Let me ask the old ball and chain

Let me ask the old ball and chain


We replaced it with "I hate myself"


Boomer humor: "I hate my wife." Millennial humor: "I hate my life." Gen Z humor: "Butter knife."


Gen X doesn’t joke.


The self-deprecating “i want to die” humor is going to be out of style eventually too eventually. I genuinely can’t wait until the contrarians start memeing positivity and self love into the mainstream


I wonder if that will have the unintended consequence of making positivity and growth seem like a joke


Wife = Bad Husband = Oaf


That husband is an oaf humor still well alive ..watching disney children series with my daughter made me realize it .


‘90s commercials: Wife comes home from her high-powered corporate job (because *she’s a ‘90’s mom*) to a house her husband and children have completely, utterly destroyed with food, mud, dirt, grass, etc. Husband (oaf) and kids loudly greet wife, and he is laughing about how much fun he and the kids have been having, totally oblivious to the sheer Armageddon they have created. Mom either shakes her head a little bit, or smiles at her little scallywamps. Those rascals! After working all day, there’s nothing she loves more than cleaning up after them. After all, the husband is literally incapable of doing this task: if he picks up a towel and spray cleaner, his brain will overheat with confusion, and he will die within minutes. A montage follows in which Mom is empowered by cleaning up after her husband and children, *who are nowhere to be seen during this sequence,* as she scrubs, wipes, and smiles away the grime they, not she, left. Then they all plop down happily on the couch together to hug each other. Mom is in no way angry about either Husband’s complete lack of thoughtfulness in creating such havoc in their shared home, and raising their children to not think about such things either, nor is she angry about him not so much as raising a finger to help with any aspect of rectifying the destruction he and the children had wrought. After all, he is male; give him dish soap and he’d probably burn the house down, that silly old lovable oaf, him.


You forgot where as she sits there exhausted, one of them will look to her and say "So whats for dinner?" And the hilarity oh boy!


It’s okay, mom knows how to call Dominos for delicious pizza and breadsticks for her dear hunny and kids with a healthy iceberg lettuce salad for her!


oh man that iceberg lettuce is a hard-working detail!


Splurging on romaine would just be unfair to the children.


no dip tonight!


Wow what a loop of advertisement hell. After dinner she looks in the mirror realizing this is never what she thought her life would become. Cut to Prozac commercial! Wakes up to a Special K commercial.


I hate healthy food. I love iceberg salads. I think that is all you need to know about iceberg salads


Salad isn't food! Salad comes _with_ the food! RIP John Pinette


You don't make friends with sal-ad! You don't make friends with sal-ad!


The reality of this. In the early ‘00s there was literally a commercial with a long suffering wife having to do literally everything while her idiot husband was *stuck in the Venetian blinds.*


I often pry my husband from the Venetian blinds as he tries to hide from chores....the crunching sound of tortillas crumbling to the floor give away his hiding spot.


Comedian Chad Daniels did a stand up bit about that! Its titled, "Dad can't, probably" https://youtu.be/TedY7aYu1-c


They mix it up sometimes where she shrilly scolds him about his behavior and the rest of the episode is about their “fight”.


It’s okay because he does a grand romantic gesture at the end of the episode claiming he learned his lesson so she forgives him immediately and then he goes back neglecting her in the next episodes. No red flags there.


> does a *failed attempt at a* grand romantic gesture


Husband: “Here, babe, I bought you roses and got you tickets to a show!” Wife: “Aww, honey, I…..Hey, aren’t these the tickets they were handing out for free at your work?” Husband: “Uh, yeah.” Wife: “*Whiny, loud, aggravated moan* Not only is it deeply insulting that you’d try to repair our broken relationship with some free regifted bullshit gift, but these are for a car and boat show! You know that as a woman, it’s 100% impossible in this and all possible universes for me to be interested in such a thing! If you really cared, you would’ve gotten Barry Manilow tickets, like all women can appreciate!” Husband: “Look, you stupid bitch. I was just trying to tell you that I love you. Why do you have to be such an asshole about it? Just because I refuse to learn literally anything about your interests doesn’t mean I can’t say words like ‘I really do appreciate everything you do’ when it’s strategically manipulative for me to do so, like right now.” Wife: “Awww, honey. I forget that even though you’re an asshole and an absolute idiot, I’m still codependent with you. I love you so much! Let’s sit down and eat this dinner of burnt waffles you made, because as a man, you do not know how to cook, and which also, had I made it, you would have used of proof of my incompetence as a wife and mother. Afterwards, we’ll go back to our master bedroom and your bloated rubbery body will make love to my lithe frame, the latter of which is still made the butt of jokes as being aging and making me insecure around younger women.”


Those commercials were pretty real-life for me and why I always thought the Mrs. Doubtfire movie was so cool: that lady was right about her husband and her kids, I was glad she said something. Wish lots of other women would have felt it was safe to speak up as well. I absolutely do not "tolerate" it in my marriage, and made sure it was one of the big discussions during my dating years before things got serious. Guys who didn't agree obviously weren't for me. My husband and I can \*both\* be lazy and a bit irresponsible when having fun with the kids, but at least we can also both see that it's a flaw and we try to get better about it and don't make excuses for ourselves to one another.


Fun fact, Robin Williams made them rewrite the script to keep them divorced at the end - no fairytale ending. To show kids that not all parents stay together and that's ok too.


We never deserved him, but I'm so glad we had him for a bit.


I love this so much! Robin Williams will always be a treasure.


man. i absolutely hated that as a kid and learned to respect and appreciate it as an adult.


Were boomer husbands just complete trash or something?


Not so much trash as they were raised that cleaning and house work is woman's work, and then even if the wife's didn't like it they just accepted that role and thought their kids the same thing for some reason.


Sadly, a step up from The Greatest Generation’s humor where threatening to beat your wife for a well-intentioned inconvenience was HILARIOUS.




“Ah, ya hit her pretty hard, there, Ricky”




"to the moon Alice"


**[Uprorious laugh track]**


Didn’t Lucille Ball get spanked and cry like a baby in the earlier shows?


On I Love Lucy, the men were forever trash talking marriage. 'It Happened One Night' (1934), a huge hit, and an Academy Award winner, has a line that Clark Gable says to the girl's father (about his daughter that he's in love with): ''What she needs is a guy that'd take a sock at her once a day, whether it's coming to her or not. If you had half the brains you're supposed to have, you'd done it yourself, long ago." And then dad gives his consent. And I don't know what to think of this scene: ["Do it again...I like it!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuZyWmyd07U)


It was. Men were expected to work and women were expected to stay at home. When feminists fought for the women’s right to work, the invisible work they’d been doing was overlooked. Also the advent of white goods and an increasing variety of kitchen equipment definitely did make chores significantly easier, which whilst being an improvement, meant the mental, physical and time consumption of house work could be overlooked even further. Yes there has always been a history of working women separate to this but women staying at home was still the norm in many working class homes. Edited because damn autocorrect


My grandma was born in 1906. She had a wooden mallet she used to pulverize wheat to make her own flour… it’s all definitely easier now.


Well, yes, but it was also about the gender roles changing while men not wanting to give up benefits their fathers had enjoyed. In previous generations, the wife ‘keeping house and minding kids’ was in exchange for the husband ‘being the breadwinner’. It was a trade, and it was ostensibly an equal trade (it wasn’t really, but that was logic behind the arrangement). Then the Boomers come along, and women made gains in the workforce. So now women could be breadwinners too… but men didn’t want to give up on this arrangement that their fathers had, so it was treated as though a job was an extra thing women chose to take on on top of their existing ‘responsibility’ of being the primary home keeper. And then Gen X and millennials came into the picture, and not only did they witness a spike in divorces among boomer couples (due in part to conflicts over men wanting that good life they saw their fathers have and women snapping), but the women in these generations gained more ground in the workforce and more financial independence. (It was only in the late 60s when banks were no longer legally allowed to insist on women having a man sign something for them to open a bank account.) So many Gen X and even more millennial women shrugged their shoulders and said that if getting married required being a live in maid on top of having a full time job, then they just wouldn’t get married. So suddenly men who want to get married have to meet a higher standard of behavior than our grandfathers or great grandfathers did, because women don’t *need* husbands to survive anymore.


And hence, the birth of incels who think they should get the adoring wife but don't even feel compelled to be the breadwinner.


My dad is a boomer husband and my parents showed me that both people can do either role. Some of my favorite comfort meals are ones I remember my dad making for dinner when I was a kid. My best breakfast recipes are my dad’s. They both cleaned and did yard work. Saturday was cleaning day where we would get up at 7 and do everything inside and out before going out to play. They are both retired now and they keep up with a weekly chore schedule. It is precious. Edit to add: Someone replied to my comment to ask if they both made money or if my dad made the money and also did half the chores, but I can’t find it to respond directly to them so I’ll respond to it here: they both worked for the same school district and my dad was a groundskeeper. His job was very physically demanding and even on days when he was tired he’d come home and cook dinner because we all needed to eat. They shared all the home responsibilities even though it’s never 50/50; sometimes it’s 60/40 or 70/30. The point is they still did them as a team. They have a great marriage and are best friends. I’m very fortunate to have the parents I have.


My dad would freak if he was told to fry an Egg. He has no clue and only learned a bit of cooking when he had to live alone for work, where meals were not offered. He went by mostly with add hot water or microwave meals and takeout. He's a chemical engineer, not an idiot by any means of the word.


I’ve become convinced that watching Disney’s “live” line-up of “kid shows” is what is making my children into mouthy little snots. Every show is the “stupid” parents making terrible decisions and being outwitted by 12 yr olds…. What the crap is that? Who moved in with who here? Show some respect! God, I sound so fricken old….


Ok, the "stupid parent" thing is for the exact same reason as the "stupid husband" cliche. Long before the 90s, the 80s, the 70s, let's go *way* back to at least early radio programs. Who was listening to daytime radio? The housewife. Ads and shows were catered to the housewife, and since the husband wasn't there to hear, they absolutely pandered to the wives. Most of the advertisements were for things related to homemaking, such as various cleaning products. The dramatic serials that played would be sponsored by a particular corporation. They were called soap operas because of this. Since the housewife would do the shopping, making the housewife look like a really smart person, and shopper, instead of the husband, this made a lot of companies a lot of cash. It's always been about the money, it always will be. Pander to your audience, rake in the dough.


TIL why they’re called soap operas!


It’s a lot more simple than that. For children’s literature, in order to have an adventure the adults have to be absent. It could be something straight forward like they’re an orphan, or their parents are just unaware of the danger and just don’t listen to them. Or the children just don’t tell an adult as they won’t be believed (very common in Harry Potter). Parents being stupid is very lazy writing but it works to allow the kids to save the day.


Wow, not much has changed, huh? Don't get me wrong, some adults *are* stupid, but the way they are portrayed on those shows is above and beyond just some silly "parents are human being with faults too" lessons that I actually think would be worthwhile.


Kid shows have parents and adults be incompetent because they’re meant to be fantasies for kids. Of course kids think they know better than the adults who just don’t “get” their problems. And of course they love the idea of outsmarting the people who are typically more knowable than they are. In that sense it’s not really much different from the countless underdog stories that are marketed for adults - plenty of them have villains or adversaries that could be outwitted by a damp towel. Kids shows just tend to be a bit more overt about it. Also, it’s really hard to tell a grand story with kids as the protagonists if the adults in their lives are competent, well-meaning, and present because if the parents were all three of those things, they would take of the big epic problems instead of having children do it. Most kids shows tend to shy away from abusive parents, which is why so many kids movies have dead parents (abusive adults are a dime a dozen in these stories, but that’s as villains. Having the actual *parents* be the villain can lead to uncomfortable stories). If the story tellers want to keep the parents alive, present, and not assholes, they kind of have to be dumb. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a story of kids overcoming all these difficulties, it would be an adult. Anyway, off my soapbox. Also, dumb parents are definitely not a Disney exclusive nor a new phenomenon. I’m old and I remember plenty of stories from my childhood that included oblivious parents.


We banned those types of Disney shows in our house for years because every character on them was a snarky asshole and they all treated each other like shit, and our kids were starting to take on some of those behaviors


Blueys pretty good with the dad


Every shitty sitcom and even The Simpsons: Intelligent and good looking wife holds things together while the husband constantly fucks things up. Laugh track: “Hahahaha!” Edit: You’re right. The Simpsons doesn’t have a laugh track. I used to watch it religiously so I shoulda known. But all the others….


Wife does all the cooking. Running gag is husband complaining how awful wife's cooking is. See: Everybody Loves Raymond


You can argue that the Simpsons began as satire of exactly this stereotypes and actually mocked them a little. That worked so good lots of people copied it and lost the satire part and with that it didn't work on the Simpsons anymore.


Wife = Bad humour has started to disappear But I constantly hear the husband = oaf shit all the time, from professional comedians to just people I know


Boomers: “I hate my wife” Millennials: “I hate my life”


Gen Z: "I ate my wife"






Rich in nutrients


Skate fast and eat ass


Gen Z: spuggeddee




I was watching the UFC last night and during boring fights, the crowd would randomly start chanting this. It was funny


Curious to know which fights you thought were boring. I only thought the Belal v Maia and Ziam v Vendramini fights were boring.


I find that shit hilarious


Millennials: "I hate boomers"


America’s worst generation. They put like 1/4 of a cup of ketchup in a measuring cup and sit there proud of themselves like “millennials can’t do this”. Meanwhile their entire house is on fire and they gave away their identity to an Indian scammer.


Holy shit is this on point. My boomer parents scorn my fresh salad for dinner because "aDuLtS sIt DoWn To A hOt MeAl" yet their dinner is a pile of Hamburger Helper and potato sludge from a Betty Crocker box.


Mmmm. Potato sludge. My favorite Edit: wtf autocorrect changed "Mmmm" to "Mommy"


*Oedipus Text*


I love you, ChickenMan


Flake autocorrect right in the arsenal


Sounds like my mom. Growing up I ate nothing but processed, boxed garbage. I didn’t know what real cheese was until I was a teenager.


When ever these conversations are brought up, I always think of spinach. My parents tried to feed it to us when I was little, and I fucking hated it. Never saw why Popey loved it so much. It wasn't until I had moved out that I learned spinach doesn't just come soggy in a can. Now I'll take spinach over lettuce any day.


Yep, had that exact experience with spinach. Similarly, apples. It wasn't until an adult and making snacks for my own kid that I realized apples are pretty damn tasty. All my childhood, whether from my mom or at school, everyone always gave me Red Delicious which taste like wet cardboard.


Potato sludge is surprisingly delicious


And so is his mommy


This comment broke my arms


You can finally retire your shoebox.




My mom got confused by my lack of napkins and paper towels. I have rag towels and cloth napkins. After telling her, she shrugged and was cool with it. My gen x sister wondered why I was making so much laundry for myself and bitched.


The generation who mixed meat pastes and gelatine have no say in meal quality.


I think that's more the Greatest Generation than the Boomers. Post-war scarcity was the cause behind jello salad abominations.


Also gelatin was expensive prior to this. Cheap industrial gelatin meant easy access and that means approximation of aspic.


Ok hold on, I'm gonna defend aspics and pâtés. Those can be delicious. Also, necessary if you want to use every part of the animal.


So what the fuck, but so accurate


The government took care of them from cradle to grave and when they became the dominant voting bloc, they voted to strip future generations of the benefits they grew up with just so they could have a little more.




Zennial here. I literally loled at this. You guys seem alright. Plz adopt me.


Boomers and Millennials: I hate my father-in-laws wife (still)


Millennial here, my father in laws wife is a 5G coronavirus truther. So uh yeah can confirm.


Unfortunately it seems like some Gen X-ers continued the shittiness of their boomer parents. And unfortunately, of my three siblings (I'm a millennial), I'm the only one that's not anti-mask, anti-vax, believes in evolution, etc. Thankfully I think millennials and Gen-Z really are turning the tide but gosh it's hard to kill off generational stupidity.


don't worry, zoomers will be completely insufferable when they're in their 60's too.


This is... *acceptable*


Gen X: meh, whatevs.


Gen X: “Stop calling me a boomer.” Bro, do you even generation? My PARENTS are boomers, not me.


Many boomers married out of a sense of duty, like someone convinced them they HAD to get married and start a family. While that concept is still alive, it's less common now and the folks who do get married tend to do it more because they want to rather than some twisted idea that they have to because of X reason


That’s why they visited the golf course all day every weekend, to get away from the family they were forced to start.


yep, im glad that obligation is starting to die out and hopefully eventually only those that actually want a family will have them


I mean, women couldn’t even have their own credit card until 1974. Also before the late 1970s they couldn’t go to an Ivy League school, or get health insurance at the same rates as men. So to get by in life you had to get married.


that and there was much more of a stigma attached to getting a divorce, so once you were in your shitty marriage there was much more social pressure to keep you in it.


Yep, both my mom and my mother in law were married at the age of 22. As far as I’m concerned I was still a child at that age that had no idea who I was, *let alone* what I wanted in a lifelong partner.


The mentality of marriage and family as a duty is very well alive in the midwest. I'm in my lower 40's and it's so sad to see the younger people desperately seeking marriage and family at such an extremely young age (lower 20's). Looking back at myself, I was still very much a child in my 20's and even partly through my 30's. I think this is even more true now with Millenials and Gen Z. The days of being 18 and expected to be a functioning adult are long gone.


Millennials are a bit more self reflected and hate themselves instead of their SO


Yeah- we started asking the question "why did you marry them if they're so awful?"


"Why *not* divorce a toxic piece of shit?"


Being alone is scarier and harder in your 40s and 50s. My parents split up and got divorced sometime in the past 10 years. Currently they are living together even though every time I visit they both seem unhappy. It’s also harder for them to see my sisters kids if they are separated (I live out of state). They are happier being unhappy and together than unhappy and alone.




Boomers: “The younger generations get divorced left and right, nobody wants to work on their relationship anymore.” Also boomers: “Ugh time to go back home to ol’ ball & chain”


Measuring divorce rates is always a bit tricky because we can't see the future. We have no idea what percentage of people married in 2020 will get divorced by 2050 but we can measure what percent of people who married in 1990 got divorced by 2020 but it would be a mistake to assume that data trends for 1990 perfectly correlate with 2020. All of that said it looks like divorce rates [have actually been declining over the past 10 years](https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2020/12/united-states-marriage-and-divorce-rates-declined-last-10-years.html). Boomer marriages are quite a bit more likely to end in divorce than Gen X marriages and it will be quite some time before we can get get data on Millennial marriages.


I wonder if it has to do with folks getting married later. My grandparents were married at 19 (hated each other for 60 years, but divorce was never an option), my parents at 27 (divorced in their late 40s) but more and more milleniels seem to wait until their late 20s and early 30s, when they're no longer children like my grandparents were.


Also pre marital sex is the norm right now so people aren’t as pressured to get married


That is another big one. Marrying simply because of a sex drive is much more likely to result in an unhappy marriage than marrying because of mutual compatibility and emotional connections. Widespread access to contraception and birth control is one of the big drivers of this.


Plus they have a better idea of how sexually compatible they are before getting married.


And neatness wise. Nowadays you move in with your SO before getting married, no surprise hoarder spouses.




Also, most people are in school for ages now. And since marriages are expected to be expensive, young people cannot even afford to get married if they wanted to.


In many communities living together is the norm now. I lived with my wife for 2 years before we tied the knot. It was a good test run for married life.


Divorce rates on a like-for-like basis show boomers divorce at a much higher rate than millennials. This is based off x% divorced by 5 years, y% divorced by 10 years etc. Both datasets still need time to fully mature like you say, to do comparisons properly. It also based on age they were married to age they divorced. I don't have a source sadly but I was reading up on some statistics article and ended up down a rabbit hole about 2 months ago. As a data analyst, I need to get out more and stop using stats as bedtime reading 🤣


Boomer divorce rates are pretty high.


I wouldn’t stand for anyone else being mean to my husband so why would I allow myself to be one of those people?


I love this




Love that you roasted some granny with borrowed Big Dick Energy. Absolute legend. My parents are exactly the same though. They fight multiple times a day (if they're speaking to each other). My husband and I argue rarely and we always sit down and took about it. So much healthier and theres no bitterness between us (6 years strong 💪)




Yeah for real. My dad has always said stuff like "oh you know how women can be", as a very tame version, and my parents have always seemed like they never really liked each other. I've been with my partner for almost 10 years and we legit love each other, give each other space and time for our own projects and hobbies, and build each other up. Then again, she wasn't the first girl I ever met, as it seems for some of the older generations. (My parents are in their 70s).


Ugh I hate that kind of saying/joke. The “you know what I’m talking about.” Don’t talk to me like I’m in on whatever bullshit you’re thinking.


I seriously grew up thinking that I was going to marry an idiot that would grow to resent me no matter who I chose. Now that I’m married and we’ve been together for 10 years, it’s been an absolute blast and I have no idea what those boomers were talking about.


And it's amazing to me how many older people seem to just do it reflexively even if it doesn't apply. The other week I was at a family gathering and it was my FIL's birthday. As he's blowing out the candles on his cake, his brother goes "It didn't work! \[MIL's name\] is still here!" And it just fell so flat because my husband's parents seriously have a great relationship. I've taken to saying "women, am I right" in a completely deadpan voice every time I hear someone say shit like that to embarrass them a little bit.


At the pharmacy I used to work at this gruff older guy in his 50's or so came up to me and picked up something, but also bought some pants with cash so, and I quote, "The warden won't find out" now I was stupidly naïve at 19 and was trying to make small talk and responded with "Ah, so you work at a prison, sir?" and he responds "No I got married. Fucking hate her. Worst decision I ever made." and me, in my infinite stupidity trying to lighten the mood goes "Well I'm happy you're satisfied with your choices, sir." to which he looked me dead in the eyes and says "If I didn't know you were joking I woulda kicked you in the teeth." then he thanked me for checking him out quickly and left.


"Wow, that's a lot" is a really neutral phrase you can just keep repeating when someone is oversharing.


LOL poor guy - I don't blame you for trying to lighten the mood. Being a cashier sucks in these situations because you *have* listen. You can't just walk away. It's like you're a part-time therapist or something.




Tbh I think this has less to do with marital duties and more to do with the somewhat outdated logic of “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” These jokes weren’t meant to truly communicate marital dissatisfaction. They are riffs on the lack of understanding and similarity between spouses.


Boomers: "The increased divorce rates among millennials is ruining this country!" Also Boomers: "Time to go home to my wife, who I hate. I wish she was dead. Haha"




Always thought it was a weird type of humour. "Hahaha we all hate our wives, right guys??" Umm no? Get a divorce then, why would anyone want to be unhappy like that?


Or learn to communicate and try to do things together. I think most people that are resentful of their spouses just haven't tried to learn and grow with them. They expect them to be the same person they met at 20 or whatever.


I'm pretty sure Jeff Dunham was one of the last comedians I saw making fun of his wife, or ex-wife. After he did one of his Comedy Central specials, I don't think I've seen another modern day comedian rail on their spouse since


Heck, Jeff Dunham's most popular puppet character is literally a caricature of boomer "I hate my wife" jokes.


Ah yes, Walter the Case For Bad Nursing Homes puppet.


Surprise surprise a generation of men who were taught that “emotions are for Nancyboys” can’t communicate their feelings effectively.


boomers marry the first person they held hands with


Seriously. Jokes like that make it sound like they have no control over anything and just have to tolerate this apparently awful person they are married to.


There’s a difference between poking fun at things everybody’s wife does and just ripping on your wife for no reason.


That kind of humour came at a time when it was more socially acceptable to be in an unhappy marriage than to be single, something something christian values


it's still totally there in many other cultures, mostly Asian


It’s ironic that men have been making jokes about how bitchy their wives were even back in the days (long before the ‘90s) when men literally had all the power over what women could or couldn’t do.


The thing that makes heaven heaven is the ability to complain about it.


Its sortve in the same line as modern suicide jokes. Everyone is always making "I want to kill myself" a depression jokes but most people arent suicidal, it's just our form of comedy. Of course, suicidal tendencies are up, which is what lead to the popularity of these jokes, but it's not what they are. Boomers had the same thing but with wife jokes, people didnt make them because they hated their wife, even though back then unhappy marriages were more common, but because it was a popular joke format and people rolled with it. One day theres gonna be a millennial humor sub that's just all about people wanting to kill themselves as the next gen wonders why this was considered humor. And the cycle continues


I can’t imagine ever joking about my boyfriend like that. He’s a soft boi. A cinnamonrol. A big sweetheart. He would be heartbroken. But i also wasn’t forced to marry him to survive and be accepted by society, so that helps.


Likewise, I never feel inclined to join in when people are spouse-bashing at work. My wife is awesome! Why would I want people to think otherwise??


I’ve never gotten this at all. Grown men and women at work bonding with their correlating genders over how annoying/useless their spouses are. Why would you marry someone if you seem to dislike them so much?! My girlfriend is literally my best friend. ^(Only friend, but shhhhhhhhhh...)


So, I absolutely love my husband and could never imagine being with anyone else. He’s my best friend and even though we’ve been together for 20 years, we still enjoy hanging out together and watching a movie or doing nothing. But, sometimes he annoys me and, even though he’s absolutely brilliant in his profession and is amazing with our kid and around the house, he sometimes does things that seem really clueless and end up costing us money to fix. I don’t dislike my husband, but I sometimes dislike the things he does and need to vent to people about it. I never say things like “he’s an idiot” or “I can’t stand him” because those things aren’t true, but maybe the people at your work are frustrated with their spouses and are venting and saying things they don’t mean even though they still love their spouses. After living with someone for decades, they do start to annoy you occasionally and you need to learn how to cope with that so you can still enjoy being with them. Part of coping with their annoying aspects might be venting to others.


I agree with you, but thankfully, I think that's different than people who just constantly shit on their spouses. I rarely talk about my husband honestly (no reason, I'm just a private person) but if I do, I'm usually laughing about some of the silly things he says/does, not actually shit-talking him. Nothing I wouldn't say to his face or in front of him.


Usually because they’re not happy but not unhappy enough to get divorced would be my guess


Also no relationship is gonna be perfect. Some people just need to vent about the little things that annoy them. Doesn't mean their whole relationship is bad. Although I've met a few people who seem like they absolutely despise their spouse and with valid reasons and I don't understand them staying together outside of being alone scares them too much.


> Why would you marry someone if you seem to dislike them so much?! There are many reasons for this, but one of them I was thinking of is that for many people marriage is just something you do. It's a part of life like going to school, then getting a job, then getting a house, etc. And after marriage you have kids, because why wouldn't you? For a lot of people life is just a checklist and you go down that list crossing things off. This is also a cultural thing from what I've seen. So if you're American you might not have seen or understand this mentality.


It's really refreshing to me that my 50yo boss absolutely adores his wife. Only ever says good things about her and one time we were drinking (those were the days) and he kept saying how lucky his is to have her. So freaking cute.


Whenever I hear someone make "ball and chain" type jokes nowadays I'm like.. Are you okay? Are you being forcefully married against your will, do you need me to call someone?


I have been married for 19 years, and there are certainly issues that I have with my spouse. But those issues are not for public discourse or to gain a cheap laugh. If you're lucky, you have a confidant of two who you can vent about what you're going through.


Why would you spend any time with someone you don't like, never mind permanently live and have sex with them? Obviously these people are getting something out of the relationship, and it's not a healthy partnership. It's like we've normalized abusive relationships.


Exactly… I would be heart broken if my wife made this joke about me. It’s messed up.


I didn't marry for stability or financial assistance but having a partner with a vested interest in my success has done nothing but improve my life. I can't recommend marriage enough, if you like being with your partner a lot... Like a lot a lot... At one point in the pandemic my wife only saw me for a week at a time while working from home. I still light up when she comes home... She probably was the thing that ensured I didn't just eat a bullet. Covid without her? I might not have survived.


God, you are the first person I've encountered in a relationship who's actually acknowledged the incredible difference between having a partner vs being alone during the pandemic. As one who suffered the latter it's nice that *someone* has empathy for how difficult complete isolation is.


Gen X may have started it with alternative comedy [link](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_comedy)


As a member of said GenX I have to agree. Only because we got to hear the endless whining of fat old drunks complaining about how we 'were destroying comedy". They hated the stupid jokes we made that didn't have all the hilarious racism too.


My wife and I used to joke with each other on Facebook about how awful we were. We stopped after we realized that a lot of people thought we were serious when, in actuality, we're very happy together. But, we also don't go out on social media and brag about how happy we are like a lot of people do. That shit sounds manufactured to camouflage a more depressing reality.


Yeah it's all fun and games til you realize some folks weren't joking. Harsh reality check that I laughed along about being barefoot and pregnant and then realized, "Oh shit you really do want me barefoot and pregnant. Fuck."




Very true. I never display my relationship online. I don't feel like showing or proving our love to people on the internet.


yup. teasing = taken literally. bragging = SUS. so... that leaves us with lots of photos of our garden. The plants are loving this summer, no armchair psychology involved :)


It's a generational thing. Now its suicide jokes.


Wait, you guys are joking?


OP hasn’t answered in an hour. Probably dead.


Divorce for women is more of an option now than it was in past generations.


Delaying marriage/kids is as well.


I think it has more to do with less rigid gender roles and more willingness to see and appreciate one's spouse as a person. And later marriage age, and higher rates of premarital cohabitation (aka living together). So people just feel more comfortable with each other before they get married.


So is not getting married in the first place...for everyone.


Most domestic violence starts at pregnancy, child birth, or marriage. Most bad people don't show their true colors until it's too late.


#Leading cause of death for pregnant women is murder.


Oof that’s a scary statistic


I just made chit chat yesterday and made the joke about “the wife having the credit card” and instantly hated myself for it. I feel a little better now that I’ve confessed.


"Your first thought is how you were raised to think, the thoughts you settle on are who you really are" Or something like that, anyway. This quote is very important to me because I was raised to be a racist asshole, but I choose not to be. Doesn't mean I don't think horrible thoughts sometimes, just grandpa's voice in my head chiding others.


The only vestige of this humor that remains is “moms the boss” which is true in most households that I’ve interacted with


We exchanged “Take my wife, please!” for “Take my life, please!”


I don't like my wife...... I love her. Maybe we can start a new genre of humour, about how much we love each other?


If you love her so much why don't you marry her?


Lol classic


Go to r/Boomerhumour and r/boomershumor ... It's a perpetual spin cycle of ridiculous "I hate my spouse" jokes


It's becaaaaaause marriage is \`\~\*\`optional\`\*\~\`


Millennial here. Today is my 12 wedding anniversary. I never understood the "I hate my spouse" jokes. I love my husband very much. That's why I married him, and had babies (twins turn 1 tomorrow!). If you hate your spouse you should do them a favor and leave. If you don't hate them, stop talking shit about them.


This quarantine my husband kept getting asked by his boomer and upper-Gen X colleagues if he and I are "ready for divorce now that we've been working from home together." His honest response is that we are closer than ever, and he tells me most of the time they all look befuddled and don't know what to say. Maybe it's because we, I don't know, actually took our time before marrying and love being with one another??


SAME. When I returned to work, all my customers and half my employees were getting divorces and were completely flabbergasted to hear that my husband and I had *immensely* enjoyed our time at home together.


>actually took our time befo My wife and I run a media business, so we are already around each other most of the time when working. Sure we have our moments, but we know we can rely on each other.. and we have our own things that we do.. I game in the living room and she makes cosplays and props in the workshop. And more often then not we end up in the same room anyways. Last year we where working for a client to shoot some interviews. Since it was a decently sized software company, most people where already able to do their job really easily from a home office setting. So I asked the CEO how they where dealing with COVID and what his employees want to do going forwards. We ended up talking about the fact that it's nice to take short breaks and often being far more productive because you're not being distracted all the time by coworkers trying to chat you up. He said that literally the only people who would want to come back to the office full time: \- Young single people ( with no life.. His words... not mine). because they don't have much going in their lives other then their work. \- Boomer types with family, because they can't deal with being home all the time. All others where happy to not have to travel every day to work and back. All the meetings would still happen.. just digitally, and didn't feel nearly as stressed out by having a bit more freedom to get things done around their home. People with kids and family, get to actually be with them a lot more.




But memes about fucking step sisters are fine.