Proud parents

Proud parents


My mum once bought a towel back from holiday because it had constellations on it and i like astronomy. Not noticing the sex positions denoted on each one. Not to mention the mug that had a tanned guy on it with heat sensitive disappearing shorts. Bless her.


What holiday did your mum go on?


She went to Tenerife. My mum loves a good market so I expect it was from one of those.


My mum bought a back from Spain a bell written ring for sex and she would frequently use it to call us for dinner or if she needed us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Did you get sex for dinner ?


I don’t know if Algierwas soup is considered sex In some parts of the world but maybe my *step* brothers got some


What are you doing step mommy?


*you like it eh*


Wait, that’s not standard practice in Alabama?


Jesus Christ we need a fucking medic!!


I'll take just a normal medic thank you


ya, but .. a FUCKING medic .. *slightly jumps into traffic*


Stand aside people, I'm a professional! *plays sexy music through phone speakers and disperses rose petals on the ground*


Well my mum went to elevenrife


If she keeps going, eventually it will be seven elevenrife visits.


Just tell her not to get racist towards the shop owner, the customer will have a gun


Reddit is leaking again


Always has been 🌍👨🏻‍🚀🔫👨🏻‍🚀


I 'went to Tenerife' once. Haven't walked right since.


I'd try taking a plane next time, swimming just does you in.


Tenerife doesn't have the best history with planes...






US: This is a Holiday Gas Station in Orlando, FL UK: This was a vacation somewhere in Spain.


Pardon you, i would never get someone a gift at a mere gas station. It was a full truck stop, thank you very much.


I got my favorite keychain in a kansas gas station while road tripping once, some of them of treasures! It was a inch tall, full bible. It even has pictures! Which adds to how hysterical it is


My mom once bought a pair of jeans from lucky brand jeans for me when I was a teen I looked at the fly when I unzipped it and it said, “lucky you” lmao


Hah. Oh man. I miss my button fly carpenter Lucky Brand pants. When I discovered that detail I had quite a larf.


Button fly carpenter jeans? From this comment I know how old you are. And I agree completely with you


My grandma realized she was getting old when she saw the trailer for magic mike and the scene where all the guys are dancing outside shirtless and all she can think is “aren’t those guys cold?” And she paused and realized “oh I don’t think that’s the point of the scene. If I was younger I probably would of been cheering for them”.


My husband's Mamaw had alzheimer's so there was a point before her truly going where she had basically forgotten that she was old. She would be shocked that she is married to this old guy, because she knows her husband and he is young and hot. She would really talk him up compliment people a lot on their looks, fashion, hair, things like that. Among the various stages she went through, that one was probably the most light hearted for herself and everyone involved.


My grandfather had Alzheimer's. Grandparents had been married over 65 years. Towards the end, Grampa would argue that she was a "good kid", but not his wife. As you can imagine, Gramma did not take that well. One night, however, he finally ended the argument in his favor, by stating that "MY Margie has black hair and better legs!!". Shut Gramma right up. She later said she had wanted to keep arguing, but since he was right she had nothing to say.


Bittersweet! It is an awful disease. While I had studied it in college, the reality of it still got me when it was happening to us. We were lucky to have enough women in the family to take turns going over and helping so that she would not have to go into a nursing home. I am thankful for the time I got to spend with her and it taught all of us something very real about aging and death. That right there is not how I would want to go.


Grampa was able to stay at home for the most part, with the assistance of my parents, brother, and me. I would "visit" with grampa so gramma could run errands, see her sisters, get lunch, basically get out of the house. Brother took over lawn / snow removal. My parents did all the other stuff. Uncle called from out of state to tell us everything we did was wrong. We ignored him. When Grampa would get agitated or confused at night (damn sundowning) my dad (his son in law) could work magic as far as refocusing him. Grampa had managed in a factory for decades, and my dad had worked in a completely different type of factory. Didn't matter, he spoke the lingo. He had always called Grampa "Boss", and they always shook hands. Always. So, Grampa would be agitated and confused. Gramma would call my folks, Dad would go over. Walk in, say "Hey there Boss! What's going on here?", while sticking his hand out to Grampa. Grampa would shake his hand and try to explain what was upsetting him, which generally would make no sense. Dad would say something like, "It's ok, Boss, the guys know what they're doing, they're waiting on parts, nothing more for you to do tonight!" or "Don't worry Boss! You left instructions for the guys, they are right on schedule! The crew has it handled and you can relax." Grampa would almost immediately relax. My dad's theory was that giving him something to focus on, that made sense to him, let his brain relax. For the rest of night, Grampa would mutter about the idiots in supplies not getting the right parts or how his guys were the best and would handle it all. But, it had to be my dad telling him that, didn't work for the rest of us! Horrible disease.


Thank you for sharing your story! You guys did an amazing job! We found the same to be true, there is no sense in arguing, it is just confusing for them and can be scary. Us, girls, too could get her to do what we needed to be done with mostly just listening, acknowledging her feelings and telling her it is all being taken care of. It was much harder for her husband because it just never stopped and she'd fight him on everything. Eventually the physical part of it took over and in a way it was easier, but physically harder. She passed in February.


My mom bought me a pair of socks that had the molecular compound and name for THC on them and told me to give them to my chemistry teacher for extra credit cause they were cute chemistry socks.


Awkward conversation with the chemistry teacher.


Oh I kept them and wore them all the times. I had to explain to her what they were and she thought it was hilarious.


Bonus : you now have a new hook up for meth


I just bought my 14 year old a Vans tshirt. Cute little conversion van on the front. Didn't look at the back with the massive pot leaf on it. I'm a good mommy.


When I was in like 8th grade, my mom bought and gave me a little purple bottle of lotion to give to my girlfriend. She did not realize it was edible body oil or some shit. We used it. It was grape flavored.


So that's the story you told your GF? Smooth.


She knew


How old were you when she got those?


Must have been around 20/21 I would guess. I distinctively remember taking the piss a little and having fun so can't have been a teenager where dying inside would have been more the speed.




The comet sutra.


I feel like she knew exactly what they were.


Sounds like she had a great time!


I think you're confused, your parents are clearly trying to come out to you. Your parents are gay.


Probably bisexual singers. I mean not that thats a bad thing.


What makes you think they sing? Not all bisexuals can sing.


I'm sure there are good bisexual singers though


>I'm sure there are good bisexual singers though If you're a good enough singer, *you have options*


All bisexuals can sing, but not all bisexuals can sing well.


Don't forget about the mute bisexual homies!!!


Can confirm. Tone deaf and terrible singer (or so I'm told, I think I sound fine!).


What genre?


[Bi Singers huh?](https://i.imgur.com/0T4UedW.jpg) (Reposted because I accidentally included a picture of George Carlin as Mr. Conductor by fat fingering the picture selection and even by my standards that would be needlessly confusing)


Do you mean singers as in they can sing both male and female parts or swingers as in they build non-sex specific playground equipment?


Damn it auto correct


So... ringers, swingers, or gingers?


Or they’re swingers! This is adorably hilarious though!


Nice try, but you'll never convince me that both my dads are gay


Reminds me of the time my mom made me her and my dad at a pride parade her profile pic. Both she and my dad were flooded with messages about it saying they were proud of my parents for being so accepting and they were so happy for me being open I’m straight.


That's still an adorable story Edit: read the entire thread I spawned, and y'all are all amazing, wonderful, beautiful people! Thank you for sharing your stories and our LGBTQ history. We've come far, and we've still so far to go. 💖


As a 61 year old lesbian who came out in the late 70s, I can’t begin to express how fabulous this is. Happy Pride everyone. As you celebrate, consider how much has changed. Activism works.


Seriously. I am a gay in my twenties and remember when gay sex was fully legalized in the US and back when it was normal to call everyone/thing 'gay' as an insult. We've come so far so quickly in just my life that I keep like I have cultural whiplash. I can't image how it feels to you.


I was thinking about this the other day... I think it was around 2008 when I still used "gay" as an adjective for anything I didn't like. I cringe now when I think about it but around that time basically everyone I knew used the word that way. I think things are getting better.


I'll add another fun gay in his twenties story. I was fired from my first job after college, legally, for being gay. We've come a very far way and very quickly.


Oh wow, where did you work?


A random factory doing night work.


I remember doing the same in middle school around 2005, it was totally normalized to use "gay" as a synonym for "lame" or "stupid". So cringe-worthy and shameful. Here I am years later looking back with pity on my stupid teenage self who didn't even realize he was gay and miles deep in denial. It's always a good thing to be respectful to others, you never know just how much you actually have in common.


So glad I don’t remember this but some people still have a far way to go


Not to poop on your party but guys still use gay as an insult, probably not as common but I've definitely heard it thrown around everyday when I was at in person school


As a 32 year old straight man, I'd buy some for my kids and go dancing down the street with them. WHO IN THE FUCK DOESN'T LIKE RAINBOWS?! Assholes, that's who. Glad you got to see real change in your life, here's hoping to see more in mine. It's still definitely a far from perfect world.


Thank you. I can't imagine what you went through, but thank you for doing it. The world is a much more accepting place now because of people like you.


Love old lesbian people… cause my parents are xd


What do you call them individually?


Usually just mom or their first names


Thank you for fighting for the future of all queer people. My youngest is coming out now in a world full of loving accepting people because of your hard work.


That takes some guts, good for you, thank you for blazing a path. I'm 30, and there was no way I could even think about coming out in high school in my small ignorant hometown. It's much different nowadays, had to hide being gay not 6 years ago at work because of state workplace laws in place at the time. Now I read tons of stories about LGBTQ+ kids coming out in troves at younger ages and it's beautiful ❤️


Has there really been that much progress since then? I mean I know it was more common to keep it secret than to come out before, but if someone like you with real experience says its that much better then that makes me pretty happy. I was born in 2001 and growing up I find myself lucky that my parents didn't give a damn about that kinda thing and didn't raise me to discriminate. It doesn't really affect me directly because im a straight white boy but to negatively judge people based on any such thing as sexuality or race seems entirely unreasonable. Sadly my girlfriend *is* affected by it directly because she's had a couple relationships, including her first, with girls and her family is... very weird about it though luckily accepting I think. We're in a pretty conservative area so even something silly like wearing pink socks to work makes me uncomfortable because I don't want to deal with anybody at work making a deal out of it. Ridiculous.


I promise it is so much better. I have a daughter your age. I had to fight with the school board after I added "sexual orientation" to the nondiscrimination disclaimer of my school newspaper. I was the editor-in-chief, I believed that it WAS our policy, so I put it in print. There was a threat of suspension, a threat of stripping my honors at graduation, and a lot of drama. When I won, some of my friends were no longer allowed to hang out with me. When I printed feature articles about the gay experience at my school, from the perspective of a handful of student interviews, I was forced to include a counter-perspective from a person who was quoted saying that homosexuality is a sleight against god. Random adults reacted poorly and threatened my parents with violence and egged their house. People called AIDS the gay plague and gay cancer routinely. I graduated high school in the late nineties. I'm not *that* old and I grew up in a pretty liberal beach area. I know things haven't changed everywhere, but I promise they have changed. I hope they continue to change toward greater acceptance and I hope you can rock your pink socks!


Oh my god, yes. Honestly, even just the past 10 years there has been an incredible amount of change. Remember that same-sex marriage has only been legal in every state since 2015. Obama only publicly voiced real support for it in 2012, after being practically forced into voicing it by Biden.


Biden saving the day since 2012


And in this case, saving the gay. ... Ow, ow, OK, I'm leaving!




You could be legally fired from your job, barred from renting or buying a home, put into a mental institution all for being gay. Things are MUCH better now.


To add to this, so called conversion camps are pretty much illegal now cross country.


Yes there has been an enormous shift in views around being gay in the past 30 years. In the 90's being gay was not cool. You would be ostracized. Many people were killed for being gay. Us older people are blown away at how much things have changed. I see younger people saying it is not a big deal and it is not that important to celebrate pride. It is a huge deal. It was not like this VERY recently in history.


Oh yeah, tons of progress. I'm straight and in a fairly liberal metro area (DC) and quite enjoy, and am quite comfortable, wearing [rainbow colored shoes](https://www.backcountry.com/merrell-nova-2-hiking-shoe-mens?CMP_SKU=MERZ2I2&MER=0406&skid=MERZ2I2-RAI-S110&mr:trackingCode=66E2BD2F-E493-EB11-811C-005056944E17&mr:referralID=NA&mr:device=m&mr:adType=plaonline&iv_=__iv_p_1_g_49946482991_c_225812345921_w_aud-1040218976363:pla-381242860478_n_g_d_m_v__l__t__r__x_pla_y_7811_f_online_o_MERZ2I2-RAI-S110_z_US_i_en_j_381242860478_s__e__h_9008140_ii__vi__&CMP_ID=PLA_GMm001&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PLA&k_clickid=_k_Cj0KCQjw8IaGBhCHARIsAGIRRYrABCriTg6PTLmKmDEJDR1qPMv6tbP-VB4Lc7lS_oX-dGDhOAn3jBIaAn0eEALw_wcB_k_&utm_id=go_cmp-213417997_adg-49946482991_ad-225812345921_aud-1040218976363:pla-381242860478_dev-m_ext-_prd-MERZ2I2-RAI-S110&gclid=Cj0KCQjw8IaGBhCHARIsAGIRRYrABCriTg6PTLmKmDEJDR1qPMv6tbP-VB4Lc7lS_oX-dGDhOAn3jBIaAn0eEALw_wcB) and pink shirts and such because why the fuck not and who cares if someone thinks I'm gay. Don't think anyone would care. And my kids love rainbows, so all the merrier. Oh and my gay coworkers are super interesting people and hilariously always seem to end up working with the couple religious guys on my team. No one cares, it's all good.


Lol at “fairly liberal”


Yes. So much change here. Alan Turing a bit earlier but helped win WWII in a significant way. Then chemically castrated by the British Government and dead of suicide in 1954. Stonewall was 1969, pure oppression before that. And Clinton through Obama half the GOPs platform was making sure there would be no gay rights.


I was born in 1971. Growing up, open bigotry and worse was completely acceptable and normal. Now I find a big chunk of my wife’s law firm are gay, financially well off, raising families, successful by a lot of measures. Maybe not perfect yet, but a ton of progress.


Congrats on coming out


Maybe your parents are not tho.


You know how most parents tell their children they want them to be a doctor or lawyer growing up? Well this was their way of telling you they wanted a gay child.


When I was about 14, my mom took me aside and told me that she loved and supported me, and that it didn't matter to her that I was gay. I'm straight. But I love her so much more for doing that.


I was pretty late to the dating game and for a while I think my parents thought I was gay lol


Not any more you arent /s


I image it was something like this http://i.imgur.com/fxQqa.png


Don't spoil it for them get a beard girlfriend to bring to family dinners (grin) Not sure if I phrased that right.


Congratulations! You're gay!




Good news: your parents are proud of you. Bad news: nothing.


This deserves way more up doots.


And they clearly are.


Best parents ever, really.


If my daughter graduated from Harvard I’d buy a PRIDE balloon knowing full well what it’s meant for.


At least you have parents that care about you


At least you have parents.


All of you are silly. And funny.


Haha thanks.


At least they are silly and funny


At least you.


At least.










I didnt post about me. I wasnt trying to be self deprecating. I was just pointing out that her parents at least tried and care about her


But I was...


Im sorry you lost your parents.


Damn, that hit hard outta no where.


My wife bought me a card for our anniversary. She didn’t notice that the couple on the front of the card was two men. It’s my favorite card she’s ever gotten me and I’ll keep it forever.


Now I really wanna see it. That sounds super sweet!


I joined the FBI as an analyst. Agents used to be known as G-men (Government Men.) Before I moved to DC, my mom bought me, and proudly displayed on my bed, a G Unit t-shirt. It was written in a wedding script font. smh.


G..G...G...GGGGet yo ass out of the car!


So you're the one reading all my texts


I was gonna talk to you about this …


I don’t think they made G Unit shirts in any other font. Can confirm... I had one


I feel so validated right now. My friends still call me G-unit.


Hate it or love it


Ugh that is so cute.


When I came out at like 15 over twenty years ago so little different time. She came into my room and gave me a bright yellow book on lesbian sex. She said she thought she got it. It took three years for me to open it.


I'm so jealous. My mom refused to talk about sexuality at all for 6 years when I came out at 19 (2012).


When I was about 12 ( 1973 ish) my sister and I were with our dad on a trip to cape cod, MA and we stopped at a “shop” (I think it was a headshop) and my dad bought me this cute little rams head bracelet and necklace. The necklace one had a coke spoon for a tongue. I didn’t know about that stuff but my older sibs clued me in and said I shouldn’t wear it around.




My mom bought a Canada Day T-Shirt to wear to her very corporate job. Is was the Canada flag but instead of red and white it was a rainbow. She had no clue it was the pride flag. She is pretty sure everyone at work now thinks she is a lesbian.


The worst part is once you wear a rainbow, you can’t take it back. There’s no symbol to instantly signify you’re straight. What are you going to do? Wear full camo?


I don’t think I’d really be that concerned tbh. Keep people guessing.


The G in LGBT+ stands for Graduate.


The plus stands for excellence at gaying. Mullet, septum piercing, collar, and mesh shirt? Gay plus, my friend.


They are trying to let you know that they know.


This is just fabulous


Pretty sure that's exactly what that balloon means. I bet the lgbtq+ community would be thrilled to learn that this balloon was used by any family to celebrate an accomplishment. Gay pride, hetero pride, pride in your children, pride in your transition, pride in your grandma knitting awesome socks. Be proud of the people you love. I'm not lgbtq+ but I'm proud of everyone who has the courage to be honest with themselves about who they really are.


And that’s the spirit 🏳️‍🌈


it does mean that they are proud of you


Oh bless their hearts!


Exactly. x


I bought my brother a Baby’s first Christmas ornament when his son was born near Xmas time. He took it home and opened it and the baby on the ornament was black. We are not and neither is his baby. We all had a good laugh and he kept it anyway and the next year his other five year old son says “Oh look it’s baby’s ornament from last year- back when he was black!”


I had a friend who was straight but whose parents were *convinced* she was gay, and they were always trying to be proactively supportive kind of like this, sooo . . . . My mother once told me she kind of hoped at least one of us (she had five kids) would turn out to be gay. I almost volunteered that my younger sister was bi, but I wasn't sure if that was a secret, so I didn't. Instead, I said, "Mom, I'm *straight*, and you might never really understand it, but it's my way of life!" And she sprayed me with the bottle she used when the cats were bad.


Maybe she just thought you were coming out as a cat.


Or maybe they just saw the way you were looking at the other girls during field hockey practice?


My teenage daughter is bisexual. I should have noticed when she started reading books about roller derby


My teen daughter came out a few months ago. I should have noticed when we went to see several Kristen Stewart movies in a row!


Charlie's Angels was so good!


It really was. Also the Happiest Season, totally adorable.


It means whatever they want it to mean.


I once was talking to my parents about religions and I just mention the kamasutra thinking it’s a Hindu sacred book... What a fucking awkward conversation we had after that


You have no choice now OP. You have to become gay.


Reminds me of a [Mr. Show sketch ](https://youtu.be/Q2bOcEWBJxw)


And a few years from now when she realizes she's gay and comes out to them, her parents will be all "oh we knew way back when "




If our son ever did come out as gay, yes, we would still be proud of him. At 24 he's accomplished so much already and makes a really good living in a skilled trade, plus is honest and compassionate towards others, has a big heart. As long as he's happy, that's all that truly matters




Okay. Can we talk about the lampshade please? I love it!


Welp, guess you're gay now.


Oh... they know. They're just waiting for you to come out ;)


My uncle bought me a bunch of anime DVDs when he was visiting Canada. Majority of them were hentai.


"Hey sport! I know you like those Japanese cartoons, what are they called again...an-ee-mays? I got you a bunch while I was on vacation, check this out!"


Sometimes you're the last to find out.


When you gotta show how proud you are of your daughter at 9am and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community at noon


Maybe they “know”.




Honestly I would've done the same thing rushing


Your parents may be more savvy than you think.


And I'm sure they are




It’s the thought that counts, take it as a huge symbol of happiness at your accomplishment.


Eh, roll with it


Hey atleast they’re trying! It’s the thought that counts.


He’s a little confused but that’s the spirit


That’s what it does mean when they buy it for you :)


"not that there is anything wrong with that"


Had a VERY churchy friend in high school who bought a bracelet from a flea market with “ferns” on it. Not sure who eventually broke the news to her that they were pot leaves, but it wasn’t me.


My mom used to write “Happy VD” in valentines cards. That was a fun time of year


Congratulations on coming out … of school with your diploma!




Hilarious! Did you tell them what it really meant?


Congratulations on being forced out the closet!


I’m dying hahahaha


If you’re not already, now you have to be gay. Otherwise it’s homophobic. /s




Best part is: they love you!!


My mom owns a bisexual pride shirt. She's not bisexual she just doesn't know what it means.