This is quite old, was done in 2019 and there weren’t even any animal trials. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/students-brain-cancer-compound/


There are so many of these 'breakthroughs' that simply disappear. It has nothing to do with a Big Pharma hit squad, and everything to do with a promising treatment simply just not panning out when a full clinical trial is done. It's a very long road between showing that something works *in vitro* to showing that it works *in vivo*.


There’s a lot of stuff that works in labs but doesn’t work for widespread medicinal use. But also scientific research very rarely has huge breakthroughs over night. A cure for cancer isn’t going to come from some miracle cure found by a research associate, but rather the work of hundreds of people, compounded over decades will contribute to the furthered research in a specific field that will lead to better medicine.


Also, the stuff that *does* work in vivo also disappears, sort of. When it just works, it becomes normalized, and then it’s not news anymore. You just hear people say, “Well they caught it early, and they have great drugs for it now, so they should have good chances”, and that’s about it.


Yeah the survival rate for plenty of cancers is quite high, when decades ago they would have been guaranteed death sentences.


Actually many really are killed by not big pharma but big money. It's easy to take these companies and short it into pennies to further benefit their current holdings. They also literally just print money shorting. Selling stuff they don't have until the price reaches 0$ and they never have to close out their position (buy back their fake shares)


Its not that it's being buried or oppressed. It simply just doesn't work out as hoped.


Able to distinguish healthy from cancerous in a petri dish, I'm guessing. Not in the human body.


Yes. So in practical terms is about as useful as pouring bleach into a bacterial culture and claiming you've solved the antibiotic resistance problem.


It's a bit better if it's true it can distinguish between good and bad cells, but still on that side of the line, yes.


As a rocket surgeon I was thinking I have fuels capable of the first part. It's the second part where the magic happens...


This is years old, sadly


Why does this conspiracy theory about miracle cures being suppressed still exist? It’s childish. Humans live twice as long as we did 100 years ago; child mortality has been drooping dramatically… yet there’s some miracle cure for everything that, “they” are suppressing! Bullshit. This is the same bullshit theory as Tesla’s, “unlimited free energy” bullshit. Anytime someone regurgitates that garbage I know how stupid they are. Go learn history, not on “The History Channel.”


Dangerous to members of the GOP: they don’t have health brain tissue to begin with…


Oh it will exist just fine. Just that it will cost eleventy billion dollars.


Big pharma wants to "treat" cancer, not cure it.


Out of all the conspiracy theories, this one is one of the dumbest


Nah, this one at least has a shred of evidence to it. Not great evidence, mind you, but some. It made headlines a couple years back when Goldman Sachs Analysts released some weird report about how actually curing patients wasn't a sustainable business model. Not saying that makes the above commenter right or anything, but I do at least get the skepticism. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/04/curing-disease-not-a-sustainable-business-model-goldman-sachs-analysts-say/


What about the rest of the world that doesn't have a for-profit medical industrial complex?


Yes, because their stock will plummet if one of them develops even one type of cancer cure.


Do you realize humans have found cures for many cancers already? You are conveniently ignoring those.


Karma bitch


Don't worry, some capitalist will take control of it somehow and charge half a million for it bc they can. Our reality is so sickening.


Ex vivo and in vivo are 2 whole different ballparks unfortunately...


I’m pretty sure the American pharmaceutical companies are gonna make it cost like a billion dollars anyway.


Shame suicide is to prevalent among these young scientists.