Next thing we’ll hear is hunter owns a tan suit. Think of the children!


"...symbolizing America's 'slide' into an anarchy of degeneracy!!"


In what way is this important?


Were tax dollars involved? No? Party on then.


Oh and they neglect to mention that it was from 2018.




It’s so pathetic and exhausting. “News” stations report on irrelevant pointless stuff and half the country gets genuinely angry about it and they don’t even know why. They’re just told to be angry so they are.


The main thing here is that Hunter stays out of politics, unlike Trump's idiot kids.


I’m pretty sure Joe Biden could just classify the laptop as top secret by thinking about it.


Couldn't he just classify Hannity?


Send him to a SCIF, no cameras or phones allowed... Yes please!


He already has: "Fuckin' bought-for moralless shill that should be used for gravity-based on-site land mine clearing". Pretty accurate classification too. *^(NOTE: He did not say this out loud, I am using my own psychic powers to read his mind.)*


Touché sir.


That’s what these assholes don’t get. I literally wouldn’t care if Trumps kids were turds on their own time. I’m all for free choice. If they weren’t in positions of political power. Hunter Biden can literally be rolling naked on a pile of porn stars smoking a blunt and then rolling into some bullshit high management role making money for nothing but his name and I wouldn’t give a shit. He’s not in a position of political power or assigned an official role or given a clearance based on his daddy’s word.


Ivanka was literally given billions of dollars worth of trademarks in china immediately after her dad forced her and her husband into security clearance. They couldn't get even the most basic security clearance because they both owed hundreds of millions for foreign banks and entities.


How she was made an official advisor boggles my mind. And nobody said shit. "Yep, trump's daughter with literally zero experience is now a political advisor to the white house".


Here is the other difference; Democrats would be fine if Hunter Biden were investigated and if he did something illegal charge him and do your thing. The Democratic Party isn’t a cult. If Hunter did stupid crap he should pay for it. But that doesn’t mean Joe Biden did anything. Anyone with adult children can tell you that you can’t control what they do.


Exactly. Rep Angie Craig here in MN reported her own son recently for trading Lyft and Ford stocks, and with her then being on the house transportation committee, it was in direct conflict. He was 19 then, a few years back I think, and I can just picture her slapping him backside the head, calling him a dip shit, and doing the right thing. She is a five foot nothing lesbian mom (not that either of those define her, just pointing out the difference between her and who she runs against) and consistently runs against the most disgusting republican men in her relatively red district. She’s fucking awesome.


And her son lost a lot of money on those stocks…he didn’t benefit at all from her position. She has to report it because it was her son.


Wasn’t this the son that also went through severe trauma multiple times? I lose track of what Biden’s kids have done. I know one died in the military? Maybe it’s good that I don’t know these answers compared to the children of Biden’s predecessor


Beau didn't die in the military. He served and then came home and died of brain cancer. And Joe already lost his first wife and their one year old daughter in a car crash. Joe has had more family tragedy than most people could imagine.


A car crash Beau and Hunter were in as well. It explains some things for me.


Hunter was almost 3 years old when he was in the car accident that killed his 30 year old mother (Bidens first wife) and his one year old sister and 3 year old Beau. Both Beau and Hunter survived the crash but both were critically wounded. Especially Hunter, he was in the hospital for months and months with very little chance to survive. Fractured skull and multiple severe brain injuries. Beau was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis after returning from military service in Kosovo in 2001. It’s kind of like super arthritis for younger adults. 10 years later he was admitted for a mild stroke and after that he was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, which is one of the most aggressive type of brain cancer. And in 2015 he passed away. There’s a lot of what Beau had that is directly linked to illnesses, diseases, cancers, etc from military burn pits. Which is why it was a huge slap in the face to Biden (and at least a few violent punches in the face for any and all US Veterans and their loved ones) when those handful of POS Republicans voted against the Burn Pits bills that were suppose to make it extremely easier for veterans to get the medical treatment they desperately need from many types of injuries/illnesses caused by these toxic burn pits. If this would’ve passed it would no longer put the burden of proof on the veterans to absolutely prove their conditions are linked to their toxic exposures. Just to note, 80% of claims from veterans to get the treatment they needed are rejected.


Is Hunter in a position where his connection to his dad helps him? Probably. There will be some boost to the child of a President active in any kind of business. Having a little clout you "earned" on name recognition vs merit isn't necessarily a bad thing. As long as you keep your ass out of the White House while doing it. What is driving me crazy is everything they are screaming about Hunter doing the Trump "kids" did as well *from inside the fucking White House.* But *Hunter* is the problematic one?


If Hunter got $2bil from the Saudis it would be a different story.. but oh wait, that was the last guy's family. It's all fucking projection.


>What is driving me crazy is everything they are screaming about Hunter doing the Trump "kids" did as well from inside the fucking White House. But Hunter is the problematic one? You don't understand, the hypocrisy is sort of the point. They made a straw man from Hunter so they could make stupid "both sides" and "whatabout" arguments whenever the Trump kids and their fuckery comes up.


I don't even know what he looks like unlike Trump's evil spawn.


Just realized that I didn't either, so I image googled him. Not too bad, not too bad. Edit: I know *nothing* about him, just me being shallow and looking at his looks, that's all.


Wait, isn't that kinda the Ivanka Trump effect too? Looking at her looks without really knowing anything of substabce about her? I mean honestly, I probably know 4 things about her. She has a shoe company, her Gilbert Gotfried voiced husband went to Harvard with Natalie Portman, I think she did that Apprentice show with her dad, and her father has her on a pedestal so he can see up her skirt.


Technically he may have been working as an unregistered foreign lobbyist. In which case he will go to jail like how Michael Flynn should have, but that investigation is ongoing and there hasn't been any evidence that Joe Biden had any knowledge at all.


Also I feel like everything they say about this guy is EXACTLY what Trump is doing. Lord help us all….please no naked video of Trump at a water park


Projecting is a rampart problem for the GOP, this made me think of the coke fueled orgies Madison Cawthorne spoke about (before the entire party turned against him and then quickly ostracized him like he was Liz Cheney)


watersports and water parks are the same thing, right?


Lol @ their desperate attempts to connect Hunter to Joe, when all of Trump’s kids are openly involved in the criminal enterprise. Republicans voters are the stupidest motherfuckers on Earth. You can tell by the propaganda that’s tailored to them.


Give the MAGA crowd ( I no longer refer to the right like Scum Hand… as republicans) a break folks. This is all they have.




didn't trump steal $400,000 from campaign funds to pay off a porn star that he was fucking while his third wife was pregnant with Baron (and for which his lawyer did prison time)? \#GlassHouses


Remember when Trump’s son in law got $2 Billion from Saudi Arabia for no real reason?


Let’s also keep in mind that Hunter has absolutely nothing to do with American politics. Nothing. Not even a fucking secretarial job. So why they lay into him like it’s some kind of gotcha moment is fucking beyond me when their own fucking president had to pay off a porn star so his, what’s the number again, third fucking wife doesn’t find out? GOP shut the fuck up. Hoe sit down.


Sounds like a fun time lol


I can't decide if it sounds fun or painful?? I've gotten more than one bruise or pinch on a water slide, I'm not sure I'd want all my parts exposed like that?


Hannity totally jerked off to this. Twice


And he remained semi-flaccid both times.


“Cmon, Han, you’re no soy boy!”, he said to himself, in between sobs.




this comment is hilarious before I even click on the link


Sounds like fun. Why do I care about what Hunter Biden does?


Yeah, at least hunter Biden fucks consenting adults and not children.


"Hunter Biden pays for consensual sex and has a good time at a somewhat high end hotel." Just doesn't have the same ring to it. Outrage gotta outrage.


When the president is too well-behaved to criticize for embarrassing the nation you have to go after his kids for conduct unbecoming a person related to the president


Because the last names Biden. If Biden cant raise his own child (who’s an adult who makes his own choices) he isnt qualified to be president /s if you couldn’t tell


Oh my God the /s is very important here


We get it Biden's kids all died except this guy so he's livin it up. more power too him imho.


Hunter has some major issues, the trauma from the car accident to his brain is probably what fuels a lot of this behavior and then losing his brother didn’t help a lot. Joe can only do so much after they leave the house and many parents experience this type of behavior. The only thing the Hunter stuff revealed is that Joe is a pretty loving father and still loves his son.


>The only thing the Hunter stuff revealed is that Joe is a pretty loving father and still loves his son. I’m 1000% certain this is the source of Don Jr.’s particularly intense hate boner for Hunter Biden.


Trump has said publicly that he never should have given his name to Jr because he has never lived up to it…what dad would say that about your kid publicly? If he’s such a disappointment, that says more about you than anything.


Also he's said that if he was not related to his own daughter he would have sex with her


I'm no psychiatrist, but I think you are correct. Edit: I was no fan of Biden when he became POTUS, but he is doing pretty damn decent in the office, all things considered.


You look at the timeline of his behavior, his downward spiral really started after his brother got sick and then died shortly after. I wouldn’t be surprised if that contributed to it. None of this matters really because he’s not involved in the administration and all of the corruption stuff has lead to nothing. Demonizing him because he’s is an addict is absolutely disgusting to me.


That is just a normal Tuesday for the GOP, demonizing others for their mental/physical health issues, while proclaiming an overweight, adulterous, narcissistic man as the paragon of all virtue.


Man this guy knows how to party. Hunter gimme a call.


Things we know about Hunter: 1. Does drugs 2. Huge cock 3. Fucks strippers and now goes on water slides


Hmmm... what *is* on Hunter's laptop? His Only Fans account? A spreadsheet of water parks? Bootlegs movies of every season of Game of Thrones?


> Bootlegs movies of every season of Game of Thrones? Rumor has it Hunter's laptop has the only copy of the good version of Season 8.


Well, you can’t say something like that and not give a link for number 2. That’s news for me.


Lmao I know. Like I'm not a huge fan of Biden (I voted for him but he's just not nearly progressive enough for me) but goddamn does everything I hear about hunter make Biden by extension seem cooler lol.


"Hunter Biden smokes crack and gets drunk while banging hookers in mansion" There's living and then there's hunter biden outpartying everybody. They wish they could live his life


He is a singular grown man reenacting 90's frat comedies. Instead of "he's the type of guy you could get a beer with" he's the type of guy you could snort cocaine out of a prostitute's ass at a cockfight in Laos with


Seriously, that sounds like a pretty killer Malibu trip.


having more fun than you, Hannity


Don’t be too sure. I’d put money in Hannity being a ‘hookers and blow’ kinda guy.


How do we know Hannity wasn’t taking the photos?


Rich kids are douche bags I get it.


If wanting to slide naked down a water slide with expensive hookers makes somebody a douche bag then bag me up


Haha it’s mainly jealousy speaking.


Nope, only Biden’s rich kids are douchebags /s


Tucker Carlson, for instance, thinks he can call out rich-kid-douche-bags while being the archetypal rich-kid-douche-bag.


Another update on hunter Biden: he’s not a politician, running for office, or seeking election. He can do what the fuck he wants as a private citizen. This has been your daily hunter Biden update.


Damn what's his position in the cabinet?


Wait. Didn’t Donnie cheat on his first wife with his second and then did the same w no 3 aka melania? And he then cheats on her w Two porn stars. But wait there’s more. He spent a lot of time w Epstein. And his lady pimp. This is Hannitys hero. We won’t even reference the other shit.


Melania was a hooker and has public nudes…


I mean let’s be real. If you are a rich good for nothing politicians kid and you wanna water slide naked with hookers … I mean you’re not hurting me or my family. Go for it. Meanwhile Trump over here with a fraudulent Trump U, his foundation ripping off tax payers, his kids supporting the Saudis while they bone saw people, and Don is probably selling access to US secrets out of Mar a Lagos basement. But Fox wants to talk about Hunter on nude water slides.


I'd say something rude about Sean "Official Trump Nut Cupper" Hannity but I got permabanned from r/news for calling Matt Gaetz a five-headed shitgibbon, so I'm gonna sit this one out.


>a five-headed shitgibbon He's the Cerberus of Mar-a-Lago


> a five-headed shitgibbon Stellar description, that.


'HEY EVERYONE, EVERYONE LOOK OVER HERE, I'M A DISTRACTION!! don't look at what trump is doing..'


How does he know they're hookers?


Because he recognized them from being their customer.


Because he needs a nasty archaic word to attach to a female to make a “good story”


Oh, no! Should I care?!


I mean, that seems like a real rager of a party. Maybe we should care that we weren’t invited :/


Hes just mad he wasnt invited,.....this time


“This is Sean Hannity with BREAKING NEWS. A source has confirmed that Hunter Biden FUCKS. Full story at 11.”




Are we sure they’re hookers and not just three other consenting adults?


Ikr? Maybe the guy just fucks. I'd hang with Hunter.


Why the fuck am I supposed to give a shit what Hunter Biden does?


Hunter has more fun than Don Jr. even though Don Jr. looks like he does just as much coke. If I had to be a cokehead, I'd rather be the one having fun.


Sean found his next President.


Notice he holds no political office and doesn't try to be involved in government affairs.


This just in: Hannity jealous


Are we supposed to be mad or jealous?


Republicans are really out here trying to make the dems seem cool AF


I’ll fix this: “Man holding no political office does something.”


Hunter just living his best life.


The saddest thing about modern America is that if Hunter were a Republican he would still be a viable candidate for office...


Right is so convinced their opposition cares at all about Hunter 😂😂😂. It’s like the worst investment of a scandal to pick. When Hunter tries running for office maybe then I’ll start caring.


You nailed it. 99% of America doesn’t give a crap what Hunter does because he is not the one running the country! Idk why they can’t get it through their thick skulls.


He should run for office all his dirty secrets have been aired