Rigged system

Rigged system

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lol don’t have kids you can’t afford but also please have kids because the economy needs more serfs


Right? Who else to wash the ultra wealthy people’s clothes? Deliver their groceries? Clean their kids private school…smh


Isn’t that why we have Mexicans? It’s a joke... I’m of Mexican heritage. I crack myself up.


I’m Mexican, have you ever seen the movie, “A Day Without Mexicans.” It’s about people in LA who wake up one day and there’s no Mexicans. Total chaos. Funny at first, sad at the end.


Great, underrated movie.


It's why they want Mexicans but also don't want them


This is pretty accurate. They want laws that threaten immigrant workers to keep them afraid and easy to exploit. But they still want them as a workforce. That’s why there were articles from farm owners crying ‘cause their labor force got deported—or became so afraid of ICE that they weren’t showing up to work.


Yep, it's also why you always see immigrants being deported or imprisoned, yet the people who hire them never seem to face any consequences. Bosses seem to break multiple laws yet the lower classes are forced to deal with the fallout.


Schrödinger’s immigrant. Simultaneously too lazy to work and also stealing your job.


>don't want them No, they just want to tell everybody they don't want them. Virtue signaling much? I mean who would though. They're lazy free loading criminals who don't speak English and come to this country with literally nothing but the shirt on their back. And they're taking our fucking jobs! Sarcasm, in case that wasn't clear. Just echoing the Bill Burr (?) joke that recognizes the cognitive dissonance in thinking so little of Hispanics but still worried they will take your job. What do you think of yourself?


it's all about the military. we got rid of the draft, the gi bill's been severely reduced and they need to find enough bodies to run decades' long wars.


How are the mega wealthy supposed to make money off of oil if the military isn't destabilizing the middle east to keep the competition down? Gas prices might go down to much if the middle east were peaceful.


Don't forget the creating future terrorist by killing kids families or families kids to fight the future wars. Without enough civilian drone strikes you can't have a latte in the land of free


How could you forget? Nah we’ll win those hearts and minds any day now.


The Post 9-11 GI Bill is pretty fantastic, and typically far more valuable than the Montgomery GI Bill. [It currently pays](https://www.benefits.va.gov/GIBILL/resources/benefits_resources/rates/ch33/ch33rates080121.asp) for 36 months of any public University, or 36 months of $26,042.81 per year for a private/foreign University. It also pays basic housing allowance at the "E5 with dependents" rate, and covers $1,000 a year for books.


Word. My SO and I have always wanted kids, and finally we had our first when we’re in our 30s. We can send our toddler to daycare, buy him clothes and keep him fed and loved.... But the trade? *im ALWAYS working*. I fucking hate it. I love my kid and I know I signed up for this, but at the same time in the 90s growing up, my dad was the only one working with my mom staying at home with my sisters and I (plural. MULTIPLE KIDS). We had a two story house, two SUVs and we went on vacation once a year. Pretty normal-ass 90s childhood. Now? I can’t even *dream* of that. We have a single story home and *one* working car. I’m making half of what my dad made at my age *and we have the same career*. Somethings gonna give sooner than later because with how wild all this shit is, *my SO and I are considered some of the LUCKY ONES for what we have*. **edit** For those asking, I'm a graphic designer by trade (writer by heart). I started moonlighting as a freelancer to make extra cash 10+ years ago, when I was in college, making posters for local bands in exchange for beer money. Now it's become a bit more lucrative...however that's the exchange: I'm *always* working. I had the opportunity to work at the same agency my dad did when he was my age, in the 90s. There's still some "old school" pros there, and they would tell me stories about the 90s and it just sounds like something they made up. Teddy, one of the older graphic artists there, described the 90s as, "like going to a faucet and turning it, but instead of water, *money* just poured out." Back in the day, the agency used to hand out bonuses during Christmas that were upwards of *$10,000* (if not more). Pretty fucking mind-boggling, as the biggest Christmas bonus I've ever received was just shy of $2,000...and that was a *good* year.


30 years ago my parents bought an 1,800 square foot bungalow on 7 acres of land, located 10 minutes out of the city. They owned 2 vehicles and paid for all our gas, groceries, utilities, and recreation solely with my dad's income from the local window factory. Now the people working at that same window factory are living in basement suites or renting apartments. It's crazy.


mmm... but they’re hiring? /s I joke so I don’t cry


That genuinely is so horrific. You have children because you want someone to love, you want to get to know them and you want to spend time with them. But the only way you can care for them makes it so you can spend almost no time with them. But then you know that another situation could be a reality and this is all imposed by the current political landscape/leadership. I'm really sorry, this truly sounds hellish.


Ahh well thanks, I appreciate that. It’s not *terrible* but I definitely would like to work less. I’m lucky that I’m so good at my job and that I’ve been working freelance for so many years that my side hustle can afford us some nice things. That all being said, everybody should be able to have kids without having to work 80 hours a week just to make sure they have a good childhood


People arent people. They are "workforce". That needs to change.


There's a reason they call it "Human Resources"


Used to be "Personnel". That was a pivotal moment, when we stopped being considered as persons and started being resources.


Why do you think the GOP is trying to ban abortion? Most of those kids that would otherwise be aborted aren't exactly going to loving, supportive homes. The ones that do, their parents may struggle to provide beyond the basics. Meaning that while their parents are working minimum wage jobs, they'll be unavailable to raise their children and prepare them for the real world, meaning they'll grow up with little interests, talents, or long term goals, repeating the cycle to the benefit of some assholes with way too much fucking money for it to come at our expense.




You’ve been drinking water, haven’t you? If you stop drinking water, your utility bill will go down. And for God’s sake, why aren’t you using candles instead of turning the lights on?


Wait, is she *buying* candles from the store? No wonder she can't afford day old bread. She needs to make them from her own earwax.


Wait you buy day old bread? I always just wait till 8:47 when panera dumps the bread they don't sell in the dumpster


r/frugal_jerk is leaking...


Sadly, I have actually done this. They aren't even stale.


Dumpster bagels are amazing! Just dont use the old cream cheese


Can confirm, boxed donuts are also fantastic.


That...saddens me.


Made me happy, at least I ate those days.


8:47? Man, must be nice to have such hard working teenagers earning enough to cover a fraction of their expenses at your Panera, mine are lazy bums who take until 8:55 to chuck old bread in the dumpster!


Ffs just stop buying Starbucks and get a third job. If you weren’t lazy you’d ask your dad for a small loan like a couple 100k to start a business. /s


A small loan? No wonder why your suffering. As the saying goes, go big, or go home. You have to ask your dad a loan of 500k.


Pfft. Its because he is eating all those avocado toasts. Otherwise he's dead ass a milliionair now


I wonder what the “rent is too damn high” guy thinks about the rent today? Probably that it’s high.


not just high. too high. too DAMN high.


> Nationally, between 1991 and 2011, the number of renter households dedicating less than one-third of their income to housing costs fell by about 15 percent, while the number dedicating more than 70 percent of their income to housing costs more than doubled, to 7.56 million. https://www.harvardmagazine.com/2014/01/disrupted-lives > For many poor families in America, eviction is a real and ongoing threat. Sociologist Matthew Desmond estimates that 2.3 million evictions were filed in the U.S. in 2016 — a rate of four every minute. > "Eviction isn't just a condition of poverty; it's a cause of poverty," Desmond says. "Eviction is a direct cause of homelessness, but it also is a cause of residential instability, school instability [and] community instability." > Incomes have remained flat for many Americans over the last two decades, but housing costs have soared. So between 1995 and today, median asking rents have increased by 70 percent, adjusting for inflation. So there's a shrinking gap between what families are bringing [in] and what they have to pay for basic shelter. > Stabilizing a home has all sorts of positive benefits for a family. The kid gets to finish school. The neighborhood doesn't lose a crucial neighbor. The family gets to root down and get to understand the value of a home and avoid homelessness. And for all of us, I think [we] have to recognize that we're paying the cost of eviction because whatever our issue is, whatever keeps us up at night, the lack of affordable housing sits at the root of that issue. ... > We know that neighborhoods that have more evictions have higher violent crime rates the following year. You can understand why — it rips apart the fabric of a community. We pay for that. The top 5 percent of hospital users consume 50 percent of the health care costs. Guess who those people are? They're the homeless and unstably housed. And so I think we can spend smart or we can spend stupid, and so I think addressing the affordable housing crisis is a win for families, for landlords and for the taxpayer. https://www.npr.org/2018/04/12/601783346/first-ever-evictions-database-shows-were-in-the-middle-of-a-housing-crisis


As a kid in elementary school I remember getting off the school bus one day only to see that our stuff was all sitting on the grass outside our apartment. I didn’t really understand at first but then my mom told me we couldn’t live there anymore.


Dude had a valid point, it’s a shame no one took him seriously.


Here ya go: https://youtu.be/NrOY3yKUH4k


I love this skit. They did a fantastic job on this.


I wonder about the legend of the rent that’s way hardcore too




**[Jimmy_McMillan](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_McMillan)** >James McMillan III (born December 1, 1946) is an American political activist, perennial candidate, and Vietnam War veteran. McMillan is best known as the founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, a New York-based political party. McMillan has run for office at least six times since 1993, most notably in the 2010 New York gubernatorial election. He declared in December 2010 that he would run in the 2012 U.S. presidential election as a Republican. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/WhitePeopleTwitter/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | Credit: kittens_from_space)


Reading a newspaper? That sounds like a coffee drinking sort of activity. Maybe cut out the daily trips to Starbucks and you could afford 5 kids.


You can save even more money by not having to pay rent: live outside and just reuse the newspaper as a cover at night, afford all the children you want!


"But don't do it in public. I don't need you homeless parasites lowering my property value!"


Also, don't waste money buying newspapers. Human skin is naturally water resistant.


That's why all my tents are made of human skin.


You got that lotion on the skin right


Make sure you are recycling the whole human and use bones to prop the tent. Don’t be wasteful.


Unless you live in Texas, where "public camping" was recently made illegal during a massive spike in home losses right before millions are about to lose federal pandemic assistance months before it ends nationally. Gotta love that southern hospitality /s


Tomorrow's headlines: why are millennials killing coffee shop businesses.


Lol yes


Just kill Starbucks.


I started drinking coffee at home over a year ago where’s all the money they keep telling me I’ll have


You were also supposed to stop buying avocado toast, that's why


Weirdly, they don’t seem to ever account for the actual cost of things. A tall coffee from Starbucks will set you back $2.50 here. If you buy one every day you work, at 260 days per year, you would spend $650 over the entire year. To make coffee at home, I think I spend about $300 per year in coffee beans. So the savings I’m bringing in for a year are, at most, about $350. I don’t think the Starbucks coffee is the magic bullet that would solve my financial perplexities. I don’t think it would solve anyone’s.


There was a *phenomenal* article about avocado toast.


5 kids that can’t afford Starbucks


Well you obviously splurged on that newspaper subscription. Maybe you would have money for a family if you just cut those sort of luxuries out. /s


I love how they always go after supposed luxuries as the reason poor people are poor, like “how dare they ask for help when they spend a fraction of their money to make their life not as bare and drab as possible”


Yeah like the one where that pundit was complaining about how many poor households had refrigerators. As though refrigerators weren't invented to make perishable foods available to the lower classes. Literally, although Chloroflorocarbons are a disastrous poison in hindsight, the guy who found a way to use them as a cost effective refrigerant was hailed as a hero because of how it made food that much more available to Joe everyman.


To the wealthy, if you're not LITERALLY living on a dirt floor, eating garbage and grubs, and don't have access to ANY modern convenience, then you're not poor, you're just lazy and whiny


We should eat them. Not figuratively by busting up their wealth— literally eat them, then shit them back out on their living room floor.


And if you are that ridiculously poor, they think you're a lost cause anyway. Remember the GOP guy fighting the $2000 stimulus check by saying that if you're in a position where two grand is life changing money, then you have big enough problems.


The worst thing was that he wasn't pitching his argument towards the rich, but to people who likely fell into the same category. It's getting the poor to convince themselves they're middle class and to shame everyone else for being poor.


"how dare they spend 60 dollars a year on a newspaper subscription and then complain (when the richest in our country spend millions every year on luxuries like drugs and travel that are destroying the environment and keeping the poorest countries in the world oppressed)"


newspaper? LOL, only has a newspaper because she lives with the parents. poor thing.


WhY dOn'T yOu JuSt bUy MoRe MoNeY?! Or just be born a business-owning politician? It's your fault you were born into poverty!


Wise words of Eric Cartman "Look, Kenny, I always told you that one day, being poor was gonna catch up with you. Okay? But you didn't want to listen, You just kept on being poor, and now its Halloween, and you don't have a cellphone."


Thing is: they’re only concerned with the birth rates because of future profits.


My professor used to joke they want more contributors to their social security


I mean yeah if life was easy, why not a kid or two? My wife and I are in a good place, but we’ve agreed dying alone with no kids outweighs the benefits of having one. It’s super fucking sad TBH but I don’t really have a choice.




Man, posts like these show me that you peeps don't have any immediate problems but are slowly dying from within. This is depressing as hell.


Everything gets adjusted for inflation, except wages


And savings account interest rates


And they tell us it's better to invest, but the market bottoms out every 8-10 years


You invest when the market bottoms out, and make a shit ton when it comes back up, at which point you sell when it’s high, then wait til it bottoms out again!


Only works when you aren’t a serf as we’ve been shown time and time again. The stock market is Vegas for the wealthy.


That is what the wealthy do, yes. It doesn't behoove them to let the Poors in on the game because then who do they pirate assets from at fire sale prices?


I left corporate America in 2003 to stay home with a baby. Last year I was offered the same position I left (with a different company) for the exact same salary...eighteen years later.


That’s fucking disgusting America sucks


Agreed. My wife and I didn't have kids in our late 20's or our early 30's cause it would've caused too much of a strain on us financially. Now that we have money we don't want to try at our age. Just no longer interested in having a baby when I am 40.


My dad just had his fifth at 50. And here am I at 25 forgotten, thinking if I'll get to eat next week.


I know your pain. I was there. The wife and I would scrape change together and buy 2-3 Mickey's 40oz. That was our Saturday night.


How does your father explain his reasoning for bringing another life into this world seeing how his older children are struggling?


They don’t reason, that’s how.


Ah yes, the movie Idiocracy


That would be nuts..being a senior citizen dealing with a teenager


As someone who had a kid at 40, I commend your decision.


It’s cause of that avocado toast cmon now


Tbh avocado toast is usually a cheaper option then many other menu items...


I don’t like avocado so I don’t eat it. Why am I not rich yet?


Do you drink coffee ?


Which I never got because avocados and bread is cheap af...


The article the meme comes from was from an Australian newspaper (iirc, literally called the Australian) and avocado toast there is generally considered pretty expensive for what it is.


Avocado is pretty pricey where I live. Not enough that it determines whether you can afford a $600,000 one bedroom condo or 1 million townhouse, but it is sort of a luxurious fruit.


fact. my rent goes up every year and I make the same every year


You need to negotiate. The time is now. Workers are scare not only because unemployment. No foreign help this year either. I live in SC and they canceled the federal aid and there is still no help. If you make the same each year, you actually lose money because of inflation.


*Flash forward to u/thegoldenturtle sitting on the curb with a cardboard box full of office decorations.*




"I want more money." "You're fired." That's how negotiations with wages happen.


It’s also ridiculous because the landlord’s mortgage doesn’t increase every year. It’s just really annoying to find a new place and move, so you just pay the increase. My husband and I have medical issues that would make moving more difficult so we just pay it. We’re fortunate that it’s not a hardship to pay it, but it’s ridiculous.


Less and less people will have kids, because they can't afford (or want) children in a hilariously failed dystopia of poverty wage jobs/unaffordable housing/homelessness/unsustinably extreme income and wealth gaps/climate crisis/violence/racism/etc. I'm supposed to have kids and keep the human species going? Lmao, wages are too low and cost of housing is too high, i can't even afford to move out of parents. Ever owning a house is a pipe dream and ever affording a 1 bedroom(or studio) apartment (no roommates) as 30% or less of income is not going to happen. Who wants to fuck/make babies when you can't even afford the privacy of your own place to live? And nevermind even having children, people are less and less Likely to be even getting into relationships... the skull fucking depression of living in a dystopia has made me infinitely suicidal lol, now in late 20's i have never even tried dating because of the socio economic status anxiety of being poor and feeling like I'd never even be worthy of love/romantic interest especially while knowing i could not provide any financial stability for a significant other (or a child)


Hard to have a relationship which might result in kids if living in your parents house because housing costs are astronomical, am I right?


Haven’t you heard? Not enough kids because all of the abortion! /s Definitely not the cost of healthcare, childcare, housing or the lack of parental leave, PTO, workers benefits or the weird mentality that you are supposed to give up your entire identity when you become a parent except when it comes to work then your job is supposed to be your entire identity. Planning for our daughter has been like 4D chess


So fucking true in the US r.e. healthcare cost. We had our kid in the mid 00s and paid only a few hundred dollars, now many pay thousands even with insurance. Nothing will change until we stop voting for those who oppose universal healthcare and living wages. But they work for the wealthy, the people who fund their campaign gravy train


wrong to have kids you can't afford, wrong not to have kids when you can't afford them, wrong to ask for a wage that would afford kids. they start with blaming us and then work backwards from there to find the narrative. funny how we have no power but we're still the cause of EVERY problem.




“damn millennials, not having kids and ruining the economy by not eating food at dying overpriced restaurant chains all while trying to eat healthier and NOT obliterate the small amount of natural resources and environment we left for them! They just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps!” /s


It gets worse. Do you know why they want you to have kids? Technology improvements will lead to longer lifespans, but that soon means only 2.2 workers per retiree (that was with strong immigration to help, Trump may have knocked it down to 2.0). If you only have 2.2 workers, social security is only 12.4% of their paychecks (social security is not a savings program, benefits are paid by patoll deductions from current workers). Fewer kids now is fewer workers in 20 years is less money in their checks. They see your kids as their future income stream.


If only there was a virus that targeted older people and made them choke to death on their own lung fluids... We should have made all the boomers go to work for us the last year


wait, are people actually using that argument?


I’m glad other people are willing to have a child without a stable job yet - but I’d rather not. It was hard enough to get my foot in the door the first time.


The two economic crashes in the past 15 years proved kids after stable jobs aren't a safe bet either.


The house I grew up my parents bought in 75 for 28k, sold in 92 for 225k. It’s now worth 1.2mil. That’s more than the 3x in this tweet.


Do you live in california


Seattle. At the time everyone was from Cali




🔫Always haven’t been


Avocado toast


God I think this every time I read about birth rates! If republicans want people to have babies so badly, why don’t they focus on creating opportunity and a sense of hope for the future instead of punishing and incarcerating at every possible turn


Because it's so much easier to just ban abortion


See but that will cause more economic strife in the long run, which demonstrably lowers total birth rates.


And make sure that kids' sex ed class says *nothing* about how to avoid pregnancy other than 'don't do sex'.


That would also involve inadvertently incentivising people of colour to make more babies too and we CANNOT have that. E: /s just in case.


Because they want them all to become soldiers and die overseas. No need to worry about a future for them that way.


I'm so sad because of how badly I want kids, but can't because of the expense... I'd love to have children. I just can't do it if I want to feed them too.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)




Well, like, have you tried harder to just not y'know be poor?


My grandmother was a caterer in the 70s, and the hourly wage she made then was the same hourly wage I made in 2020 as a server.


Imagine being able to afford a newspaper and complaining about it? Some people are just so ungrateful 🙄




Oh! You'll change your mind alright! About who you want to associate with


In 2015 I bought a condo for $179000. I sold it in 2018 for $279000 and bought a townhouse for $399,000. I am selling it now for $560,000. That means that my house made me $63,500 a year, which is on average higher than my and my wife's (not combined) salary those same 6 years. I feel super fortunate to be in the final generation of southern Californian first time home buyers.


Fucking lucky. Condos in LA county right now are going for minimum $500,000 unless you go to Van Nuys or something. A house is a million. I’ll never own a home living here.


My first condo was in Ontario, so not even LA county, but Zillow puts it at fucking $338,000 right now. I bought it in 2015 for 179,000 and spent $5000 on paint, carpet, and some minor kitchen/bathroom upgrades. Our townhouse now is in San Dimas which is still a horrible commute to LA. So happy I don’t have to do that. I only live here because of family.




Yes. What he said. I am also incredibly fortunate in having a family heavily entrenched in the business of real estate allowing me to avoid half of the real estate agent commissions, get lower interest rates/better loan programs, have access to off-market deals, and have access to cheap contractors to do labor. That coupled with general middle class advantages of having parents willing to give me a cash wedding present used towards a down payment and being able to temporarily move in with those parents prior to buying/getting married to allow for saving up the remainder of the down payment. Not something that your typical first time homebuyer has or should have access to.


You have access to generational wealth. Give your parents a fruit basket as a thank you.


How much of that $63,500/year did you have to pay up in taxes?


0. There’s a rule that if you live in a place for 2 years you can exempt $250,000 in capital gains if you are single or $500,000 if you are married.


This is part of why the NIMBY style destruction of supply is so dangerous. We don't even tax the income generated by the people stopping construction of higher density residences for the express purpose of driving up their own housing values. Not saying you did anything wrong by buying a house (unless of course you used the fact that you owned a home there to argue against an apartment complex down the street or something similarly demonic.)


I am all for more houses being built. I have benefitted from this seeing as I wouldn’t have wanted to be stuck in my first place, but I wouldn’t mind being stuck where I am now. And my next home is hopefully my “forever home”, meaning I don’t care what happens to the value until I am ready to retire.


None, since it's a principal residence.


Don't say that! You can always move to Colorado (with the other 10 million Californians) and jack up our real estate prices by buying houses with your grossly-inflated incomes. The dream lives on!


Suburbs of Denver Colorado, Washington (border near Portland, OR), AZ (near Phoenix), and Austin TX are probably like at least 20% CA millennial transplants. This is completely anecdotal and made up numbers.


Only one of those four places has sustainable water available though.


Tucson was labeled [world's worst city for property affordability](https://www.kold.com/2021/03/21/tucson-ranked-worlds-worst-property-affordability-study-finds/), with Phoenix in 7th place on that list. I'm worried it's going to resemble Boulder, CO in the next decade.


Doesn’t that just scream bubble? Like how the heck can people keep buying houses at these prices? Even raising minimum wage 3 fold doesn’t help this. People are super house broke right now and yet house prices keep going up.


no wonder we're all poor


My child went to daycare from 6 weeks till private kindergarten ending this past week (thanks covid). I tallied everything up. Myself making a decent wage at my main job including doing Uber and law care on the side and my wife working 2 jobs as well spent $87k on daycare. On friggin daycare. Fuck this system.


The cost of daycare is just mind blowing. I’ve heard plenty of stories of one parent quitting their job to stay home just because daycare costs basically offset their entire salary so what’s the point anyways.


Yep and sadly daycare/preschool teachers are still so underpaid. Kids are expensive.


I was a stay at home dad back in 2005-2008/9. It didn’t make sense for me to make $12.50/hour as a head cashier at Home Depot to pay $6-8/hour for daycare. I was literally working to pay for daycare so I could work.


Raises hand.


My brain can’t process your comment. I could understand a little better if you had paid that for college but just to be able to live your damn life and continue to work 5 jobs between 2 people… mind blown. I truly wish your family the best, internet stranger.




It might be cheaper to hire a nanny. I'm not joking.


Rent for a crappy small apartment in my state in a town that’s not even desirable is about 1000$. You probably can’t even play music or host a sizable party with friends. No it’s not Newyork or California. Where talking 2.5 hours away from a city above 250,000 Gonna be in moms basement forever unless I figure out how to move stocks or some shit.


watch them ban birth control


My first building's rent was controlled and never went up. The place was disgusting, repairs were never ever made, cockroaches on the walls, crack heads in the lounge... no wonder rent stayed the same. My second building, rent went up each year you were there, but if you moved to a different unit you could get the starting price again. So I just moved to different units, same square feet, each year. I moved on my own each time and always threw out my back... I found an amazing place during quarantine and moved there but to get the low price of $1,500 / month had to lock into a 24 month lease rather than 12. Covid caused over 50% of the building to move out and break leases citing acts of god clause... or they subleased them which isn't allowed (even though legally it is) and caused a mutual breach of contract so people could leave. I should just buy a place....


Not to mention child care costs are fucking outrageous and pretty much the same all the way across the board. So no matter what I gotta pay 2 grand plus a month when it wouldn’t cost me near that much to just keep them at home with their mom. Which we’ve done for the first 2 years but that’s very strenuous itself. Either way we’re fucked. She can’t make more than $16.50/hour or else she doesn’t qualify for assistance. Fuck republicans. I love my country but I also fucking hate my country at the same time. ‘Merica


I’ve lived in my building for 9 years… The first four, my landlord raised the rent 100 bucks every year. Then the top corner unit (it’s a condo building) became available for purchase (at an insanely low price). I did the math, my mortgage would be cheaper than my rent, started the process, told the lady I would be leaving and not renewing. She went ballistic and said “well, what am I supposed to do now?!” Yeah sorry I got tired of paying double your mortgage. Get bent. Also was the easiest move of my life just had to go up 4 flights to that sweet home ownership:) I got lucky but know many suffer from the rent rise crisis.


And then everyone telling you, you're just lazy and a POS, just pain all around :(


The billionaires don’t have enough yet, they promise to stop fleecing the country once they have enough though. Sure they’ve been saying that for 50 plus years but Republicans still believe them and keep licking their boots so here we are.


Pro-life only counts in the womb. Once you’re out, no exceptions. No support. No healthcare. No food assistance. No regular or mandated cost of living increases to meet even basic inflation. So yeah. It only makes sense that you shouldn’t have kids unless you can afford it.


my dad made twice my salary in 1993 after the same amount of years at work. I have a diploma. He didn't.


Same except I'm making double what my dad made in 1993. Just did some apartment searching. They are all like do you want a room for your kid? You can have it but now we will be taking half your pay. Or we can just take 4/10ths and she can sleep on the couch. Bruh we need a labor revolt pronto.


No pay, only buy!


Some asshole was on NPR today talking about how he didn't want wages to go up right now. These fucks are so out of touch with reality that I'm surprised people haven't burnt down this entire country yet.


Now if the conspiracy lunatics said that making having kids unaffordable was a "population control" tactic, I'd think they were (more) on to something. I'd still think it's a bit farfetched but it's more believable than vaccinations being used to make people sterile or the "Gay agenda" being used to lessen the population, as if gay people couldn't have children.


If you can think it, it exists. There are people in the world who sincerely believe gay people are incapable of reproduction.


Idiocracy at its best!!!


Rigged Economy*


I work at a newspaper. Thanks for keeping my job alive


My rent's increased by $20 every year I've lived in my current apartment. It started at $580 and it's now $680. Which isn't absolutely horrible or anything, but I make roughly the same amount of money, and have other expenses. I could really use that $100 each month.


Fuck, I couldn't even imagine having to pay for another whole ass human being....


Also the building is from 1973 and has no working washer or dryer




General strike demanding free college, universal healthcare, and $20 minimum wage. Do it. They'll have to comply with *literally* any demand we make if enough of us make it. We could actually demand shit like Biden appear completely nude on live TV uncensored. He'd have no choice but to do that if literally tens of millions of us refuse to keep the country running until he does. I'm not saying I want this or that we *should* demand this, I'm just using the example to outline how much power the collective will tens of millions of workers actually have.


At least youve got the singularity to look forward to.


'93? Hell, my dad made me than me (now) in 1980... And he dropped out of school in 8th grade! I have 4 fucking degrees and over 20 years experience in my field!


Minimum wage would be about 50 dollars if wages had kept up with costs of living.


I think more like $24, but still over 3 times what it is.


$24 with inflation. $50 with cost of living. It's a double whammy. Inflation has made $7.25 less than it already was but prices for everything have *also* increased faster than inflation.




Billionaires made something like 7 trillion collectively in the past year


Lying! Who reads news papers and is on the internet!


I recently found out my parents made nearly the exact same as my fiancé and I when they bought their house for $150k back in 1996. If we were to buy their house today, it’d be at least $800k.