You can't get away with a thank you

You can't get away with a thank you


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This account set his tweets to private, but all the replies/mentions that come up are accounts with cartoon animals as the profile pic and I legit thought I had missed some hot trend before I figured it out.


Figured it out?


Furries don't like to be harassed.


Who does?




What about masochistic furries?






Also largely into purrsecution too I hear.


= ^ . ^ = == O == A ballgagged kitty, as you requested


I mean... username checks out. Upvote


Their avatar checks out too- I always thought Reddit avatars were entirely innocent and uncorruptable, but they've found a way.


Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that! I'm kinda proud at how well that turned out with the whole bondage motif


I think we're on to something here guys. Let's keep going!


Good point


Ted Cruz


To be fair, it happens a lot more than some people think. I get death threats for existin, lol.


Keep existing to spite them. They send death threats because you, just by being alive, threaten them. Kinda bad ass really.


Yeah, the threats stopped being an issue to me and my mental health after the first year or so. I stay alive and don't give them the dignity of a response and they leave well enough alone eventually, it's just a shame to see how upset people can get over a hobby.


Being upset is their hobby.


i suppose we'll never know..


This feels like Deja vu because I feel like I've read this before


So what was the reason? Please, we have no idea




^Wow ^I’m ^flipping ^dumb.


No you're not. You're innocent. Cherish that innocence.


I don’t get it


Furries. They're furries.


I thought he meant the color navy. Had to reread.


Same, I thought it was going to be a blue vs red thing. Like the trumper assumed a blue hat meant he was a Democrat or something, which unfortunately I have seen before.


This sounds like bloods vs crips


Some would argue that the vitriol between the two scenarios are the same.


Some would most likely be correct


The real question, why are people so stuck on Trump that they're *STILL WEARING HIS HATS?!*


We still have Trump flags in our neighborhood (Texas) I want to put sorry for your loss cards in their mailboxes. >.>


I've fantasized about putting those grade-school "2nd PLACE" ribbon-shaped stickers next to those "TRUMP WON" bumper stickers.


Someone in my parking lot has a "not my president" biden sticker. It is so hard not to go put a paper snowflake by it everyday.


I’ve never wanted a cricut vinyl cutter more than in the past 4 years. Guerilla bumper stickers for idiots.


Cricut used to be awesome. [Now they started charging users to use their required cloud-based software.](https://www.makeuseof.com/cricut-charging-users-machines-they-already-own/)


One step away from home-based printer subscriptions.


Clearly you've never heard of HP Instant Ink, we've been there for about 5 years, with all the horror stories you'd expect.


Silhouette is slightly better, but you can't import SVGs into their program without paying more. You can trace JPGs tho. Just FYI.


sillhoutte allows 3rd party software to work with it which means you can do it for free! Cricut doesn't and has sued over it.


What is it about these companies forcing you to pay for basic functionality? Isn’t it enough to buy their $200+ machine? 😤


Nah, they rescinded that decision yesterday. It's back to unlimited image uploads.


It's an expensive hobby, but if you decide to get one, I'd pay you to print some up. This thread is full of fun ideas!


A decent catfish restaurant near me has had a he won get over it sticker on a bench since 2016 and I'm tempted to write lost on top of the won with one of those smelly fat permanent markers.


There’s an open air bar on the Florida/Alabama line that unsurprisingly skews hard towards Trump so there’s lots of “Trump 2020!” graffiti on the walls. After a few bushwackers I might have gone around amending them to say “Trump ^Lost 2020”


Do it !


I second that!!!


I wanna start carrying around colored markers and filling in people's blue line flags into rainbow gay flags


*Dear Sir or Madam* *Judging by the flag/sign/hat/bumper sticker, it seems like you may not be aware your Presidential candidate lost. To assist you in your grief, enclosed is a single tissue to dry your snowflake tears. We would have included more, but that would encourage socialism and free handouts. Also enclosed is a short, woefully incomplete list of the former President’s crimes and misdemeanors. We would have also included a list of racial/sexist/misogynistic/ableist/other comments, but that would have not been able to fit in an envelope. We are sorry the three time divorced (and cheater), six time bankrupt casino owner, pathological liar of a Christian Jesus messiah lost and the end is nigh.* *If you have any complaints about this message, please address the first person you see with a minimum of one Biden flag on their vehicle. Unfortunately, the only answer they will give you is to quote ‘get over it’ as you have used in 2016, which we did, but you seem to have issue with. Finally, we recommend actually reading a science/history textbook from accredited sources for fact-finding and not ‘(insert name here) from Facebook/Twitter/talk show.’* *Enjoy your day and we hope you return to your reality soon*


This is amazing. It would certainly be the talk of Nextdoor.


Thank ye. As a Texan myself, I have to take a moment to exhale whenever I go to a client’s house and see 45’s name out front. (I refuse to name him anymore)


I like to say the former guy or call him that washed up gameshow host. My husband refuses to say his name as well.


The president has also said that they like to pretend he who must not be named never happened. Whenever they're talking about him they always address him as "The previous administration"


Hah! that's what I do as well! We all have PTSD from hearing his name followed by bad news.


Do what SNL did and call him "Disgraced Former Reality TV Host Donald Trump"


We know it would piss him off the most 😂


Call him Drumpf. Drives them nuts. Just to clarify, that was his family surname when they came to America.


Seeing people from Texas mentioning the abundance of 45's flags made me go "yeah *sigh*"... then again I'm in Alabama so there's definitely plenty of it here. I just always find myself mentally going "how's that working out for ya?".


I'm in NY and I still see them everywhere. In fact, one guy in my neighborhood has doubled down and added a second flag which says STOLEN ELECTION - TRUMP IS STILL MY PRESIDENT. I mean, wow... says it all, doesn't it?


Same in NJ. Not a strictly southern phenomenon. Then again we have a lot of tools driving around their lifted pickups with confederate flags/don’t tread on me flags hanging from the bed so there’s a lot of cognitive dissonance here...


I’m in Southern California and we have a LOT of Trump flags waving from houses and cars. We used to have a parade of cars with flags drive down our major thoroughfare until last month, honking for the orange one. I don’t understand it. He hated California, refused to release emergency funds when the state was burning down, and only came here when he wanted to fundraise. Why he has so much devotion among our community is beyond me.


Central PA checking in. Got plenty of flags here too. Once you get outside of our little college town and out into the hills, they’re on every other house or so.


Surprised you're counting him at all. I'd say America is currently at its 45th president after a brief hiccup of some random child sitting in that chair and fucking around for four years.


Would agree, but the snowflakes would cry about it. And I’d rather he be nameless but acknowledge in horrible term so people learn how close authoritarian rule we got


As a German... yeah, fair enough. We acknowledge Hitler plenty, to ensure that it does not happen again. That was silly of me.


This is not the wisest. It's funny and all now that he's gone but ignoring the symptoms now that they've passed is allowing the disease to go untreated. What happened during Trump wasn't an anomaly. Those people still exist in this country and are trying very hard to get back into power as we speak. The anger isn't gone, the rural parts of America were a disaster before between the poverty and the opioids and they are going to be an even bigger disaster after COVID. This isn't over.


And the misguided anger.


Better wear a disguise cause they will be posting ring photos and screaming :P


I'll just wear my mask :D


The one house in my neighborhood with a flag still up is also the one that has a roof with shingles falling off, a rusted boat in the back yard and rusted poles where a fence used to be. Shocking coincidence.




Same. One of them is beaten to shit and falling apart by now, but they’re still flying their Trump 2020 flag high.


*Just do it*


I've been walking my neighborhood for the past few months and there was still so many fucking trump 2020 flags. Finally there is 0, the earth is slowly healing.


That’s what I thought! Until the “Trump 2024” flags went up near me outside of Nashville. Not even kidding. His merch business is truly his most successful one.


Lol ohhh fuck... round 2. At least the 2024 makes a little more sense and isn't the one they still have up of the election they lost nearly 4 months ago. 😅😅


Because to them it’s a symbol of what they believe in. It’s like their supremacy card. They wear it with a smug sense of pride as if the thought behind it means anything at all. The hat itself has no single meaning. Because in these peoples minds it represents what the individual wearing it believes. Which is usually supremacy. They live in a fantasy world they personally made just for themselves so they can “cope” with not being able to change shit in a reality where they have no control. The hat is most likely the “members only jacket” permitting them to easily live out that illusion.


The parallels to the Confederate flag are striking


You know the answer to that, it's the same reason people still fly the Confederate flag today (spoiler, it's not "muh heritage"). I have a neighbor who had several Trump flags in their yard, up until maybe two weeks ago. I thought oh maybe they came around. Hard no. They traded in their maga flags for a MASSIVE sign that says "don't blame me, I voted for Trump!" With a massive profile picture of donald smiling and giving the thumbs up. ALWAYS the victim, these people. On the upside now I know who to avoid in my neighborhood...


For folks STILL wearing them at this point basically just the new “Kiss Me, I’m Fascist” (with your knuckles)


There is still a Trump 2020 superstore IN BUSINESS, not 5 minutes from my house. I see people come out all the time.


Apparently you didn't know any "chosen by God himself" people. He isn't just a political candidate to this group but a keystone to their entire belief structure.


The confederacy happened many many years ago, lasted about as long as Trump, and failed, yet many people still waive the flags so....




I assume the tweet is older


They're sick. They need help.


They're some of the dumbest and most pathetic people on this planet. They show it by keeping their flags and their hats.


It's like the Confederate flag. They love rooting for losers.


Maga is a cult...


Because they're ^dumb ^^fucking ^^^trash


One of my neighbors still has Trump Pence signs in their windows. I don’t quite get it.


Cultists hate being called cultists I’ve learned. Even when fully decked out in their lords gear...


There is literally a dude in my neighborhood with a sign on his lawn that says “TRUMP 2020 - DEAL WITH IT” The delusion is real with these people.


March 20 is the next prophecy day for Trump to ride in on his chariot and reclaim his throne.


I take some tiny, infinitesimal amount of comfort in knowing that every time one of these prophesy days passes without anything happening, a few more people go "huh..." and begin to doubt. I have no idea how many. Maybe 1 out of a hundred. But there has to be a few. That sect has to be getting smaller every time. I mean, it has to be... ...right?


At this point I think the Rapture has as good of a chance at getting propheciezed correctly


This is perfection.


It was March 4th before this. People actually showed up at the Capitol to show their support and be recognized by him personally as his 'true believers'. You can't make this shit up. People are actually *this* stupid!


That might actually change some minds. People seeing the people they claim they’re fighting for hate them


Yah, that didn't stop them from murdering a cop.


Yeah, they never really ever supported cops. It was more about keeping BLM and antifa down and supporting cops was a convenient way of doing it at the time. But if someone is going out of their way to thank someone for service in public unprovoked, then they at least respects whatever that person did enough to tell that to complete stranger and try to make them feel good, and for that person to hate them, it’s got to have some effect or lead to some self-reflection


It's just right-wing virtue signaling. They "support the troops" by thanking them for their service. Their support stops there though.


I was talking to a guy the other day who was only considered 50% disabled because he only lost 2 limbs 🙄


Jesus, that’s like something from a dystopian black comedy.


This clip may entertain. [Service means citizenship](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b07887ZzKiw)


The book is actually a spectacular and intelligent look at politics, service and leadership. I read 1-2 books a month of all genres, have for years, starship troopers is still my #1 fav


I watched the movie like everyone else. How different is it to the book? Might pick it up myself.


The book is a more serious look at life in the military and the ideals that support an effective military force as well as the role of the military in relation to ever growing population. The movie reinterprets this exploration of ideals as outright propaganda, and that’s why you get the commercial interludes with “I’m doing my part!” all throughout the film. The film is much more of a spunky action drama while the book is darker and more contemplative.


They are polar opposites in many ways. The movie is almost a caricature of the book.


Love that movie.


"Ah, Mr. Finch. Seems you are having a... bit of an issue with your paperwork?" "Well, you could say that. According to you're paperwork I'm only 50% disabled!" *looks up and down* "Yes that appears to be correct." "I feel like it's quite obvious that I can't even do *half* of what I used to!" "Alright Mr. Finch, explain." "Well, for one thing, I can't run anymore, I only have the one real leg." "Let's be honest, you were done actually running in high school. Next." "I can't swing a baseball bat anymore, with only the one good arm." "Do you play baseball, Mr. Finch?" "Well, I did." "Professionally?" "No, on the weekends. In the summer." "So you didn't make any money? Not even a small pool for a 'championship'?" "No, we wanted it to be friendly..." "Right, no, that's just finding an excuse you're wife doesn't hate so you can drink before noon without her knowing. Next." "Speaking of my wife...." *long pause.* "You really want to go there, Mr. Finch?" *gets up and begins to leave* "Right the diagnosis is fine thankyouverymuchgoodday" "Come again, Mr. Finch!" *the door shuts behind Finch* "Lord knows your wife isn't!" *studio audience laughter* *fade to black*


Tucker Carlson said Tammy Duckworth "had been injured in Iraq". She lost her legs when her helicopter was shot down.


Tucker Carlson won't go into a suburb after dark. The guy is so rich that he can afford to grift and deny reality.


So let’s make him not rich. It would be nice if he started having nightmares about the things he said and done.


I don’t think that’s up to people who don’t watch him


It goes so far beyond that. He could stop reporting right now and he would still be worth hundreds of millions. He's the heir to an industry giant.


He’s a trust fund step-baby, there’s almost no chance of him becoming not-rich. I think that’s where a lot of his problems come from tbh.


Good grief im considered 15% disabled because one of my wrists doesn't work right following 2 fractures and surgery.


Well, we know how they can get full disability. Coming with my chainsaw now for those other limbs!


They support the defense contractors mostly. Keep raising that budget for the troops although they see little of it Mental health, alcoholism and drug addiction are rampant with ex military especially those that saw combat But we get a new naval destroyer


It's rampant in those that didn't see combat too.


I got saddled with alcoholism and mental health right out the gate


Me too. Then I went to Iraq.


The Republican party supports the contractors. Their fanboys and fangirls support the idea that "America strong, America take what it want". The military, to them, appeals directly to their might-makes-right attitudes and fantasies.


Specifically, they believe “might makes right” only when conservative white Christian men have the “might”. Anything slightly different from that having even the slightest amount of “might” is seen as oppression.


And in the navy rape and suicide are epidemics. I knew at least 4 people that killed themselves or tried in just my 4 years in.


Their “support for the troops” has generally been way more about themselves than any actual troops. It’s almost *exclusively* in service of painting themselves as badass patriots who don’t take shit from other countries, or whatever convoluted delusion they have. Somehow, their “support” manages to weaken even further with a different definition of “badass patriot” literally calling troops losers and making fun of POWs for getting caught. Some are essentially starting to view troops the same way they view *ungrateful* welfare recipients, “Sure they live difficult lives, but we do all this shit for them like occasionally say ‘thank you’ in the street, and they still tell us to fuck off, allll because we’re traitors and we constantly vote against their interests. Ungrateful troops.”


Thoughts and prayers


Just like how their love of the unborn somehow dissapates immediately on said child's escape from a womb.


“Law Enforcement Today” -which ALWAYS features police killed in line of duty - has failed to even MENTION Officer Sicknick LawEnforcementToday are #ScumOfTheEarth


I want to reply with the rest of the Rob Zombie lyrics but it read like a violent manifesto... #Comeonyea #Runandkill #Destroythewill


Two of them




I’ve seen whole lists of things Trump said and did that were overtly offensive to the military, yet he still claimed to support the troops.


Because that's what you're supposed to say to the red masses. He didn't believe it. He didn't care if the troops believed it, because they'll do what he says regardless. He cared that the slack jawed crowd believed him.


For fucks sake he was a draft dodger


He (Trump) literally said he preferred service members that weren't captured in reference to a war veteran. Say what you will about John McCain's political career, which there is a lot to be said (not a lot of which is any good if you're left-leaning), but his military career is above reproach. My man spent years in a POW camp and could have had the easy way out because of his name/lineage but did not yield. McCain, politically, is rarely a dude you can get behind. But, as a serviceman, McCain is without question a badass. I realize this came off as more of a McCain tribute than it probably should have considering the topic. But, considering that Trump is supposed to be "a man of the people" and "the military's greatest ally", he sure as fuck doesn't have much reverence for military heroes. And somehow, some-fucking-how, people are convinced he *loves the military*. I just don't fucking get it, man.


I don't take issue with him dodging the draft. Vietnam was a bullshit war. We were sending tens of thousands of men to the meat grinder of PTSD and death in a war that was prolonged just so Nixon could get elected. I do take issue with him saying he'd have made a great Soldier. Or that he was brave. Or that he was smarter than the Generals. Or him signing legislation that increased the costs for the VA to provide services to disabled veterans but not increase their funding. Or him ridiculing a Gold Star family, or not being bothered to know the name of the Special Forces Soldier when he called his widow.


Yeah its less about doging the draft and more about him being the type of Trust fund baby who dodges, and then tells everyone who will listen that he probably would have been the greatest soldier of all time.


"I’d make an incredible army man. I’d be a colonel before you knew what hit you, and I’d have the baddest bunch of motherf*ckin’ killers you’d ever seen in my platoon. But I just wasn’t into it. I was too busy doin’ my own thing, you know?" -draft dodger Ted Nugent


There's a difference between being a conscientious objector and a simple dodger. If you're objecting because you disagree philosophically/ethically/morally/religiously with the war, that's admirable. If you think the war is fine but are dodging because you wont put your physical safety on the line, then you're a two bit good for nothing coward. Trump almost assuredly falls into the second category.


I genuinely have no problem with someone not wanting to die for someone else. I do have a problem with that person being in charge of sending others to do so. Being a draft dodger should exempt you from presidential eligibilty.


He always said opposite things. He wanted deniability over credibility.


That won't change anything. There were plenty of veterans at the capital for MAGAs to get their thanking jollies.


They don't give a shit. They care about the troops as much as they care about cops, or kids, or the Constitution - only as long as it's politically convenient for them.


You'd think so, but these people are twisted and demented in their beliefs. Maybe a few, but most won't change. Things like the "Thin blue line" mean nothing to them other than a phrase to yell at people. They had no issues killing police at the Capitol.


Some people maybe but a lot pretend to like the military and cops to look good


Doubtful, you don't get that stupid and just come back that easily.


I want this to be true...


And if it is true, I want it to happen a lot more. Fuck those traitors.


Makes me want to dig out some of the hats I got in the navy.


I do not mean to be rude, but I highly doubt a furry would make this interaction.


Get RAWR'd traitor!


A furry would absolutely make this interaction. The community is overwhelmingly strongly opinionated and vocal about politics


What if he was in human clothes at the time?


My Dad was a WW Navy vet and I believe those servicemen and women did do a "service" to the country. But...and I say this with the utmost respect, sending today's enlisted service personnel to fight wars with no ethical foundation, but are rather more to do with asset grabbing and also involve drone bombing and carpet bombing children's legs off - I am not sure I am comfortable with everyone clapping each other on the back and saying "well done, thank you for your service". I anticipate being downvoted for this, but let me say that yes, there are useful and necessary strategic and political initiatives that a military could be justified in undertaking, but let's also not lose sight of the fact that many campaigns are immoral, murderous and do not provide a service to the country. Vietnam vets learned this on the job, and the supposedly noble nature of getting shot at was quite clearly shattered as they knew, they KNEW they'd been used. This is evident in the way servicemen and women are treated when they return. Republican politics: fuck the working class 'man' we will use them as a tool. This is more in appreciation of military than a dig at them - it's a dig at their controllers, the politicians who take our money and spend it on this, when the country has bigger, more humane needs to spend resources on.


Vet here with time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Idk how true this is and if it actually stands up to scrutiny, but I always felt like our efforts were beneficial because our presence in the middle east was like a lightning rod for terrorists and others that had a bone to pick with the US. As in, we were fighting these guys and a lot of them weren't Iraquis and Afghans. So we're fighting them over there and not over here. To reiterate, I haven't gone about checking to see if this had any basis in reality, but that's how I felt my service was valuable.


I'm also unwilling to be grateful for my "freedom" to someone who fought overseas. Outside of WW2, it wasn't my freedom they were fighting for and we all know it. Another issue is what the individual soldier actually did. On the one hand you have guys like Audie Murphy, who certainly deserve those thanks and on the opposite spectrum guys like William Calley who should have died in prison. And in between those two extremes you have guys like a friend of mine who was stationed at Quantico to guard the base there and that was it. He never saw combat. He didn't kill or hurt anybody. Never saw his buddies die or get injured (though undoubtedly he knew some that did). What am I thanking him for? Without knowing who's who, it's not really appropriate to thank anybody generically for their service.


I think, in those cases, you thank them because they were part of the team. Someone had to do it even if they weren't in a life and death situation. But, if you really want to thank them, don't let congress make them be in unnecessary dangers.


Why do Americans thank random people for their service?




As a veteran, its uncomfortable at best.


I just say thanks for the support and go about my business.


Same. Or a silent nod. I absolutely hate it when I'm in a conversation with someone and I'm forced to pause it. The only situation where I don't mind it a bit is an older veteran shaking my hand. Korean, Vietnam, Shield or Storm. Once a WW2 vet shook my hand and it felt like an honor.




He was an older man in a wheel chair in New York. Bought me a beer at the airport and told me he was not only at Pearl Harbor but also Iwo Jima. His great granddaughter was there to fly him back home to I think Wyoming. He shook my hand with both of his and told me to be safe. The experience was the closest to feeling honored as I've come across.. Idk if its the fact that most people who thank me have never served that bothers me, or the fact that a lot of people put us on a imaginary pedestal. It was just a job. Wanna thank me? Tell congress to take better care of us when we come home instead of using us as political popular social expectation.


That was a genuine interaction with a brother in arms, I'm out of the military now and have long hippie hair, so the only time I hear anything about my service is at the checkout line at Lowe's cause I want that sweet 10% off that overinflated lumber price :-/ But yeah, if it comes up outside that situation somehow and they default to that platitude I usually just thank them for paying for my college. It makes it awkward for both of us then.


Same on the Lowe's!


98% of my interactions are with other fairly recently separated 11b’s in the gym and it’s usually - “go fuck yourself.” Never had an interaction like that. Wish I had at some point.


I got a friend that was a nuke in the Navy. He'd sarcastically give that line whenever one of his fellow guys was getting too full of themselves.


Its pretty much a unanimous feeling in general. Have there been heroes that have served? Absolutely. But don't make a scene about me please. Those men and women that you're thinking of do still exist. Its just they most of the time come back home in a box and its a sobering thought that I don't need reminding of all the time.


Yeah, jokes aside it's a very depressing thought. I hope it gets easier with time.


Creating a cult around celebrating the military is what allows the U.S. to send young people to die in the Middle East to protect the country's oil interests. It is possible because the U.S. has never really seen the horrors of modern warfare on its own soil the way most other countries have.


I was repeatedly thanked for my service, and even offered priority boarding on a flight, while travelling in the US. The only clue that I might *possibly* have been in the military? I was using an Auscam backpack. With an Australian flag patch. Literally nothing else suggested I was ever in the military, especially since I’m not… shaped like a soldier, if you catch my drift. And they still thanked me for my service, and it was fucking awkward.


Its super awkward.


"Listen, man. I just needed health care and a way to pay for college"




I want this to be true but I doubt it is


I’m not sure if this specific interaction happened, but I have several military buddies with the exact same attitude on the subject.


Almost everyone I serve with has the exact same attitude. Especially after the capitol bullshit.


I was halfexpecting "Then everyone clapped" at the end...


Can confirm this is true. I was also applauding.


I Want to Believe (and I guess I just will because it’s cathartic)


I don’t usually wear clothing identifying my service in the Army, if I do it’s usually just an old PT shirt while i mow the yard. Prior to the election though, I made sure to wear Army proudly, along with my Biden 2020 masks. It was fucking hilarious watching Trumpers lose their minds. On the one hand, they want to talk shit about my mask, but on the other they don’t dare to insult military folks, especially the ones who didn’t serve themselves. I could just see the mental gymnastics their brains had to go through to comprehend what they were seeing.


I never rep my past service in public, but this is an awesome excuse to break out some old Army shirts 🤣


In the meaning of life the Very Big American Corporation reveals that people are not wearing enough hats. I think that has been resolved.


And then everyone clapped


Can confirm this is true. I was also applauding.


This may be based, but does anyone else think "thank you for your service" is insincere, meaningless and hollow?


It depends on the context of it's use. It's up there with "Sorry for your loss", "It was nice meeting you", "I'll pray for you", "That's appauling", "Do unto others", etc., etc.. They're used so reflexively and oftenly in conversation that the real meaning and impact of saying it is entirely lost. Especially so when it's just used as a self comfort expression when they have nothing to actually say, or want to do, but don't want to feel awkward or visually indifferent. It's empty because it's just words, they have no intention of following through after the fact. It's just so they can check off a box of having shown they did something.


Another one of those "Top ten things that never happened"


I don't know. Rocket is kinda foul mouthed, I could see him mouthing off to people.


Damn straight.


[x] Doubt