Saturday SOTD Thread - May 27, 2023

Share your shave of the day for Saturday!


**27 May 2023 Complementary Non Dickkhole Mikes Natural Bergamot, Orange, Ylang Ylang** * **Prep:** Warm Shower * **Brush:** Dogwood APShaveCo G5C 28mm * **Razor:** Merkur 34C * **Razor:** Wizamet (43) * **Lather:** Mikes Natural Bergamot, Orange, Ylang Ylang (20) * **Post Shave:** Thayer's Concoction, N/A, Dapper Dragon Scale Polish Balm, N/A A/S * **Fragrance:** House of Mammoth Sonder Out camping. Happy weekend all. Cheers


**May 27, 2023** * **Prep:** Splash of cold water * **Brush:** [AP Shave Co Synbad 24mm](https://apshaveco.com/products/24mm-synbad-w-elegant-emerald-handle-extra-dense-shaving-brush-cream-brown-imitation-badger-apshaveco) * **Razor:** Baili BT131 * **Blade:** Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (yellow) (1) * **Lather:** Palmolive Classic * **Post Shave:** [Chiseled Face - Santa Paula](https://chiseledface.com/products/aftershave-splash-santa-paula-citrus) * **Fragrance:** London Razors - Mountain Laurel Eau de Parfum


**Summer Breeze** - **Brush:** Farvour Turn Craft 26mm TNS Half Gel Shoat - **Razor:** Blutt Rasur BR-1 0.99 - **Blade:** Astra SP (7) - **Lather:** Abbate Y La Mantia - Don José - **Post Shave:** Chiseled Face - Trade Winds - Aftershave - **Fragrance:** Beach Geeza - Pearl Leather - **Passes:** WTG, XTG Yard work, so a mentholated shave was much-needed. Don't know which version of Don José this sample is.


*May 27, 2023- Mammoth May** * **Prep:** House of Mammoth Embrace Doppio Bath Soap * **Brush:** Summer Break Soaps 28mm DG B11 * **Razor:** GEM flying wing * **Blade:** PTFE * **Lather:** House of Mammoth - Hygge - Soap * **Alum:** Osma Luxury Alum * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth - Hygge - Aftershave Balm * **Fragrance:** House of Mammoth - Hygge - Eau de Parfum


**2023-05-27 SOTD** * **Brush:** AP Shave Co × SHAVE⭐DANDY Rocket (26x55mm Synth) * **Razor:** RazoRock Lupo 58 * **Blade:** Blue Sword Platinum (14) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Reserve Waves - Soap * **Post Shave:** Stirling Soap Co. - Unscented with Menthol - Balm


**May 27, 2023 - Saturday** * **Brush:** Zenith 507A XSE 27mm unbleached boar * **Razor:** RazoRock German 37 * **Blade:** Astra SP (?) * **Lather:** Zingari Man x Byron Parfums *No.1* * **Alum:** Osma * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann *Nocturne* splash + Zingari Man Rescue Potion * **Post Shave 2:** Zingari Man Sego unscented balm * **Fragrance:** Rogue Perfumery *Derviche II* EdP


**May 27 2023** * **Brush:** Boti handle w/ 24mm AP Shave G5C * **Razor:** GEM Micromatic Open Comb * **Blade:** GEM PTFE (27) * **Lather:** Wholly Kaw - Nocce di Cocco * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth - Mood Indigo * **Fragrance:** Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver Almost forgot to post today. I bought this sample like two years ago and I think today was my second time using it. It’s a nice coconut scent that paired pretty well with Indigo.


**May. 27, 2023** * **Prep:** Hot Shower and CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser * **Brush:** Maggard Green Handle 2 Band Badger * **Razor:** CJB GR100B Kamisori * **Blade:** KAI Protouch MG (1) * **Lather:** House of Mammoth -Indigo * **Post Shave:** T.N. Dickinson’s - Witch Hazel * **Post Shave:** House Of Mammoth - Z (uncool) - Balm * **Fragrance:** House of Mammoth - Sonder First use of this razor that u/infernalinternal graciously sent to me to try out. This was the best open blade shave I’ve had by a far margin! I managed to actually go ATG everywhere and get a mostly DFS in. I like the weight of this razor and the ability to use different grips on the handle to find the right angle. I’m sure the guarded blade has something to do with how easily I was able to shave. It didn’t feel like it was going to bite me if I “fuck up” like the Weck does. All in all I’m enjoying the challenge of learning this new technique.


**5/27/23** * **Brush:** Muninn Woodworks w/ 24mm Manchuria Fan * **Razor:** [Ralf Aust 6/8, Full Hollow Spanish Point](https://imgur.com/a/521ikaX) * **Lather:** House of Mammoth - Voices * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth - Voices Aftershave Splash


**[May 27, 2023 – Departure Heading 180](https://i.imgur.com/gFoZlGv.jpg)** * **Brush:** DS Cosmetic Jade Tuxedo 24mm * **Razor:** Gillette Fat Handle Tech pre-war * **Blade:** Gillette Wilkinson Sword * **Lather:** ETHOS-CBL – Fresh Lime * **Post Shave:** Summer Break Soaps – History 101 Took a 180 degree departure from my normal head shave and went with a Tech. I had a fairly decent performance overshadowed by the fact that the blade overhang proves to be troublesome around the ears. No blood, but I did scratch around my left ear. Have a great rest of your Saturday.


[May 27, 2023 shave](https://imgur.com/a/pjwtHMG) - Vintage Surrey / AP Shave Co cashmere synth - Wholly Kaw *Club Yanka* - .84 GameChanger w/ Astra SP - Dr Jon’s *Propaganda* AS Thank you again u/FreddieP318ti, this handle looks even better than I was hoping! (photo/lighting here not doing it justice)


Thank you my friend! Glad you're happy with how it turned out.


[**May 27, 2023 – May Shaves 27**](https://ibb.co/7pF8q2Z) * **Brush:** Cayuen Abalone w/ 28mm Timberwolf Synthetic * **Bowl:** Timeless Shave Bowl, Blue * **Razor:** WSC – Winning Razor, w/ TRH8: Titanium Crown razor handle * **Blade:** Voskhod (4) * **Lather:** A&E – Signature * **Post-Shave:** A&E – Signature * **EdP:** A&E – Signature BBS+ finish, although I was briefly interrupted by a phone call towards the end. Have a great holiday weekend! \#MayDayShaves **Bonus**: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xW5QV9zwGs ← Neutrinos: Why Do These "Useless" Ghost Particles Exist?


**May 27, 2023** * **Brush:** Stirling 24mm Synthetic * **Blade:** Cien Men 2-Blade Cart (2) * **Lather:** Southern Witchcrafts - Valley of Ashes - Soap * **Post Shave:** allMan - Fearless - Aftershave


#### [Citrus](https://imgur.com/a/K5HI46W) * **Prep:** Klar Activated charcoal facial soap * **Razor:** Weck Hair Shaper (green translucent scales) * **Blade:** Kismet Rostfrei, Polymer beschichtet * **Brush:** Zenith B21 (XL chrome-plated copper handle, 28 mm knot with 50 mm loft) * **Lather:** Spearhead Shaving Company Seaforth! Sea Spice Lime * **Aftershave:** Barrister and Mann Seville splash Nice citrus combo for this evening shave. Great shave with the Weck, makes me look forward to The Days of Weckoning aka this year's hottest AA side and side side challenge.


**May. 27, 2023 - SOTD**  * **Prep:** Splash of warm water  * **Brush:** Oumo O4 Venus SHD Badger Brush 26 MM * **Razor:** West Coast Shaving Multi Titanium Collection Razor * **Blade:** King C Gillette * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann O'Delight * **Post Shave:** Chiesled Face Natural Artisan Aftershave Balm


**May. 27, 2023** * **Prep:** Hot - Shower * **Brush:** Cravingshaving Splendore Cyborg * **Razor:** Wolfman WR2 SB 1.35mm * **Blade:** Feather New Hi Stainless * **Lather:** Southern Witchcraft - Boonana Special Edition * **Post Shave:** Southern Witchcraft - Boonana Special Edition


**May 27, 2023** * **Brush:** AP Shave Co. 26mm G5C * **Razor:** Blackland Vector SS * **Blade:** Kai Captain Titan Mild (AC) (6) * **Lather:** Noble Otter – Lonestar * **Post Shave:** Noble Otter – Lonestar * **Fragrance:** Chatillon Lux – Weinstrasse


SOTD 27May2023 - Tournament day 686 (-3) * Prep: Coffee and a shower * Razor: Henson - Ti22 Medium * Blade: Champion - Platinum (1) * Blade: Gillette - King C.Gillette (1) * Lather: Noble Otter - Orbit * Brush: Yaqi Deep Stones - 24mm brown (cashmere) synthetic A happy lazy Saturday and a great evening shave with NO Orbit. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend in the USA. —— * ⚔️ Fight 317: Champion - Platinum (Bangladesh) vs. Gillette - King C. Gillette Dual no-faults for R1 with a clean decision. The Gillette had the slicker glide, the feedback on the Champion was rougher and less pleasing comparatively than the Gillette’s. Winner of Round 1: Gillette - King C. Gillette


**May. 27, 2023** * **Brush:** Semogue SOC Ash Wood Boar * **Razor:** Razorock .84-P Gamechanger * **Blade:** Gillette Wilkinson Sword (India) * **Lather:** Saponificio Varesino - Stella Alpina (Beta 4.2) - Soap * **Post Shave:** Saponificio Varesino - Stella Alpina - Aftershave I need to use this soap more often Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


May 27, 2023 - Pre Shave: Proto lather - Razor: Gillette SuperSpeed - Blade: Asco Super Stainless (6) - Brush: Supply Silvertip - Lather: Stirling - Electric Sheep - Post Shave: TN Dickinson's - Witch Hazel - Post Shave: Cremo Cooling Mint - Balm


**May 27, 2023** * **Prep:** Warm Shower * **Brush:** Yaqi Rainbow Handle 26mm Brown Synth * **Razor:** GEM Damaskeene * **Blade:** Personna GEM PTFE (4) * **Lather:** Southern Witchcrafts - Desairology * **Post Shave:** Southern Witchcrafts - Desairology


**May 27, 2023** - **Brush:** Stirling 2-Band Synthetic - **Razor:** Gillette Tech Gold Ball-End - **Blade:** Gillette Silver Blue - **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Arctique - **Post Shave:** Murphy and McNeil - SFWS South Beach - Splash There’s nothing like a cold shower followed by a colder shave after a long day of yardwork.


* **Lather:** Zingari Man - The Socialite * **Brush:** Omega - 10049 - Red * **Razor:** Blutt BR-1 (0,86mm) * **Blade:** Asco - Super Stainless * **Post Shave:** Le Père Lucien - Nature Aftershave I had problem lathering with my Scheermonnik soap this morning on legs shave. I tried the Zingari Man on the face this evening: what a massive beautiful thick and slick lather! And the menthol gives amazing feeling. The ASCO blade was not the sharpest but very very smooth. It’s a bad methodology to test a new blade and soap at the same time, but I’m just having fun experimenting.


**May 27, 2023** * **Brush:** AP Shave Co Summer 28mm G5C * **Razor:** Wolfman Razors WR2/WRH2 * **Blade:** Wilkinson Sword Black (4) * **Lather:** Summer Break Soaps - Wood Shop - Soap * **Post Shave:** Thayers - Cucumber - Toner * **Post Shave:** Summer Break Soaps - Wood Shop - Aftershave _2 passes. Face lather. Excellent shave._ --- I have wanted to try Summer Break Soaps for a long time now. What has held me back? Not money. I spend money as if I have it. No, it's my already-too-large collection of soaps. But I see u/rocketk455 comment here almost daily, and from the different setups I see, it is obvious that he has real enthusiasm for curating a high quality shave. Plus, anyone who creates a fragrance called Wood Shop that opens with coffee and bourbon can count on a purchase from me. I fully expected to enjoy this soap base and scent, and I absolutely did. Well done! Enjoy your weekend! (A holiday weekend here in the US of A)


**Sat May 27 2023** * **Prep:** Proraso - Crema pre barba - Protettiva * **Razor:** Qshave Adjustable * **Blade:** Qshave Titanium Blade (8) * **Brush:** Aveo Men Boar * **Lather:** Palmolive Cool Shaving Cream * **Post Shave:** Clubman Pinaud - AS Lotion


**May. 27, 2023** * **Brush:** Yaqi 26mm Synthetic * **Razor:** Rockwell 2C * **Blade:** Feather Platinum * **Lather:** Henri et Victoria - Costa - Soap * **Post Shave:** Henri et Victoria - Costa - Aftershave Good shave. Have not used this razor for quite some time it was enjoyable but it’s a bit strange to maneuver.


**May 27, 2023** * **Preshave:** Water -> Face * **Brush:** Yaqi 24mm Synthetic "Panda" * **Razor:** King C. Gillette DE Razor * **Blade:** Astra Superior Platinum (5) * **Lather:** [Haslinger *Algae*](https://yourshaving.com/gb/shaving-soaps/785-haslinger-seaweed-shaving-soap-60g.html) * **Post Shave:** Williams *Aqua Velva* * **Post Shave:** Nivea After Shave Balm Nothing special, all well. Have a good day!


**May. 27, 2023** * **Brush:** AP Shave Co G5C * **Razor:** Karve CB * **Blade:** Personna Lab Blue * **Lather:** Proraso - Green - cream * **Post Shave:** Proraso - Green - Balm Busted out the cream for an easy quick shave while running late!


####[SOTD Saturday 27 May 2023](https://imgur.com/a/8ECOObT) * **Straight Razor** - Saponificio Varesino / Koraat - Leonardo da Vinci - 6/8 * **Shaving Brush** - Voigt & Cop - VC04 Corno di Alce - 28mm Fan (Manchurian Badger) * **Shaving Soap** - PannaCrema - Nuàvia Nera


**May 27, 2023 - Space Otterty** * **Brush:** Yaqi Dandelion Green 24mm Cashmere * **Razor:** Game Changer .68 SP * **Blade:** Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Platinum Black (5) * **Lather:** Noble Otter - Orbit * **Post Shave:** Noble Otter - Orbit Slash * **Fragrance:** Victorinox 125th Anniversary EdT This is my first time using Orbit. My face is frozen now. Holy cow that Koolada-23 is very chilly. For the scent, I mostly pick up the citrusy bergamot. I’m off to the stores this afternoon. I’ve been watching a bunch of videos of a home cook making the cakes and cookies from Milk Bar. I’m going to the restaurant supply store for a cake ring and cake collars to try making their crazy three layer cakes.


**May 27, 2023** * **Brush:** Dogwood Good Gully Maggard Black and White Synthetic 26mm * **Razor:** Razorock Game Changer .84 * **Blade:** Gillette Platinum (2) * **Lather:** Chiseled Face – Black Rose * **Post Shave:** Thayers – Rose Petal * **Fragrance:** Chatillon Lux - Gratiot League Square - EdT


* **Brush:** Zenith 31mm Moar Boar * **Razor:** Gillette Tech * **Blade:** Gillette Goal * **Lather:** Summer Break Soaps/ London Razors - But First...An Experiment * **Post Shave:** Thayer's Witch Hazel 2 pass shave with a 30 second load. I need to get back to posting more, but work has overwhelmed me. Till the end of summer I’ll be rocking Summer Break Soap


* **Razor:** Merkur 37c * **Blade:** Astra SP * **Lather:** Noble Otter - Northern Elixir * **Brush:** Omega 11137 24mm * **Post Shave:** Old Spice Aftershave and Nivea post-shave balm Hope everyone has a good weekend!


**May 27, 2023** * **Brush:** Zenith 508A Moar Boar * **Razor:** Dovo shavette * **Blade:** Personna SS PTFE injector * **Lather:** Bufflehead Soap Co. - Tishomingo * **Post Shave:** Lucky Tiger * **Post Shave:** Zingari Man - unscented balm * **Post Shave:** Olay Complete Late posting today. I was tempted to use a different soap today, but I am so close to killing this one. I have a beef bottom round roast and a pork loin on the smoker. Gone be eating good.


**Saturday, May 27th, 2023** * **Brush**: Omega 20102 * **Razor**: Gillette triangle slot, fat handle Tech * **Blade**: Topaz Platinum (47) * **Lather**: Talent Soap Factory - Save the Earth * **Splash**: Spearhead Shaving Company - Seaforth! Spiced * **Serum**: Dr. Jon's - Lemongrass & Geranium * **Perfume**: Dr. Jon's - Pan's Pipe Same setup as yesterday, gave the same fine shave.


Brush: Wolf Whiskers / Maggard Boar Razor: Blackland Blackbird Lite SS Blade: Personna Comfort Coated Lather: Catie's Bubbles - Waterlyptus Alum: Osma Aftershave: Catie's Bubbles - Waterlyptus waterlyptus++




* Razor: Gillette Old Type * Blade: Astra Green * Brush: Vie-Long #13051M * Pre-Shave: O Way Softening Shaving Cream * Lather: Pereira Shavery Orange Blossom w/ activated charcoal * Aftershave: Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum * Additional Care: Alum Block [First shave in redone bathroom!](https://wegianwetshaving.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/20230527_122821-1024x957.jpg)


**May 27, 2023** * **Lather:** House of Mammoth - Rumble Soap * **Brush:** Chisel & Hound Rumble 26mm V18 * **Razor:** Charcoal Good Maze Handle with level 3 plate * **Blade:** Gillette - Platinum * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth - Rumble Splash * **Frag:** House of Mammoth - Rumble Great shave and did a pass ATG with the lvl 3 plate, and around my neck area, it actually feels a little bit better than a more mild razor. I think with the direction my hair grows in the crook of my neck, I have to ride the cap quite a bit on a mild razor.


**May 27, 2023 – B&M: Seville**   * **Brush:** Yaqi Synthetic   * **Razor:** Karve Overlander   * **Blade:** Gillette Nacet    * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann – Seville   * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann – Seville   What can I say really? This is an excellent soap in all aspects. It is considered a barbershop scent, but doesn’t smell like any I remember. That is in no way a bad thing since the scent is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend giving the soap and aftershave a try if you haven’t already.


• Prep: Warm Shower • Brush: Van Der Hagen Boar Brush • Razor: Van Der Hagen 85mm Safety Razor • Blade: Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edge • Lather: Barrister and Mann The Four Horsemen War • Post shave: Van Der Hagen Unscented Aftershave Balm


**2023-05-27** * **Prep:** Coffee, Face wash soap/warm water * **Brush:** Semogue - [Semogue 830](https://imgur.com/Iz3Qdll), Boar bristle 22mm * **Razor:** Blackland - [Blackbird, DE safety razor, Brass, 101 mm handle](https://imgur.com/40xVJdM) * **Blade:** Tiger Platinum, DE * **Lather:** Catie's Bubbles - [Saturday Morning](https://imgur.com/7LlZJQk) * **Post Shave:** Crowne & Crane - [Peppered Plum (Balm)](https://imgur.com/9htekJi) Lots of fruit in this shave, but what a great shave. Have a good one.


####5/27/2023….SOTD 1013 * **Prep:** * **Brush:** Maggards 24 mm Synthetic * **Razor:** Merkur 34c * **Blade:** Gilletter Nacet (10) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Petrichor Soap * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann - Passiflora AS * **Post Shave:** Bliss invisible daily sunscreen * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth - Z Balm (uncool) * **Fragrance:** Demeter - Grass Lots of grass and dirt going on ✌🏻


**[May. 27, 2023](https://i.imgur.com/ns2m6aO.jpg)** * **Brush:** Dogwood Handcrafts Arcane Abyss Timberwolf * **Razor:** Blackland Blackbird Ti * **Blade:** Personna Super (6) * **Lather:** House Of Mammoth - Santa Noir - Soap * **Post Shave:** House Of Mammoth - Santa Noir - Aftershave Still in love with the blackbird. What a shave! Have a great Saturday.


* **Lather:** Lea Shaving Stick * **Brush:** AP Shave Co G5C 24mm * **Razor:** Ever-Ready 1912 * **Blade:** Personna Gem PTFE (5) Last one with this blade. Probably going to use a DE again next time.


* **Razor:** Tatara Masamune * **Blade:** Kai DE * **Brush:** Elite Razor burl w motherlode 26mm knot * **Lather:** Southern Witchcrafts - Boonana Special Edition * **Post Shave:** Southern Witchcrafts - Boonana AS Boonana is life.


**Warm-ish Weather Long Weekend Shave** * **Prep:** Hot Shower - Preshave * **Brush:** CaYuen 26mm Tuxedo * **Razor:** RazoRock - Game Changer .84-P * **Blade:** Astra - SP Green (20) * **Lather:** Catie's Bubbles- Waterlyptus * **Post Shave:** Stirling- Glacial Spearmint splash * **Post Shave:** Zingari Man - AS Balm Unscented Going to be in the 70s here in Southern Maine for the long weekend. Hallefreakinglujah. This shave is damn near perfect for the warmer weather and could be a strong contender for an AA combo. I'm thinking now is the time to try and put a dent in this splash before the madness of the Lather Games puts a dent in our soap/splash killing tendencies.


**27 May, 2023 - Double Dickhole** * **Brush:** Declaration Grooming - Unicorn Ivory - B3 * **Razor:** Weck - 450-110 * **Blade:** Personna - Hair Shaper (3) * **Lather:** Declaration Grooming - Persephone - Soap * **Post Shave:** Osma - Alum * **Post Shave:** Declaration Grooming - Persephone - Aftershave * **Post Shave:** Declaration Grooming - Persephone - Liniment * **Fragrance:** Declaration Grooming - Persephone - Eau de Parfum


**[May. 27, 2023](https://i.imgur.com/tZUkyye.jpg)** * **Prep:** Cold Water * **Brush:** [Zenith 506B SE 27mm](https://i.imgur.com/36fBFyS.jpg) * **Razor:** GEM G-Bar * **Blade:** GEM PTFE (4) * **Lather:** Southern Witchcrafts - Arcane Abyss - Soap * **Post Shave:** Nivea 2 en 1 Refresh and Care - Aftershave Have a great day!


Razor: Gillette Flat Bottom Tech. Blade: Super Max Stainless (18). Brush: Zenith Moar Boar. Lather: Declaration Grooming Southern Paradise. Aftershave: Declaration Grooming Apogee. Fragrance: JPG Le Male


**5-27-23** * **Brush:** AP Shave Co. 24mm Synbad Synthetic * **Razor:** Weck Sextoblade * **Blade:** Personna Hair Shaper * **Lather:** Shannon's Soaps - Donut Shoppe * **Post Shave:** Shannon's Soaps - Donut Shoppe


Brush: Sawdust Creations w/ V17 Razor: Wolfman WR2 dual comb in bronze Blade: Nacet Lather: MdC Vetyver Brain Bowl (Day 30) Post: NO Monoi de Tahiti Another great shave with the Wolfman. Even as tired as I was, it made things effortless.


**Sat May 27 2023** * **Prep:** Coffee, Face wash soap/warm water * **Razor:** Merker 34C HD * **Blade:** Feather Hi-Stainless * **Brush:** Farvour Turncraft w/an Epoxy 26 MM Badger Knot * **Lather:** Proraso - Green Tube * **Post Shave:** Clubman Pinuad - AS Lotion The Green Tube is an old friend of mine. Always get a good shave and I like the menthol. But I noticed when I rinsed off my face there was not any slipperyness left. Good shave but never had noticed that before.


**May 27, 2023** * **Brush:** DSCosmetics 24mm G7 Synthetic * **Razor:** Razorock Game Changer .84-P * **Blade:** Gillette Platinum (3) * **Blade:** Wizamet Super Iridium * **Preshave:** Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements – Cube 2.0 Scentless * **Lather:** RazoRock – Sicily * **Post Shave:** Nivea – Sensitive Post Shave Balm Had almost two days growth so broke out the 84-P. Thought there was another shave in yesterday’s blade, but it didn’t even last one pass. Finished off with a fresh Wizamet and was rewarded with a DFS. If I’d started with the Wiz I’m sure the 84-P would have given me a BBS. Everyone have a Spectacular Saturday.


**May. 27, 2023** * **Brush:** Simpson T3 * **Razor:** Merkur 37c * **Blade:** Rapira Super stainless * **Lather:** Macduffs Soap Company - Birch + Root - Soap * **Post Shave:** Pitralon - Classic - Aftershave * **Post Shave:** Sun Ozon - Med SPF 50 - Balm The lather was a bit too dry. Besides that all good! Next shave there will be more hydration. Take care :) Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


**[May 27, 2023](https://imgur.com/a/1VvVd8f)** - **Lather:** Gentleman’s Nod Musashi - **Brush:** DG B13 - **Razor:** Blackland Blackbird - **Blade:** Voskhod {1} - **Aftershave:** A&E The Kingdom - **Post-shave:** A&E Shave Serum - **Fragrance:** Gentleman’s Nod Musashi


**[May 27, 2023 - Excursion](https://imgur.com/a/xtHoYW5)** * **Brush:** Zenith r/Wetshaving exclusive MOAR BOAR * **Razor:** Gillette Flare Tip Super Speed F1 * **Blade:** Voskhod * **Lather:** Chicago Grooming Co (Oleo) - Excursion Soap * **Post Shave:** Lucky Tiger Splash * **Fragrance:** Creed Virgin Island Water EdP * **Elton John:** [Island Girl](https://youtu.be/xpRZZmB9zB0) ---- The soap in my bowl is starting to get thin. Hoping by maybe end of next week it'll be done. *Virgin Island Water* is soooo good. If you're curious, check out Stirling's Island Man; excellent duplication of an excellent summer scent.


**May. 27, 2023** * **Brush:** Wilkinson Sword OUMO Synthetic Tuxedo Smoky Gray * **Razor:** Green Cult GC 2.0 II * **Blade:** Personna Comfort Coated * **Lather:** Wholly Kaw - Merchant Of Tobacco - Soap * **Post Shave:** Wholly Kaw - Merchant Of Tobacco - Balm Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


**May. 27, 2023** * **Brush:** Dogwood Handcrafts B9A+ Badger * **Razor:** Henson V2 Mild * **Blade:** Gillette Rubie Plus (4) * **Lather:** Barrister And Mann - Eigengrau - Soap * **Post Shave:** Barrister And Mann - Full Measure Of Man - Balm Confirmed. Diamond in excelsior is sub par compared to normal excelsior performance. Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


* **Lather:** Scheermonnik - Berk Soap * **Brush:** Omega - 10049 - Red * **Razor:** Gillette - Slim Adjustable * **Blade:** Treet Platinum Super Stainless * **Post Shave:** None Legs shave. I felt adventurous and went with setting 8 on the slim. I nicked pretty badly around both knees…


**May 27, 2023** * **Prep:** Warm Water Wash * **Brush:** Declaration Grooming B8 * **Razor:** Wolfman WR1 0.80 * **Blade:** Wilkinson Sword * **Lather:** Stirling - Varen * **Osma Alum:** Yes * **Post Shave:** Jabonman - Dama de Noche (Balm)


[**May 27, 2023**](https://imgur.com/a/i27xvy8) * **Brush:** Semogue SOC 24mm boar * **Razor:** Karve Overlander SS * **Blade:** Gillette Silver Blue (3) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Nordost * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann - Nordost - Balm Have a good Saturday!




Great all year around scent! And also hard to get tired of it.


[**27/05/2023 - Silver Steel & Speick Saturday**](https://imgur.com/Eqfj5MO.jpg) * **Razor:** President 70 13/16 Half Hollow * **Brush:** PAA Peregrino * **Soap:** Speick Stick * **Aftershave:** Speick Splash * **Balm:** Sukin Moisturiser Touched the edge up on a trans ark, and the result was superb: crisp, smooth, and extremely enjoyable. Great Saturday night shave!


Speick Stick ++ Edit: spelling error


**May. 27, 2023** * **Brush:** Blackland Signature Shaving Brush Black * **Razor:** Muhle R41 * **Blade:** Gillette Nacet (1) * **Lather:** Ariana and Evans - Rio de Janeiro Puck * **Post Shave:** Ariana and Evans - Rio de Janeiro Aftershave * **Post Shave:** Zingari Man Unscented Aftershave Balm Balm I have never given 5 stars on My Shave Den. Today I came the closest ever with a 4.5 stars (which I have only given less than 6 times) but I would have scored this shave a 4.75 if I could. All the components came together to give me an excellent shave BBS, close, no blood, no burn, and the neck was as closest to BBS I have ever achieved. First time with Rio. I get on my nose Apple, Pineapple and subtle strawberry. Enough said!