Caring for children >> weak macho bs

Caring for children >> weak macho bs


Paternity leave? My dad didn't even hug me, and I turned out just fine - Tucker Carlson probably


Tucker's mother left him and his father when he was six years old to basically go be a hippie. Tucker's entire personality is based on his inability to deal with this.


That's quite sad really. If he'd had the courage to get a bit of counseling we never would have had to hear his crap.


What do they do in counseling? I don't understand what could someone say that will make me realize things about myself but that may be because I'm totally ignorant on the details about what counseling is.


Sometimes you just talk until you admit what it is you never really want to admit. Or you finally put out in the open something stuck in your mind.


Yeah like the duck said, plus actually airing his issues with his mother. Identify how they make him feel. Then with some clarity he can address them and learn to let it go. A bit like getting a sport massage, it's like working through a big muscle knot. Can ignore it until it chronically affects your strength and mobility or address it and be healthy. It's often painful to work through but you feel better afterwards. Or you could just spend your life limping or unable to lift heavy objects.. Some people are just arseholes but where it's caused by trauma it is entirely preventable. Who knows, Tucker could be pragmatic and of sound mind if he wasn't carrying fear and insecurity around with him.


When rough things happen to kids they don't have the cognitive or emotional maturity to deal with it. So inaccurate beliefs become embedded in their thinking. In counseling, you work as adult to re-examine those inaccurate beliefs which can change your thinking and then behavior. Things that seemed giant as a kid or in a traumatic moment are smaller and easier to deal with when rehashed in safety. But that's hard to do, so the therapist acts as a guide and coach. Theres a fuckload of counseling approaches out there and this doesn't near cover them but it's def not just talking. Like if someone maybe thought as a kid that being abandoned by the person most important to them was their fault. And would strive to appear perfect so they wouldn't drive more people away. Which evolved into them being an unctuous ass, and now they have to smack down anyone who disagrees with them to maintain the false belief that they are worthy of love if they behaves the right way. For example. Analyzing that as an adult can make them see that the abandonment didn't have anything to do with them.


Refusing to address mommy issues to own the libs


Mona and Abraham Simpson?


If only she had been given paternity leave to bond with him....


> If only she had been given paternity leave to bond with him.... Mothers are given maternity leave, btw! Also yes, I agree


>Mothers are given maternity leave, btw! Also yes, I agree In the USA? It's unpaid leave if I'm not mistaken. A shocking number of women go back to work 2 weeks after delivery. It's so incredibly dystopian that I have trouble believing it's true. But it's true.


Most women don't get maternity leave. They actually get short term disability. There is no mandated federal maternity leave in the US.


Well fuck that. Imagining splitting your pelvic, rearranging organs to nurture and squeeze out a human while often in intense pain just get immediately separated from your baby bc your boss force you to work.


My mom calls him “Fucker Carlson”


His mom calls him “Fucker Carlson.”


I think Tucker suits him down to the ground. I can imagine him Jame Gumbing to some hot 80s classics.


His name is Fucker Carlson. He’s such a weasely little piece of human garbage.


No, no...it's Fucker Twattleson.


My mistake, you are correct.


The PG rated name I like to call him is Tucker Swanson or Swanson Dinner Boy.


Both fit.


I like “Cuckle Fuckerson” personally. Double the insult


Your mom seems cool!


paternity leave? there is no such thing as the wage gap - it's all cHoIcEs. *ok, so make it a choice for everyone! And that will reduce that gap* No! looking after kids is lame, that's woman shit.. are you fucking serious?!


Yeah hard to justify disrespecting someone who wants to be a good dad and is just excited about being a new parent.


Seriously paternity leave needs to be normalized already. Why is this country so against men being involved in their children’s lives? Being a father is about so much more than financial support. My own dad was so busy working when we were young and even after he got off night shift and we all got older he still doesn’t know how to connect outside of money. I can tell he so desperately wants to but half the time he doesn’t even talk like he doesn’t know what to say. I love him and I just wish he felt more comfortable letting us in.


It's completely normalized. Tucker Carlson is just a fuckwit. I've never heard anyone else say anything when someone took paternity leave.


I wouldn't call it normalized when companies aren't required to provide paid leave and most companies do not offer paid leave in the United States. FMLA requires that companies provide 12 weeks of leave for parents after birth/adoption, but it doesn't mean you'll get paid during that 12 weeks. About 2/3 of people who qualify for FMLA leave don't take it because they simply can't afford to go without a paycheck for that long. Some countries in Europe offer 7-28 days of *paid* leave for fathers and even longer for mothers. It's ridiculous that people are either penalized for having children or are forced to choose between family or work.


Sweden has 480 days of paid parental leave, per child. It's paid for by the government, not employers, but out of the total, 390 of those days the money you get is calculated by your salary (~80% of full salary, up to a certain max level). The other 90 days it's ~$18 per day. Each parent must, by law, take out at least 90 days each of those leave days, so one parent cannot take all 480 days for themselves, regardless of any income difference, but you can choose yourself which days will be the "full compensation" days and which will be the "minimum compensation" ones. Edit: link to info (in english): https://www.forsakringskassan.se/english/parents/when-the-child-is-born/parental-benefit


That's amazing. When my son was born last year I saved up all my vacation days so I could have at least 3 weeks dedicated to mom and baby. Luckily things lined up with the holidays and I got over a month off total. Meanwhile, my niece had to put her kid in day care at 3 months because both parents had to work to pay all their medical bills from the pregnancy and birth. The US system is messed up.


It's always so incredibly sad to hear about how parents are treated across the pond :( I'm sorry for your niece, I couldnt imagine having to leave the child after just 3 months.


Ya I work for a company with some pretty conservative owners, and they insisted that I didn’t come in for two weeks when my son was born. This guy is just a tool trying to start fires.


Not only being there for your children, but it is also about being a good spouse. Newborns are difficult. Mine is 7 weeks old today and I’m so tired.


Yeah I want to have kids (someday not now) so badly but I look back to how exhausted I was just dealing with potty training a puppy and I’m terrified


It’s not even the same level.


What's sad is how impressed I am at your comment


I took paternity leave for both of my kids (different mothers) and it really wasn’t enough time, but it’s all I could swing; at least I own my own business. After that, it takes a lot of communication and a routine for it to work. Postpartum anxiety is a challenge.


Oh no... He's lucky to have you. If he doesn't initiate, can you initiate hanging out? I don't know your family situation, but it sounds like it would really help and he'd enjoy it.


I try but he still doesn’t really talk and I end up having to talk the whole time. I’ve been slowly finding out stuff he’s more willing to talk about. He’s really into history and some ghost stuff, which overlaps well with my love of weird history. And I got my whole love of animals from him so that always brings us together. I just wish he’d talk more


And as a bonus, it would lessen the amount of prejudice against women in the workplace because everyone will be potentially taking leave to take care of their baby. It's a win-win-win scenario!


Let’s be 100% clear. Carlson doesn’t actually care one way or the other if Joe Schmoe gets paternity leave or not. He doesn’t really even care if a libtard commie socialist devil take paternity leave. What he cares about is making sure someone else is super pissed off about it despite the fact it has literally nothing to do with them and might actually benefit them if it did. This is the system we have constructed for ourselves. The masses have always been manipulated by those with means and an agenda. That’s not new. However, at no time before was information so widely spread, so easily accessible, and highly weaponized by so many to sow discord, discontent, and divide. The BIG QUESTION is what the actual fuck are we going to do about it? If we do nothing, it won’t get better in its own.


For me the big question is what CAN we do about it? I can personally not watch his show, and I don’t because I’m not a dumbass. I can’t force his viewers to not watch it though, and they’re are the type of people who seek out misinformation because it helps them ignore reality. You are correct he doesn’t give a shit about Pete taking paternity leave, but he knows punching down on minority groups like lgbt makes his fans feel powerful and superior. Back in the day he would just talk shit about two gay men having adopted children, but modern society has passed him by and if he tried that shit now he would lose sponsorship. So the Fox News crowd has pivoted to dog whistles and bad faith arguments. So again I ask, what can we do about it? As someone in the thread has already pointed out there is no legal route because he’ll just argue anyone with common sense would never take his bullshit at face value.


I know it’s so frustrating. He says bullshit. He gets called out but it doesn’t matter because his viewers don’t care. He tells them what they want to hear. We can talk about how awful he is until we’re blue in the face but his viewers will just shrug and say “yeah, so?” They’re the simple minded who fail to understand basic logic. The right goes after these people in purpose.


Yup. That’s why they were such an easy target for trump. He just told them exactly what they wanted to hear.


Alex Jones used that exact defense in his recent court battle against the families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims, and he lost BIG time.


Yeah and it didn’t work for Bill O Reilly in his divorce. Guess it depends on how big a douche the judge is.


At this point legality doesn't matter. The Holocaust was legal, the trail of tears was legal. Women voting and black people going to school, for a long time, was not. This idea that every problem can be solved without a loss of life is absurd. There is a very easy solution to any given right wing talking head. A quick search tells me we can handle fifty Tucker Carlsons for about $18.


God damn! Are you talking about a hit? Cuz 18 bucks seems really low!


Of course not. Hiring a hitman to go kill someone is a crime. I'm simply referring to the price of normal dosage quiet pills.


Or you know Dems could actually pass legislation that helps the average Americans instead of being obsessed with Senate decorum of the fillabuster instead of advocating for murder. The rise of these people is bred out of frustration of our political system.


Correct. The Audacity That a MAN takes COMPANY TIME AND COMPANY PAY to do nothing while the woman does the breastfeeding and diapers. Paternity leave costs corporations a few hundred maybe one thousand dollars to pay a MAN to take time off. How DARE a man get paid for doing a woman's biological duty. Men who work and work like truck drivers or fork lift operators - if they took maternity leave then who will keep Amerika's economy moving - a libtard arts major gwaghahaha. /Sarcasm. Please understand - Tucker's views are stupid.


Meanwhile, over here in the civilized world, we get paid paternity leave, in addition to paid maternity leave.


Over here citizens are merely labor inputs of production from which we need to keep the costs down.


"Human capital" is a disgusting phrase I've heard to describe employees


Why? What you said sounds kind of punchy but why is this term "disgusting"? Please be specific. For what it's worth I am a fairly progressive person so I am not coming at this with an agenda. I simply can't comprehend why there would be any hysteria around a term that seeks to describe the value humans can bring to a business.


I guess disgusting might be a bit strong, but it's just what came to mind when posting this comment. Tye way I've seen the term used makes it seem less like 'describing the value humans can bring' and more like employees are just another item on the company's inventory, or anything beyond base salary is akin to 'excessive maintenance costs' or something


I mean that is a component to it but that is a real glass is half empty view on the term. Human capital is typically a term I see used to reference the available skills a company has at its disposal to get a job done. In basketball we measure PPG, APG, RPG etc. think of it as the work version of that. It doesn't do anyone any good to deny that certain people bring unique skills and to try to quantify those and use them efficiently.


Wanna hear a weird thing? Even México has paternity leave


Why is that a weird thing?


People believe that kind of thing only happen in developed european countries.


Tucker Carlson should just cease to exist


Can we dunk him in a vat of White-Out? Maybe Goo-B-Gone? Molten Metal?


Porque no los tres?


Ah, you think White Out is your ally?! You forget, Tucker was born in whiteness. When he first saw a minority, it was nothing to him but blinding.


That stuff from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” because he’s such a clown he has to be a cartoon parody


Yeah, and unlike the shoe, no one would cry if Christopher Lloyd dunked ol Tucker.




I have more names to add to the list please.


He always has the same facial expression in these thumbnails.


I’m childfree on purpose. I support the idea of paternity leave. The mom shouldn’t be the only one to bond closely with a child of two involved parents. That’s not saying anything about the walking speaking piece of excrement that’s featured here.


Maybe I’m wrong but, paternity leave isn’t simply for a dad to get some face time with the baby. It’s also to support the woman who has just spent months being uncomfortable (at best) and just recently has been absolutely fucking wreaked physical, mentally, and emotionally.


This. After birth my wife could barely walk around the house, let alone carry the baby. Add onto that meals, house chores etc, we give major props to women that can do all of that with no support.


When my daughter's mother (my partner) gave birth she was so out of it I had to shower her. I.E a fully grown adults was so wrecked by (a very easy and comfortable birth as the nurses described it) giving birth that I had to shower her.


Good point. I didn’t mean to minimize that at all. Not having to ever push out a watermelon my first thought went to what dad misses at work. Props to you guys for full circle-ing it.


Pete's taking the time off to help his husband with their twins. There's no mother.


See my comment about bonding. Doesn’t matter.


I didn't mean it didn't, I just thought you had thought he had a wife since I've heard and seen people think he does.


Didn't even know avoiding childcare was part of toxic masculinity. You learn something new every day. I personally hate my company for having not given me a single hour of parental leave.


I think the toxic masculinity part is, “me man, me work hard, me no need time for soft woman duties.” It’s more a holdover of single working parent way of life where the husband went off to work and woman did woman stuff at home, be the baby or the vacuum cleaner. And as we all know a whole bunch of people that fall on the right side of spectrum hate change, mostly because libtards are always trying to make progress. God for bid, the parents of a brand new baby get time to deal with the baby, adjustment of life, and probably the most important part the recently wreaked mother.


Party of family values my ass


The fact that Tucker is a father and yet seems to think the only care a newborn requires is breastfeeding says a lot about him as a parent and a husband. And it doesn’t say anything good about him.


Oh comeon. Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson doesn't have to raise his children. Neither does his wife. They just have the nanny do it. Though it was harder when they sold their DC home for 4 million and moved to Florida where they bought a lovely little place for 3 million soon after.


Don't be tricked. He only seems to think those idiocies. Outside closed doors he's probably "almost a reasonable person" (thinking about the covid rules at fox) He is a good actor, to make people think he's really like that


Damned liberals and their... *checks notes* Good parenting?


Kevin Kruse might just be my new best friend.


If you have Twitter, you should definitely follow him.


Awesome. Will do.


Tucker looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy. And given he just spews right wing rage bait at the behest of his paymasters I’m beginning to genuinely believe there may be someone just off camera with their hand up his arse controlling the whole show.


Family values!


What kind of neandertal bs is this?


Standar issue Tucker Carlson.


And this is aired on US television? Really nobody kicks this imbecile out?


Everyday this buffoon is viewed by millions of Americans.


Nope. And what's even worse is that Fox News has argued in court (and won) that they can't be held responsible for the negative effects of what he says on his show because "no one could reasonably take what he says seriously". They argued it's satire behind closed doors but tout it as investigative news or some bullshit publicly.


Wouldn't it be possible to demand the display of something like "this is not something reasonable / serious" because of something like "false advertising"? No idea if the concept is even realistic but with all the urban legends from USA legal cases I may overestimate what's possible


Not really how American TV works. We can't demand shit of broadcasting shows as long as they comply with FCC broadcasting rules. And it's not considered false advertising because they're not advertising or selling anything, it's just a show.


Worse yet... People idolize him for saying bullshit like this (and much worse baseless garbage) This wankjob has 4 kids (according to wikipedia...) and he's trying to publically shake someone for prioritizing their newborn/family over their job for a few weeks.... His wife/kids must be so proud and thankful


Macho manliness


Hey! Don't slander Neanderthals like this; [they actually cared about each other](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanidar_Cave#Shanidar_1)!


**Shanidar Cave** [Shanidar 1](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanidar_Cave#Shanidar_1) >Shanidar 1 was an elderly Neanderthal male known as ‘Nandy’ to his excavators. He was aged between 30 and 45 years, remarkably old for a Neanderthal. Shanidar 1 had a cranial capacity of 1,600 cm3, was around the height of 5 feet 7 inches, and displayed severe signs of deformity. He was one of four reasonably complete skeletons from the cave which displayed trauma-related abnormalities, which in his case would have been debilitating to the point of making day-to-day life painful. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/WhitePeopleTwitter/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


How the fuck is paternity leave a controversial issue? Don't people want paid time off to hang out with their family?


Is paternity leave not a thing in America?


Nope. Even maternity leave isn't guaranteed in many places


Fucking hell


In the US if you work for a company with more then 50 employees you can get 12 weeks of maternity leave


But it is unpaid


Correct, but the discussion was if maternity leave is available


Aww bless your heart


Who's gonna take care of the kids if neither father is allowed to take paternity leave?


People agaisnt paternity leave just have a shrivelled up chunk of meat for a heart. Like how can you be against a father spendign time with a new born, helping the mother, being parents.


My wife had to have a C-section which took a good month to recover from. I not only took my two week paid paternity leave but also saved and used as much holiday as I could. Macho bullshit is repugnant.


His audience is easily fooled by bad theatrics.


I just like the time off


Tucker Carlson has a trash toupee


Tucker is probably the way he is because of the void of parental love in his childhood. He tries to compensate for it by trying to act tough, and always looking like he's confused. True strength, responsibility, and manliness comes from standing shoulder to shoulder with your partner and taking equal parts in raising a baby on equal terms.


I’d like to throw in “if you’re fortunate enough to be in a position to afford it.” I’m a new father. It’s just not an option, though I’d love for it to be.


The company I work for actually does have paid paternity leave. I didn't work for them long enough to get it for my first child but I was able to use it for my second and it was awesome. It was so nice to be able to spend so much time with my newborn and the overall experience was so much less stressful than it would have been had I been working at the same time.


Damn I hate tucker’s face so much


When my son was born, I took paternity leave. It was the only time I had with him before he died. Those couple weeks are all that I have of him. We need to stop attacking people for being human.


Funny the headline they have… Where was that energy when the zodiac killer fled Texas to Mexico during the power outages lol


Fucker Carlson needs to just stop existing, jfc.


Obviously this is an important reason. But also, not having to work is just the best.


Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a [link to the tweet](https://twitter.com/NikkiMcR/status/1448803712344985600) for ya :) ^(Twitter Screenshot Bot)


Tucker’s just mad his mother bailed on him when she realized she created a mistake


Tucker is the Quintessential Bullshit Artist


*feels kinda bad for his wife* Then again she did agree to marry that piece of human excrement. This just screams "I made my wife care for the kids herself".


I think this is more of a jab at Pete being gay.


Agreed; I doubt he’d have broached it regarding a straight member of the administration. He’s disapproving of two gay men parenting a child, but saying it that way may even be a bridge too far for his audience (emphasis on “may”). This gives them all cover to be troglodytes.


He’s so grotesque the only response is vomit. Paternity leave is as much to care for the mom as baby, she just went through hell.


Seriously. And we all know things like talk show host and politicians are so fucking macho.


You know tucker is the softest, weakest piece of shit too.


Besides the perpetual inanity, why does Flutter Carrion always look like he’s just realized that he has a broomstick up his ass?


Shit. When my third son was born. I had started a new job about a month prior as executive chef of a new senior living. Construction got pushed back so I was working from home. Not much to do without a kitchen. I took full salary for a month to chill and help.


I don’t want to brag on the internet but I took a year off from my career and was a stay at home papa and it was amazing.


Also, Tucker Carlson trying to out-macho anyone is like a desk fan trying to move a sail boat.


I'd be fucking embarrassed to be a man who would rather be at work than spend time with my newborns and husband.


Some of ya’ll are willing to go to extreme to cancel Dave Chappelle for his three specials, but this dude been spreading hate and misinformation for years on mainstream…..just saying


If I was a brand new human, I would definitely *not* want Tucker Carlson hovering over me for 2 straight weeks. I guess TC is projecting a bit


I can't say it enough. I wish the best to Pete and his partner. Parenting is hard and fuck tucker Carlson.


why does anyone watch that life sucking leach. he's just a waste of oxygen


What the hell is up with this guy. I don't see him having a family


I hope one day I can meet Tucker in public to punch him in his fat head


Meanwhile my boss calls me 3 times while I'm in the delivery room


Why hasn't anyone beat Tucker up yet? Just an old school prison beating.


On the other hand, if Pete and his husband had just dropped their newborn off at a daycare, Fucker Carlson would’ve gone on and on about how liberals don’t know the meaning of family values and we hate kids.


Sucker KKKarlson is a media whore pimping himself out for clicks. The guy is a dildo.


Don’t insult dildos. They’re useful, he isn’t.


I wish it was an option for me.


Covered under FMLA. If you have accrued leave you can burn the time congruently and still get paid.


Cucker Tarlson back at it with the fragile masculinity


I wasn’t allowed paternity leave. I was able to sign up for a lighter rotation. It turned into a nice side gig. But honestly, I would have given all that up to stay home with my newborn (2002).


No man that looks like Teddy Ruxpin has any business puffing themselves up about non-toxic masculinity.


I'm on pat leave right now and it's awesome!


Liberals mad they couldn’t use it on Saturday Night Live because this is actually funny.


**Tucker Carlson**: Harps on about how modern culture is destroying the nuclear family upon which American greatness is built **Also Tucker Carlson**: Hates the idea of children having their father figure present for bonding in their early development


Suddenly they don't care about family values anymore


Jesus. I cant believe people are able to watch this asshole more than 15 seconds. No way you can sit through the whole thing and still have a soul.


Pete always have a witty comeback. LOL!


All right-wing brainwashing aside, the older population that believes in that macho crap is dying off. Everyone else understands that spending time with your child is way more important than some fucking career. Even fox news is going to have to change it's messaging soon; the world won't buy this crap much longer.


It’s more about hating the gay people than fathers


Caring for children is pretty macho 👍


I can’t believe he doesn’t know the difference between paternity and maternity.


I don’t watch Mr. Tucker but I think I understand the context of this tweet this harsh comment isn’t about paternity leaves it’s just criticizing someone in general for other things they do indirectly


The military gives paternity leave, and they get a lot of stuff wrong, but even they got that one right.


I think it was more to do with the fact of a supply chain crisis and he’s the transportation secretary.


Also what he said was just kinda homophobic


I took Paternity leave for 3 months and my manager was enraged that I took the full time off instead of coming back right away like the temp who came back after three days. She didn't even want to give me access to the systems I needed to do my job and then was mad that I just shrugged and played on my phone all day because I couldn't do anything.


oh he tucks em alright


Spineless eh? So is Ted Cruz is a fictional character that the left created? The right is remarkably dumb.


Fuck face needs an attitude adjustment I'm sure a 16 OZ ball pen hammer 🔨 would do the trick.


I want Pawternity leave. I need time to bond and train and take an 8 week old puppy out 7x a day to pee.


But without weak macho BS, Fox News and it’s imitators would have no audience.


Do I work for the only company which doesn't have paternity leave?


Dear Congress, I really am okay with losing a little of my first amendment rights if it would prevent people like this spewing vileness 24/7 and diving a hate-wedge between parties.


Not much is more manly than taking care of your kids.


In other words.....he's not man enough to take off some time for his kids. So, they won't turn out to be another Tucker....




At the minimum level federal law in the US (the Family and Medical Leave Act, FMLA for short) grants 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year. One of the qualifying uses of that leave is the birth of a child, whether male or female. A mother qualifies for some uses that the father would not, such as prenatal care or prenatal disability. But a father definitely qualifies for paternal leave in all cases. Of course individual states and employers may give more leave or paid leave, but the federal law is the minimum that applies to all Americans. I doubt Tucker understands or cares about the technicalities of the matter, he's just trying to make a homophobic joke about two gay men adopting. Unfortunately that shit resonates with his viewers.


I'll be really happy when we stop giving these assholes the attention they never got from their parents.


We are having one of the worst shipping crises in modern America history, you’d think that the secretary of TRANSPORTATION would be more interested in helping out the chain get resolved




Something something, party of family values


tucker is such a weak, LITTLE boy.


All the macho bs fits nicely into the fascist narrative though


If I had one question I could ask to Tucker Carlson, I’d ask him why his face always looks like he’s smelling a nose-hair burning fart.


Tucker carlson is paid to manufacture outrage. Dont like him? Want him to go away? Stop paying attention to him. This right here - is why he still has a job


It's always "think of the children" until you're actually asked to take care of them and do what's best for them


Honestly though, when the country is in a supply shortage and I am paying 3x the normal price for conduit and your job is to fix that, then you shouldn’t be taking any kind of leave… part of being a high ranking working man/woman in a company/government, is to do your job first. In the military, we didn’t skip on deployments when a kid is born or someone died because people depend on you. And if the President or any of the people working under him have a pressing work matter, they literally should not morally or otherwise be able to avoid it. If the CEO of Walmart had a kid then took time off during some massive problem at the company then it cost thousands of people their jobs Reddit would be rightfully pissed off. Tens of thousands of Americans are losing their jobs because tons of things are literally 2-3x normal price, he should be fixing this before anything else. These people are not normal workers. If a nurse goes on leave while the hospital is spiraling down it isn’t nearly as bad as the management leaving in the middle of it. These people dedicated their entire lifetime career to serve their country, sometimes that means sacrificing for their job.


Damn I wonder what they’re opinion on widowers who are left to raise a kid alone because their wives ended up passing away giving birth or some other complication after the birth