Greatly admired Emmett Till’s mother for demanding an open casket for all to see what had been done to her son.


The expressions on both his mothers and fathers face always grabs my attention when I see that picture.


Those are the faces of two people who know they live in a country that doesn't want them to exist, and they refuse to be erased. The amount of bullshit Americans had to deal with to be seen as just as American as anyone else... STILL having to do it, ffs.


Remember what happened when they asked white people to admit their lives simply *matter*? Edit: wow I'm glad all the sociopaths got themselves banned for being sociopaths, I can't tell you how nice it was to have a BLM post that didn't get almost non-stop comments saying "b-b-but....*riots*"


They do matter! Every life in a jail cell gives thousands and thousands of dollars to investors! /s


And target practice for the police!


The fact that police are fine with white dudes who are draped in guns and freak the fuck out if a black dude is holding a baked potato tells you all you need to know. OHNO! GRENADE!


Just want to derail the conversation even further from the shooting and say today is the second anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. Last week Congress declared National Police Week. Not a fucking coincidence is it. So that's what happened, among many other things. MPD started selectively responding to crimes and then used rising crime rates as propaganda to narrowly defeat a police reform measure on the ballot. And then Congress spits in our face by not only refusing to honor victims of police brutality, but in basically the same week honoring the institution that commits those atrocities.


his father’s face. that’s what gets me. mother’s looking at emmet and the father stares directly at the camera. feels like he’s daring you to keep doing nothing.


That's not his father, his father was executed by the u.s. army.


wait what are we talking about? link?




Thank you for sharing this. His gaze is absolutely haunting. So much respect for the mother, asking for an open casket funeral as well.


This was only 70 years ago. Shortly after the men were aquited of all charges, they sold their story about how they tortured and murdered him for $4k to a tabloid, or about 40k in todays dollars. The woman who claimed she was harassed later admitted she fabricated the majority of her entire testimony. Even witnesses at the time said they saw nothing inappropriate. The kid could barely even speak as she described because he had a very prominent stutter that she didn't even know about, he had it due to polio as a kid.


can’t access from Europe :(


Google "Emmett Till funeral" and you'll find it. His mother wanted white Americans to see what had been done to her son, so there are pics of his mangled body in a casket.


Also if you have a *very* strong stomach look up Jesse Washington some time. Look at all the white folks grinning ear-to-ear about what they just did. Fucking monsters and I bet not a one of them ever got what was coming to them.


Veronique (Pozner at the time of Sandy Hook) had the same belief. >"Her decision to view Noah’s body before the funeral — and her insistence that Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy do the same — prompted readers and commentators to compare her to Mamie Till Mobley, who demanded that her son, Emmet Till, have an open-casket funeral. “\[Noah\] looked like he was sleeping,” said Pozner. “But the reality of it was under the cloth he had covering his mouth there was no mouth left. His jaw was blown away. I just want people to know the ugliness of it so we don’t talk about it abstractly, like these little angels just went to heaven. [No. They were butchered."](https://forward.com/news/186972/veronique-pozner/)


Jesus christ that's horrific. I don't know if I'd have the strength to even carry on in her shoes, let alone be capable of speaking about it


I feel just this dark lingering hopelessness about the whole thing and I’ve never even met any of the people involved in this. I can’t imagine what these people who actually were there or who lost somebody must feel.


[Unfortunately even that can't stop some monsters](https://www.npr.org/2019/08/28/755024458/why-don-t-y-all-let-that-die-telling-the-emmett-till-story-in-mississippi?t=1653525284868)


That scumbag Whitten pisses me the fuck off.


those fucks posing with their guns and the sign. just stuff them in a bus and drive it off a cliff. wastes of drinking water.


That made me sick. The complete lack of empathy for a person stripped of dignity and beaten to death based on allegations which turned out to be false. Absolutely revolting.


Ever since I heard of that story, I have been saying the same thing. They need to show them what their policies do. Reading the news on the 60s and 70s you saw a lot of violence and dead bodies. Now we see videos of kittens and feel good stories.


That was something that was very surprising to me. We were going through some of my great grandmother's things and there was a newspaper clipping from the 40s showing a car crash and police around it and you could see the bodies hanging out of the car.


The way his father is looking at the camera in the photo is haunting


TELL THE SENATE: TAKE ACTION ON BACKGROUND CHECKS Send this pre written letter to your local government by clicking send. It take 2 seconds. Flood their inboxes and be heard every chance and everywhere you can. Enough is enough. [sandyhookpromise.org](https://action.sandyhookpromise.org/p/dia/action4/common/public/?action_KEY=23001&track=w_20210326_UBCSenate&_ga=2.246721734.35071169.1653527435-1641880548.1653527435&_gac=1.125510392.1653527435.CjwKCAjwp7eUBhBeEiwAZbHwkSHiW7CAFuMTW_A-7lZk4c4sshj-bn-PEdb5SP2BRBZB5v9IAj8oXBoC1BYQAvD_BwE)


The woman who had him murdered is still alive


Just take their bloody clothes, pin them together, and hang them on a line outside of Congress so everyone can see how just how small they were and how violently they died.


And so many of them (I’m not sure if it was all of them) were wearing nice clothes for their end of year ceremony. So heartbreaking that their parents were *just* there to see them get their awards.


And what gets me is that there probably wasnt a good chance they passed immediately. I keep thinking about them on the floor in pain, crying wanting their parents, remembering how they saw them just a few hours earlier. How they were gonna have plans for the summer, how they were just laughing with their friends. Then unable to breathe, terrified bleeding on the floor watching their friends get killed as they die. Im sorry it's graphic but this whole thing is making me spiral :(


That’s what gets me as a parent. So many hurt and frightened children calling out for mommy or daddy and nowhere to turn for help. How can any child ever feel safe again if the grown ups in charge won’t do what it takes to make this stop.


Hell, I'm not even a parent and it gets me. They did not deserve such a horrible end, simple as that.


Crying on the floor for their mommy, with their teachers lying dead a few feet away...no grownups to help....all so grown ass men can keep their TOYS. I am sickened by the whole fucking lot.


This is my worst fear as a mother. I am not kidding when I say as long as I only have one child, if that child dies in a school shooting, I will go to a senators door step and blow my brains out on their front door. If I lost my child I would have nothing to live for anymore. Edit: I’d stand In Front of a window or something. I’d try to make it as disturbing and close to home as possible. They would not be able to unsee, or escape the gore and violence on their doorstep, like those kids couldn’t unsee or escape the gunman brutally taking their lives from them as they cried while their loving, safe adults died for them. Next to them. I have never felt such shame and anger at my country. These are our fucking children. Edit: im fine y’all im happy and healthy and so is my son. I’m just saying if anything happened to him at school that is preventable by common sense gun laws, I’d make it a point to put a senator thru what so many kids have, and bring it as close to home as possible so they don’t feel safe where they spend every day (like kids do at school) Edit: seriously stop reporting me to the Reddit cares thing.


I’m a parent and I have had similar thoughts. Not suicide but say you’ve lost such an important part of your reason for being, you know who you blame. Why do they get to continue living? Perhaps people in these situations find some other way of being but it surprises me that all of them do.




I don't feel like my sister is safe. It terrifies me to send her to school. I feel so helpless and powerless and I don't know how to stop obsessing over it


I kept my kid home today and I’m scared to send him back anymore but I feel like I have to. I just don’t know what to do anymore.


This thought hit me VERY hard too. I see the pain in my kids eyes when they have a sore throat or scrape their knee. I can’t imagine what is going through the minds of their parents.


I only have one kid. She's in third grade. My wife and I are both in our early 50s so there won't be any more kids. If my daughter were to be shot and killed by a school shooter, I would permanently lose it. I'd probably end up in prison or living under a bridge as I drank myself to death. These are some of the costs that have to be figured into every single one of these incidents.


I only have one kid and with my health I won't be having any more. If this happened to my son there's no way I'd be able to continue living.


I am a nurse in trauma ICU and I work in one of the most violent cities in America. I see a lot of gunshot victims. My heart is fucking broken. No one, especially kids, should go through that. I’ve seen enough carnage from guns to last a lifetime and I’m just so sad and angry that this keeps happening.


Thank you for your service.


I don’t like being afraid to send my child to school. I don’t like being afraid of going to the grocer or walmart either. Or the mall. Or a religious establishment. It’s hard to go outside without feeling like myself or children or husband are a target


The "good" part of bullet wounds are they're not immediately painful. The damage is so sudden and shocking to your body most people don't feel it until later. I've seen a few shootings where people basically terminator walk through it for a few seconds before they slump over. They're not really aware of the damage.


I believe the shooter had told a friend that the specific bullets expand when they hit a person. And I heard the bullet holes were the size of oranges, it was so bad that parents had to do DNA tests to identify the bodies


Hollow points do that, and are much more deadly because of it. If someone was hit in their torso there's a high chance that would be a very quick way to go.


It sounds awful to say, but I hope so :( those babies suffering makes me inconsolable, I genuinely haven't stopped crying since I heard about the incident. I know shooting happen but I have a sister that's that age, it really hit me how young they are, how innocent they'd been, how much they'll never do/do again. I don't know where to go for support bc I wasnt directly affected but this is still taking it out of me


Honestly I think talking to your friends and family is probably the best choice right now. Discuss what you're feeling and get the support of people who care for you rather than internet strangers.


Honestly this should be the protest symbol. Tiny clothes covered in blood. No picket signs, no words. Just the bloody clothes of children held high so they can see it.


At minimum, child-size caskets.


Even just empty child-size caskets on the lawn should make an impact.


Absolutely. It's like the glass case full of shoes at the Holocaust Museum in DC. You can't walk through that room and not feel the weight of those people's death. Some of those shoes are tiny. So yes, a line of bloodied clothes would have an effect on the hardest heart. It's a shame Congresspeople have no hearts.


I travel a bit and when I watch the news in Europe it's a bit grizzly when they show war related segments. There's no holding back, sometimes no warning. Really moves the conversation along instead of hiding behind the smiling pictures where you get to wave off the unsean carnage.


𐑞𐑦𐑕 𐑦𐑟 𐑨𐑒𐑗𐑫𐑩𐑤𐑰 𐑢𐑲 𐑩𐑥𐑺𐑦𐑒𐑧𐑯 𐑥𐑰𐑛𐑾 𐑛𐑳𐑟𐑯'𐑑 𐑛𐑵 𐑞𐑨𐑑, 𐑞 𐑥𐑦𐑤𐑦𐑑𐑺𐑰 𐑦𐑯𐑛𐑳𐑕𐑗𐑮𐑾𐑤 𐑒𐑪𐑥𐑐𐑤𐑧𐑒𐑕 𐑢𐑩𐑟 𐑤𐑧𐑕 𐑞𐑨𐑯 𐑐𐑤𐑰𐑟𐑛 𐑨𐑓𐑑𐑼 𐑞 𐑢𐑳𐑯 𐑑𐑲𐑥 𐑞𐑱 𐑛𐑦𐑛 𐑛𐑵 𐑞𐑨𐑑 𐑣𐑧𐑤𐑐𐑑 𐑑𐑻𐑯 𐑞 𐑐𐑳𐑚𐑤𐑦𐑒 𐑩𐑜𐑧𐑯𐑕𐑑 𐑞 𐑢𐑹 𐑦𐑯 𐑝𐑰𐑧𐑑𐑯𐑭𐑥 >!This is actually why American media doesn't do that, the millitary industrial complex was less than pleased after the one time they did do that helped turn the public against the war in Vietnam!<


100%. Don't say the fuckers name that did the shooting, absolutely zero coverage/background on the bastard. and find a balance to show the horrors, and focus on helping victims or remembering them. I had to watch a workplace violence training today, and holy fuck. they did not hold back. It was terrifying, and while stupidly over the top, it really hit home how gun violence is everywhere. Right after reading about the girl who tried to call 911.. I was sobbing like a baby. The US needs implement stricter gun control, or at least do SOMETHING. FUCK thoughts and prayers, so sick of hearing that.


Every time one of these scum pulls one of these atrocities they're instantly canonized by the most wretched specimens of humanity. Just call them by numbers, Year 2022, shooting#87 so they don't get the post-mortem notoriety for other people to aspire to


Look up the case about Emmett Till. That's exactly what happened and damn did it work


Yes. Came to say this. But, and correct me if I’m wrong, I think it was his mother’s idea/choice so people could see what they had done to her boy. Not many parents could do that and although I agree with this as an idea, I’m not sure as a parent I could do it either.


It was the mother and she insisted. That takes a level of strength that most people don’t have. And that’s not a criticism. That was an above and beyond level courageous thing to do.


I belive a serious reality check will push people. Even the 2nd amendment-ers could possibly get rattled up if raw images are ever released to the public.


I think so too. It had an impact on the war on Vietnam.


Those is exactly why we aren't allowed to see what our people are doing in foreign lands. It's ridiculous, if we do it we should have to watch.


The Japanese are so anti-war because for multiple generations *children* had to see the horrors of war and they knew the costs. The US gets flags over caskets and trumpets and jingoistic masterbation.


The Genbaku dome (the memorial and museum for the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima) has shown the past couple generations the true devastation of war. Another example is the movie Grave of the Fireflies, by studio Ghibli—the little girl dying of malnutrition in the remains of Tokyo is heartbreaking. Some Japanese people insist that we’ve become stupid because the country’s been peaceful for so long. But I think it’s because the country’s seen enough for a lifetime.


Yeah all the screeching about needing to protect children from crt, theyre pretty damn silent about protecting them from guns. Not just the children, I think we all need to see more of the results of our actions. Make people see the ugliness of wars and violence. Like those shock commercials they make of cigarette smoking, though I think even those have gotten tamer over the years.


show bullets firing, don't show them landing


They even outlawed the flag-draped caskets, no? Iirc?


I think you're right, cause it was bumming people out.


Look up the highway of death. We don't care what our country does to other people, just what they do to us.


Yup. When you watch news while overseas it is so different. Even the BBC working the US.


Video footage of police brutality against peaceful black protesters in the Jim Crow south was a good catalyst for civil rights as well.


Thats why they stopped doing it lol.


Can't have inconvenient truths get in the way of throwing bodies into the war machine!


"Moloch whose mind is pure machinery! Moloch whose blood is running money! Moloch whose fingers are ten armies! Moloçh whose breast is a cannibal dynamo!" -Allen Ginsberg, *Howl*


But aren’t they blaming this on immigrants and minority violence right now? There seems to be some incredible mental gymnastics happening that may need to be addressed simultaneously for that to work. Otherwise I fear it will certainly rile them up, but just to place the blame on some “other” to which they can then feel justified directing even more violent rhetoric.


Just the fact that they were IDing kiddos by DNA swabs did me in


May we all have the courage of Mamie Till when it counts.


Her name was Mamie Till-Mobley. This expose [Time](https://time.com/4399793/emmett-till-civil-rights-photography/?amp=true) did shows how that photograph changed the tide of the civil rights movement. White mothers imagined it being their own sons because they saw what was done to her son, Emmett. He was tortured, lynched, drowned, murdered. And his mother made sure the world knew his name. Rosa Parks was strongly motivated by the murder of Emmett Till to push for change in her own way. She quoted the crime, which saw *no* justice, as one of the most important reasons she infamously refused to give up her bus seat to a white man. Unfortunately, the murder of Emmett itself wasn’t what spurned change. But the decision by his mother to have an open casket, highly publicized funeral did manage to push people over the edge… I really don’t know what they would be able to say in defense of guns if another parent makes that kind of choice.


She insisted on an open casket, so others could see the result.


Yeah Till’s mother insisted that the public see what his torture resulted in. Though I think the idea of showing the reality of gun violence would reveal images many people have refused to imagine, it would be a permanent move that a parent couldn’t take back, they’d forever run into the horrifying image of their dead child, and would undoubtedly see the images used in disrespectful ways or littered with terrible comments. They’d essentially have to give up having an online presence but it may be worth it to some.


I think back to the Christchurch mosque shooting and how the Livestream has been hidden. People should see how quickly a determined shooter can rack kills up. It was minutes and there was a pile of bodies left. People think 'oh I'll have time to run or pull out my gun' but in the confusion it's very unlikely. You have tens of seconds. Attacks last a few minutes at most. It's a disservice to those who died to not force the pubic to see what our laws and actions have enabled. Those who complain the images are too hard to look at are missing the point. You're supposed to be uncomfortable. You're not supposed to be allowed to hide away the images of death. You helped this tragedy happen by your views now you have to see the consequences of what we allowed to happen.


The parents have already seen this vision of their child. It’s horrible for them, and I’m sure it would be even more horrible for them to share that image. I truly believe that if parents started sharing open casket photos of their children who were obliterated by gun violence there would be a sea change in this country.


I took two History courses at my university this year, from the same professor, and he was absolutely fantastic. Aside from his knowledge of and clear passion for history, it was how he wouldn't shy away from showing gruesome images or discussing really uncomfortable events that made him a great professor. We were diving into the Civil Rights Movement a couple weeks before finals and the picture of Till was on one of his slides. I was always impressed with how respectfully yet bluntly he'd show photos like that and be able to discuss them


Is it not normal? I did modern history between ages 16-18 in England and we saw all the gory pics, like the My Lau Massacre, and lynchings, in our textbooks


> in England That's why you saw them. American schools barely even teach the Vietnam War, let alone My Lai.


Shit, US and Canadian schools treat the Trail of Tears as Natives willing and happily giving up their land.


Yeah, US History in high school glossed over that as: >"It was called the trail of tears because after they *sold their land and agreed to relocate to reservations*, many natives were *too old or frail to make the trip* and that made them cry a lot. Sucked to be them. Anyway - the Gold Rush!" I specifically remember being like," wait why was it called the trail of tears? That's a weird shitty name compared to the Oregon trail.", but nope that lesson is done, on to the North and the South ~~fighting over owning human beings as property~~*having a disagreement about taxes!* Most things I learned about history I learned from my own curiosity leading into reading about it and finding out that a huge portion of people mentioned in US history fucking sucked.


Depends on state laws in the US. Politicians will censor events they would rather gloss over because talking about them is “unpatriotic”.


1992 texas---. I was taught slaves enjoyed their work and where treated as family.




Mid-90s Florida: "Enslaved people were treated a lot better than most people think." Bitch, I watched Ken Burns The Civil War when I was 7, and I watched Roots when I was 10. 😠


Yup. Georgia in roughly 2001/2002, our Georgia histories teacher said the same thing since 'you wouldn't smash up a perfectly good tractor right? Most people only owned one or two and worked right along side them' Yeah okay Mr Walsh but I think you're missing the part where Jerry's NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE. My teacher the previous year had us watch some parts of Roots.


I'm sure they also called the civil war "the war of northern aggression". Texas has literally been sweeping shit under the rug since before they became a state


Between the ages of 16-18 there are a large number of Americans in the southern states being taught that the Civil War was fought for states' rights and against northern aggression (somehow dodging the whole slavery thing). Suffice to say there's a large disparity in education across the US to the point where some students are taught fictional versions of events. That said, universities balance out a fair bit as the states don't have much if any control over what is taught in a collegiate classroom.


It also drives home the horror and inhumanity of the holocaust. We saw those pictures in highschool. If we could handle that in our teens, adults can handle seeing dead kids on the news after a mass shooting.


I often feel like schools teach that this happened a very long time ago. I would like to point out now that if he was not lynched he would be 81 years old today.


They interviewed one woman who wasn‘t much older than him when she made a false claim. She was 72. That‘s younger than my grandma.


I’m British and so hadn’t heard of Till. Just googled and am appalled to see that an antilynching law which carries his name is only eight weeks old. What the fuck? Was lynching NOT a hate crime before March 2022 or am I missing something?


You're correct, it wasn't. Not for lack of trying, either.


Our Congress is a place where they make speeches and accept checks from lobbyists. Any actions taken on behalf of the voting public are incidental and often far too late to help.


Are you saying you don't have a Democracy, you have a Market?


Yes. Yes, this is literally, actually true.


What we have is a Republic with Democratic features. Citizens United ruling decided that money is speech. First Amendment is now a fiction for the public. If you lack the funds to write a check, you do not matter. Read how antiquated and outdated the language of both 2nd and 3rd amendments read. That will give you a clue as to why the Constitution consists of Amendments. Its High Time to rewrite the entire document and start over.


Most states have anti lynching laws. Our federal representatives love to drag their feet and say well the states already have it covered so therea no need for additional federal laws.


And televising the police attacking equal rights marchers. Sunlight forces people to face reality.


I was at a work related certification today, and the people leading the training were talking about how this was probably fake. Yeah it's time to show the ugly truth, unfortunately.


There's nothing you could do to make those people believe. Not if you took them to the school and shoved their faces in the little corpses. To them reality is what Tucker Carlson says it is and NOTHING breaks through that wall of self denial.


I mean, they shove graphic abortion images in our face, soooo...


Graphic *and often false* abortion images, as propaganda


"Do you believe this is a human being?" "Yes." "That is a pig embryo."


Or Voldemort in a train station.


Literally had a fuckin demonstration on the busiest part of my college campus with armed guards and police dogs and barricades all just to protect the disgusting and gory propaganda they’d erected in the middle of the busiest footpath on campus. They had to do that shit because they knew we’d fucking tear it down otherwise. Maybe a few hundred feet back was trigger warnings with sidewalk detour directions written in chalk on the concrete on both sides leading up to it. My university typically interacts with people here too, but they were shunned and ignored and it was funny looking out of a classroom window and seeing one of the busiest parts of the campus nearly DEAD except for the occasional straggler or person so late they couldn’t take a detour. If I ever had to walk past it I’d put my earbuds in and hold up the middle finger the entire length of the “exhibit” or “display” or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. Shit was infuriating and just fucking untrue.


Just laugh at it.


This. If the families can handle it, hold public open casket funerals and invite Senator Cruz, Governor Abbot, and every other Texas lawmaker that has failed to enact common sense gun safety laws to the funerals. When (not if) they don’t show up, send photos of the victims bodies to their offices to show them what their inaction has done to 4th grade children.


We marched German citizens past the camps. Past the starved dead. Past the crematoria. We need to do the same to the GOP. “This is what nazism means.”


They sadly wouldn't care. They know the damages they bring, but the checks from lobbyists keep clearing the bank. So they don't care.


As others have said, get the parent's permission first, but then yeah, put the pictures out, let the world share in the trauma, the hurt, the visceral anger that some parent has to live with every day of their lives. People need to see what gun violence looks like, they need to see the results of their rhetoric and the products of their politics, not the sanitized headlines, they need to see the people they have killed and how they let them die. This heartache shouldn't be isolated to just the parents of these children, it should be known and experienced, the privilege of not knowing what gun violence looks like is a privilege that should be denied to anyone who votes against reform. Let them see the consequences of their votes.


We need some images of school shooting aftermath along the lines of what we’ve seen come out of Ukraine. Let people feel that ugly dawning realization when they see a corpse and it takes them a minute to notice the size of their shoes.


We barely had a few camera stills of shooters walking around from Columbine and those were chilling enough for tons of people.


I remember feeling "ooooh boy this is the one that will be big enough for change" just like how our port Arthur massacre changed gun laws in Australia. But instead it was like "yeah actually I can live with a few of these a year because law of large numbers means it probably won't affect me"


> "yeah actually I can live with a few of these a year because law of large numbers means it probably won't affect me" Ding, ding, ding. Just like the anti maskers & anti vaxxers with covid. Then it happens to them and suddenly they're all apologetic and understanding of why we were telling them change is needed. The horrible, horrible thing for these innocent babies slaughtered yesterday is that some of their parents would have been all for 2A before it affected them. So thankful that my little man is safe in school 14,000km away in a country without guns, couldn't begin to imagine how hard it was for you parents sending your kids to school in the US this morning.


Maybe this will work, maybe not. I remember the very visceral videos of the vegas shooting, of people hiding and getting shot at and dying on camera. What came of it? Nothing important. Then again, and speaking for myself, I have seen the carnage of death and war (ex-military) and yeah....I dont want to have anything to do with a gun, even if/when my life is threatened. Its power to take a life in mere seconds is just...TOO powerful.


It's not the current shooting, but the one in NZ a while back did it while on FB live. The video very much exists on the web of him gunning down those men, women and children in that Mosque. It is a grueling watch and brings a lot of reality into what is often an abstract discussion. Nobody talks about how they'd take the gunman down (multiple people try and die), people realize how fast it happens (it's a few minutes), people see the abject horror that is so many innocent people being so unemotionally killed for nothing at all. It's not gory, like some people seem to think either. Even the shooter can really tell whose by now dead at times and does passes over the bodies to make sure.


Goreyness depends on the weapon used. In sandy hook, one set of parents released an autopsy report, and the kid had a hand and part of his jaw blown off.


Yeah apparently this kid shot some of theses children in the face and the parents needed to supply DNA for identification...because a visual was not able to be done from photos etc. I think people need to see. Republican senators need to see.


NZ shooting had the same kinds of injuries. You just can’t appreciate them as well as you would with good photographic evidence.


>did it while on FB live. The recent shootings have mostly been glory killings. They want their name out there, they want people to see what they did. The first thing Abbott did was drop the guys name. Thats why this post is a bad idea. Give them no recognition, genericize them.


Don't stop there, show Pulse nightclub, show the Las Vegas shootings, show Virginia Tech, show Sandy Hook Elementary, show the Walmart shootings, show the Easter Sunday Massacre... This is something that affects every demographic in the community, and then also people completely at random. People doing nothing more than sitting in their chair at home have been killed. No one is safe from it.


If people can stand outside abortion clinics with graphic pictures we should be able to do it outside government buildings.


Exactly what I was thinking. I'm sure there's an awful large overlap in the venn diagram of pro 2a and pro-life.


Considering how many of those use bullshit shock signs (the subjects of which are frequently not even human), I'd say you're clear to use some mockups. Don't even need the real photos


I agree, but some of the parents may not have seen them themselves. If I lost a loved one, let alone a kid, I don’t know that I could bring myself to look at the footage of it happening or photos of their body/the aftermath. I can’t imagine having those images plastered everywhere, the trauma of being unable to open social media or turn on the tv or visit anything without seeing images of your own dead child must be far, far too much for most people and I can’t blame them.


Can't get the parents permission when you need DNA tests to even tell which chunk of meat is which child.


Ughhh, that hadn't even occurred to me as to WHY they needed the DNA tests...so freakin sad


Pro-lifers use this strategy all the time with pictures of aborted fetuses, why not use these photos?


Australia did a whole campaign on drunk driving using the photos of the victims of accidents caused by drunk drivers.


Yeah but their citizens were also smart enough to implement gun control after one mass shooting. Im not sure the American populace will care no matter what you show them


People need to bring this to Houston to protest the NRA show when Trump speaks. Seriously, how that man couldn't back out after this is just a sign of what an obscene, uncaring attention whore he is.


I’m sure he’s actually thrilled about the extra media presence that will be there. Never let a good disaster go to waste- that’s what politics runs on. It’s sick.


Ah, yes. Never forget [“Whose Boat Is This Boat”.](https://www.amazon.com/dp/1982121084/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_XZM0DYCQWZCCJXBFYQJ2)


It's on my coffee table. The book, not the boat.


I mean, they do put fetuses on posters and pucket..


No guns allowed inside though for some reason. You would think the safest place would be a room full of good guys with guns.


They put fetuses on anti-abortion billboards. Do the same with a classroom of dead children paired with the model and make of the gun used to do the damage.




Exactly. And they also did it for cigarettes. It's not unprecedented.


The fact that parents had to give dna to figure out which of the kids died because they were shredded to UNRECOGNIZABLE says a LOT


That’s fucking mental, what was this guy using?


It’s not like they needed some of the parents to give dna because the damage to their children was so devastating. Just horrific.


I saw another tweet that said the families of those innocent little children were having to do dna swabs in order to identify the maimed corpses of their babies. As a father, I don’t need to see pictures, those words alone were enough to make me cry over my phone in the middle of the work day. Fuck every single politician and their fucking NRA money that allow this bullshit to keep happening.


Someone mentioning in another thread how a little boy cried “I don’t want to be here” just before he was shot at Sandy Hook is what did it for me. I hadn’t heard that before, but it all came crashing in when I did. It’s not hard to imagine those children felt that same sentiment yesterday. It just makes you feel so helpless. I would die to protect those kids, and I know plenty of people feel the same, even for kids that aren’t their own. So the idea that there are people in this country who won’t give up their guns while they’ll gladly give up their lives for those kids…the dissonance is so painful.


Thank you for this. Every time this happens I get mild to severe anxiety dropping my kiddos off at school for several weeks. People shouldn’t have to live like that. Hugs to you my friend.


I almost got in a fist fight in San Francisco a few years ago when I was in a bar and heard a guy behind me say Sandy Hook was fake. It absolutely makes my blood boil.


I don't need to see it either but graphic truth makes a difference....look at the faked abortion pictures they put on billboards and how it fires up the cristo-fascist types.


Also evidence of efficacy: cigarette packaging with graphic photos of tumors, etc




The reaction you had to reading about it means you’re not the intended audience for the images. An image is more visceral than words. Gore has more of an impact than adjectives.


But the audience that needs to see it won't. During the shooting Faux was playing election results. They didn't acknowledge it at all.


Well the anti abortion people are always showing pictures of aborted fetus' and now they run the country for the next 30 years so why not?


They show pictures of miscarriages, and claim they are aborted fetuses. Pictures of aborted fetuses would be a pic of those slides you put under a microscope.


I’ve seen them on those fucking mobile ad trucks too. Like, my dude, I’m on this coffee shop’s patio trying to enjoy this book on a pleasant day.


She’s right. That’s what turned the public against the Vietnam war. And then in Iraq and Afghanistan, even showing pictures of flag draped coffins wasn’t allowed. Because they hide whatever facts will turn public sentiment against the policy their lobbyists push.


All the crazy cunts will say they're fake pictures.


That's what helped bring folks together against the Vietnam war, embed journalists.


Make them fucking look. I couldn't agree more.


Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, there was this guy in the next town over, who’d go out on the street corner every day. He would wear a sandwich board with pictures of aborted fetuses, which were clearly larger than what most abortions end up being. But, no context, and no challenge. Dude would just stand there all day, every day. No clue what his motivation was, nor any clue as to how he could afford to spend 20+ years out on the street corner. I’m assuming at the very least, the guy was mentally ill. He ended up just not showing up anymore around 2009. I’m guessing the guy died. Anyhow, I guess my point here is that the GOP has this tendency of using direct and in your face approaches, and frankly, the Democrats need to stop worrying about decorum, and actually fight back. Force the Texas government and member of Congress to look. Bring it up every single day.


The government and media learned during the Vietnam/US war that allowing the citizenry to witness the atrocities in the war, every night on the news uncensored, will change people's opinions. This is why they don't do it.


They get off on the suffering of others. Remember “The Passion of the Christ?” Remember the kids in cages?


They get off on an abstract concept of harming others, but rarely do they see what the actual harm looks like, their news media shields them from the worst results of their rhetoric and their audiences sure as shit aren't going to seek out the information for themselves. The idea of a gunshot that most of us are familiar with is the sanitized Hollywood version, an in and out puncture wound, a half a cup of blood, mild discomfort on the part of the victim and they're back on their feet by the next episode. The truth of a bullet wound is infinitely worse than anything that most Americans are familiar with. It is gruesome, it is visceral, and it can be stomach turning even for people who are expecting it. If you care to test your mettle, hit up 4chan /gif/ and search for "rekt," but actually don't do that because you'll immediately regret it. People don't know what gun violence looks like, they don't know what dead children look like, they don't know the *real* repercussions of their beliefs. The suffering that these kind of people like is the abstract kind. You ever notice how quickly a Republican will flip on an issue when it effects them personally? That's because the damage is no longer an abstraction, now it's real. Even as callous and jaded as the American people are, I don't think they could look at a crime scene photo of an eight year old child with half his skull blown away and not be personally effected by it.


It reminds me of the families in the civil war who went out to where they heard a battle was going to be so they could have a picnic. But then when they saw how horrific war actually was they quickly lost their stomachs for it as entertainment. They’d heard stories about how glorious battle was but when they actually had to watch teenaged boys dying in front of them they didn’t find it so glorious anymore.


I thought it was because they were becoming part of the front. https://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/minute/Witness_Bull_Run.htm


>They get off on the suffering of others. "If you insist on showing the corpses of massacre victims on TV you'll be providing murder porn to Nazis on Telegram. Nothing more." [\-Robert Evans](https://twitter.com/IwriteOK/status/1529549542625923072?cxt=HHwWgMCiqZDNhroqAAAA) The Buffalo shooter livestreamed his attack (copycatting Christchurch) to cater to that exact audience.


Until people that want gun control pay politicians as much as the motherfuckin nra, there will be no change




This is the real truth. Nothing changes until it affects them personally. Look how quickly they turned around protesting in front of SC Justices' homes.


Well then it might happen this time. I’ve been reading that this school was in an area of a few federal agencies. Which is why the father of one of the kids, who was an armed Border Patrol agent, went in and was the one who killed the shooter. So many of those kids that died were the children of Border patrol or DHS or FBI agents or whatever specific alphabet group is in the local area. Plus it’s the hometown of Matthew McConnehy (?) who has a wide platform, high visibility and lots of money. Maybe it will all be enough to finally tip the balance. But I wouldn’t put real money on it.


I’m was thinking today, how far does this whole thing need to go until someone does something like this to prove a point If it was my child who’d been shot, I’d probably take out Marjorie Taylor Greene. Life wouldn’t ever be the same again, might as well do some good


When you take away someone’s reason for living, it opens a vacuum for them to find something new, and that can be productive or destructive. The parents of the Parkland Shooting victims chose a productive route. And society lauded them for it. All it takes is one parent who dgaf about the consequences for their actions and we will see the destructive. I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t happened already. These parents must have a strong support network. Edit: took away an extra “s”


The policymakers themselves were shot in 2017. Nothing changed.


I've had to do imaging on dead kids for the coroner. Make them see the bodies without clothes on so they see the bullet holes, but don't wash the bodies so they see as much blood as possible. Make them look at the x-rays that show the shattered bones. Most people wouldn't recognize the soft tissue damage, but shattered bones and bullets are pretty obvious.


I agree. Let the world see what they’ve done…ala “Mamie Till”. It isn’t real until the truth is shown


It worked in Viet Nam. Where are our heroic photojournalists now, when we need them most?


It's not about the photojournalist. Cops won't let media in to a scene like that, and bodycam footage gets locked down. Even if a photojournalist gets a photo there is more than better chance it will get filtered by an editor...or corporate policy...or the FCC. This is why that stuff shows up on the Internet more than television or newspapers...no corporations means no filters.


Getting blamed for "glorifying the shooter" as a distraction for the gun lobby.


They do it with pictures of abortions. It would be the same thing, no?


stand outside the gun stores, holding signs with pictures of murdered school kids, while people scream "Murderer" and "scum" at them in an attempt to shame them.


The list: Thurston High School. Columbine High School. Heritage High School. Deming Middle School. Fort Gibson Middle School. Buell Elementary School. Lake Worth Middle School. University of Arkansas. Junipero Serra High School. Santana High School. Bishop Neumann High School. Pacific Lutheran University. Granite Hills High School. Lew Wallace High School. Martin Luther King, Jr. High School. Appalachian School of Law. Washington High School. Conception Abbey. Benjamin Tasker Middle School. University of Arizona. Lincoln High School. John McDonogh High School. Red Lion Area Junior High School. Case Western Reserve University. Rocori High School. Ballou High School. Randallstown High School. Bowen High School. Red Lake Senior High School. Harlan Community Academy High School. Campbell County High School. Milwee Middle School. Roseburg High School. Pine Middle School. Essex Elementary School. Duquesne University. Platte Canyon High School. Weston High School. West Nickel Mines School. Joplin Memorial Middle School. Henry Foss High School. Compton Centennial High School. Virginia Tech. Success Tech Academy. Miami Carol City Senior High School. Hamilton High School. Louisiana Technical College. Mitchell High School. E.O. Green Junior High School. Northern Illinois University. Lakota Middle School. Knoxville Central High School. Willoughby South High School. Henry Ford High School. University of Central Arkansas. Dillard High School. Dunbar High School. Hampton University. Harvard College. Larose-Cut Off Middle School. International Studies Academy. Skyline College. Discovery Middle School. University of Alabama. DeKalb School. Deer Creek Middle School. Ohio State University. Mumford High School. University of Texas. Kelly Elementary School. Marinette High School. Aurora Central High School. Millard South High School. Martinsville West Middle School. Worthing High School. Millard South High School. Highlands Intermediate School. Cape Fear High School. Chardon High School. Episcopal School of Jacksonville. Oikos University. Hamilton High School. Perry Hall School. Normal Community High School. University of South Alabama. Banner Academy South. University of Southern California. Sandy Hook Elementary School. Apostolic Revival Center Christian School. Taft Union High School. Osborn High School. Stevens Institute of Business and Arts. Hazard Community and Technical College. Chicago State University. Lone Star College-North. Cesar Chavez High School. Price Middle School. University of Central Florida. New River Community College. Grambling State University. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle School. Ronald E. McNair Discovery Academy. North Panola High School. Carver High School. Agape Christian Academy. Sparks Middle School. North Carolina A&T State University. Stephenson High School. Brashear High School. West Orange High School. Arapahoe High School. Edison High School. Liberty Technology Magnet High School. Hillhouse High School. Berrendo Middle School. Purdue University. South Carolina State University. Los Angeles Valley College. Charles F. Brush High School. University of Southern California. Georgia Regents University. Academy of Knowledge Preschool. Benjamin Banneker High School. D. H. Conley High School. East English Village Preparatory Academy. Paine College. Georgia Gwinnett College. John F. Kennedy High School. Seattle Pacific University. Reynolds High School. Indiana State University. Albemarle High School. Fern Creek Traditional High School. Langston Hughes High School. Marysville Pilchuck High School. Florida State University. Miami Carol City High School. Rogers State University. Rosemary Anderson High School. Wisconsin Lutheran High School. Frederick High School. Tenaya Middle School. Bethune-Cookman University. Pershing Elementary School. Wayne Community College. J.B. Martin Middle School. Southwestern Classical Academy. Savannah State University. Harrisburg High School. Umpqua Community College. Northern Arizona University. Texas Southern University. Tennessee State University. Winston-Salem State University. Mojave High School. Lawrence Central High School. Franklin High School. Muskegon Heights High School. Independence High School. Madison High School. Antigo High School. University of California-Los Angeles. Jeremiah Burke High School. Alpine High School. Townville Elementary School. Vigor High School. Linden McKinley STEM Academy. June Jordan High School for Equity. Union Middle School Mueller Park Junior High School West Liberty-Salem High School University of Washington King City High School North Park Elementary School North Lake College Freeman High School Mattoon High School Rancho Tehama Elementary School Aztec High School Wake Forest University Italy High School NET Charter High School Marshall County High School Sal Castro Middle School Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Great Mills High School Central Michigan University Huffman High School Frederick Douglass High School Forest High School Highland High School Dixon High School Santa Fe High School Noblesville West Middle School University of North Carolina Charlotte STEM School Highlands Ranch Edgewood High School Palm Beach Central High School Providence Career & Technical Academy Fairley High School (school bus) Canyon Springs High School Dennis Intermediate School Florida International University Central Elementary School Cascade Middle School Davidson High School Prairie View A & M University Altascocita High School Central Academy of Excellence Cleveland High School Robert E. Lee High School Cheyenne South High School Grambling State University Blountsville Elementary School Holmes County, Mississippi (school bus) Prescott High School College of the Mainland Wynbrooke Elementary School UNC Charlotte Riverview Florida (school bus) Second Chance High School Carman-Ainsworth High School Williwaw Elementary School Monroe Clark Middle School Central Catholic High School Jeanette High School Eastern Hills High School DeAnza High School Ridgway High School Reginald F. Lewis High School Saugus High School Pleasantville High School Waukesha South High School Oshkosh High School Catholic Academy of New Haven Bellaire High School North Crowley High School McAuliffe Elementary School South Oak Cliff High School Texas A&M University-Commerce Sonora High School Western Illinois University Oxford High School Robb Elementary School


Graduated from one of those schools a couple of years ago. It happened about a decade ago. Many staff and teachers that are still teaching there were there when it happened. The lockdown drills were terrifying knowing that kids had to do it for real not long ago. Sandy Hook happened when I was still in elementary school. I remember my mom hugging me so tight I could barely breathe. I remember my teacher coming back from lunch in tears and not saying a word. She had to get another teacher to help. I found out that night on the news what happened. I couldn’t process it at that age. I just knew it was really bad. This country is fucked. And it’s been my whole life. As a child watching the unity after 9/11 fall away so fast (I never truly got to see it) and drastically has numbed me. But this. This brought all of it up. I’ve been a mess. I’ll probably never see the change we need, but I will fucking fight for it.


Kids are being fucking shot but at least they didn’t learn about slavery.


That's what they (used to?) do with aborted fetuses. Turn around is always fair play.


Don't worry, they still do that with fetuses.


We made Germans bury the dead and clean up Hitler’s concentration camps.


And now the most important and most respected Holocaust museums are there.


For them to be affected in the desired way, they would have to have consciences. In the America I know, more people would just get off on it. They saw that picture of that refugee toddler's body face down in the sand, half buried by the tide, and said, "Well, maybe if they tried to come here legally...."


I, not being a parent, wonder if one of those children killed were my own I'd have the strength to take them in their casket to stand outside the upcoming NRA convention in Houston, holding a sign over the casket "What if Jesus were shot and killed at elementary age", since they love to make that argument against abortion rights


At first I balked at this, but then I remembered how many times I’ve driven by Planned Parenthood to see people with seriously grim banner poster images held up.