How convenient that he lives in Romania, but has a primary care doctor and specialist in Dubai, a country that does not have an extradition treaty with Romania.


Is he now going to insult Romanian doctors and hospitals and say he can't trust them? Didn't he previously insult the Romanian police and justice system, and see where that led him?


He’s such a sociopath that he probably thinks he’s tricking all of them even if they don’t find anything.


He'll probably tweet his secret plan to fake an illness, to the world, to show us just how smart he is.


Ah, the Classic Jack Sparrow approach to things. “Tell people your plans, knowing that they won’t believe that you would be that dumb in saying what you are really doing”. That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him


"Obviously it's a misdirection, and he's planning something completely unexpected."


I say when he proves it was indeed a fatal case of cancer, then he can leave prison...


Romania has great doctors, actually. They are just all in Germany to earn more money.


insults Romanian police. gets arrested. insults Romanian doctors. gets cancer. next step is to insult Romanian grave keepers


I completely believe that this is just a ploy to try to get out of prison. That being said, I don’t think it would be crazy for someone that is very wealthy to trust a doctor in Dubai vs Romania.


Tbf in most of Eastern Europe, a little bit of money can buy you really food private healthcare, it’s only the state funded system that’s pretty fucked


"food private healthcare" MMmmmmm sounds delicious. (kidding, of course)


Ploy to get from prison to a hospital.




Unbelievable what people get away with in this world.


*wealthy people


So no cancer?.. Damn


The only time in my life I was rooting for cancer.


It would be kind of hilarious for him to suddenly only bring it up now. "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this but I have lung cancer and I sort of just sat here in custody not taking any of the plethora of medications that I am supposed to be taking because it slipped my mind". "So now that I have told you that, please let me get on a plane to Dubai, I promise I will come back when I am better!"


He’s trying to explain his hair situation Edit: to be clear, no one cares if someone balding or bald we aren’t being mean about that, this is simply making fun of the fact that he has apparently often discussed that he isn’t balding and just likes to keep his hair short instead of just saying he’s balding like a normal person.


I’m not balding bro I swear it’s just cancer bro


Funny how cancer doest make your hair fall out, it's the chemo that does that. I think I should know seeing as I am in fucking chemo He's just an insecure balding man. Fuck him


Full head of hair. Full lung of cancer .


We will find out soon enough....


I hope I’m wrong.


Romanian hospitals are kind of awful.


I bet they're better than the prisons


The fact that it's a gamble is kinda funny/sad




you'll be surpised how many people worship this asshole like fucking jesus


Yeah unfortunately beating cancer would “validate” the alpha male mindset that he is selling


If it's true, I feel bad for the cancer.


It's not easy to have an Andrew Tate develop when you are just trying to be a chill Carcinoma, trying to find your way in the world. F--kTate. We should ask his cancer if it has any bucketlist things it wants to do.


Yeah, I felt bad for the cancer that had to interact with Rush Windbag too


On his side? I'm with cancer.


Every time Andrew Tate is mentioned, people seem to think he's stuck in some communist hellhole, completely forgetting that Romania is a stable EU country, with facilities better than 90% of the world. Eastern europe isn't 100% up to the same standards as western europe, but in many cases you'd be surprised how good life is there.




Yes, but they are trying to get him sent to one in Dubai I believe. I hope they don’t, I hope they keep him there if this is true. Fuck this guy.


They won't let this guy leave the damn country just for diagnosis, they have MRIs in Romania. This is just an attempt at both a flex and a potential escape attempt.


Well yeah, of course it is. But I’ve been fooled too many times with “this could totally neverrrr happen” in the past years to be entirely certain they won’t allow it.


In defense, him dissing the entire Romanian legal system for years doesn't exactly give him any favors from them






Remember like 15 years ago when if someone faked cancer they would be universally shamed. Now there’s all these people who will stand up for him. If he actually has cancer I don’t feel bad for him. He’s one of the people helping to divide people so he can fuck off.


Well, see, there's our main problem. The average Tate worshipper wasn't around 15 years ago. They're too young to remember that at all.


It's quite literally a problem in our schools right now that a lot of the grade schoolers are tate fans and deny that the female staff have any authority over them. It's bewildering. Signed someone who works at a school.


Can confirm. I have a group of freshman boys right now that really should be separated, but are grouped to their own table so they don't sexually harass the girls. I have been uncomfortable even just documenting the things they say in class.


Christ. These kids are going to grow up to be *real* healthy adults /s. where did it all go so wrong?


>where did it all go so wrong? We elected, "Grab them by the pussy."


they've been taught by Tate how to abuse girls and pimp them out later once they've been torn down enough psychologically. Tate is an evil man and he is faking cancer and will go into hiding if he is taken out for medical treatment.


Tate fans will be shocked to hear who had the authority to bring them into the world.


And as my mom would say, the authority to take them out.


It is also spreading to men in their 30s. People I knew for years that were fairly conservative just started worshipping him once he started his brainwashing pyramid scheme. It sucks, it has birthed a whole lot of attitudes that make me never want these people anywhere near my house where my wife and stepdaughter live.


My ex was a Tate fan. I have not been this grossed out by a guy for years. Hint why he's my ex. He is 34 year old man who should know better. Sigh..


That's how conservatives work...it's a hierarchy waiting for "leaders" to tell them what to do.


Hard to feel bad for cancer but here we are.


It's an act. Or he dies.




The rapist Andrew Tate is being held liable for his actions... Awesome.


“If he dies, he dies”


will someone please think of the bugattis?!?!!?!?!


[Fuck them](https://youtu.be/HLyrOUDlAbo) ~~kids~~ Bugattis ![gif](giphy|xUPGcmnB5Mm6pCLNks|downsized)




The Romanian government will simply have their docs examine him. I’ll bet you a cigar that they find nothing and his ass stays in the hole until hell freezes over.


We can only hope


That's a risk I'm willing to take


Role them dice, baby needs a new pair of tumors


File this under: sentence I never thought I’d ever read.


is it OK to root for cancer this one time?


Hopefully the cancer can get the Tate removed successfully.


"Wait, I thought you said taint cancer?"


No no no. The taint has cancer is what the manager is claiming.


As someone who has lost multiple close family members to cancer, yes. Yes, it is.


I'm so sorry you've lost people you loved to cancer. Fuck cancer. Since Andrew Tate is a cancer, FUCK CANCER.


Cancer is fucking Andrew Tate as we speak.


He's probably faking it, but it is fun to dream.


No. At the bare minimum it should be TWO times, because of Rush Lung-Blah


My mom txt me when Rush Limbaugh died. She made us listen to his show every day growing up. We were homeschooled. So…yeah. I’m not sure exactly what response she was expecting, but I don’t think it was “couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy”


and... how did that go over?


Like a black gay drag queen at an evangelical church


i remember very much enjoying the "i'd like to wish a hearty congratulations to lung cancer for winning its battle with rush limbaugh" memes when he died but i do hope tate at least lives long enough to be convicted of his crimes


I used the Clarence Darrow quote, “I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.”


My mom died of cancer. Yes it is ok to root for cancer in this instance.


Cancer survivor that says yes, go ahead.


Any true alpha would take that risk.


Absolutely is an act. At his age lung cancer is very improbable even if anything's possible. If and when he gets out of jail he's just going to say that he's so badass that he defeated cancer with his willpower alone.


True, he did say he had a full head of hair and that was clearly a lie.


Well it is a full head of hair, just, lacking quite a bit at the top!!




Thank you for this


I don’t see the word “terminal” so I’m not convinced there won’t be a miraculous recovery that rebrands him as a more market-friendly product.


"I've learned so much these past few months, I feel like a different person..."


Precisely. A click-driven inspirational story of courage, humility, and overcoming the odds. Jesus was there.


Honestly this entire thing feels like massive click bait, and when that drops and turns out he was lying, because it WILL inevitably come out either way, he’ll somehow manage to fall even further. Fucking about with fake cancer to get out of jail sounds an awful lot like fraud against a government. If it’s true, if it’s real? I can’t say I’d root for him, human trafficking kinda pops you on a permanent naughty list? So-to-speak.


You know Tate is a truly inspiring alpha male because you’ll notice it’s *can*cer, not *can’t*cer, and you can do anything you put your heart into.


Thanks for the awkward snort I just did


It’s his lungs. Not his heart. Yet.


Can't get cancer in your heart if you haven't one ![gif](giphy|d3mlE7uhX8KFgEmY)


“ i smoke cigars because I know what they contain “ 😂


Here's the thing: if you look at the records they released publicly, he doesn't have lung cancer, he has "lesion in his lung" that they found through a catscan and is otherwise perfectly healthy. The lesion in his lung was only found on the catscan. It's small and probably doesn't affect his life. If it's small and doesn't affect him, and was only found through a Catscan when he's otherwise perfectly healthy - well, then why were they doing the Catscan in the first place? It's because they specifically went looking for any possible health issue they could raise to try to get this guy out of jail so that he can miraculously escape. Again, the documents don't show that he has cancer; they show he has a lesion that *may* be cancer - but lung lesions are pretty common. If you do Catscans on 100 random people, there'll be at least one person with a lesion in their lungs - but over 95% of those lesions are *not* cancerous. This is a ploy.


Super common. Part of my ongoing surveillance for a cancer I beat is a CT scan every 6-12 months. They found a couple of lesions in my lungs on the first scan and told me not to worry about them. As long as they don’t change they’re noting to worry about.


I have leukemia. Doc found some lesions on my lung, but the lesions went away after subsequent testing. I have lost many relatives to cancer. Cancer sucks. Karma has a way of settling things out for people, like we saw what happened to Limbaugh. Tate is looking for sympathy and an escape route. Will his brother end up with "cancer" as well? I personally hope he stays in jail and is sentenced harshly. Cancer or "possible cancer" should not be a get out of jail card.


Congrats on beating cancer! May you continue to remain cancer-free for the rest of your life!




Still gives you oral cancer like dip though




not very alpha if you ask me


True alphas don't allow cancer to infect them. They kill it with their bare hands!


When you're an alpha, your body has ways to shut that down.


Especially if he’s a legitimate alpha.


Do the kids today actually know this reference or is this another one of those older millennial moments where I suddenly realize that all of my hyucks are 10-15 years behind the times?


Holy shit that was like 2012 according to Google. Coulda sworn it was more recent. Been so long the dude who said it has died since then


My dad said this shit to me when I was about 12 and I remember it clear as day. I’ll be 37 soon so 25 years ago. Rush was saying this shit way before 2012 because I remember him saying he learned this “fact” from rush.


This is a fellow old fuck moment, you're not alone matey


Ahh this comment is so good. Nice one!


I see what you did there!


This may be my favorite burn EVER.


I hear that bear hands are more effective ![gif](giphy|IThjAlJnD9WNO)


Bro literally sent a demon to hell like a week ago but isn't manly enough to fight off a few extra cells? What weak sack chump shit.


Weak sack chinless* chump shit.


Alphas do not get Cancer. Alphas armwrestles with Cancer and buy him a beer after. ​ EDIT:He is even too weak to armwrestle against a MAIDUP FUCKIN Cancer that Twat.


Fellas, is it beta to die of lung cancer?


If that cancer was a female, I’m sure he’d beat it.


Lung cancer has been diagnosed with Andrew Tate


O no 😮


How dare you make me feel sorry for lung cancer


Lives in Romania, but goes to Dubai for a check up, and only mentions the health issue when it looks like he won't get off on his charges? Yeah buddy, sure. Guess you can die in jail.


Along with Weinstein.




This is the exact gif I came to see.


I would bet my entire net worth (at least 3$) that its bullshit. He’s slowly realizing that he can’t alpha talk his way out of this one with corny metaphors and is running out of ideas. I hope he rots in jail either way sickness or not.


“Lung cancer walked into my cell last night. I drop kicked it right in the balls and it went crying back down to Beta Male Hell. Send your best….I’LL BE WAITING…”


He didn't seem too worried about his lungs in his video to Greta, he was smoking a cigar Edit: which was right before his arrest, so I doubt any of this is true


Which makes me feel that this is a plot to escape. Gin up some fake diagnosis with the help of some doctor, take him to a clinic where he'll escape... And if he does have cancer, I reckon that sky elf really doesn't have his back...




I'm going to bet my entire net worth also. When we both win this bet we can split a happy meal.


I'll throw in my life savings and we can go to this place where they have really great $1 baked potatoes. I'll cover all three of us if we all buy our own drinks.


Does that include toppings or do I need to cash in my 401k?


You can afford half a happy meal? Fucking rich person over here.... :-p


Definitely trying to get a ‘mercy’ release. It has an actual name but I can’t think of the name atm Edit: it’s a compassionate release


Compassionate release, with also describes what self-proclaimed alpha males get when a woman feels sorry for them.


Just another ploy to enhance his bs alpha male status when, in fact, he doesn't have it, but will claim he does, but beat it bc, you know... Alpha.


If you have to tell people you’re an alpha male …


I'm sure Romanian doctors are capable of confirming these claims.


Tumor with a tumor, this could be something worth investigating


That like how there are viruses that infect bacteria


Fun fact, there’s parasites that can infect other parasites - and those parasites by other smaller parasites. And then another parasite infects the parasite on the parasite which is attached to the first parasite. And so on.


I believe that's Tate's business model


I'm out of fucks to give


Can't be out of shits if you never had any to begin with


Seriously, I'm tired of seeing this motherfucker at the top of my feed. I only go on these threads for jokes, and it's getting really old. Cancer sucks, but the dude's a POS and literally a cancer for my homepage.




My condolences to the cancer.




I’m just finding this hard to believe.


You're not the only one. Weird how this comes on the heels of the third 30 day extension of his incarceration.


He lived in Romania, but went to hospitals in Dubai? Super weird.


I mean, I have no doubt he'd take a trafficked lung transplant, I'd assume they're as easy to get in Romania as Dubai though. But he's just lying to get to a country without an extradition order.


Oh well if he manager confirms it, then who am I to doubt?


Someone mentioned that it is most likely to cover up the fact that he's shrinking faster than a scrotum in ice water without his steroids.


Dudes gonna come out of his cell patchy headed and scrawny…and possibly with his assets seized. “Brokie”, scrawny, patchy headed Tate That would be so ironic. “Well well well, how the turn tables” Dude must’ve missed the lesson, “speak softly, as one day you may have to swallow your words.” He probably should’ve read more…if only he wasn’t such an *alpha* 🙄


> He probably should’ve read more…if only he wasn’t such an alpha Reading is hard when you only acknowledge the first half of the alphabet.


This isn’t true!!! There is a “doctor” in Dubai that says Andrew needs to be transported to Dubai for medical treatment. This is a scam to get him out of jail and out of the country. Him or a friend/crony/relative payed some doctor leak that letter to try and get him out of jail. Edit to add: This is my own opinion and not meant to be taken as a reported fact.


First Rush Limbaugh then him? You have to be a real pos for me to be rooting for cancer.




drove him to and from hospitals in Dubai... when? don't say from Romanian jail, either. so Tate has a serious illness and this isn't disclosed at the exact time of arrest? he isn't kept in a hospital instead of jail when he has ongoing treatment for a serious illness? he's able to run around his cell and work out and all that "alpha" bullshit while supposedly having had treatment that required repeat trips to Dubai just before his arrest? This is a bullshit stunt designed to both garner sympathy and get him off the hook as well as explain away the fact he's balding.


Jfc that's gross. I just lost a 24 year old cousin to adrenal cancer at the end of January and the high probability that your comment is spot on makes me angry.


I'm sure Romania's healthcare system is adequate. It's good enough for millions of Romanians, indeed.


His doctor is a specialist in Dubai Also in a weird coincidence Dubai doesn’t have an extradition with Romania.


What color is your lung cancers Bugatti


People are confusing the issue. Tate doesn't have cancer, he IS cancer.


Cancer is the one suffering....


bottom G behavior


Sorry, all outta shits. There are people way more deserving of them than rapists.


Whoa whoa whoa, he's a human trafficker too


Its a bullshit ploy to get released for medical treatment. He will get miraculously healed and end up in a country with no extradition treaty with Romania


my sympathies with lung cancer in this trying situation


Why do I feel like this is a lie and he’s trying to use this as a way to get out of prison ? Edit: “I don’t have any specific to share”. Yes, we know. Cause there are none.


A true alpha wouldn’t lose to cancer. What a beta cuck male.


Wow. If true, that's honestly heartbreaking, sad, and tragic. So anyway, not sure what I'm going to have for dinner tonight. Any suggestions? I'm torn between pizza or subs.


Pizza for sure




Pizza. I usually go for margherita or buffalo chicken style.


I'm more of a cured ham and mushrooms pizza kind of guy but you can't go wrong with a classic pepperoni if that's not your thing


He most definitely is a cancer.


You are what you preach, I guess lol


Light up another cigar, you chinless douchebag.




Imagine BSing about having such a serious disease to weasel your way out of a massive allegation, then going right to talking about what a massive alpha chad you are……


Oh no. Well anyways, I had some delicious grilled salmon and lemon-feta orzo for dinner tonight, what about everyone else?


Fewer posts about this guy, please.


What's that, back to constant Elon Musk posts?


Ah shit i forgot that was the Alternative


Or Marjorie Taylor Greene. We really are in Hell.


Karma.......party of 1....your table is now available


Farts and stares


Assuming this is true, I don’t want to hear anyone saying anything bad. It’s not the lung cancer’s fault it came to exist within such a terrible person.


Cancer is horrible but I'll be damned if it doesn't hit the bullseye every once in a while


Interesting if true.... Anyway....