Terminal stage "democracy"

Terminal stage "democracy"


[The rest of the OECD *does* think the US is undemocratic.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/allies-believe-us-no-longer-good-model-democracy-poll-shows-1599048%3Famp%3D1) You don’t need to equate a flawed democracy with an authoritarian regime in order to make your point.


Yep. Learning about gerrymandering, voter suppression and that rural state votes count more than from densely populated ones doesn't leave you with a good feeling of a healthy democracy. Not to mention that you can win elections by telling bullshit and lies nonstop. That's definitely not a culture I would like to adapt.


At what point do we realize that unless we play by the same rules as them, we are accepting slavery?


A big problem is all the flyover-staters who somehow have it in their heads we Californians care enough about them to want to take them over and dictate how they live. "Y'all" are insignificant next to the real problems we live with. Understand that you can not understand, and leave us be.