The %1 American superhero

The %1 American superhero


Correct me if I'm wrong, since I haven't read many of the comics, but doesn't he also do like a shitton of philanthropy as Bruce Wayne?


He absolutely does, that is my issue with this take. It's incorrect. He tries his best with donations and social problems as Bruce then he tries his best with crime reduction as Batman. His biggest problem is he's not perfect on either front. He can't shoot lasers from his eyes and solve problems.


New alternative universe: Superman raised by the Waynes. Superman's pod crashes into Wayne manor shortly after Bruce is born. They are raised as brothers, and come alley time, Clark stops the bullets with his chest, emerging unharmed, and Bruce never knows an orphan life, but now questions his brother, and they end up with pretty much the same relationship we see in comics. This is of course, HEAVILY abridged.


Weird how people forget the **comic** book character has **comically** a shit ton of money and in the **comics** it's referenced multiple times that his giant parties are donation parties and he does them as a means to distance bruce wayne from batman.


Later on in the comics, he went from old family wealth to buying space stations and shit.


A space station he donated for other super heroes as a base to help the planet.


I guess he’ll be going to space soon, then.


I'm sure he already has.


But he's got dead mommy and daddy issues