If we lived in a sane country the 2020 election would've been between Bernie on the Left and Joe on the Right.


Exactly. Bernie is way more left than the "left" democrats


On a global scale, Bernie would be considered moderate left


I dunno. He’s would be a part of the NDP here in Canada if he were Canadian. Which is our democratic socialist Labour Party. The ndp are left of our usually ruling liberal party which is our moderate party.


Unless they want to abolish capitalism and establish a democratically controlled economy they are not very far left.


Right: moderate left


He’d be farther left than Corbyn


They're both father left, maybe even grandfather left.


Bernie is possibly near our left (New Zealand) but not quite. Closer to our right. I honestly don’t know why there’s so much fear attached to the word socialism. I wouldn’t give up my free healthcare for anything!


I mean it kinda depends. Is he actually a democratic socialist, if so he would still be radical left in most places. If he meant social democratic then yeah he would be moderate left in many places. I recently learned that there is a difference, and it's quite massive. To clarify, I'm not trying to trashtalk bernie (besides maybe his choice of words?). Simply saying those two things mean radically different ideologies.


Call him whatever you want, but in terms of his policy platform he is center left at the furthest but really closer to center for most developed countries.


Yea if he said most his platform policies in Europe, he would be met with the response 'we already do that!' Free healthcare - we do that Free education - we do that Police not shooting and killing people - we do that Ban guns - we do that List goes on. America is just so far gone, Bernie looks like a maniac clinging to the edges of the left and sanity.


Same as if he was in Canada


I have a gun in Europe. My step dad has 3.


In the southern usa its on average 5 per person in a house. Children included.


No one, except my uncle, knows how many guns he has. It's dozens at minimum, though.


Possibly more damning is that, on a global scale, he's the only US politician with name recognition that is left of center, and he's only like one step to the left. (Second thought, I'm unsure if AOC would be left. Her platform is close to Bernie's, but usually not quite as far as his iirc) Even the other "far left" US politicians are dead center, at most. Many, like Biden, are so far to the right that liberal parties in other countries would be kicking them out


From what I've heard of his policies (I'm not american) he definitely sounds like a social democrat. But if his end goal is a socialist economy then it is definitely worth noting at the very least.


He’s really just advocating for taxing corporations and the rich at the historic levels they were under Eisenhower and using that money to pay for social programs that every other developed country has. If that’s Socialism, then Capitalism already lost the Cold War.


As a European, I honestly find him to be the only American politician that talks a lick of sense. All the others seem to me to be varying degrees of insane sociopaths with Trump being full-on psychotic. Wouldn't be surprised if he was schizophrenic given the amount of conspiracy-laden shit he seems to spew.


https://berniesanders.com/issues/ It’s basically just bringing us in line with the EU and Scandinavia. I would say he’s more or less the Roosevelt of today.


In line with the majority of European countries, Bernie could sit on some rightwing benches as much as left wing in European countries. As he's more of a centrist elsewhere. Nothing he says is radical outside of the US.


I read that (the link you shared) and it made me love Bernie even more


Scandinavia is social democratic which is my point


Bros are hardcore capitalist with a meaningful government safety net …big difference


Who is actually left? Like left-left? Cuz it seems like the communist countries are really just a cover for authoritarian-right.


Extreme left would be calling for seizing the means of production. America doesn't have any viable candidates who are extreme left.


I don't even think we have nonviable candidates on the extreme left.


I was going to say, I’ve never heard of any candidate, fringe or not, espousing true Socialism or Communism. We have several parties of fringe-right candidates at this point, but not one on the fringe-left.


Yall call it far left or whatever but I believe Germany mandates a certain amount of union members on the c level executive boards of companies. That's literally workers (partially) in charge of the means of production. Sure can argue fuckin semantics because it isn't a leninist vanguard party, and that's what the American left does is internet debate and call outs for clout. But that's accomplishing much more leftist goals than the dickmeasuring internet bullshit we do here.


Where? The policies he has are similar to the parties on the left in most countries what he says isn't really that radical, some right wing parties have the same policies in other countries because many have more than 2 choices.


Bernie Sanders is less left then our labour party in Australia which is considered left.. he's still right here, ever our liberal party (our far right) is maybe a little left of some of his ideals


Elaborate for the class? What’s the difference?


I chose deliberately not to elaborate because I don't really understand democratic socialism well enough but I'll try. Social democracy uses a capitalist economy with a lot/decent amount of regulations preventing for example megacorporations, safeguarding worker rights over increasing corporate profits, and has a large focus on social issues. Universal healthcare, a robust safety net, maternity/paternity leave etc etc, too late to go on but I think you get the point. Notable examples of this are the nordic countries. Democratic socialism utilises a socialist economy. Production owned/controlled by the proletariat, seems to have the same liberal (and usually progressive?) Social policies/focus. As far as I know this hasn't been tried yet so can't give any examples. Again, I just recently learned of the difference (thought bernie just tossed the words around at first to create an american version of it) so I implore you and everyone else to do your own research instead of taking my word for it. Oh and to be clear, I personally think Bernie is the most sane US politician I've seen. . . . TL;DR Social democracy = Sweden Democratic Socialism = moderate communism/socialism + democracy


Thats only because the establishment dems are actually center right. Bernie isn't even that far left. They just keep phrasing it as far left so they can keep moving the country right. Right into fascism. Where the corporations want us.


When America is so far right that our left politicians would still be right in every other country


That would be why he's an Independent.


Lol, left in the US is considered moderate progressive around the world practically.


Yup. We don't have liberals and conservatives, we have conservatives and regressives.


Conservatives and fascists.


For real. Hes mighty brazen who can't even get his half of congress to agree, WHILE BEING THE PRESIDENT. Meanwhile, a majority of people (democrats and republicans) agree with Bernie. Biden would veto m4a if it reached his desk, and M4A is notoriously supported. Fuck, legalizing marijuana is also majorly supported and this half alive zombie cant even do that!


And it's gonna cost the whole fucking country, u just wait. Dudes not gonna get dick done by June and after that half of congress is gonna be out campaigning. The Rs are gonna come out to vote like they always do. The progressives are gonna stay home because they vote for policy and we don't do that here anymore. The next 2 years are going to be impeachment attempts on some dumb shit. Trump takes it back in 24, because of course he's running, a sitting president can't be charged, even for crimes committed while not president. EOs, emergency powers and changes to laws and we get a president for life. Maybe they'll keep nominal elections but I doubt it since much of what the Rs want isn't popular. Republic turns to the empire and it's a wrap. Gg everyone.


"So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."


I hope I'm wrong. I fear I'm not. Either way I'm powerless to do much of anything except pray the McDs takes out their demagogue before 24. Even then though, they run a competent narcissist with authoritarian tendencies like Cotton or Jordan then it's gonna be a wrap faster. Our only saving grace up to this point is how bungling and transparent these idiots have been.


I ain’t no Bernie Sanders Socialist! Bernie: “bitch you could get a job at McDonald’s and get injured and go bankrupt from the medical bills!!!”


Yeah as a swede it's absurd to compare this on a scale; our most far-right party (SD) is practically somewhere inbetween your two parties, if not even leaning closer to Democrats. And they are generally seen as ultra-conservative racists lol. I guess Bernie would be centre-left (S), since most of his values are already historically systematized in swedish society. It's absurd that the old propaganda – that paints anything social-democratic or wellfare-like as a socialistic nightmare – is still so engraned in american socio-political discourses.


If we lived in a sane country, we wouldn't have to choose between piles of shit.


Totally not trying to start a fight, but what exactly do you think Bernie would be able to accomplish that Biden hasn't? I'm not knocking him, he would have been a fine president. But he doesn't have a magic wand any more than Biden does.


I’ve said it before, Joe Biden is the future of the Republican Party.


I absolutely hate that I had to vote for this bag of wet sand


So do about 78 million Americans. It's sad that Democrats let South Carolina change the Democratic primary. Somehow Biden won that state and everyone basically gave him the primary. Of course he then went on to lose South Carolina by 12% to Trump. Democratic primaries are so fucking dumb.


A lot of it had to do with media manufacturing consent. Most people's main issue was getting trump out, and the media kept lying saying only biden could when in head to head polls bernie won against every candidate.


That's so true. Same polls said the same thing in 2016. But the democratic primaries fucked Bernie there too.


Yup, and then Hillary went and lost the match-up she rigged so she wouldn’t be able to lose. And here we are.


Honestly this makes the Democratic party as laughable as the Republican party to me, I know I'll get buried for this. But only the dnc could self sabotage themselves so much and still blame anything else.


Anyone who downvotes you for that is delusional, frankly. This isn’t speculation. We *know* that the DNC stacked the primary so Hillary would win, even though all polling indicated she fared worse against every Republican contender than Bernie did. We know they told their media partners to give Trump more coverage to make him seem more viable in hopes of setting him up as her opponent since they assumed she would rip him to shreds. And we know that her campaign then proceeded to ignore all information they were receiving from their staff in the Rust Belt states that she was losing ground, and that was what cost her the election. This is all proven. And yet they still refuse to see it.


I remember seeing the polling weeks before the election and how CNN was using weird demographics to ‘prove’ Hillary was points ahead, when she obviously wasn’t. Before my friends and I started drinking that night I said, “I hope I’m wrong, but Trump is going to win this election.”


And here we are, with Hillary still salty, blaming everyone else and getting ready to taste that sweet sweet defeat again in 2024


If she’s really stupid enough to try to run again, Bill needs to check her into a mental hospital.


I'll never get over how Bill got sucked by Monica in the oval office and everyone flipped whole entire whale turds yet Trump had 3 wives and multiple mistresses, and even fucked a few pornstars while married and somehow we glossed over it


It’s because it was never about morals, it was about using the appearance of Christian morality as a lever to move Evangelical voters where they wanted them. And when Trump got the nod, they used that same lever to sell this “God’s imperfect vessel” narrative. It’s insane, irrational and hypocritical, but that’s the nature of faith.


Please tell me she’s not gonna run again? Why does this woman want to be president so bad??


Don’t blame all of us in SC. I voted for Bernie in SC.


Bernie was ahead and Biden was basically dunzo before SC and they Clyburn gave Biden an endorsement and all the other Dems dropped out and then cozied up to Biden to get high profile jobs like Mayor Pete as Transport Sec ​ And now well shit still sucks. Like I hated Trump but Biden has not done anything. Even though he keeps saying he has done so much. Also, the move to have the CDC change the quarantine to having covid to 5 days is a slap in the face to people working in customer facing jobs.


The moderate Dems dropped out, Buttigieg and Klobachar dropped one day after the other. Warren stayed in for no reason other than to split the progressive vote for Super Tuesday.


yeah, of course biden is more popular than sanders in red states. why the hell are democrats letting republicans decide who their candidate is? makes no damn sense.


Because they're Democrats. Democrats want to be just slightly better than Republicans, and want to hold just a slight advantage to where they can accomplish nothing and still blame Republicans.


The fucking asshole Clyburn decided to endorse the walking corpse of Biden and that basically turned SC in his favor. Clyburn is an institutional moderate Democrat. No way would he have endorsed a "radical socialist" like Bernie. So he basically fucked over Bernie and the progressives. And it's no surprise Biden can't get shit done. He doesn't publicly shame people who don't agree with him clinging to the naive hope that somehow bipartisanship can still prevail. Bernie would be blasting Sinema and Manchin 24/7 and holding massive rallies in their home states had he been the president. The only Democrat with any sort of social media game that comes close to rallying up his base is Bernie. He would be doing what Trump did for 4 years using social media to his advantage and pressuring the fucktards like Sinema and Manchin.


Same. I got a text from one of Kyrsten Sinema's people yesterday and I basically told them they're wasting their time. Not only with hounding me but over all. They should honestly reassess their whole life at this point because backing her is pretty much backing the GOP. Ughhhh I hate Arizona politics but love my home. Atleast we turned blueish for moment. As if blue or red matters. Different team same oligarchy.


My favorite headline after the election was "Excitement from news that Trump lost the election immediately dampened by news that Biden won"


rather vote for the bag of wet sand than the orange corn husk


Boomer democrats do generally like Biden. I think that is why he is so confused about the reality of how he became president.


Has no one informed Biden of his approval ratings? If not, the midterms is going to be a massive reality check. What’s even sadder is, Bernie has been a fervent supporter of Biden’s and showed some type of unison between progressives and moderates. Biden not only put a stake through the party’s heart, he publicly shatted on progressive policies.


What a shit move. That’s why no one loves Biden. He’s just the middle ground shitty compromise. He’s the McDonald’s at home.


Most republicans and conservatives don’t realize we don’t love Biden like how they loved Trump. We KNOW he’s kinda shit. Just not as shitty as Trump.


It's like I always say. Republicans hate Biden because he's a Democrat. Democrats hate Biden because he's a callous racist piece of shit, and the only reason we voted him was because our fuckass system gives us two choices, and we chose the one who is at least capable of tact and rational thought.


Exactly. No one voted for Biden because they liked him. They voted for him because they didn't want another 4 years of the malevolent Oompa Loompa in the White House.


He’s just a bad version of Henry Clay. Going on a separate tangent I feel extremely bad and sorry for Henry Clay he did so much good for this country in its early stage and he never became president despite running 4 times. He is one of my favorite American politicians of the 19th century


Bernie has never been insulted when called “a socialist.”


Yeah he won't give a shit about this comment and keep working toward what needs to get done


This post is designed to make leftists angry so they won’t vote for Biden. Sanders wouldn’t give a shit about this comment from Biden. He’d probably nod his head.


Your right, a lot of people on here complaining, but he literally just listed some facts.


I have no award to give so have this star ⭐️


This was my first thought too. In what way was Biden insulting Bernie with this answer?


Doesn't make him a socialist though. He's a soc-dem so he still believes in Capitalism. Associating Bernie with socialism still gives people the wrong idea of what socialism is.


In his speech he pretty much said he was going to "stonewall" and "hold the line" 🙄


We should be going further left. It’s called progress!


It's truly incredible to me, witnessing time after time of Democrats having chances for progress but refusing and practically begging for defeat. I'm at a loss for how to explain it anymore...


Conservative Democrats would rather hand the country over to conservative Republicans than be forced to tax the precious donor class as they should be taxed for the social programs this country needs. All of the while both sides' conservatives make a fortune on insider trading. You would never see a progressive do such a thing.


This... Except I would make your reply say "Corporate donor class" Both parties show allegiance to their corporate overlords, and both get personally wealthy from it. When one party is in power, the other serves as "controlled opposition" to block anything progressive.


It's because they're losers. Republicans have no problem playing hardball, but the democrats always seem to shoot themselves in the foot. They're lack of ability to do anything is, imo, one of the main reasons why people are turning towards Trump like politics.


Shooting themselves in the foot implies they tried to do anything at all.


It almost feels like political martyrdom. “Look how much we STRUGGLE while GOP just doesn’t what it wants. Oh woe is us”


Yesss this exactly. They’re basically soft and don’t know how to make obvious shitty people look shitty. The shitty repubs do a great job of projecting their shittiness onto dems, and dems can’t even fight back well. They also try to compromise and work with people who will literally never do that. They should just pass what they want and make sure it’s good stuff that people will get behind, so repubs can’t shit on it as well. But, the second they do that repubs are gonna launch the biggest ‘tyranny’ / big govt / liberal take over campaign and I think they’re scared of that. Also repubs would pass the most illegal shitty stuff if they ever had control, under the guise of freedom and patriotism of course, so dems have to be aware of that. It’s sad you can’t fight with people with no morals, and you can’t argue with an idiot who just talks himself in circles. That’s basically where dems are at now.


This is 100 accurate


Republicans on the Supreme Court legalized unlimited political bribery in 2010. That's the explanation.


Yep. Citizens United is a crime against democracy and should be repealed.


B...but electability! Politics in the US is just like business right now in the midst of a labor "shortage" (which is seemingly more like a soft strike + a lot of early retirement). Businesses don't want to raise their wages to livable, so young workers aren't applying. Democrats don't want to go all in on issues that matter to voters, so young voters aren't voting.


Why is socialist such a bad word?


Decades of propaganda


Because the average American voter is an idiot that can't be bothered to use their little handheld computer to look up even basic facts.


Socialism is considered a bad word because of its view as something similar to Communism despite them being two different things. If you look back at the lat 19th century you will see many of the work policies such as 8 hour workdays were created and implemented because of the massive support from “socialist parties” of the 19th century.


The new communist, pretty sure the same tactic was used by Nixon


Jesus fucking Christ....We're going to get another fucking Trump presidency aren't we...


I guarantee it


Worse....a Desantis one. Atleast he's not a total moron like Trump so there would be more damage done


And that’s what’s wrong with America.


Why does **every single good change** proposed for the country seen as "socialist"? Even if it was, the shitty capitalist system they currently have isnt working


So, my dad is one of those, and from what we can discern from our brief talks is that Socialism = communism and my dad had to go through the bomb drills so anytime Socialism is brought up he automatically shuts it down. We've learned to not label the ideas we talk to him about because he agrees with everything we say (Democratic Socialism party) but once he heats Socialism he shuts down completely and goes into hysterics over bootstraps.


Tell him that some aspects of socialism is not bad. Socialist policies (most of them) treats people fairly and gives them equal opportunity to thrive and succeed. Also, socialist policies help balance out the capitalist policies. Scandanavian countries (ranked as some of the best countries to live in), have some socialist policies in place, which is seen in their social programs, in making it more widespread and equal for everyone, regardless of class, race or wealth (remember, their social programs are mostly capitalistic). Socialism is NOT equal to communism, theyre closely related, but completely different. The "bootstraps" thing is also stupid Tell him a socialist said this to you


This has been my experience as well. Describe socialist policies but don’t tell them that they’re socialist policies. It’s basically what happens in polls. Would you agree that XYZ policy is good?: 70% yea, 18% no, 12% I’m not sure Would you agree that socialist policy XYZ is good?: 38% yes, 60% no, 2% I’m not sure When polled on policy the GOP is incredibly unpopular. A vast majority (>60%) of Americans actually support things like universal healthcare. But they still vote Republican out of manufactured fear and rage.


Because they think it’s socialism= communism and communism bad


I cannot wait for that generation to die off.


He’s part of the silent generation, we also need the boomers to die off too.


The country is pulling itself to the left because we are tired of “mainstream” democrats kowtowing to corporations, religious nuts, and republicans.


it blows my mind how he literally says the same shit everyone else has been saying the entire time and somehow its a problem now. like everyone complains about how hes just a moderate democrat who wont get shit done and when he says "yeah i agree thats what im all about" people are like "ok, wow, youre a dick for saying that"


Watching the clip, it seemed that "I'm not Bernie Sanders" and "I'm not a socialist" were meant to be two separate statements.


Calling Bernie left or socialist is not shit talking. Bernie would agree with him.


I'm sorry but where is the lie? The majority of the democrats are just republicans that are not openly racist. Remember Sinema "quirky" down vote for minimum wage raise? It's the same thing with different aesthetics. Fuck the poor vs fuck the poor #blm #lgbt #bossgirl


Right wing but in cursive lol


Joe is definitely center right. He's not left




He didn’t insult Bernie Sanders. He compared their positions on the political spectrum. Bernie calls himself a (democratic) socialist so I don’t see why anyone would consider this offensive.


Exactly he even prefaced it with the fact that he liked him personally. He was honest on his position within the ideological spectrum, responding to a bad faith question trying to paint him as some leader of a socialist revolution


Democrats need to move left or get the fuck out of the way.


Why can't the Democratic President get the 50 Democrats to support the agenda that the majority of the country supports?!


The same reason he can't get 50 Republicans


One of those 48 is named Bernie Sanders


There's no trash talk here. The comment is aimed at right-of-center politicians/voters, and is an attempt to appeal to them by drawing himself as moderate in comparison to Bernie. If Bernie can help generate bipartisan action/progress by standing behind Biden like a radical+buzzword boogieman that's fine by me.


This! God the Bernie Bros. are so short sighted and naive it’s crazy. Why do you think Bernie has been riding so hard for Biden? BECAUSE HE LIKES BIDEN’S AGENDA. It doesn’t help Biden at all in his selling of BBB to moderates to label it socialist, democratic socialist, or Bernie approved. Bernie understands this, which is why Bernie has rightfully focused his wrath on Manchin and Sinema, the people actually blocking Biden’s agenda.


He’s literally just pointing out how the GOP has pulled the whole spectrum so far to the extreme right that they’ve tricked people into thinking the bare fucking minimum is somehow “socialist”… …and you’re going to fault him for *telling the truth*?


People hated holding their nose so much, that they're going to leap on anything. Meanwhile, the Republicans have to keep the "wacko birds" (according to Joni Ernst) happy so they don't get a "Hang [Republican]" chant. They also happen to be the same people who call Biden "commie" and the thought of Bernie makes their blood pressure rise.


Where's the shit talking?


He called Sanders a straight-up socialist when he's not. The Democratic socialist is very different from a socialist.


I don't think Bernie will take offense at being called a socialist. It's something Republican's think they hurl as an insult, when it isn't actually insulting. Socialists, including Democratic Socialists, are pretty proud of the label. Biden is (for American politics) center-left, Bernie is left, Republicans are nowhere near the center of anything having thrown out their allegiance to democracy altogether.


Now if we could just somehow get the American voter to stop being such a moron when it comes to what a socialist really is in 2022. So many of these people run screaming when they hear the word "socialist" but then collect their social security/disability/COVID stimulus checks without batting an eye.


Pointing out that we are already a partly socialist system and have been for near 100 years, just like every other Western democracy might get you punched in the ear at Thanksgiving dinner


Including public libraries, police forces, national highways, and public Bridges to name a few.


Guess I don't see that as shit talking. Nothing wrong with being a socialist.


Red Scare propaganda is still strong here. There's not really anything wrong with it, but so much of America freaks out at even the mention of spooky scary Socialism.


Shitty capitalist policies - "Capitalism is the greatest system" Good socialist policies - "Socialism never worked. We will never be socialist"


there have been interviews where Bernie has called himself a socialist though.


"Sanders self-identifies as a democratic socialist and has been credited with influencing a leftward shift in the Democratic Party since his 2016 presidential campaign." "Democratic socialism is a political philosophy that supports political democracy within a socially owned economy, with a particular emphasis on economic democracy, workplace democracy, and workers' self-management within a market socialist economy, or an alternative form of decentralised planned socialist economy."


three times ye will deny me. not that I think ol' Bern is the 2nd coming or anything. it's just the betrayal thing.


>three times ye will deny me. Before the cock crows no less... Listen for McConnell or did he already crow?


well he certainly brainfarted loudly with that 'African-American voters' compared with 'American voters' line. Alzheimers? dogwhistle?


“I will sit here and do nothing and there is nothing you can do about it but vote for me again in 2 years.”


Yep, why don't we all sit down and realize the intent behind this. He's working to gain neutral favor because the left is behind him. I love Bernie, but casting him in a super left wing light to gain political favor when Bernie already has his back isnt a stupid move. We saw how powerful Trump was at using his Twitter account to push his agenda, let's see how Biden will use this new form of strength to his advantage.


“If you noticed, I can’t secure a majority vote even when we are a majority” as a Biden voter, I can confidently say, fuck Biden.


No wonder shit is hitting the fan if the new republican line is barely concealed fascism and the democrats are deeply devoted on just holding that line for four years until the next hitler wannabe that gets elected can ban being gay in public and race mixing


Fuck Joe Biden


Do all of y’all people really not understand his strategy here? Do you honestly think this has anything to do with Sanders? This is Biden absolutely trying to sway the general American public his agenda isn’t radical and that asking for shit like infrastructure not falling apart and healthcare coverage isn’t a “radical socialist agenda” but a very mainstream one. All of you people in here can bitch all you want about Sanders and Biden and who you wanted but it’s not about you; it’s about all the voters who don’t pay attention, getting their buzzwords from Fox and everywhere else, and Biden trying to convince those apathetic voters that he’s not anything to be scared of. Whether you like it or not, there are a lot of dumb fucking voters—who will nevertheless vote in every election—and they don’t like the word “socialist”, so that is where Biden is meeting them. Privately, Sanders and Biden work together, but this isn’t about that.


Trump versus Biden part 2 is starting to look scary. This dude better get a win soon. I don’t expect the U.S to be left standing after 4 more years of the Orange Menace.


Bernie would be exactly what I want from a president. I don't care who that bothers.


Bernie is what America needs especially right now


Dems need to stop trying to appeal to centrists. If we are going to deal with fascists we need to take off the gloves


We thought we finally got enough votes to pass SOME legislation. Like, yeah, we weren't going to get the progressive wishlist, but at least SOMETHING would pass, right? Whoops, two of our own senators just shut down our entire legislative ability until further notice. We cut back our already watered down bill in order to appease them, and they threw it back in our faces. They won't even pass laws that could safeguard their ability to even win elections in the future. There's no negotiating with them, none at all. We've tried it, it doesn't work. Sinema and Manchin are just as unreasonable as McConnell, and Pelosi and Biden are right there with them.


Dems are politically to the right of centrists. They're appealing to GOP voters that no longer exist.


Bernie has so much more sense and brains that the two (orange disaster red and the zombie blue) shameful dinosaurs combined 🤦🏻‍♂️ keep voting for them. medicine in USA is already at an anecdote levels of costs. I’m an HVAC general contractor working hard 6days a week throughout the whole pandemic paying every cents of taxes and instead of being proud and happy for me my family in europe absolutely refuse to believe the numbers I’m telling them and really worrying about me


He’s right Joe isn’t trying to pull the country in either direction. Seems to just want to get through his 4 years and hand things back to the right to tear it down some more.


Imagine being proud of being a fucking near-right centrist. Like it’s a good thing. It’s smug arrogance, in denial of the basic truths that might actually fix the country and heal for its people.


What the fuck. Lol. Democrats are so bad at politics.


Biden is a conservative and a dimwit. Way to alienate even more people. Not a shot in hell of winning again.


fuckin pissed me off. he panders SO hard to republicans who wont give him the time of day. And, then he alienates the people hes suppose to support


BS literally is a Socialist though. He caucuses with Democrats. I don't particularly like Biden either but this is a lot of handwringing over nothing.


He isn’t shit talking anyone. Bernie is a socialist. I’m fine with that and would rather have Bernie TBH, but a lot of people aren’t ready for that yet. See, too many people got tricked into thinking that Socialist was an insult.


I don’t get how that’s shit talk, Bernie IS a socialist


Ive learned over the last several years that a lot of people in the senate and congress in general dont like working with bernie cause he can be hard headed, idk thats just what ive seemed to notice. I like Bernie btw and id call myself a democratic socialist


In other words, they're tired of him not playing by the rules of the very system he wants to change.


Definitely refuses to fall in line and be part of a broken system.


I'm over this guy being so disrespectful to progressives and young people. Good luck getting elected next time.


It oughtta make you youngins angry. Cuz it really ain't your world. It's theirs. "Reality" is decided on by old with men with military power behind closed doors. It's a club. And you ain't in it. Ugh. It sucks.


Biden is a goof




Same as the old boss....


Hmm, he is living in a fantasy world where the old "middle path" still exists. There is no middle path or middle ground. That died 20 years ago. Our system has been burned out by capitalist greed.


And with that, he lost the Democrats the midterms. Almost like it's according to plan


No one not a single one on the Democratic Party is a socialist. And socialism is not a bad word or what Americans specially think it is.




Bernie seems to be one of the few politicians that puts his constituents first. He only plays politics when it benifits his constituents .


Shame because I've lost all faith in Republicans and mainstream democrats. Can we start a third party now please?


We're going to be so much betteŕ off when we finally get a president with a functional non deteriorating brain that doesn't use the word socialist like it's a swear word.


Sooo, never?


Please Universe let it be so! We really need one.


My goodness we are fucked Biden vs Trump pt 2 2024??? God bless


Mainstream Democrat= corrupted piece of shit


It's a bold strategy Cotton.


Just get rid of student loans my guy. We are begging you


he's definitely not trying to get reelected, that's for sure


That’s cos democrats are secret republicans. Like labour are secret torries


Meanwhile the rest of the socialist world is baffled as being a socialist is normal and quite frankly a very moderate position in the political world. It very much isn’t left either but straight down a middle ground between left and right. Only in a the US can you deny what you actually are!? You guys are nuts.


I do not care WHO is elected President next. I do not care WHERE they are from. All I ask is they are below 60, are middle class, and not a candidate I’m voting for to make sure another doesn’t get seated.


Will you shut up, man?


Pretty sure the current strategy is to completely fuck over his base, assuming they will vote democrat no matter what. When, in fact, it will result the democrats losing in 2024, and in every election thereafter, after republicans dismantle all voter's rights and gerrymander the country into utter oblivion.


Tbh I'm totally confused by the political compass nowadays, like people who actually wanna do sth good like Bernie and Andrew Yang are labelled commies


Bernie Sanders is centre-left at best. The US’ idea of the political spectrum is so skewed. In Europe, Biden would be a Conservative


Yes, and the two senators that didn’t support you won by RUNNING MAINSTREAM and not scaring the old people, and now we can’t have anything nice. See the problem, fix the problem.