Because we take such good care of the millions we already have.... get fucked, Barrett.


If she's so concerned about providing a domestic supply of infants, she should.


Plot twist: she already has seven kids, 2 of which are adopted from Haiti and one of which has down syndrome. She thinks if she can do it (on her government salary) then anyone could.


yeah if she can do it one 280k per year anyone can


This may be totally unfounded on my end, but she seems to have a bit of a white savior ‘I saved these precious children from their horrific home country, Haiti is so terrible’ vibe to me. For those kids sake, I really hope I’m wrong about that. Internet, please prove me wrong!


I hope she is a good parent to them...


Maybe not, she seems like a piece of shit to be with, both in and out of the bedroom


Aside from the fact that theres already way more orphans then parents wanting to adopt, imagine thinking thats a good thing and arguing we need more of it. Another way of saying "we need more babies for parents looking to adopt" is "we need more children that don't have a home". Holy fuck they never fail to amaze me with the levels of stupid and evil theyre capable of.


Children without a home lack opportunity, by design. Who's going to spray down the McDonalds order kiosk with Febreeze if not Timmy Never-Knew-His-Dad?


Dear Americans: the black children waiting for adoption are literally children too, like the other white babies with blue eyes that you want to. There is an "enough supply" of these babies for you adopt!! You're welcome!!


“Domestic supply of infants” AKA more white babies


Republics want more poor babies to grow up and remain poor and under educated so that they can work for poverty wages to keep the rich in control. There are already too many kids in the system that need loving homes and families, many families being denied because they are LGBTQ or because of their race.


They just want conservatives to adopt, so that these kids become brainwashed. Conservatives. You know, the kind of people who would abandon their kids if it turned out they were gay or had a black boyfriend. Conditionally loved.


Yep. The math doesn't check out. They want more adoptions, but won't let "non-traditional" couples adopt in many states. And do they think that any "traditional" couples have the inclination, let alone the resources, to adopt children? I'd love to hear how they think post-Roe America is going to look. Do they think people are just all going to leave cities and live rural agrarian lifestyles? Gone are the days when families used to just pump out kid after kid because they needed extra farmhands and miners. Do they think we can really just go back to the days of 5¢ soda pops and 25¢/gal gasoline? I remember playing LA Noire which is set in late 1940's LA, and driving by a car dealership and just gawking at the price tags of the cars in the lot thinking "Holy shit that's cheap!"


I’m in LA and I wish cars were cheap too. I drive a hand-me-down and it’s definitely _not_ my style lol. But yeah, they’re putting the cart before the horse. They should probably consider bringing their impoverished constituents out of poverty if they want people to adopt so bad. Kids are expensive.


I feel like if they did that they would have to educate them and unless that education came with propaganda they would probably have a group of smart people who would realize that the Democrats were right and then the Republicans would be voted out (there would definitely be enough propaganda for that not to happen though).


A lot of them _really do_ think the U.S. can and will return to an idealized 50’s-like utopia. All we need to do is deport all the immigrants and put minorities is walled ghettos and concentration camps. They don’t say it out loud, but it is absolutely, 100% what they believe and what they are actively trying to do. Source: I was raised in an evangelical Christian household. They genuinely believe in that “mark of Cain” racial inequality BS and the subservience of women to men. There is nothing reasonable about it, it is cold hard absolute truth that can only come from “faith”. They want a country of Christians for Christians, with a healthy side of 50’s style race-based classism.


Holy shit, that's EXACTLY what they think. I get nauseated just thinking about all the shit I was told as a kid. I caught so much just asking to spend the night with a friend who, was black. Litterly had my ass whooped fir it and then fir the audacity of refusing to drop her as a friend. My brother's we treated like little kings and my sister and I were taught to do housework. Collage was more of a place to meet a spouse vs a place for an education. Fuck all that bat shit insanity.


I mean when some of them are trying to ban contraceptives and condoms and they say rape is inevitable and the victim needs to give birth, it’s all about control I think even needing to pay at a hospital to give birth is probably about control somehow


I just want them to show their work. I want to see their math on how they think that their means will achieve their ends. What even are the ends?


"personal responsibility" is the biggest part of it. they want people that choose to have sex to raise their kids without any kind of social aid if they get pregnant. and they think that god should decide whether someone gets pregnant.


from what i've read, the contraceptives that some Republican politicians want to ban are because they think the mechanisms cause an abortion instead of preventing conception. and i haven't found anything at all online from any legit GOP politician wanting to ban condoms. just one wannabe in Arizona that has never even won a primary.


As a black woman I'm offended... I want white men kicked out of thier families for dating me... why do black men get all the hate on this one.... 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️


I considered typing in girlfriend, but just decided to go with the stereotype to make the comment more meme-ish. Lol


Someone gave me a silver award because I'm offended that white men don't get kicked out families for dating me... Thank you to whoever gave me that reward. I'm a goofball and saw a chance to make folks laugh and be uncomfortable at the same time. 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴 What is hella funny is my ex husband is white(he hates me, but his family loves me).


Or have ADHD with no treatment. Thanks for nothing,mom.


Great for the army as well to have lots of unwanted babies growing up to be soldiers


Which is why you should never take anything they say in good faith. “Pro life” but refers to people as commodities; yeah okay


Can confirm. When my parents were found unfit to care for me, I was put up for adoption. Great! All the desperate wannabe parents can finally have a child of their own! ...Ohhh, they wanted an infant. Eight year olds can go fuck themselves, or rather get fucked by their foster parents for all these wannabe parents demanding to be seen as altruistic gods gracing us with their presence couldn't care less what happens to me or my peers, so long as we have the capability of talking about our last parents. My parents didn't hit me, or burn cigarettes into my skin, or try to penetrate my asshole. They just occasionally couldn't afford to feed me three times a day, because BIG SHOCKER, the government doesn't fucking help struggling families. They're more than happy to pull them apart, however. You never know when a white person might want to adopt an eight year old! ...Sure, there's already millions of them being passed over for toddlers and infants, but that's okay! They can just rot in foster homes for all they care. Those very same foster homes that are getting paid way more from the government to take care of me, my parents weren't privy to. That money was never spent on me, either. Anyone who has ever been in the foster care system will confirm, 9/10 foster homes have biological children who are in Little League Baseball, taking music and dance lessons, do something special EVERY birthday, have video game consoles on release day, and get to go on fancy vacations every year. Those luxuries are bought and paid for by foster care. Make no mistake. Adopters aren't the main demographic that benefits from broken homes. The foster care system is.


"Domestic supply of infants" is just the worst, dystopian phrase I've ever heard. And yes, they want more white babies as well as a healthy supply to feed into the machine of capitalism.


It repulses me. Especially when I know someone close to me who grew up her whole life in foster care and aged out. It’s such a bullshit lie.


No offense to your friend, but most couples looking to adopt want an infant, and there is a "shortage" (gag) of white/passing infants for adoption.


Definitely gives a different meaning to "domestic white."


This. They - white Republicans - are terrified of losing the majority status in the US. Even going so far as to force women to have babies. These babies will then be funneled into the military or the for profit prison system. I wonder why they're afraid of losing the majority. Have we white people been dicks to minorities in this country or something?


And we know for a fact that this is based on race and age and national origin (all protected classes) because of the huge number of children that are waiting to be adopted while these folks complain about the limited "supply" as if it's a commodity.


The waiting list to adopt infants is like 10-15 years. There is no waiting list to adopt school age children. There are between 600,000 & 700,000 children who are waiting to be adopted. That number hasn't moved much in decades. https://www.acf.hhs.gov/cb/report/trends-foster-care-adoption As of 2020, there are 632,000 children in the foster care system. In 2020, 57,900 children were adopted. In 2020, 224,000 children aged out of the system: *tough luck kids, you're now adults and can be homeless on your own dime.* https://www.acf.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/documents/cb/afcarsreport28.pdf


Ironically they claim that the liberals are committing genocide through black women getting abortions


Racist agenda confirmed.


There is only one solution, black men have to marry more 12 year old white girls. /S.


*uneducated poor white babies.


Ok. So following that reasoning... Why would women just GIVE up a baby? There's obviously a demand and therefore the adopter should pay a fair market value for the product. Right?


That's what I'm saying. The obvious next step in her [insane] argument is buying and selling babies in the free market. It's just good old fashioned American capitalism at work and if you disagree you're a communist.


Christians are already doing this. They charge outrageous adoption fees for white babies that they essentially steal from "unfit" mothers. Edit: before someone comes asking for sources the average cost is between 15000 and 80000 to adopt from one of these agencies. The average for adoption from foster care is more like 8000-30000 depending on lawyers etc. It's a quick Google search.


They funnel them in through their "crises pregnancy centers".


Aka modern day version of Catholic Magdalene laundries.


Not correct. Foster to adopt is generally quite inexpensive. You’re looking at private adoption. That said, the _spirit_ of what you said isn’t wrong. When they do this, they will overhaul the foster system. Not to make it expensive, but to make it exclusive: You already have to meet many requirements to adopt, why not add “same race” and Christian “morals” to the list. Easy to do if you force placement through private, religious agencies. Source: I’m an adoptive parent. We looked at all our options, in painful detail, before we adopted. We chose an international child with mild special needs. We genuinely couldn’t stomach the U.S. private adoption “market”, and foster to adopt wasn’t a viable option for us at that time. Edit: a typo.


BIL is adopting my nephew from the foster care system in IN- (he was a foster parent before SIL passed away to my nephew) and the foster care system reached out to him when nephew’s biological mom lost all parental rights to see if he wanted to foster then adopt my nephew.. BIL said of course but by this time SIL passed away and IN had no problem with BIL being a single parent adopting my nephew. (I consider the child my nephew even though the paperwork isn’t official yet) Now- when my husband and I were trying to adopt through a private Catholic agency we heard “wonderful” reviews about? They wanted a minimum of 25k to adopt.. we didn’t have that kind of money so it never happened.


“Private” is the important word there. Private adoption in the U.S. is generally pretty awful. Edit: And expensive.


My ex wife's mother had her first child basically stolen at the hospital. She was only 17 and some people had her sign papers when she was still drugged up with painkillers after a difficult delivery. Then suddenly the child was gone. She had no idea what she was signing.


They pay you to adopt from foster care. They still have a hard time finding homes for millions of children. Many of these children never find a forever family.


When I was younger, I looked into adopting. Florida's child welfare services (whatever it is called, the name changed since the 90s) decided that since I was involved in LGBT rights, and had gotten in newspapers and on TV (and bothered politicians in Tallahassee), that no straight person would do such a thing, so they declared me "legally gay" and thus ineligible to adopt. Their version of logic is that no white person would advocate for black rights, therefore everyone who was marching, protesting or lobbying for equal rights for black people could only be a black person themselves. Don't forget, the South was really big on the "one drop rule" - if you had one drop of black blood in your ancestry then you were legally black and were subject to Jim Crow. It was illegal until 2007 for gays/lesbians to adopt in Florida. I had moved out of the state years before. I no longer have any interest in adopting. That interest died more than 20 years ago.


Why buy when you can take? If you didn’t have the moral turpitude to refrain from sex out of marriage, you certainly can’t be trusted with that child we made you have.


I wonder what the stock exchange will open at for white domestic vs brown and black? I was subsidized around $2000 but I know right now it’s $20000 for less desirable and $50000+ for ethical white. I’m a domestic white supply for reference. Ask me how being bought for $2000 has fucked with my self worth my whole life. 🙃


If production is far greater than demand, your product is worthless they want the free healthy babies.


Wouldn’t that be a delicious plot twist. Forcing women to have babies *but* they have to be compensated and cared for at the rate of a typical private surrogate.


As someone who works for a foster & adoption agency in the cursed state of Texas, I can tell you first hand…WE DO NOT NEED A DOMESTIC SUPPLY OF INFANTS!!!!!! We need an over stocked supply of thoughtful and educated parents that have the basic knowledge on how to care for their children!


Maybe the Catholic justices think the supply of children is so low that their priests won’t have enough kids to molest. (For what it’s worth, I left the Catholic Church over this.)


> *won’t have enough kids to molest.* In Ireland, unwed women were routinely sent off to "mother and baby homes" until the baby was born. The public story was that the child would be put up for adoption, the mother would repent of her sinful behavior and she would return to her family. Instead, what happened was that once women disappeared into these homes, they hardly ever escaped back into the civilized world. Her family was told that she took a new name and joined holy orders. She was told that her family didn't want her back. Many were sexually abused by the male staff (the only males involved were all ordained priests), raped and gave birth repeatedly to more babies. When I was going through high school, our family lived in Ireland. Back then, contraceptives were illegal. It was only when [Pope John Paul 1](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_John_Paul_I) (the dude who was pope for 33 days) said "contraceptives were OK if used in moderation" in 1978. As a result of that remark, Ireland decriminalized possession of contraceptives. Back then you needed a prescription even for condoms and you had to get them from a marriage counsellor who you had to convince that you had too many children already. Many orphanages in Ireland had mass grave sites tucked away in the back of the property. When they found small numbers of corpses, they were ignored. Until... > *An Irish historian and activist whose research uncovered the bodies of 796 babies and young children buried in a sewage tank at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home has blasted Government inaction over the exhumation of their remains.* > *Her research revealed that 796 babies and young children were "indecently buried in a defunct sewage system" in Tuam between 1925 and 1961.* https://www.irishcentral.com/news/no-action-discovery-796-babies-tuam-mass-grave > *In 2012, the Health Service Executive raised concerns that up to 1,000 children had been sent from the Home, for the purpose of illegal adoptions in the United States, without their mothers' consent. However, subsequent research discovered files relating to just 36 illegal foreign adoptions from the home.* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bon_Secours_Mother_and_Baby_Home The rumors - for more than 70 years - were that the kids were sent off to America to be adopted. Instead, the infants were murdered and buried out back in the sewer system. > *A mass grave containing the remains of babies and young children has been discovered at a former Catholic mother and baby home in Ireland, government-appointed investigators announced Friday in a finding that offered the first conclusive proof following a historian's efforts to trace the fates of nearly 800 children who perished there.* > *The commission said DNA analysis of selected remains confirmed the ages of the dead ranged from 35 weeks to three years old.* > *The government in 2014 formed the investigation after a local Tuam historian, Catherine Corless, tracked down death certificates for nearly 800 children who had died as residents of the facility — but could find a burial record for only one child.* https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/mass-grave-ireland-orphanage-commission-1.4008349 > *Thousands of unmarried women and their children born out of wedlock who were shunned by Irish society and sought refuge in state-owned homes — where many were then abused by nuns and officials of the Roman Catholic Church — will be eligible for compensation from a new multimillion-dollar initiative the Irish government has established “in acknowledgment of suffering experienced.”* > *Known as “mother and baby homes,” the controversial institutions were widespread in Ireland from the 1920s to the 1990s. They housed mostly young women who were cast out by their families for bearing children deemed illegitimate in a largely conservative religious society.* > *About 34,000 people are thought to be eligible for what the government calls the “Mother and Baby Institutions Payment Scheme,” which is being funded with an estimated $900 million, the government said Tuesday. The compensation program will be the largest plan of its type in the history of Ireland, it added.* https://archive.ph/02ZH6 paywall: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/11/17/ireland-mother-baby-homes-compensation-scheme/ This was one orphanage. And it got in the media only because one historian got upset. The others got blown off.


It's so much more sinister than that... It's for no other reason than growth and capitalism. The states looking to outlaw abortion are the states that have a SHRINKING working-age group population. The old people are retiring, and instead of having a workforce entering the local job market, the majority for their kids/grandkids are moving out to the larger cities, whether in state, out of state or abroad. Which means the states that do not have an active, growing population of working age adults are at risk of losing accessible, affordable labor. They can't have that. It's really not that difficult to see, as the information is right here in the census: [https://www.census.gov/data/tables/time-series/demo/popest/2010s-state-detail.html](https://www.census.gov/data/tables/time-series/demo/popest/2010s-state-detail.html) You can literally see the population dropping amongst people 15 - 65. That means in less than 20 years, they're not going to have a hoard of poor, white babies to take over when their parents eventually collapse at their post. And since they're racists, they haven't even considered that maybe making their communities more hospitable to immigrants is the way to go. No, you see they'd rather the women of these states be made to create babies so that they have the kind of workforce they want in the next 20 years. Take a look for yourself. The states that aren't getting rid of their abortion laws? They have an actively growing working age population. That's all this is. Sacrifices to the gods of capitalism.


Yep. Certain states need more serfs. More ppl in poverty + more unskilled labor force = capital profits. COVID wasn't enough of a plague for workers to get enough equal rights. Gotta make abortion illegal to keep the average in their place.


By that logic, shouldn’t our orphanages be totally empty right now?


AFAIK, very young white babies with no apparent medical problems get adopted quickly; the rest do not.


Has to be a marketing problem. In an era of $5 gas, people should be reminded of the potential cost savings of reduced sunscreen requirements for browner babies.


This is the part that pisses me off. I know I can't give birth to healthy babies, they die late term or are born with disabilities, but apparently they want to force me to carry a disabled baby to full term so it can be neglected for it's whole life? Sorry, no, I raised my sick baby and lived in a hospital next to other babies who had NO PARENTS OR VISITORS. I won't be doing that shit again and I won't be participating in perpetuating misery. I would 100% be the person who would rather die of a home abortion than have a fucking baby.


That sounds so traumatic. I’m sorry you have to go through that


It felt a lot less traumatic when I was confident I would always have access to safe and legal abortion and I never had to experience it again. I’m sterilized (12 years.. which has oddly lower efficiency over time) and don’t want to be afraid of sex as a 40 year old woman. I am too old to go on pills, they increase your risk of heart attack, my doctor won’t even give them to me to regulate my period. This really pisses me off because this is a medical decision, and a moral decision these idiots passing laws are too stupid to even comprehend. This is not for some religious people to decide for me. I am not a Christian and I am so angry they would do this.


Well, *yeah.* When you're shopping for a new baby, you have to make sure it matches the rest of the set.


They only want healthy, white babies. They probably are empty of those.


Aye, by that logic they should be, and a waiting list for adoptions.


But those aren’t infants and may not be brainwash-able.


Forcing women into child birth is a human rights violation according to the UN. Next your wonderful GOP will ban contraception of all kinds. Then they're go after marriage rights. Then they'll go after votes for women. After that, what was the ammendment that banned slavery? They'll go for that too.


Well, I think the GQP finds the UN to be a bunch of globalist, communist, [insert other buzzwords] pansies. So, any salient advice from them would be ignored.


Interesting as the United States is a charter member of the United Nations and one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council. Do you think the GOP in complete control would get out?


In a sec. Trump wanted out of all groups if it didn't directly benefit him or the US in a way obvious and monetary. He and his ilk don't seem to believe in a better future through cooperation.


There is no cooperation. Only subservience.


Feminist, don’t forget feminist!


Yeah, pansies that are also somehow an evil organization bent on destroying national sovereignty. Somehow


I’ll take “Things adoptees have been saying for years and have been called ‘anti-adoption’ for $1000” thank you! :) I’m glad everyone is getting on board finally. If anyone wants to listen and learn r/adoption is a good place to hear about what it’s actually like to be adopted. It’s nothing like what society portrays. It’s trauma. Also AdopteesOn is a podcast you can listen to. In case anyone wants to do the work and REALLY start listening to us domestic supply infants.


I still struggle to be accepted by some of my family members. I met my birth family when I became an adult but it has made things more difficult with my adoptive family. I'm sorry I wanted to know the woman who gave birth to me and what other family I had. The first thing my grandma did when she met me was cried. She still cries when talking about what happened. When my dad died (adoptive) I just wanted to be with him in his hospital room but got kicked out because "the real family" needed to see him and there were only 2 people allowed at a time in his room (pre covid).


Or maybe you can just take in fucking immigrants


No supreme court justice should ever open their idiotic mouth about "what America needs". Not your job. In fact, one might say making statements like that are completely contrary to being capable of holding the title Supreme Court Justice. Also, WTF is this idiotic statement talking about? If you're going to step out of your judge's gown and try to make a political statement, at least don't be so fucking stupid when you do... In 2020, there were 175,870 white children in foster care in the United States. This is compared to 92,237 Black or African American children and 88,111 Hispanic children who were in foster care. https://www.statista.com/statistics/255404/number-of-children-in-foster-care-in-the-united-states-by-race-ethnicity/


Soldiers and slaves.


They act like it’s a resource instead of a fucking child!


How many children are awaiting adoption in the United States? Of the 400,000 children in foster care, approximately 117,000 are waiting to be adopted. This was an answer from Google Definitely an ego move which will only make the issue worse.


Did an actual human being made that argument ?


No, Supreme court justices did.


Nah man ACB and Alito did


There are plenty of kids stuck in the system that need adopting. Fix that first before shoveling more into the system


"Fodder for the US army"


“Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers.” -George Carlin


Don't forget about filling the beds and forced labor for the punitive legal system. I'm not willing to call it a justice system anymore.


Then make adoption fucking affordable! Currently it costs between $20k and $40k to adopt an infant in the US


I’m kinda surprised the Q crowd is latching onto this as some kind of “Supreme Court elites want to pass ruling that floods the US with unwanted babies so that George Soros and THE CLINTONS can harvest their blood for Adrenochrome Orgies” or whatever the fuck they say.


Oh? Hadn’t heard this one, it would be kind of delicious if the Q nuts turned on the Republicans


I guess she's a member of a pizza parlor cabal?


Meanwhile there are hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of children stuck in the foster care system because adoption agencies are still discriminating against candidate parents based on race and sexuality


All these people pushing adoption like it's some panacea...I bet not a single fucking one has adopted and probably never will.


3 Supreme Court Justices have adopted children which is a fact I actually find more horrifying than had they not.


And none of you using this argument has ever talked to an adoptee. Both sides suck in this. Neither side Fucking cares about us but y’all are super happy to use us as cannon fodder. Edit: lmaoooo there’s ONE adoption informed therapist in my state. One. We have been yelling about the adoption industry for YEARS but nobody will listen. But now everyone is enraged. Being a domestic supply infant Fucking sucks. Everyone literally tosses you aside the second you’re bought and paid for. You become a little doll for adoptive parents. Its a pay to play experience. But you’re supposed to be sooooo grateful that you were saved. While you shove down all your feelings and try and smile for family pictures with people who don’t even look like you because you have to fit in or you will be abandoned again. But fuck me for being triggered by all this right? Fuuuuuck meeeee. #justdomesticsupplyinfantthings #letmeknowwhenyouwanttohelp


Im so sorry you went through this. I’m a transracial adoptee with parents who never set out to “save a kid” they just wanted more children. My bio mom picked them herself! I’m one of the lucky ones whose parents never told me i should feel grateful and told parents who praised them for plucking me from poverty (my bio grandparents were so rich and high status they put their 20 year old daughter in an unmarried mothers ward across the country to hide her shame in the community, while my real family is solidly middle class and didn’t take trips) to go fuck themselves. i was in my 20s by the time i learned about the other side of adoption and it’s absolutely horrific. I hope you’re able to find peace, especially in *all this*


Hey I really really appreciate this. It has been so awful. And speaking up feels like shouting into the void so comments like yours mean everything!! ☺️ adoption even when it’s done “correctly” is just really so complex. I’m so happy that you had the ideal experience!! ❤️


Thank you for sharing your experience, I’ve noted what you’ve shared and will be more conscious in the future


Way to make assumptions. My dad was adopted and I have talked with him at length about this as well as a good friend of mine who was also adopted. But go off.


You are not. Therefore you do not get to speak for them. “My friend, my dad, my brother” that’s not every adoptee. Adopting babies is not saving theme adoption is a complex human experience and is not opposite from abortion and needs to be taken out of the argument completely. I will go off. My lived experience is more important. I’m telling you stop tokenizing a group of people who are traumatized. You’re all gross. Bring the argument back to bodily autonomy and advocate for more adoption informed therapists if you’re an ally. r/adoption if anyone wants to hear more adoptee voices and actually listen. AdopteesOn is a good podcast. I and other adoptees are so over being tokenized right now. It’s so traumatic.


"None of you have ever talked to an adoptee" YOU JUST FUCKING SAID THAT. And who the fuck said Im speaking for anyone? Im not "tokenizing" anyone so back off that nonsense. Did you know it's possible to express your side of it, your view, without being a complete and utter cunt about it? It's actually not that hard! We're all gross? First off, what a great way to push your narrative and get allies, truly you are a master with words. Second off, fuck you dude. Get off your high horse and realize the world doesn't revolve around you and your experiences. You don't know my views and opinions and you are no better or worse than me. It sucks you feel traumatized about it, really. But that doesn't give you the right to be an absolute dick to strangers on the internet who's views you clearly wrongly assumed. And I agree, adoption isnt great for a lot of people. What I was pointing out was the common hypocrisy of these types of people that constant push for abortion. I support the autonomy of a woman and her right to choose. Id prefer we lived in a society where a child is always able to grow up in a happy loving home with a family and all the comforts life can give.


We really need to start providing sources on this sub for posts like this. I can't keep knee-jerking to this level of outrage this early in the morning without knowing it's actually legit.


Page 34 of the SCOTUS leak: https://www.politico.com/news/2022/05/02/supreme-court-abortion-draft-opinion-00029473


Turns out that phrase is included in the statement as a quote from a report by the CDC, but the context is a bit muddy and she didn't specifically say it. [https://apnews.com/article/fact-check-domestic-supply-of-infants-barrett-alito-413700468515](https://apnews.com/article/fact-check-domestic-supply-of-infants-barrett-alito-413700468515) She still sucks though


Finally! I had to vet this when I first heard it and found the same thing. No mention of us needing to increase the domestic supply, just that there are more people waiting to adopt [healthy, primarily white] infants than are being put up for adoption. It was a statistic only, and not recent. She HAS implied that adoption is the natural answer to abortion and that safe harbor laws negate the need for abortions (woefully undereducated to make this ruling), but this “Coney-Barrett wants women to supply babies!!!” outrage has taken on a life of its own. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy, I swear. And yes, she still sucks.


Wt actual Fk?


Forced pregnancy is wrong. Making a fetus from a fertilized egg is dangerous, but what else is a woman good for?


I tried to look up something about this the other day. As far as I can tell there are currently 400,000+ children in the foster system awaiting adoption.


They should make the adoption process easier then, my wife and I are starting it now and it’s a nightmare


Good to know women are viewed as farm animals. Women will burn this place to the ground. Are you with us or against us?


Funny... I'm 100% certain we have a surplus of children needing adoption right now.


if you need a case study in misinformation, the social media storm that the politico leak has kicked up is ripe for examination. The "domestic supply of infants" phrase everyone keeps kicking around isn't part of the opinion, it's included in a footnote, and it isn't even the words of the judge, but it's a quote directly from a 2008 CDC report on adoption in america, you can find it on page 16 here https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/series/sr_23/sr23_027.pdf But, the reason for this report even being cited is equally as scuffed, as apparently, the Supreme court majority doesn't think that pregnant women face issues in the workplace, nor that the american foster care system has serious issues." “Americans who believe that abortion should be restricted press countervailing arguments about modern developments. They note that attitudes about the pregnancy of unmarried women have changed drastically; that federal and state laws ban discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, that leave for pregnancy and child birth are now guaranteed by law in many cases, that the costs of medical care associated with pregnancy are covered by insurance or government assistance; that States have increasingly adopted safe haven laws, which generally allow women to drop off babies anonymously;and that a woman who puts her new-born up for adoption today has little reason to fear that the baby will not find a suitable home. [CDC REPORT IS FOOTNOTED HERE] They also claim that many people now have a new appreciation of fetal life and that when prospective parents who want to have a child view a sonogram, they typically have no doubt that what they see is their daughter or son. Both sides make important policy arguments, but supporters of Roe and Casey must show that this Court has the authority to weigh those arguments and decide how abortion may be regulated in the States. They have failed to make that showing, and we thus return the power to weigh those arguments to the people and their elected representatives." (via the politico draft pdf, pgs 33-35)


They won't adopt the children who are in the system now for f\*cks sake! What a stupid ass statement.


Meanwhile there are half a million kids in foster care, which for them multiplies the risk of everything from unemployment to substance abuse to homelessness to incarceration. What world do these idiots live in?


There are. [14,000 foster care kids](https://dcs.az.gov/national-foster-care-month-faqs#:~:text=There%20are%20close%20to%2014%2C000,for%20every%20licensed%20foster%20family) in Arizona *alone*. You don’t need a fucking newborn baby to mold your opinions to. Kids are people not fucking pets. Adopt whichever kid is available


Why does she say that like there aren’t already too many kids in the foster care system? Does she legitimately not know or is she just ignoring it to support getting rid of RVW? Either scenario is troubling


Babies are easier to sell to suburban white women.


They should pay the difference between an abortion and childbirth then


Damn, that is some handmaid's tale shit.


i’m sorry, a *supply* of infants?? we’re being forced to give birth so that parents can adopt if they want to? news flash, the adoption system is made for the children in it, not the parents using it. the system is to prevent children from having no caregivers. it would be *ideal* if there were no children left in the system (after all being adopted). not to mention, we already have a concerning overflow of children in the adoption/foster care system who will likely never get adopted. let the parents adopt every single of those children first, and then we can talk about a lack of children up for adoption.


Oh cool I thought this was fully a religious culture wars issue and not a capitalist issue but here we are proving once again that capitalism is the root of (many) evils


They're going to start putting tariffs on the imported orphans to encourage people to buy domestic.


I’m pretty sure there would be a shortage of children to adopt if we needed a domestic supply of infants. But there isn’t. And that’s how you know it’s bullshit.


But it's definitely "the Libtards" who are trafficking in children


That's so demonic, all I could hear when I read that is "FETCH ME THEIR SOULS" like holy shit we don't need virgin sacrifices you unqualified half-wit bitch


So, a handmaiden?


Imagine being a part of an entire generation finding out you and your friends were only born to be an expendable workforce or literal cannon fodder


Wtf. I don’t understand this argument. Even if we put the moral implications of purposely creating more foster children aside, the idea we need a greater supply is ridiculous. We already have more than we have parents able to adopt. A big reason for that is the sheer expense of adopting serves as an effective barrier to adopt. How about we lower the cost to adopt so that we “increase the supply” to everyone we isn’t upper middle class and above. That way we aren’t actually increasing the supply yet make adoption more feasible to more people.


It’s way past time to get these zealots and dinosaurs out of there and the government as a whole.


\*handmaids tale intensifies\*


I swear I'm living in some sci fi movie. Shits getting weirder and weirder.


She should work for the Onion. This sounds like a parody.


The GOP supports human trafficking.


They were trying to change the laws to be able to adopt Native American children. It just seems like they are trying to one up each other on how many kids they have, it’s pretty disturbing.


While also making massive attempts to prevent certain people from ever adopting them.


Adoption never really seemed like something Conservatives would normally do, as far as I could tell. Barring the parents being unable to conceive, it just doesn't fit their whole "stay with your own, fuck you got mine, bootstrap this" mentality. I get it's a smokescreen/dog whistle that's really calling for future laborers, but it doesn't sound like they're playing to their audience on the adoption angle.


Well apparently Amy coney Barrett was a handmaid in her community. Literally. Like handmaids tale without the abrupt kidnapping. So of course she would say this. I just find it awkward to have her as a literal Supreme Court justice because of it.


Sounds like the Nazis.


These are some sick fucks, our Scotus.


This might be an unpopular opinion but at this point I think the only answer to deal with these kinds of people is violence. Roll out the guillotine, French Revolution part 2.


isnt this how handsmaids tale started?


I think the sanctity of life argument goes out the window when you refer to babies as a “supply.”


Somebody needs to show her how willing people are to adopt. How many children are already in foster care because nobody was willing to adopt them. How her logic would exacerbate the situation. Then she'd wink, tap her nose, and leave, being replaced by her security who would show you out.


They literally just admitted they want woman to be nothing but baby making machines


There are a lot of people in need of money so the people that have it should give it up.


Neither Barrett or Alito wrote that quote. It was cited in a [footnote from the CDC.](https://factcheck.thedispatch.com/p/fact-check-did-alito-and-barrett?s=r) As much as I hate what's going on in the court, this post is just misleading. ​ Come on Reddit, you can do better.


Id be curious to know, how many people who bang on about adoption as a reason for not letting people have abortions, have actually adopted


More poor kids = more slave wage and/or military workers. Millennials have plummeted birth rates, especially among middle class+ / white people. The economic structure relies on lots of young desperate people to exploit, and there is a dwindling supply of that. Wish we could flood the conservative areas with free abortion pills, since those will be the most vulnerable women hurt by this ruling.


Everyone knows that a domestic supply of infants is key to maintaining Soylent green production, especially the high end stuff.


What a sociopath


I’m curious what she thinks about residential schools


I mean there are close to 8 billion people on the planet.


Um wait? What about 400,000 kids in foster care looking for families?? We do NOT need note babies!! We need more families who aren't selfish, and are willing to adopt a toddler or an older child. You don't want more kids to adopt!! You want more babies that people can raise and replenish the supply of people who agree with your beliefs!! Absolutely DISGUSTING


We have that already, but to Amy, they don’t look quite white…sorry I meant “right”


First off we have loads of kids that need to be adopted already. Second having a low supply of kids that need to be adopted would actually be a great thing.


Ah yes, cities everywhere are running precariously low on uncared-for infants. The foster and adoption systems are ready to collapse at any moment.


HUMAN BEINGS AREN’T A FUCKING COMMODITY. Jfc, Carlin was right, pre-born, they’ll do anything for you. Preschool, get fucked!


The GOP, gross old pedophiles, just need a unending supply of kids for their child labor markets and for profit prisons. Not to mention their child love states.


Jesus. Even Orwell couldn't come up with this.


Can't believe these sociopaths are thinking of children as a commodity. Sounds like it's about time to toss some molotovs


This is exactly the plot of The Handmaid’s Tale


Republicans: They love herpes so much, they'll ban condoms


Sounds like human trafficking to me.


Isn't there like 400k kids available for adoption already? What a BS argument


women of color literally getting sterilized without their permission and/or knowledge in some cases, while white women have to jump through all manner of red tape. Where are we headed?


Amy needs a domestic supply of spit in her face for that stupid-ass nonsense she's spouting.


Oh just say "You aren't having enough white babies" We freaking know what you mean!


This is the republicans attempt at just creating more white babies…..


Literally Handmaids


Yeah because these pro-lifers are wrapped around the block in line to adopt babies/kids. /s




The current system has about 450k kids in it, and it's already completely overwhelmed. The current system is horrible for kids. Can you even imagine if 650+k extra unwanted babies were forced into it. It would collapse. The same people who want to force birth are also against helping at all once the baby is born. Banning abortion DRASTICALLY increases the amount of human suffering on Earth. I'm all for reducing suffering. Abortion is often times the absolute most compassionate and loving thing you can do. This is going to be horrific.


Don’t forget that the last administration put immigrant children in cages and put them up for adoption without the parents’ knowledge or consent. They have always been like this.


"...we need a domestic supply of infants..." Because heaven knows there aren't enough children (even infants) available for adoption right fucking now. OH! But they aren't white/1 day old/non-disabled. In other words, they're all Karens looking for the "perfect baby" and will probably scream to high heaven if that child ends up with a learning disability down the line.


What new level of dystopian hell is this?




They literally think we're vessels. What the fuck.


Fucking WHAT? The system is overloaded with kids the way it is!


She's forgetting about all those children in foster care, not baby factories of the early 20th century through to the 60's


I could be wrong but I don’t think there’s a lot of couples out there trying to adopt but there’s no kids left


They haven't watched Handmaid's Tale yet, makes sense. Or wait... Maybe they watched it and think Gillead is paradise.


we have over 400,000 kids in foster care


So they want even more abused and neglected children? Fuck that. My younger sister was adopted from a family. The horror stories she opened up about years later.


Maybe the market should raise the price for surrogates? Also, stop allowing people that hire a surrogate to back out


If they want people to be adopting all of these children, maybe they should stop making it so goddamn expensive to adopt?? 🤔


Even in the 90s we knew "pro life" meant "too many white girls are getting abortions, and we don't want whites to be minorities." This was before Plan B and any non-surgical options.


Why don’t they just adopt the kids who are already alive and in the foster care system?


The party that says they only want the best for children also sees them as product that has to be produced domestically to meet market demands. A "market" that is already overflowing with "goods", might I add


And the democrats are the ones grooming - riiiight.


We need a domestic supply of parents to care for the children in foster care.


This is some serious Gilead shit


Does anyone know of any good deals on red dresses and wings?


Only in the interest of not spreading misinformation…I still think this entire thing is complete and utter BS and a travesty to women’s rights. https://apnews.com/article/fact-check-domestic-supply-of-infants-barrett-alito-413700468515


Even if it’s a quote, still counts unless the context is disputing what is quoted


It’s the law of supply and demand. Wealthy women demand babies, and poor women must be forced to supply them.