Notre Dame Painting From Paris - Unknown Artist

Purchased this recently from an art gallery but they surprisingly had no idea who its painted by. I was told its by a Parisan street artist but was looking for a name. Anyone know?


This is decor made in China and if you bought it from a gallery they absolutely knew that.


What sticks out and makes you think its from China?


They mass produce these paintings in factories in China and this is typical of what they produce. You can read more about this decor [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/WhatIsThisPainting/comments/ep7uny/what_is_a_decor_painting_how_do_i_know_if_i_have/).


Thank you




Thank you very much for the detailed response! Is it strange that its not signed?


Yes, it’s very strange that it isn’t signed. Cortes always signed his work. The handling isn’t quite as strong as the original, so I agree, it’s likely a copy.


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