Goddammit Bezos did you eat my leftover taco bell again?!

Make it 2 years. Let the despair set in.


Make it 2 years. Let the despair set in.


It’d just be like camping is for me. I like to go into the woods and rough it. It’s fun for me but I know the whole time I’m going back to my nice home after and if something bad happens I can leave early. If I had to go into the woods and never come out it would be hell.


Also make them take on the mountain of debt and other financial obligations a typical worker would have


I agree and think it would be an amazing show and maybe even a way to teach these rich sociopaths some empathy for their fellow humans, but believe it should be more like until they crack and agree to pay people a decent living wage, pay a fair share of taxes, and donate generously to charity…let them keep the first billion, it after that start supporting the society that made you…greedy pricks.


first 'billion'? if i ran things there'd be a cap right now of about 10 mil.


Check out 30 Days with Morgan Spurlock. In one episode he showcases the difficulties of minimum wage pay by him and his girlfriend going to a different city no credit cards very little cash. It's a good episode. But yeh id watch the shit out if super rich dicks having to do it for 1-2 months or like someone else said till they crack and agree to boost all employees wages.




Time for a $100M yatcht


Check out Mel Brooks in Life Stinks.


And here to say that


the not getting out o it early has appeal. Letting them be the one with their name on the lease too, you might luck out, but for every roommate I've had good I've had 2 worse.


Na, I want a reality show where CEO’s have to live off minimum wage, then take that minimum wage and get an apartment, pay the security deposit (which is usually 3months advance) then I want to see them furnish their apartments, get a car, buy gas, pay the utilities in your apartment, go grocery shopping, do laundry, go clothes shopping, sneaker shopping, pay for college and still “have money left over” like they expect everyone else too. Half the things I listed won’t be able to be done on minimum wage to begin with so I want to see how they handle it. Edit: no food stamps, no help from the government, no hand outs and no roommates. Do it alone since apparently it’s so easy.


call it, 'BOOTSTRAPS'


“I mean it’s one banana, Michael, what could it cost, 10 dollars?”


Did you come in my burrito?


So Mel Brooks "Life Stinks".


I think we're onto something with this. Eventually they'll just kill themselves so no one else has to do it.


fuck a show. i want that to be a reality in this country. i want a system where the way over 60% of us now are forced to live replaces the prison system. where scumbags, incels, and former billionaire greedy fucks galore are sentenced to forced labor of 50 hours a week at $9 an hour. where our government makes them jump through near impossible hoops to get barely enough to make a living even when they fall ill or become disabled. i want them to have to work to earn luxuries. and the ones they end up getting to be miniscule. i want to ensure that they will not be on our televisions, on our web, or on our streets because they will be kept far too busy working, sleeping, and struggling to eek out a living to have any power or influence in our schools, our media, our educational system, politics, or public works. i want the IRS to harass them over a $900 tax discrepancy because they put the wrong number on their job's W4 form. i want them to spend the last week of the month buying their dinners at Dollar Tree before falling asleep to news of our favorite 5-star restaurants.


Just tax ‘em. Tax the ever-living fuck out of all of them.