Won’t somebody think of the profits?

Won’t somebody think of the profits?


What the fuck


Old navy: But we’re a family too!


The ON I worked at didn’t have enough staff to cover the whole 24 hours they’d be open for Black Friday. I worked 9:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. then 2:30 to close. After that I never went shopping on Black Friday again. People had toddlers with them at 3 a.m.


That shit is crazy & why I don’t do Black Friday ever


Black Friday and boxing day are why I refuse to work retail ever


I did retail when I was young & bad experiences there & in food service made me swear those jobs off forever. Customers are such assholes.


Toddlers be crazy bad at sleeping routinely sometimes. I'm willing to bet those toddlers wouldn't sleep and going shopping was an alternative to struggling with that.


I will burn this planet to the ground, before I spend another **MINUTE** living among these... **ANIMALS**!


I will burn this planet to the ground, before I spend another **MINUTE** living among these... **ANIMALS**!


I mean, maybe an abusive toxic family


Wait till you hear about the people making the clothes


The first time I ever heard of Black Friday it was because an American retail worker had been stampeded to death. Now New Zealand corporations have started doing Black Friday even though we don’t fucking celebrate Thanksgiving. I won’t set foot in a shop on Black Friday (or Labour Day now that people have pointed out how fucked up it is that the capitalist class have started making retail workers work extra hard for Labour Day sales on a day that was meant to be *for workers*.)


The deals don’t even exist anymore really. Especially with electronics retailers will sell the same product but made with lower quality parts at the discounted price. The model number will be something like 75UwU2021 for the normal tv and 75UwU2021-B for the lower quality Black Friday version of the same thing.


In Mexico they try to do something similar to black friday, except they call it "El Buen Fin". The irony is that stores usually start increasing their prices around 1 or 2 months prior, so by the time the "deals" roll around they're actually just the original price


Boycott Black Friday! Dont go into stores, don't spend any money, DONT participate in any Cyber Monday events ESPECIALLY from Amazon. Tell your friends.


There's supposed to be a Black Friday Strike this year, and I really hope it comes to fruition. A family friend worked as a manager for a Big Box store. Now that stores are doing Thanksgiving sales too, he had to work 14-16 hour days from that Wednesday to that Sunday. Just enough free time to chow down on a turkey sandwich, say hi to the kids, and crash. What an American dream.


I completely closed my Amazon account a couple months back and stopped using it and it’s wild how I don’t miss it, don’t think about it, and don’t spend money on bullshit just because I can have it in a day or two. It’s totally unnecessary.


Did the same recently. Not sure why I was even paying for it in the first place.


Try not to buy from Amazon in the first place.


I've never participated in that circus my whole life, other than working it when I was in retail. I actually try to avoid all stores from the week before Thanksgiving until after new years. I'm about to start cooking and freezing meals and making sure I won't run out of paper towels and bottled water. I may have to hit up the grocery store once or twice, and I'm sure it will put me in a bad mood.


Why would you advise that? Do stores treat their staff badly on these days?


Abysmally. As I think the tweet demonstrates.


What do you think?


I don't know that is why I asked the question. Was worried was going to get downvoted...


The answer to that is a resounding yes.


Where did the name even come from? The most significant event I'm aware of that's called Black Friday were the bushfires that killed 70ish people.


It’s called Black Friday because it’s the day most stores go “into the black” for the year.


There's going to be people out there that won't understand what you're saying here because it's a pretty antiquated thing these days. I'm in my mid forties and I only know it because something told me about it when I was younger. Negative numbers on account ledgers (and spreadsheets) were either in red ink or enclosed "(£100)" in brackets. Positive numbers are always black. Thus "into the black" refers to the point where you're no longer running your business at a loss and are starting to get profits.


Oh this is interesting! That makes a lot of sense.




That's when you walk out. I have never asked to go home if I don't feel well. I say "hey, I feel awful and I'm clocking out and going home." I'm an adult, ain't nobody going to tell me I can't go home. If they don't like it, they can hire someone else.


Most people can't afford the lack of income one would experience by getting fired. That's quite a luxury


I couldn't afford it either. I usually had about $20 to spend on 2 weeks worth of groceries when I worked there. But I also knew I could find another minimum wage job the same day. Things always work out. Sometimes it's scary as hell, but it works out. I was working there because I got tired of my husband treating me like crap and left him. And when I did leave Walmart, it was for a job paying double (or more, during the part of the year we had overtime) and I was with that company for 5 years. I got that job through a random customer AT WALMART who happened to be a hiring manager. Things always work out! And now, ten years later, I have a work from home office job and own a house and a car. I'm poor but not "broke" and I still won't stand for someone telling me I can't take the day off when I'm sick. I also have a shit ton of self respect.


Your story, while perhaps uplifting, is not evidence that "things always work out". Things certainly didn't work out for countless of our homeless in this country. Things don't always work out. Most people are slaves to their jobs due to financial insecurity. Encouraging people to just quit regardless of the consequences is reckless and idiotic. What worked for you may not work for others. In short, I'm happy things worked out for you. Most people would NOT be so lucky. This country is designed to exploit and discard most workers.


Only because we allow it. Things are changing though. People are refusing to apply to low wage jobs and places that mistreat employees. And things don't just work out on their own. It takes a positive mindset and work on your own part. I can't say what has caused anyone's situation, but I know that when things work out for me, its because I did what I needed to do to allow that to happen. Nothing changes when I wallow in my situation and complain, which I see a lot of people do.


A positive mental attitude isn't going to protect most people from the crippling reality of our late stage capitalist dystopian hellscape. Your experience does not translate to other people. Take care.


Thank you for sharing this.


Not to pry, but did you grow up wealthy? I also believe that things will always work themselves out, and have had more than one friend tell me that I think that way because I grew up with money. I know my family life shaped many of my beliefs, but tbh things *do* always work out and that’s been true even when I’ve been broke and refused to lean on my parents. Like you said: it’s scary, but it works out.


I grew up with a single parent and a sibling. We were on food stamps and the reason we probably moved a lot was that mom was skipping out on rent. We were poor as hell. I'm not broke but I'm still poor, and I'm way better off than my mom ever was. She was in abject poverty her whole life (died at 64, she had MS bad and then got covid). But. Things always worked out. I'm 41 and have faced some really rough, awful things on my life. But they always work out.


I’m very sorry for the loss of your mother, and glad to find someone else with my same conviction that things are always fine in the end


Thank you. We had a really bad relationship so it was easier for me than for a lot of people. And I've found that a positive mindset gets you through a lot of crap. I sit here in my nice cozy house full of things I bought with money I earned, and I see my pets, and think back to my lowest times....it all worked out. I didn't die when I wished for it (never would have done anything, but I wished for it plenty), and now I have a good life and I'm happy.


It sounds like things have indeed worked out


I too am sorry for the loss of your mother. I also like your narwhal hat.


Thank you! Narwhals are pretty cool.




They work out because I figured it out. It's not magic.


And you can find another shitty retail job


I never got fired for it. Not even at Walmart. I was starting to run a fever and just asked to be moved away from the doors (it was winter and the blast of cold air when they opened wasn't helping). They put me back at electronics to answer phones as the roads were awful and we were getting a ton of call offs. I was instructed to write down their names and tell them to just be safe and use their own judgment if they wanted to drive in, and tell them no points if they didn't show up. After another hour, I was feeling worse and said "hey I'm tapping out, I just can't do it.c they told me to be careful driving home, which thankfully was just a few blocks. But not ONCE has anyone given me shit when I say "I'm sick and going home." Never. If you ASK, you're giving them permission to say no. If you INFORM them, it's a bit different.


Exactly. Fuck management who think they can override your health concerns.


And this is why I don’t shop on Black Friday.


Such a lovely country with a rich culture.


A shit culture pushed by rich assholes.


There should have been two murders that day. You don’t get to dehumanize workers like that and not expect consequences.


Bro just walk out then it’s old navy not *the* navy


I got yelled at by my stores manager for drinking water while working the cash register there cuz people weren’t allowed to see me drinking. It was the middle of summer and the registers were right by the floor to ceiling windows.


Wouldn’t let??? Try and stop me!


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Lmao I burned my esophagus while working as an EMT. Like literally hurt it while on a call. And my boss made my come in to work and work a 12 hour shift while it hurt to breathe


Was it AMR? When they bought out my local company they immediately started treating us like garbage. The old company really took care of us but AMR did not give a single shit about our wellbeing.


Yay! Capitalism! It's the best!


Only in America do people trample each other to death over a sale exactly one day after giving thanks for what they already have...


I swear if I walked in that store and someone told me that; I’d go straight to your manager and explain the law/how you two would be filing suit.


My wife had a PT job at Best Buy as a cashier years ago. She got food poisoning from some food my mom made on thanksgiving. She tried to call out on Black Friday and was reminded that everyone was told they would be fired if they didn’t show up. I told her not to go anyways. She stood at a register puking into a trash can her whole shift because she wasn’t allowed to leave her register for any “breaks.” In front of customers. Only one customer questioned why she was throwing up in front of customers. Not why she was at work sick, why she was puking where customers could see her. While some managers at some companies violate labor laws some days, I’m pretty sure every manager at every company on Black Friday does.


Burn it all down. Fight club this shit.


Why didn’t they just quit? It’s old navy.


When people work paycheck to paycheck, it’s often difficult to survive a week without pay. The job market wasn’t always as it is right now, where a worker can easily find a desperate employer to hire immediately.


Minimum wage retail jobs have always been a dime a dozen and almost always are hiring.


And they almost always have a minimum of 2 weeks before you get your first check, and if you’re living check to check, that 2 week delay can break you.


I've lived it. You get through it. You always get through it. Somehow. You can't allow yourself to be treated as less than human, no matter what. I've out up with poor treatment, but if I'm sick, I'm going home. Period. Interestingly enough, I've never been fired for this.


It’s a retail job during the holidays. The job market has always been fine with that sort of job. Plus both of those situations would easily qualify for unemployment benefits even if they quit.That Twitter post is more likely not true.


It takes weeks to get your first unemployment check, if you qualify at all, similarly if you start a new job right after. Most people can’t go without 1-2 checks until they fall in financial trouble


Not everyone knows at the time that they’d qualify for UI under certain circumstances were they to quit. I certainly didn’t know when I was recovering from swine flu with a 100+ fever, threatened with job loss if I didn’t come in to do lab work because “we are understaffed and need you to cover micro”. They had me wear a mask, I got to be terrified of infecting my coworkers, and I didn’t learn until years later what my options were.




Hear! Hear!


Honestly you had me until the murder. Staying if that is even true is ridiculous and there is absolutely no chance someone would make you stay at work if your sister or brother was just murdered. Calling BS. The fever I could see. Even if your boss said to stay after a murder, if you do that is just wild.




If I were sick and told to go do my shift I will 100% punch my boss in the throat.


And, this is the ultimate truth for all companies. We're allowed to believe we're humans up until it messes with profits. Same goes for "valued customers." You're valued until it cuts into profits. They welcome you to project onto their company until it doesn't work for them. "Here we treat you like family, now get your junk and gtfo." (Edit: it's never the fault of the employee when the system requires you to obtain that money for survival. Get fired one day, don't have a roof over your head the next. The social conditioning toward blaming one another and not the company/system is insidious.)


OSHA is currently salivating reading this


All of you and your coworkers needed to understand some jobs are just not worth it. Especially with easy jobs just around the corner that are super accessible like door dash Instacart Uber. If you have a vehicle you can basically just say fuck you and leave and have a job literally tomorrow LOL


If you want to participate in black Friday you should invest in your local businesses. That's how you really stick it to corporations while still being able to shop for cheap gifts. Plus, it's great for your community to invest in local businesses!


Wait why would either of them stay? Lmao the lack of self respect.. fuck that.


My daughter in law needed surgery for a painful gynecological issue. She had it and they let her go. Old Navy sucks.


You're not a team player!




Capitalism at its finest!


Believe all possums.


And now back to more stories I made up


Guys I can tell this 100% true. /S


Pffffttt I also almost missed my prom for Giant. Literally just walk next time... what are they gunna do fire you?


I mean, just leave?


Today on "Shit that never happened."


You didn’t HAVE to.


That was a failure on your part.


Should have stood up for urself and told him to shove it


That's horrible fucked up and they shouldn't of had done that but tbh that's not a job to stay at. If you're not looking for a new one then don't complain when they treat u like cattle


Honestly the onus is on them for not walking out. At some point you have to do what’s best for you..


So what radicalized you?