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And now some people want to shift our kids physical protection on them as well........ all for 32k a year. Disgusting.


We're literally not only expected to, but essentially told that we have to sacrifice our lives in a school shooting scenario. I'm sorry but no. I love these kids but my life also has value. I don't have kids of my own but to quote some of my coworkers "why should I have to choose between going home to my children, or these children going home to their parents?"


Yeah I taught elementary school for one year and went straight back to bartending. I made 3X as much money, worked half as many hours, and had a security team that would throw people out the minute they tried to get in my face or scream at me.


If you have poor education then you have more republican votes in the long term. Keep them dumb and they'll believe anything.


Keep them scared ,keep them stupid


And pregnant. The Republican growth plan.


Comments like this just alienate people who you want to win over. Plenty of Republicans are so because they don’t agree with Democrat policies, not because they are dumb. As someone who is neither, shall I call you dumb and uneducated because you don’t believe what I believe?


Sure, go ahead.


you so dumb 😆 /s


If it’s objectively true rather than a disingenuous argument to further a religious standpoint or to be a know it all about viruses when you don’t even have a GED much less any expertise in what you’re talking about, sure. We don’t care what you say either way, same goes for everyone else, whichever side. We care about actions like attempted overthrowing of elections and voting no on gas price gouging bills. Hope that helps you understand things from the other perspective. Really not even trying to be sassy, it just is what it is. And like real proven actions, not like fan fiction 4chan stories about my aunts boyfriends stepson knows a doctor who knows a military general who said the election is stolen blah blah blah don’t pay attention to the 64 lawsuits that got denied by judges of all parties kinda nonsense. Not saying you’re a republican or not or whatever, just that’s our perspective. Hope that makes sense.


To be honest, I don't really care at this point. Republicans have had plenty of time to wake up and realize what their party is doing. It's not like the blatant lying, open racism, attacks on individual liberty and actual coup have been hidden in any way. Having problems with Democrats is one thing. Most Democrats don't even like them after all. But saying people vote Republican because they don't agree with Democratic policies is a lie- if that were the case then how could they vote Republican? After all, they have *no platform* and their policies seem to be whatever trump says day to day even if it's contradictory. So I'll come right out and say it. Republican voters are one of the following: dumb enough to believe the diet of shit they are fed, racist enough they don't care, or simply lack empathy and consider the suffering of others a reasonable price to pay for their own advancement. Take evangelical Christians for example. What else can you call a group who votes against every single major tenant of their own religion in order to support a single issue that was invented to control them? The answer is either hypocrite or dumbass and honestly I think both apply to most of them. You are correct of course that statements like mine and the above will not cause people to change their minds, but rather double down. I simply no longer care. Maybe a decade ago we could have had a debate on policies and implementation. Now such a discussion is pointless because it is not our policies that differ but our values.


You can act as you wish, but you are sowing the seeds of civil war in your nation. This increasing polarisation will get worse until it results in open conflict. Be careful, be better.


I’m okay with idiots like that. One party people believes in disarming the populace. The other does not. Should be fun


Stacy Abraham has a plan to immediately raise all teachers salaries to 50k if elected utilizing policing resources and other reallocated funds. I hope she wins. Educated people require less policing.


$50k is still to low for teacher pay.


Yes, however I'd rather make slightly more money than no more money than what I currently make.


Sure but please see above. Progress over perfection.


50k is still garbage these days. With inflation, gas etc


Jesus. Yeah you’re right let just leave em at 32k why bother


32 before taxes more like 17-19k net. Keep in mind it costs around 8-12k a year just to exist and what do you have left?


8-12k just to exist is a very low estimate in most parts of North America. That wouldn't even cover rent in a lot of places.


That covers half my rent which I hadn’t even thought about. FUCK!


This reminds me about a job in a STEM field I interviewed for paying 40-45k that shit ain't enough. When I interned I was paid that much. Teachers should be paid more working for less than 50k is robbery in most places. Teachers deserve at least 80-100k starting salary, because they help promote the future. Edit: clarification of events


Republicans don’t want poor kids educated. It’s all part of the plan to sabotage public education. Arguably we’re also losing in other areas at this point as we used to be leaders in technology but China beat us to 5G by almost a year. That gap will only continue expanding. All because republicans can’t come up with an actual platform so they need a population that is easy to brainwash.


Yeah that’s like not even my rent bro. Teacher making 55k and rent has gone up to at least 1300 for a decent apartment.


And they make teachers pay for all their own supplies, so how much do they really have left after that?


I interviewed for a public defender job after law school that paid $30,000 per year. 7 years of college to make $30,000 per year.


In Canada, a teacher's average salary is $75000. https://www.glassdoor.ca/Salaries/ontario-teacher-salary-SRCH_IL.0,7_IS4080_KO8,15.htm


Ontario is not all of Canada, first of all. And the average salary for a teacher is a lot closer to $45 000


That link says the average is almost 61k though?


What Provence pays $45000 ?


https://www.jobillico.com/salary/job/Primary%20School%20Teacher https://imgur.com/cugWXuo.jpg


Your information is way off. Here's a statscan link from 2014/2015, which I believe to be way more accurate. https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/81-604-x/2017001/t/tbld2.1-eng.htm


I mean half my family are either teachers or retired teachers and not one of them has ever made less than 60 k.


I have a couple teacher friends and family too and I know they are making much more than $45k...one is almost at $100k


Does that include universities and colleges?


Rip murica


Stacy Abrams says if she wins Georgia all teachers will start at 50k a year. Still 5k lower than the national average but better than 30 ffs. We need to demand this of our politicians so we don’t have fucking morons teaching our children.


The people in power are more willing to have bus drivers/counselors/the national guard/anyone with a bachelors degree teach the students than to pay teachers more and treat teachers better. And most of the public just sees teachers as free child care. Tons of parents now think they could easily teach because they did virtual school during the pandemic. They somehow think that helping their own child with school work is equivalent to all that teachers do with 30 kids even though they did have to lesson plan, do behavior management, come up with all the materials, make sure the lessons are engaging, implement IEPs and 504s etc.


16.25 is a joke. Heck, my son is doing an internship prior to getting his bachelor’s degree and is earning 18.00 an hour. We have got to do better for teachers. Too often teachers are back-up parents for the kids in their classes and their responsibilities are very broad. And we’re depending them to teach our kids ways to think about subjects and problems that result in solutions, not being echo-chambers for someone else’s thinking.


Now check an entry level police officer salary in the same area.


Bet that superintendent and those principals are making bank, though. It’s not that we don’t put enough money into our education system. It’s that it gets wasted.


Giving out 1986 wages on 2022 prices, fuck off with that shit


On this super expensive island many teachers are also bartenders or servers


Shit I'm a bartender at a family restaurant/bar and I make about 65k a year. I have several coworkers who are teachers that bartend/serve as a side job because the money is good


That's my plan


I earnt more as a first year teacher in Australia. I would never have become a teacher if I lived in the US. I also think Australian teachers don't earn enough but I wouldn't get out of bed to do this job for such shitty wages.


Well when one half of the county considers schooling to be liberal indoctrination we are doomed


Teacher pay should start at $100k cross the county .


Other than the pay, you now have idiots wanting them to handle a firearm in case of a threat. Teachers are vastly under appreciated on so many levels. They are half responsible of molding the minds of our next generation. They deserve much better.


Don’t forget, the right needs her to add a marksmanship merit badge to all the degrees she has while not paying her a dime more to risk her life when the police do not technically have to risk their lives. Things aren’t [email protected] up. Things are REALLY [email protected] up.


It really is a difficult, or dare I say terrible profession if you value your mental health, especially when you see how the requirements of the profession have changed over the years. * You get to work 80+ hours per week when getting paid for 40. * You're getting micromanaged every two seconds by the district. * The math and reading programs change every year or so and you have to relearn everything. * It no longer becomes fun for you or the kids because you simply have no time for it-- it's just a constant grind. * You no longer have time to teach history or health because the district pushes math and reading so much (and honestly, health is way more important than math or reading because if you don't know how to live a healthy life, you'll more than likely die an early death). * You get to work with many different principals over the years-- some are fine, some constantly want to fight with you because they are on a power trip, and some even break the law to get higher test scores and then make your life hell when you call them out on it (true story). * Sometimes you get nightmare parents who blame you on their kid's grades despite the fact that the kid never completes their assignments despite you practically begging them to do so. * Oh yeah, and sometimes you have field trips when you have to pull a disabled kid on a sled through the snow for hours whiIe he's pelting snowballs at you. The constant dragging makes you rip your Achilles tendons which causes you to never be able to run again. I could go on and on about how much the job sucks. The kids are the really only good part. I've found newer teachers often saying, "I lOvE tHe KiDs So MuCh ThAt It'S aLl WoRtH iT!" Like lol you won't be saying that in 15 years no matter how much you love the kids. Source: both of my parents are/were teachers. After my dad retired, his life improved DRASTICALLY. It's been 2 years since then and he still gets teaching nightmares that leave him in a cold sweat. Honestly, I wonder if he has a little PTSD from being treated so poorly. Edit: formatting to make it easier to read


So health in your book is more important than math or reading, how did they survive this long? Are teachers dietitians? I hope you're not a teacher.


TWO top problems in the USA is tax cut fanaticism preaching trickle down economics and military spending. Teachers should be one of the best paying jobs in the nation. They make our future. After them people should be thinking of the 'essential' workers. The ones who our country couldn't do without during the pandemic shutdown should be another top paying job. One way to deal with this nonsense is to make sure there is Universal health care and a living wage for any job. That won't happen in the pseudo capitalistic country of the USA though.


Keeping in mind, the average for an MLB player is $4.41M per year. $2.98M for NHL, $8.32M for NBA and $1M for NFL. Priorities through right?


Look man I agree that teachers should be paid more but that's not a great comparison. It's a lot harder to become an athlete capable of competing at those levels than it is to become a teacher. Not to mention that the majority of professional athletes don't get paid at all. (A ton of Olympic medalists don't get jack)


Sure I just wonder where all the athletes would be without the teachers and coaches (most of them teachers that also coach) that got them to where they are. Sure it takes a lot of work to become an athlete at that level. The medium salary for amateur sports, thats minor league level has an average income of $74.5K. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Actually for the minor league stat, it's still for the bigger spots like baseball right.


Thats the average for all four of the major sports for athletes outside NCAA play. Anything beyond that.


Right so it's still pretty hard. But I really feel like teachers should be paid more and there needs to be a better distribution of government budgets in the US


She is over estimating the salary because teaching is only about 9 months a year. If this teacher is being paid hourly than they will make nothing during the summer or other breaks.


Usually teaching, in the US, is not an hourly rate. I would guess the teacher received a salary offer (32k annually) and the hourly rate is presented here to illustrate how terrible the offer is.


In the last year my husband taught, his state decided a month before the end of the school year that all the teachers needed to work “supplemental instruction” for an extra six weeks, then come back four weeks early for curriculum review. This was on top of requiring summer classes at his own expense to maintain licensure. He retired instead. I’m not sure where people get the idea that teachers get some sort of summer vacation.


If we arm our teachers can we at least give them hazard pay?


What's the market? 32k in Kansas and 32k in NYC are not the same.


Oh just stop. A shit wage is a shit wage. Comparing cities at only 32 a year is a joke.


What are you talking about? The biggest monthly expense is housing for most people. It absolutely matters. Plus $15/hr is minimum wage in NYC.


It doesn't matter. The principal that the teacher makes less than a bartender is the problem.


Depends what people value. Publicly provided education isn't monetarily valued. And people consistently vote for Neoliberals and con-artist moderate Dems who talk a big game but never want to do the appropriate spending on social reforms. People do it to themselves.


While this is true, there ain't a state in the US where 32k/yr is worth much anymore.


Agreed, at least for my standards, but I could certainly have a good time in my 20s in Milwaukee with $32k.


Average rent for an apartment in Milwaukee is $1,300. Keep in mind that salary is also $32k before taxes. You also likely have a student loan to pay off as you had to go to college to become a teacher. But sure, $32k will be a wonder in Milwaukee.


Maybe on Brady St., but you can definitely get a place cheaper than $1300. Also, sales tax in Milwaukee vs NYC/LA is a different animal. Speaking from experience.


True, but if you compare the 32k to the 55k, the 55k is always substantially better no matter where you live


This is a straw man. No one is arguing wether 32 is greater than 55.


My point is that if teaching makes so much less than bartending, that says a lot about the job market regardless of how much you can actually buy with the money Regardless of what city these numbers are based out of doesn’t really matter, just as long as they are based out of the same place (for example, if you compared a Kansas Teacher to an NYC Bartender, that would be an unfair comparison, but comparing a Kansas teacher to a Kansas Bartender or an NYC teacher to an NYC Bartender would both be fair)


For sure. I think it's pretty clear this country doesn't care about public education if it doesn't apply to them personally.


It probably pays better.


I'm in Kansas and I have friends who went into teaching. They make substantially more than 32k and, for the most part, like their jobs. A new hire straight out of grad school with 1 MA degree would get 51k here. That's in our local public school district. A midcareer teacher is usually in the 70s or 80s. While that isn't a lot and I certainly support them making more, it's a little different story from this tweet. Some people like to teach. Some people like to bartend. Both are valid. But these are extreme numbers - it probably requires a lot of late nights to make 55k bartending.




You're delusional. I pay $1,000/mo. for a room in Bed Stuy.


> I pay $1,000/mo. for a room usually when people make "I'm personally doing fine so there's no problem" posts they're from people actually doing fine, not spending apartment rent on a single room.


This is a bit of an non sequitur. I could get a place of my own but it would be less quality than I am at now. I have great roommates and for the money it is a great deal. I made dumb decisions in my life, but not dumb enough to where I couldn't rent a room.


Teachers get benefits and retirement that bartenders dont get. You are also basing the yearly on 40 hours a week for 52 weeks but teachers dont work that.


Teachers do get benefits and pensions, but teachers spend way more time working than just what is spent at school.


You’re right. They work way more than 40 hours a week.


Most teachers I know end up working 50-60 hours a week and get about 10 weeks vacation in the summer. No one considers the amount of time they have to put into grading school work, preparing lessons, yesrly trainings they have to take during the summer time, etc. You can ignore the random weeks an days off because teachers dont get traditional vacation days like office employees so lets just consider they work 42 weeks a year. At 50 hours a week 50×42=2100 hours a year. 40 hours a week for 52 weeks is 40×52=2080. Id say teachers work a comparable amount of time in 10.less weeks that most regular office employees.


Teachers are also required to spend the money they get on supplies for their job. Bartenders usually don’t have to spend the money they make back on the bar.


They are not required to spend anything for supplies in a lot of schools.


And some people see this and decide that the answer is to reduce the pay of the bartender so things are "fair" instead of raising the pay of teachers.


That was just about par for what my wife was making as a mental health therapist just before she got her masters. She started at $9 per hour after she graduated, with $50k in loans.


Teachers have the lowest wage/knowledge ratio in this Country and that’s going to be a big problem


Going to be? There's a national teacher shortage. Bus drivers are teaching. Anyone with a bachelors degree is teaching. I just quit a school where over half the teachers were on either emergency or provisional licenses meaning they didn't have to do the tests or course work I had to. About a third of the teachers didn't have an SEI endorsement yet which means it's illegal for them to teach in this state...


Yeah it’s a big issue already. I meant that in a few years kids are gonna walk into schools and be packed into 50 student classrooms and many courses will be cancelled


I don't know where this is but now I'm never leaving the northeast. Average starting teacher salary in my state is $46,000 thank god.


That’s a huge part of why I quit teaching and went into healthcare. Yes, it’s still high responsibility but it’s substantially better compensated. The majority of the teachers from my Masters of Education program have quit teaching and moved on to other professions due to the constant high stress/low reward scenario they’ve had to deal with.


My friend’s gf is a newly graduated teacher and told me that I make more than her as an actuarial intern. Jfc


How much is the difference in pay between public school teacher and private school teacher?


first off where does she live? tell her to move to boston


https://youtu.be/aYOg8EON29Y Key and peele teacher draft if you want to laugh and then cry at how depressing life is.


Let's not get started about teachers shitty wages....


My mother was a teacher for 30+ years but the past should be sufficient to fill the positions. They are worth that and no more .


Most drunk people paying for alcohol are much freer with their money than most voters at school levies.


Do bartenders really make $28 an hour? I guess that'd be plus tips.


I make $16 and I'm not even out of high school Wtf


Damn I'm paid more than that for having one BA and working as a library assistant for a community college in a small town in CA. $17.50/hr with a union negotiating benefits and pension.


55k?? Im in the wrong field.


I make about two dollars more than that at Walmart in a non management position. it really is sad the way we treat our teachers


School bus drivers now make $20/hr


My question. Did anyone, at any point in time, lie to you and say teachers are not underpaid? Ever? I’ve been hearing that since 4th grade and immediately thought, “better not do that!”


Most teachers are paid by salary, and do not work the entire year (Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer Break, etc.) The salary here assumes a 40/hr week for 52 weeks a year. If you account for only working 37 weeks a year worked at 40 hours per week, this translates to $24.69/hr and $51k/year. Not saying that this is fair given what teachers are responsible for, but the way this was calculated seems wrong and misleading.


Hahaha. A teacher, working 40 hours a week. Lmao.


Why do you assume that teachers only work during the school year? Do they not have summer school, supplemental instruction, credit recovery, licensure renewals, pedagogical instruction, evaluations, and curriculum design in your state? Do your teachers really just show up the first day in September like “ok kids fuck if I planned anything, let’s color” and then pass all of them?


Well if it comes as a shock someone didn't do their homework. I know someone who wanted to be a teacher and did their homework. So they got one degree a masters in chemistry. This allowed them to finally quit their shitty 90k paying job they had with a BS in Chem.


I legitimately do not understand this mentality of, "I got mine, fuck everyone else." "Do your homework before picking a shitty career!" You understand that we, as a society, *need* teachers, right?


Dude it's bullshit. Why does someone need to pay 100+ thousand fucking dollars to teach 8 years old math and spelling. I mean my cousin the clerk could teach 3rd grade math, shjt probably 8th grade math. They are overeducated for their value and their degree is functionally useless. They are lucky taxpayers are forced to pay that much. They are obviously not brilliant or they see being a good human and humanitarian. I mean why don't we pay missionaries in Africa a lot? They do it to feel good not the pay. Educators , en mass are overeducated. Perhaps if each district had 2 or 3 masters degree overseeing maybe associate degree holders, education would make more sense.


Really a lot to unpack here, but I'm just going to start at the most obvious issue. Not everyone can teach, and the logic that educators do it "to feel good" is circular reasoning. Furthermore, to bring up "missionaries in Africa" is a nonsensical comparison, as missionaries are there to spread *their own personal religious beliefs*. You also clearly don't know the first thing about education. There's a lot more to it than "here's a worksheet from the internet I found, fill it out." As a former mathematics teacher myself, I seriously doubt that "your cousin the clerk" could teach math with any sort of proficiency. But I guess I shouldn't expect a thorough and well-reasoned thought process from someone who thinks that high gas prices are awesome.


Wow. I didn’t expect to read anything this douchey, but here I am.


It's the fucking truth. There is no fucking way you should expect to make a large salary teaching middle school math. Period. These kids go into college delusional end up broke and in debt and yea, they're functionally stupid enough to think taxpayers should pay six figureas to teach 2 plus 2 is 4. But they can't even do that for fear of offending the 4 plus 4 is 12 club.


I would love to see your cousin the clerk explain to 30 screaming 13 year olds who don't want to be there how to dilate triangle ABC with a factor of 1/3 around center point C. I'm sure that would go well and they would actually learn the lesson.


Sure it's hard. So is being a good teacher. I think it's a fair comparison. We idolize athletes, not teachers. We reward athletes for good play, not teachers. But we can agree to disagree.


Entry level teachers dont make much but have a hood pension.