Police draw guns on stormtrooper with fake blaster. Insane indeed, what are your thoughts?

Police draw guns on stormtrooper with fake blaster. Insane indeed, what are your thoughts?

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The classic “stay back or we’ll arrest you for no reason” trick lmfao these cops need to get a real job


Like they’re qualified to be anything else


They don’t have nearly the patience or aptitude to flip a burger let alone wield a lethal weapon.


I’d pay em to wipe my ass


Well apparently they can’t tell the difference between toilet paper and sand paper, so


They’d assault the shit out of it


That's the idea




No such thing as excessive force in that profession


They already wipe their own ass' with the constitution


Are you sure? They'll shoot you in your ass.


Apparently they can't tell the difference between a tazer and an actual gun


Sure but flipping burgers they might learn what public service is.


It's harder to get qualified to trim someone's toenails or wax their asshole than to be a cop, in most jurisdictions.


How much training really goes into waxing assholes? Serious question. Seems like it would be an apprentice position for sure 😂


It seems a little ridiculous because he’s a storm trooper, but they were treating him like he had a gun, why would you expect them not to keep bystanders away. It makes literally everybody involved safer, even in this situation with the storm trooper. If the cops aren’t having to threaten to arrest bystanders because bystanders keep putting themselves into potential danger by getting into the scene of a gunpoint arrest, they can better focus on the scene, which would include realizing that he is not a threat to the public. If there is a bunch of chaos, but the officers still haven’t found out whether he has a real gun (many Star wars guns are based off real guns, and his is all black), this increases the chances of an officer who can’t handle stress (another issue entirely) misperceiving a threat. Telling people to get back or be arrested is safer for literally everyone. Edit: a lot of the people replying are not even talking about the right people in the video. The comment above is talking about bystanders, not the person in the suit. My comment is explaining why bystanders are told to stay away or they will be arrested.


Deputy Anakin does not forget.


you should read up on the lethbridge pd in alberta they are superstars!


What’s the actual law on distance needed? Like 100 ft back or something? Just sounds like fear tactics to me


maybe they have a quota for arrests?


Well you can be arrested right on the spot if they wanted to you would be charge with interfering with an ongoing investigation. But in these circumstances its funny as hell


More like “comply or get executed”


Its not the police some Karen called the cops and said. tHeRe iS a mAn wItH A 50 caliber cLiP sUm Machine gun


They're just as jobless as the Indian police. Good to know Indian police isn't the worst.


Cuz they deal with dickheads like u trying to be smart when they do their job and are fed up of it


How does boot taste?




You should probably ask them how does hairy ankle taste instead.


That's hot.


I bet cop ass tastes real good if you behave like this when they aren’t even around to witness you kissing it lmao


yeah but they’re paid for the pleasure


Protecting the world from girls cosplaying starwars. Glad you feel safe 🤗 Don't ever go to Disney land. That place will terrify you.


That's retarded, holy shit.


"uhhh dispatch, he seems to be wearing some kind of futuristic space armor. what do we do?"


"Use caution...SWAT is en route"


Space Force has been mobilized, keep track of target


\*tungsten rod is launched from space at the stormtrooper\*


I forgot we even have that >_<


" comb the desert, do you hear me?! Comb THE DESERT!"


"We ain't found shit!"


But it has a lovely parting.




“Never mind dispatch, apparently these were not the droids we were looking for”


Thats a Job for Space force


That’s the police


But also, is the word "Fake" in the caption necessary?


It's pretty screwed up. That's a pretty big red flag that we don't know what's going on here.




Why wouldn't they ask her to take his helmet off? edit: her


Did you watch the video. SHE did take her helmet off.


I meant in the beginning


I agree Still a she.




nobody cares


https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/lethbridge-police-stormtrooper-arrest-investigation-1.5853801 Initial call was someone in a costume holding a gun outside a fucking Star Wars-themed restaurant.


This is why we can't get girls into comics and sci Fi.


Oh, I think general creepiness of the community is why you can't get girls into comics and sci fi, not police brutality. Don't get me wrong, fuck these cops with 110 yards of unwashed goat cock.


Pretty sure it was a joke.


Bunch of horny teens/20 year olds "SHOW ME YOUR GENITALS? NO OK FUCK YOU BITCH DOX YOU TIME" That's normally what ruins shit


Are goat cocks generally dirtier than other animal cocks? Also I hate/love you for making me actually ask that question.


Is this a CFL reference?


Gonna be weird merging with the XFL


I think treating it like men have to get women interested in comics and sci fi is the problem


Well if she was wearing the sexy storm trooper costume or the slave Leia costume this may have turned out differently. /s


Actual retards are who these police unions hire these days.


Calling police retarded is unfair to retarded people no joke the average mentally handicapped person would probably handle this situation much better.


You are 100% correct, my bad. However, the way these cops act these days they should be in a mental institute.


No, stop with this trope, cops kill mentally ill people en masse, but they are perfectly healthy. Cops and nazi camp guards alike are and were sound and willing participants in a system of mass violence.


Mental institutes are filled with well meaning people who just have broken brains. These are dipshits


> they should be in a mental institute some of them came from there..


Came here to show my admiration for your username


They would’ve ‘handled’ the situation by saying hey cool a stormtrooper and then moving on with their day like 99% of other people.


is that not handling the situation better lmao


The police exam bars candidate who score too high. You need 20-27 to be considered. 33 points would be iq 125. I'm not sure what kind of scale they use so 20 may actually be retarded. Flat ratio at 75 iq. https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story%3fid=95836


I think this was in Canada


The video is in Canada, the article is in America


I know plenty of mentally challenged people. Not one of them is human garbage like most cops are these days.


The only people I know who want to be cops are the last people I want to be cops.


Rebel scum.


Imagine being so fucking dense that you can't recognize one of the most iconic characters from one of the most famous movie series ever. To make matters worse, the films with these stormtroopers came out in the 70s. It's been almost 4 decades and these absolutely brain dead and panicky cops can't pull up to the scene, see a person IN COSTUME with an obviously FAKE GUN and realize the fuck up. #Its almost like cops are undertrained and not emotionally fit to be doing that line of work Edit: I'm an idiot who can't do math and it's been more than 4 decades. These cops are still bigger idiots though.


Even better is when you Google the story: She’s a 19 year old employee **at a Star Wars themed restaurant** marching outside in costume for Star Wars Day last year


#How do you fuck up this bad? How do small town cops or people for that matter mistake a star wars character outside a star wars restaurant on STAR WARS DAY for anything fucking else. Next they'll arrest the mall Santa for taking pics with kids on his lap in the week before Christmas


Cops these days are either so ridiculously incompetent that they can't be trusted with basic tasks, or are evil bullies on a power trip. There's some good cops but they completely fail to sort out the bad apples, so not sure how good they actually are


You know what they say: a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. There could be 1 good cop for every 3 bad cops in a department and that would still leave a good percentage of that police department to cover up the bad shit the rest are doing


Well, no you see what that actually means, is that you have 4 bad cops. As the three bad cops will turn the one good one rotten. Whether that's through indoctrination of toxic culture, or through making them quit, or fired, or transferred. One way or another, you have four bad cops. ACAB


>A full review into an incident that resulted in a 19-year-old woman in a Stormtrooper costume tackled by Lethbridge police officers has resulted in no charges against any of the personnel involved. >According to that investigation, the court is not proceeding with any criminal charges against any of the officers involved. I fucking hate the police.


They're not fucking up, they want to have an excuse to do 'fun' police work.


Not to mention that the owner is literally yelling “shes an employee, i hired her!” Also, apparently the cops responded to a call. So someone drove by and said “what, Margaret, did you just see what i saw, that person had some fan-dangled armour on and some crazy gun thing, we better call 911 immediately!!!” There are layers of stupid in this town


The Lethbridge police are, to borrow a phrase, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. They were in the news recently for several of their members stalking a politician they didn't like too.


There's a Star Wars restaurant? Does Disney know about this? Where is it?


Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina in Canada


Theres also one in Killeen Texas called like Galaxy Burger or something but it’s sick. They have hella merch for sale and the place is decked in memorabilia.


I can guarantee that they know full well it’s just some girl in a stormtrooper outfit harming no one - they just love the fucking power trip.


Stop calling it a training issue, cops just need to be punished for doing retarded shit like this. All they had to do was walk up to the guy, ask if they could check out the gun to confirm it's fake, and let him be on his way. That's common sense, not something that is fixed by training.


Notice too how a unmarked cop rolls up to block any videographer that want to catch a possible boot on the neck senario


You need to employ Little Finger logic: the worst reason the cops have is not poor training, they want to fuck up his expensive costume on the pavement.


These sort of calls are probably the police equivalent of “I need to look busy”. Eat up government funding whilst essentially doing absolutely nothing


Either that or they get bored of pulling people over and start looking for a reason to pull their guns.


Not only one of the most popular movie series ever, but a show series with the highest nielsen ratings ever documented in the history of programming.


This is beyond training. These are just a bunch of fucking idiots that shouldn't even have guns. Let alone jobs that give them weapons.






It was a girl tho


Even if it was real it’s not like they were going to hit their shots


I collapsed too many top rated comments to see this one


Top comment


Not comforting at all to the bystander moms and little kids.




You mean not just the men, but the women and the children too?


Storm troopers are known to be bad shots. That’s the joke


Good ol' police brutality


I thought this was in Canada?


Canadians have Star Wars?


As a Canadian, this made me *exhale strongly through nose*


Police and Brutality: A friendship that transcends the world's borders.


Lethbridge Fun fact the province is threatening to disband this police department for constant incompetence


Nice assumption lol. Someone didn’t watch the video Edit: comment I replied to has been changed.


I did, hard to tell the difference, not much was said


He literally says “this is Canada” lol. Nice edit on your original comment tho.


Yeah I took it out after realising you're right


Yeah, theres police brutality in every country




You're right! The bad cops bully and fire the good cops! Obviously all remaining cops are bad!


Silent & complicit good cops do us no good.




But it is the truth.


oh those poor class traitors


Dude you cannot be this dumb


gosh this makes me wanna cry, i feel so bad for them :(


It was a girl outside a comic book store promoting it, she ended up with a broken nose because she couldn't get on the ground fast enough (due to restrictions from the costume).


Close. It's a restaurant https://nationalpost.com/news/stormtrooper-with-a-gun-alberta-police-take-down-restaurant-worker-in-costume


Well, they got their publicity in a really unfortunate way. I hope the restaurant gives her a huge bonus for all the exposure they got because of this. Not that it was their fault. But pay the girl her dues If I'm spinning a sign and make national news I'd expect a bonus too.


Sad because this is my province, and I am not surprised whatsoever.


Alberta... It's the redneck state of Canada. You know something is going on when the rest of the world goes "But it's Canada. oh wait. You said Alberta. Yeah. That makes sense"


Ugh that poor girl wtf




what do you mean she ended up with a broken nose? Did the police break it?


Yes. Lovely, huh?


Bro tf?


JFC, how do you not know what a stormtrooper is? Don't let those cops anywhere near a comic-con.


Or any kid carrying around a stick like a sword.


I have a lot of thoughts actually... What was she doing out there dressed as a storm trooper? Like nothing wrong with cosplaying, but there’s unstable people out there and I just found it a bit strange they’re just pacing alone in a parking lot with a toy gun around like that? Why not just get on the ground after the like 15th time they said it? Again, my mind goes to an unstable person. And last but not least why didn’t the cops just take the plastic blaster? Why the fuck did they need like 8 cops? Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.


Maybe it's May the Fourth and they're going to a Star Wars themed party at a local business. Or maybe it's none of your business and it should never involve cops drawing their guns on some poor random citizen. Both of these are actually true.


I’m sorry citizen. These matters are for the council to discuss.


As stated in the artical that was linked by the other user here, there was a star wars promotion for the building that the onee guy was standing out of before there employe aka the stormtrooper was arrested for carrying a plastic blaster




Should add that the provincial government has [threatened to disband this specific local police force over repeated violations of common sense and decency.](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-lethbridge-police-chief-madu-mehdizadeh-deadline-1.5961962) Their biggest violation was [harrassment of an elected official (provincial cabinet minister, actually) over a position they took that local police disagreed with.](https://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/ndp-calls-for-probe-after-lethbridge-officers-demoted-for-using-positions-for-personal-advantage) But in addition to the Star Wars incident, [they also ran over a deer with a squad car repeatedly in order to euthanize it.](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/lethbridge-deer-charges-asirt-1.5191134)


I really wish I didn’t read that last one. I want to believe this is fake. My jaw is glued to the floor. How on earth did anyone come to the conclusion that that was a good idea?


Sounds like a super troopers movie. How is this even real?


Wow, so they really have been declared officially retarded. The math all adds up.


That last one just goes to show how fucked up they are, if they really wanted to end it's pain they would have used one of their guns, normally I try to stay neutral in police matters but in this case they very obvious that this squad is just full of bad people.


Idk why the cops are so concerned, it’s not like they were actually gonna hit anyone with that blaster...


Love this comment


Why isn't this the top comment?


And nothing happened to the officers....surprise surprise https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/lethbridge-police-stormtrooper-arrest-investigation-1.5853801


What a bunch of tryhard idiots. How can you be that deluded?


I remember this. Overreactions like this are dangerous.




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Rebel scum


tf is wrong w people? fucking loser cops.


Well is the tip of the storm troopers gun painted orange to indictate it's a toy? Yes cops are trigger happy these days but cmon, this guys sort of asking for this kind of attention Edit: I've been told it's a girl working in front of a star wars themed restaurant on may the 4th, not a random person on a random street on a random day waving a fake gun around. Fuck these cops


Country is awash in guns.




Yes, even Canada has gun issues. Just because we have more strict gun laws does not mean that our criminals are any better than their American counterparts.


It's almost like criminals don't follow laws


Crazy right? Who would have thought?




What are you talking about? It's not like murder is illegal or anything. /s


Edit: thanks for the death threats. They prove me right.


Peak liberal


Oh yeah, because storm troopers just hit everything they shoot at.


Cops are out specifically trained to ignore orange tipped guns because it’s something a criminal would do to hide a gun. You’re just fucked no matter what of a cop wants to be a big man the day you’re out


Yeah because it’s impossible to paint the tip of a real gun’s barrel orange. Everyone knows that.


It’s a 19 year old girl and she’s an employee at a Star Wars themed restaurant marching back and forth outside of the business for Star Wars Day (May 4th) last year


While I agree…. After a brief conversation with the Stormtrooper, this could have been de-escalated very quickly. How could they not know what a Stormtrooper was and an approach where the Trooper was 3 paces away from said “weapon” and two other officers ready to respond… a quick verification of the blaster would have made this a 5 minute conversation AND the potential to advance good will / social media for the department….. Bad skills all over here.


Absolutely nothing wrong with responding to any calls or reacting to seeing him with the fake gun. Then you have him throw the gun aside, and you ensure that it's fake, and then you help him up and apologize and reassure him that you're just doing your job and making sure everyone is safe. But that would be in a world where our officers do their job properly.


For crying out loud, it is a storm tropper. They can't hit a target standing straight at 3 feet, who cares if they got a weapon (unless it is for hand to hand combat which I never see any storm trooper do).


That stormtrooper was on the wrong side of the force.... the police force!


There are people out there with mental disorders shooting places up. Cops are just trynna make sure she ain’t one of em.


Theres absolutely no way 3 cop cars would be there randomly for no reason; especially if one of the officers specifically got a shotgun out. This wasnt a casual arrest, something must've happened for an arrest like this to take place, and seeing how they're acting, they must be under some sort of cautious preconception. Shitty officers don't act that way, they're more volatile and aggresive. These people are cautious and weary, something is going on beyond our knowlege as observers. Yes, police brutality does exist and it happens more then it should, but i genuinely do think more is going on here then what we see.


Shhh. This is old. Read and learn. It was all complete bullshit. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5853801


> It was all complete bullshit. I read the article and don't understand this claim. Are you saying it's bullshit the police responded that way or are you suggesting some aspect of the video isn't as authentic as it appears? Because the article confirms everything shown in the video is what actually happened


Yeah, I was kind of vague. I was referring to the police response and overall situation. My comment was mainly in response to the posters assertion that there must have been something that we didn't see, some reasonable situation that warranted the response of the police. But there wasn't. It was a bullshit situation and response that led to an internal investigation.


For sure, I hear ya. Absolutely nuts they take it to these levels for a stormtrooper outside a star wars restaurant on May 4th. If anything, *that's* the missing context the original person was speaking of, except it just makes the whole thing look that much worse for the cops instead of justifying any element of their actions


“The police know what they did wrong” “They all knew it was a mistake.” My fucking ass.


I'll tell you what probably happened: Some insanely idiotic citizen called in about a "person in a costume with a gun" and so the cops sent in the active shooter squad to investigate. Then, the inability to see with the helmet on and the inability to lay down without wrecking the costume resulted in a full-blown panic by the cops. There's nothing more than a huge miscommunication going on here.


You must not be from the USA. Cops need very little reason to harass someone. Edit: I'm the idiot here as this happened in Canada. Even Canadian cops are dicks. [https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/lethbridge-police-stormtrooper-arrest-investigation-1.5853801](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/lethbridge-police-stormtrooper-arrest-investigation-1.5853801)


This is in Canada.


Mf i am from the USA. I was in the race riots in baltimore, i actually witnessed that shit. I've seen police brutality, witnessed it with my own eyes. I've been legally charged before, I've had cuffs on me. Police that are brutalizing act very different to how they were acting, nor would several police cars be along the road for no apparent reason. Especially someone with a rifle! I am no "pro police" guy, kinda far from it, but I do believe that "police brutality" is more of a buzzword then a serious issue now-a-days.


Thousands of people here in Minneapolis would disagree with you about that last sentence.


How the fuck are you able to tell the difference between the good cop kicking your ass and the bad cop kicking your ass?


Hi, I live where this happened and I'll shed a bit of light on why it probably went down like this. The area this happened is a pretty bad area of town, known for being rampent with homeless and addicts. Ive worked at the Tim Hortons near by and have had to call police serveral times over people doing drugs in/around our store. Also a few blocks away, at a Canadian Tire, my roommate also witnessed a group of people walking around with legit guns and shit and had to call cops. I still think this story is ridiculous, we all laughed about it when it happened, we all think our cops are idiots (the restaurant now has a [funny little sign](https://imgur.com/a/AtDKNyu) posted about it too). But the reason for the 3 cops and heavy artillery they're lugging around is definitely because some other jackass saw the trooper and called, likely thinking it would be just like that area of town to have some thug walking around with an actual gun. So sure, good for the cops for taking a call seriously (for once) but I think upon arrival at the scene they could have used a bit of common sense and dialed back the aggression a little.


This was from a 911 call of someone carrying a weapon in the street. They responded like this because they genuinely thought that person had a weapon.


The bootlicker, everyone.


Man went out of the way and acknowledged police too but dumbasses like you probably can’t even read more than two sentences without coming to a conclusion.


10/10, what a coherent arguement.


Maybe respond with an honesty opinion instead of calling him names


Even if it was a real gun, we all know he wouldn’t hit anything.