Thursday SOTD Thread - May 18, 2023

Share your shave of the day for Thursday!


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Declaration Grooming - B16 - Thaw Jeffington * **Razor:** Wolfman - WR1 0.61 x WRH7 * **Blade:** London Bridge (Made in England, Vtg) * **Lather:** Declaration Grooming - Mayflower - Soap * **Post Shave:** Declaration Grooming - Mayflower - Aftershave Love Icarus base


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Stirling 24mm Synthetic * **Razor:** Baili BR171 * **Blade:** Wilkinson Sword Classic (2) * **Lather:** Chicago Grooming Co. - Caoba - Soap * **Post Shave:** allMan - Fearless - Aftershave


#### Red Rocket - **Razor**: Gillette Red Tip Rocket - **Blade**: Feather new Hi-Stainless - **Brush**: Αλφα Rubberset 400 Tribute - **Lather**: Barrister and Mann Leviathan (Omnibus) - **Aftershave**: Pitralon Swiss version A very quick one for the books


**May 18, 2023** * **Prep:** Warm Shower * **Brush:** Yaqi Atlantis 24mm Synth * **Razor:** Tatara Masamune Handle w/ Nodachi Base and Head * **Blade:** Voskhod (4) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Electric Mayhem * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann - Electric Mayhem


* **Brush:** Omega S-Brush Synthetic S10077 Green * **Razor:** Schick "66" * **Blade:** Ted Pella PTFE (5) * **Lather:** Stirling Executive Man * **Alum:** Omega Alum Stick * **Towel:** Lancaster Razor Works Black Sheep Cabernet * **Aftershave:** Stirling Unscented Balm * **Fragrance:** Creed Aventus Nice shave before my son's honors banquet. https://twitter.com/redwingzfan82/status/1659382033020342274?t=5bFrDThRzk5qFq7bYRTnxg&s=19


**May. 18, 2023** * **Brush:** DG B16 Thaw Washington B16 Badger * **Razor:** Blackland OC Blackbird * **Blade:** Feather New Hi Stainless * **Lather:** Oleo - Seibo Dominican Chocolate * **Post Shave:** A&E - Choco Cubano


**May 18, 2023 - SOTD**  * **Prep:** Splash of warm water * **Brush:** Van Der Hagen Boar Brush * **Razor:** Van Der Hagen 85MM Safety Razor * **Blade:** Astra Superior Platinum * **Lather:** A&E- Kaizen * **Post Shave:** 345 Soap Co. - Fleet Street Pie Shop Balm Decided to use my newest post shave balm and Fleet Street Pie Shop is good enough to eat. Had to order the balm and soap from two different stores so the soap hasn't arrived yet but I can't wait to treat myself to this scent more often


**May. 18, 2023** * **Prep:** Splash of cold water * **Brush:** [Zenith r/Wetshaving MOAR BOAR 31mm](https://i.imgur.com/SuxNMTM.jpeg) * **Razor:** [Wolfman WR3 - 0.52 - Darwin Handle](https://i.imgur.com/Uk1PRxd.jpeg) * **Blade:** GEM Stainless PTFE (17) * **Lather:** [Noble Otter - Firefighter](https://www.nobleotter.com/products/firefighter-shaving-soap) * **Post Shave:** [Noble Otter - Firefighter](https://www.nobleotter.com/products/firefighter-aftershave) * **Fragrance:** London Razors - Mountain Laurel Eau de Parfum I have really been enjoying this Mountain Laurel EdP lately. That scent is outstanding.


[Shave of the Day 05-18-2023](https://imgur.com/gallery/Rwa8wfl) Razor: Blackland Blackbird Blade: Gillette Nacet Stainless (d2) Soap: H.A.G.S. Darkside Brush: AKA Brushworx Abalone AK4 26mm Bowl: AKA Brushworx Abalone Post 1: P.A.A. Alum w/ No-Slip Grip System & Dry Dock System Post 2: Dickinson's Enhanced Witch Hazel Deep Cleansing Astringent w/ Menthol & Eucalyptus Aftershave: Hendrix Classics & Company Magique So, I just couldn't wait. I received this soap, brush, and bowl as birthday gifts and well, I just had to try them all out as soon as I could. As you can see the brush and bowl are absolutely beautiful. They just so happened to match very well color-wise with the soap's label and the aftershave I chose. I have to say, Darkside smells, unlike any other shaving software I have. It's unique and I like it a lot. Its notes are rum, oud, tonka bean, rose, amber, sandalwood, musk, tobacco, black pepper, grapefruit, and vetiver. What an interesting mix, right? I get the rose and rum right off the top, but I can pick up on the rest of them in there. It is dark but it is beautiful. Please let me know if you have a bottle of the aftershave you can spare or know of someone that does. I did a three-pass shave with the always bbs assured Blackland Blackbird. With a Nacet blade and some fantastic lather from the H.A.G.S. vegan soap, I had a great shave that I thoroughly enjoyed. To round things out I threw on some equally beauty HC&C Magique aftershave and surprisingly enough, it blended really well with the fragrance of the soap. I really think I lucked out on this one. Anyway, I'm super stoked about my new bowl and brush as well as the badass Darth Vader-themed soap. Take care my friends and enjoy your shaves.


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Zenith r/Wetshaving Exclusive 31mm Moar Boar * **Razor:** Karve CB C solid bar * **Blade:** Feather Hi-Stainless (6) * **Lather:** House of Mammoth - Alive * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth - Alive Scooping my soap means the ring of death doesn’t come around. I keep it pretty even, but there is a thinner spot or two developing now. Not sure how many shaves to finish this tub, but my goal is kill it by the Lather Games, so trying to get two shaves a week with it. Concentrating on a single soap though makes it take longer to get to all the other soapsin the den. Alive though is good enough that it isn’t a hardship to use it more. I didn’t really get tired of it in Austere August. Shave was good tonight, but I wonder if the blade will hold up much longer. I will say it had a top tier first shave on a blade, but I am not sure this blade has a dozen shaves in it.


SOTD Brush: Omega boar ash wood handle Razor: Gem Junior Blade: Gem Treet Lather: Proraso Wood and spice cream Post Shave: Alum block


May 18, 2023 - Pre Shave: Noxzema Classic Clean - Razor: Razorock SLOC - Blade: Asco Super Stainless (1) - Brush: Zenith 80B - Lather: Cella - Post Shave: Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Face Tonic - Post Shave: Nivea Sensitive Cooling Aftershave Balm Happy almost Friday yall!


**Father's Day shave** * **Prep:** Splash of Warm Water * **Razor:** Pearl Flexi Adjustable * **Blade:** BiC Chrome Platinum * **Brush:** AP Shave Co. 26 mm Fan/Flattop hybrid w/ Snakeskin handle * **Lather:** HAGS - Creatures of The Night (Mutton Tallow base) * **Post Shave:** WestMan - Dark Man ASB In Germany, it's a public holiday as well as Father's Day today. It was a pretty lazy day except some cleaning and a very brief resistance band workout for me. For my shave, I went with two new items that came together with the Pearl Flexi to get free shipping from YourShaving. First off is a soap by HAGS, but this time in their Mutton Tallow base. I have to say, I vastly prefer this over the vegan base of them that I have in the form of Aftermath. I can't comment on either their Guinness beer base nor the Donkey Milk; weird how they got four different bases but only make dupes. This scent is apparently based on Denim Original, but since I don't know that fragrance, I can't comment either. The artwork is badass, some horned bull monster dude in front of a huge moon and a cityscape fit for synthwave records. Somehow it reminded me of Michael Jackson and his music video for Thriller, even though that sure as hell doesn't feature any bovine monster. The scent is powdery, clean and cologne-y. Two pass shave, first on setting 4, second on 2. Very nice and smooth performance. Followed by Dark Man, an ASB by WestMan I only had to get due to its artwork. I mean, [look at it!](https://coltelleriabiolcati.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/WESTMAN_DARK_MAN_DOPOBARBA_BALSAMO_EMULSION_AFTERSHAVE_COLTELLERIA_BIOLCATI_FERRARA_PRODOTTI_CURA_RASATURA_BARBA_MADE_PORTOGALLO_PRODOTTI_ARTIGIANALI_SHAVING_SOAP-768x768.jpg) - A skeleton in a suit sporting a huge moustache is perhaps one of the greatest artworks I've seen. At least for me, this fits. I hope a few more artisans would be a bit more daring with their artwork instead of just using the same old logo on different colour schemes. This one is much warmer than Creatures of the night, more woody and less powder but still a pleasing scent. Like the Mazagran ASB I have from this artisan, it works splendid in terms of skincare too. Best part of the day? Stando from Poland were having a little promotion sale on their Etsy shop, so I'll soon have yet another stainless steel DE razor in the form of the Perun.


• Prep: Warm Shower • Brush: Van Der Hagen Boar Brush • Razor: Van Der Hagen 85mm Safety Razor • Blade: RK Stainless • Lather: Barrister and Mann Four Horsemen War • Post shave: Van Der Hagen Unscented Aftershave Balm


Van Der Hagen gang


**May 18, 2023** * **Prep:** Warm Water Wash * **Brush:** L'occitane Plisson * **Razor:** Gamechanger 84 * **Blade:** Wizamet * **Lather:** Eufros - Dama de Noche * **Osma Alum:** Yes * **Post Shave:** Eufros - Dama de Noche (Balm)


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Maggard Timberwolf Synthetic 24mm * **Razor:** Razorock Game Changer .84 * **Blade:** Gillette Platinum (34) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann – The Four Horsemen: Famine * **Post Shave:** Thayers – Rose Petal * **Fragrance:** Chatillon Lux - Rose Santal - EdT


* **Prep**: Hot water splash with face wash * **Razor**: Rockwell 6C * **Blade**: Gillette Platinum (2) * **Lather**: Catie’s Bubbles ‘95 Liquid Labels * **Brush**: Omega 10066 * **Splash**: Aqua Velva Ice Blue * **Balm**: Duke Cannon Ice Cold Balm Good BBS shave. No irritation with a few small bleeders on my chin and neck. Because of that, this was an uneventful shave to say the least. Maybe my skin wasn’t properly conditioned in time or perhaps I rushed through the whole thing. Whatever the reason, I hope my shaves after this will get better. It was still a good shave nonetheless. Overall, nice shave heading into the weekend.


**SOTD - 18.05.23** [Voices](https://imgur.com/a/0Z0Kucr) * **House Of Mammoth - Voices** * **Semogue - TSN 2018 Boar** * **Gillette - 1941 Ranger Tech** * **Polsilver Stainless Steel** So I missed Mammoth Monday and my chance to wish all involved my congratulations on winning The Golden Pear for Voices so I declare today Tusk Thursday.


Great photo!


Thank you mate


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** AP Shave Co. 24mm SilkSmoke * **Razor:** Gillette NEW * **Blade:** Astra SP (Green) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann – 42 * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann – 42 42 is officially the luckiest scent. The academic team I coach won their big contest today!


Congrats! I’ll be using the 42 trifecta for Towel Day next week.


**Thu May 18 2023** * **Prep:** Hot shower * **Razor:** Qshave Adjustable * **Blade:** Qshave Titanium Blade (5) * **Brush:** Yaqi Tuxedo 30 mm * **Lather:** Cella Milano - Crema Da Barba Almond Soap * **Post Shave:** Nivea - Sensitive Pro Ultra Calming AS Balm


SOTD: May 18, 2023 • Lather - Shire • Brush - S.O.C. Cherry Badger • Razor - ATT Aluminum SB90 Plate • Blade - Astra SP (5) • Post - Shire Balm • Frag - None Love Shire. The end.


**[18 May 2023 Complementary Non Dickkhole Talbot Shaving/Maol Marlogue Wood](https://imgur.com/a/P8LeeqU)** * **Prep:** Warm Shower * **Brush:** Dogwood Cadinsor Dune B14 24mm * **Razor:** Blackland Blackbird SS * **Razor:** Gillette Silver Blue (13) * **Lather:** Talbot Shaving/Maol Marlogue Wood (18) * **Post Shave:** Stirling Vetiver Toner, Cold River Soapworks Sandalwood Post Shave Lotion, Mickey Lee Soapworks Reunion Balm, Australian Private Reserve Velours Noir A/S * **Fragrance:** Imaginary Authors Whispered Myths Cheers


**May 18 2023** * **Brush:** Zenith MOAR BOAR (31mm) * **Razor:** Gillette Super Speed (1960) * **Blade:** Parker Premium Platinum (8) * **Lather:** Catie’s Bubbles - Waterlyptus * **Post Shave:** Catie’s Bubbles - Waterlyptus * **Fragrance:** Barrister and Mann - Seville Today felt like a good day for Waterlyptus and I was right. I do love Bubbles’ base, it’s always easy to drum up a very slick lather from it. I don’t need more soap but I think I need more Catie’s Bubbles soap.


**May. 18, 2023** * **Prep:** Hot Shower and CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser * **Brush:** Zenith r/Wetshaving Exclusive MOAR BOAR (31 mm × 57 mm bleached boar) * **Razor:** Weck Sextoblade * **Blade:** Fromm (2) * **Second Razor**: Blackland Blackbird (SS) * **Lather:** Noble Otter - Lonestar * **Post Shave:** T.N. Dickinson’s - Witch Hazel * **Post Shave:** House Of Mammoth - Z (uncool) - Balm * **Fragrance:** Noble Otter - Lonestar Third shave with the Sextoblade and the first one with no blood! I’ve only had one “fuck up” so far thankfully but a big step today! First two passes with the Sexto and then cleaned it up for Uncle Sam with the Blackbird. Took this morning off to go see my son’s end of year program and am still rolling afterwards. Watching 3-5 year old kids dance and sing is hilarious because their personalities come out. There was everything from a bright sequined dress to a kid dressed as Spider-Man. As much work as being a parent is, mornings like this make it fun!


**May 18, 2023 – Stirling: Executive Man**   * **Brush:** Yaqi Synthetic   * **Razor:** Karve Overlander   * **Blade:** Gillette Nacet    * **Lather:** Stirling Soap Co. – Executive Man   * **Post Shave:** Oaken Labs – Sanctum   * **Post Shave:** Dickinson’s – Original Witch Hazel   I don’t use this soap much since it doesn’t really smell like Aventus to me, but my goodness, the shave was fantastic. The lather was thick and slick, without it being finicky to create. Unfortunately, I do not have the matching AS (never even tried it), but imagine it would be closer than the soap to the original cologne’s scent. I used Oaken Labs Sanctum instead. Not sure it matched, but it’s a nicely scented AS in it’s own right. Great shave overall.


**May 18, 2023** * **Preshave:** Shower * **Brush:** Chisel and Hound "Oyster's Gift" Maggard SHD 26mm * **Razor:** Blackland Blackbird Lite Plate (SS) * **Blade:** Gillette Silver Blue * **Lather:** House of Mammoth Sonder * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth Sonder Splash * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth Sonder EDP Great shave this morning after about 36 hours of not. The Lite plate is just so smooth and efficient and Sonder is tops. Have a great day.


**May. 18, 2023** * **Prep:** Warm Shower - - Preshave * **Brush:** Stirling 2-Band Synthetic Brush * **Razor:** Merkur 34C * **Blade:** Dorco ST-300 Platinum * **Lather:** Talent Soap Factory - Kittyhawk - Soap * **Post Shave:** Nivea - Sensitive Soothing Post Shave - Balm * **Post Shave:** Stirling - Alum Block Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


**May. 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Simpson B6 Badger * **Razor:** Blackland Blackbird OC * **Blade:** Voskhod Teflon * **Lather:** Chiseled Face - Sherlock - Soap * **Post Shave:** Stirling - Deep Blue Sea - Aftershave * **Post Shave:** Stirling - Deep Blue Sea


May 18, 2023 * **Prep:** Hot shower * **Brush:** AP Shave Co. - AP400B XL Brass 28 mm (G5C Fan Synthetic) * **Razor:** Karve CB SS (B Plate SB) * **Blade:** Gillette Silver Blue (2) * **Lather:** Central Texas Soaps Cowboy Spice (Pasteur's Exclusive) * **Post Shave:** Central Texas Soaps Cowboy Spice Aftershave (Pasteur's Exclusive) * **Post Shave:** Zingari - Unscented Balm


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** WildWestBrushworks - Campbell - Maggard Boar * **Razor:** RazoRock Game Changer .84 SB * **Blade:** Nacet * **Lather:** Catie's Bubbles - Le Marche du Rasage - Soap * **Post Shave:** Catie's Bubbles - Le Marche du Rasage - Toner 8oz's of soap - Still looks full.


* **Lather:** Mäurer & Wirtz - Tabac Original Soap * **Brush:** Omega 10049 (red handle) * **Razor:** Gillette - Slim Adjustable * **Blade:** Gillette - Perma-Sharp * **Post Shave:** Kálliston after shave gel (Aloe Vera & Chamomile)


**SOTD May 18 2023** * **Brush:** Bullseye Brushworks 26mm Synbad * **Razor:** Yates 921-M Stubby * **Blade:** Gillette Nacet (1) * **Lather:** HC&C - Empire State of Mind * **Post Shave:** Maol Grooming - Splash - Heliopteris


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Wild West Brushworks Blue Space 26mm Cashmere * **Razor:** [Koraat 6/8" Full Hollow](https://imgur.com/a/SJ8w06S) (Straight Shave 234) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Le Grand Chypre - Soap * **Post Shave:** Thayers - Lemon - Toner * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann - Le Grand Chypre - Aftershave _2 passes. Face lather. Excellent shave._ --- What a wonderful scent for this time of year -- spring in the northern hemisphere, autumn in the southern. Like many of my soaps, I always wonder why I don't use this one more.


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Wild West Brushworks Blue Space 26mm Cashmere * **Razor:** [Koraat 6/8" Full Hollow](https://imgur.com/a/SJ8w06S) (Straight Shave 234) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Le Grand Chypre - Soap * **Post Shave:** Thayers - Lemon - Toner * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann - Le Grand Chypre - Aftershave _2 passes. Face lather. Excellent shave._ --- What a wonderful scent for this time of year -- spring in the northern hemisphere, autumn in the southern. Like many of my soaps, I always wonder why I don't use this one more.


**May 18, 2023 - fathers day** * **Prep:** Icecold shower * **Brush:** Ap shave Co purple haze * **Razor:** Razorock eco SE * **Lather:**Palmolive * **Post Shave:** Declaration Grooming - Unscented balm * **Fragrance:**Davidoff - Adventure Since it's father's day, I decided to use something that is most similar to my father's setup when I was a kid. Palmolive gave me a great dense lather that had no slickness, little protection but a melancholic scent. My face looked like I looked for honey in a nest of hornets. Red.


**May. 18, 2023** * **Prep:** Grooming Dept - Unscented - Preshave * **Brush:** Chisel And Hound 3639SC Crossman (G5C) * **Razor:** Blackland Vector SS OC * **Blade:** Kai Captain * **Lather:** Stirling - Barbershop - Soap * **Post Shave:** Stirling - Barbershop - Aftershave * **Fragrance:** Stirling - Barbershop Woke up hungover so wanted a comforting scent. Barbershop does just that. I will say though, for me I notice a material difference in performance in Stirling vs newer artisan bases. Still got a great shave, of course. Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


Preshave: hot shower and dove soap bar Razor: Muhle Rocca R94 Blade: Bic Chrome Platinum (8) Brush: Chisel & Hound Kuai Taper w/ V18 Fanchurian Lather: Gentleman's Nod Musashi soap Post-shave: Barrister and Mann Passiflora aftershave splash I really like this scent combination, lightly fruity with a bit of French I don't know what underneath. The Gentleman's Nod soap base seems to not get enough appreciation, it really is a great soap that I feel competes well enough with other favorites on this sub. I will say, I don't really love their other label art, juniper reverie looks like a van yulay label, so unless that changes for future scent releases I might just stick with Musashi from them


The C4+ base is one of the best in wetshaving IMO. Totally underrated


* **Razor:** Timeless Ti .68 OC * **Blade:** Shark Stainless * **Brush:** AP Shave Co uBrush cashmere * **Lather:** Saponificio Varesino - Desert Vetiver Soap * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann - Cheshire Balm


**SOTD May 18, 2023** - **Brush:** Prometheus Handcrafts "Liquid Rainbow" 28mm Prometheus P2 - **Razor:** Blutt Rasur BR-1 0.99 - **Blade:** Astra SP (1) - **Lather:** Declaration Grooming - Nightman - Shaving SOap - **Post Shave:** Proraso Nourishing After Shave Lotion - **Fragrance:** Motif Olfactif - Èclat de Santal - **Passes:** WTG, XTG, ATG - **Coffee:** Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe - v: Heirloom - p: Natural - **Music:** Hiss Golden Messenger - *Bad Debt* That was a wonderfully comfortable three-pass shave. Looking forward to more shaves with the BR-1.


SOTD - 5/18/23 • Razor: Blackland Blackbird Brass Machined • Blade: Voskhod Teflon Coated • Brush: Dogwood 22mm TGN Finest • Lather: Southern Witchcrafts Nekromantik • Aftershave: WK Chypre Rose Concerto Another good shave and so ready for the weekend!


* **Prep:** Shower * **Brush:** Mootes Synthetic Brush chrome * **Razor:** Merkur 34C  * **Blade:** Gillette 7 o'clock SharpEdge * **Lather:** Zingari Man - The Merchant * **Aftershave:** Nivea Sensitive After Shave Balm Had a shit week and didn't look after myself - today there's a public holiday here, so I took my time to shave. Received a couple of samples on Tuesday, including Zingari Man - The Merchant. It smells pretty nice out of the tub and lathers easily, but the scent was not strong enough for my liking; I felt it faded while I was shaving. The blade isn't my favourite either, good that I only bought a 5-blade sampler. Have a great day everyone!


**Thursday, May 18th, 2023** * **Brush**: Semogue Owners Club boar, Taj white handle * **Razor**: Gillette gold "fat handle" post-war Tech * **Blade**: Topaz Platinum (38) * **Lather**: Haslinger - Schafmilch * **Splash:** Declaration Grooming - ? (Puzzle 2019) * **Serum**: Zingari Man - Rescue Potion * **Perfume**: To be decided later. I cut my chin in the third pass today. I thought it might not be a good stroke, and sure enough, I felt the cut open up. But it did mostly close up before I finished cleaning up!


**2023-05-18 Not Theme Thursday SOTD** * **Brush:** SHAVE⭐DANDY CS Baritone (26x55mm Synth) * **Razor:** Fatip Gentile * **Blade:** Gillette Silver Blue (16) * **Lather:** Noble Otter - Thé Noir et Vanille - Soap * **Post Shave:** Stirling Soap Co. - Unscented with Menthol - Balm Tea-centric soap for the Victoria Day long weekend up here in Canada, which starts tomorrow for me.


**May. 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Yaqi 26mm Synthetic * **Razor:** Karve Overlander * **Blade:** Sharp Durablade * **Lather:** Spearhead - Black Watch - Soap * **Post Shave:** Spearhead - Black Watch - Aftershave Great shave


Brush: Yaqi Synthetic 24mm Black Marble Razor: Razorock GC .68 Blade: Voskhod (5) Lather: TRC/Macduffs- American Vintage Post: TRC/ Macduffs- American Vintage- Aftershave Package from TRC arrived yesterday so had to give a go today. I love this stuff. The kind of scent I would bathe in if I could. Macduffs base for me is up there with best performing bases on the market. Lathering it up initially it becomes weirdly gooey/sticky but as you add water this dissipates quickly into a slick thick cream. Scent is a mix of Ron Burgundy, Hendrix, and Jonathan Goldsmith a la "the most interesting man in the world" commercials. Mahogany smooth, deep, leathery, manly.


Brush: Dogwood Handcrafts / Maggard Boar Razor: Chiseled Face Legacy Ti Blade: Personna Comfort Coated Lather: D. R. Harris - Arlington Alum: Osma Aftershave: D. R. Harris - Arlington DR Harris is pretty darn slick.


DRH is shit upon by peeps a lot. I never saw why. I've always had good luck with it.


I've always enjoyed DRH and will always have a puck or two in the den. It's a damn solid performer and I am a fan of the scents.


**May 18, 2023 - Thursday** * **Brush:** Semogue Owner's Club boar * **Razor:** Chiseled Face Legacy (Ti) * **Blade:** Gillette Silver Blue (2) * **Lather:** Chicago Grooming Co. *40* * **Post Shave:** Chicago Grooming Co. *40* splash + Zingari Man Rescue Potion * **Post Shave 2:** Zingari Man Sego unscented balm * **Fragrance:** Chicago Grooming Co. *40* EdP This was a good shave until I sliced my fucking neck open right at the end on my clean up pass. It was a bad enough cut that the styptic pencil didn't stop the bleeding completely so I had to put a band aid on. For shame. That's what happens when you get careless for a split second and the blade comes in sideways. In other news, after using the SOC consecutively for almost a week today I could really feel that it has gotten softer. I've read that this brush can take a long time to break in, but it's already showing signs of it for me. So I got that going for me...


You forgot Rule #1 of wetshaving...Don't fuck up.


.slap Old_Hiker




**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Chisel & Hound Badger * **Razor:** Gillette Tech * **Blade:** 7 O’Clock – Sharpedge (Yellow) (4) * **Lather:** Stirling Soap Co. – Almond Creme * **Post Shave:** Zingari – Unscented Back to trying to kill this sample. It seems quite impossible actually. The ring keeps getting bigger, but not fast enough. Extra loaded today so shaved the top of my chest too. Makes for wearing polos look less creepy. Overall good shave. Need to work on my chin where I’m getting sandpaper again. Almost Friday…


**[May. 18, 2023](https://i.imgur.com/lgZrc63.jpg)** * **Prep:** Cold Water * **Brush:** [Zenith 506B SE 27mm](https://i.imgur.com/36fBFyS.jpg) * **Razor:** Monserrat 14 * **Lather:** Southern Witchcrafts - Arcane Abyss - Soap * **Post Shave:** Nivea 2 en 1 Refresh and Care - Aftershave Have a great day!


**5-18-23** * **Brush:** AP Shave Co. 24mm Synbad Synthetic * **Razor:** Weck Sextoblade * **Blade:** Personna Hair Shaper * **Lather:** Summer Break Soaps - Recess * **Post Shave:** Summer Break Soaps - Recess


**[May. 18, 2023 - ready to Rumble](https://i.imgur.com/qqcoFd7.jpg)** * **Brush:** AP Shave Co. Blue Lagoon Tuxedo * **Razor:** Blackland Blackbird Ti * **Blade:** Personna Super (5) * **Lather:** House Of Mammoth - Rumble - Soap * **Post Shave:** Noble Otter - Bare - Aftershave * **Fragrance:** House Of Mammoth - Rumble Rumble++ Check it out if you haven’t already. Divine. Happy Thursday to you.


Rumble ++


**5/18/23** * **Razor:** [Ralf Aust 6/8, Full Hollow Square Point](https://imgur.com/a/JDyhLoR) * **Brush:** Muninn Woodworks w/ 23mm Manchuria Fan * **Lather:** Two Kings by Noble Otter * **Post Shave:** Two Kings Aftershave Splash by Noble Otter * **Fragrance:** Two Kings EdP by Noble Otter Close and comfortable shave, no nicks or irritation.


**May 18, 2023- Mammoth May** * **Prep:** House of Mammoth Embrace Doppio Bath Soap * **Brush:** Summer Break Soaps 26mm APSC MiG knot * **Razor:** Personna New Angle 70 (BBS-0) * **Blade:** Med Prep (7) * **Lather:** House of Mammoth - Hygge - Soap * **Alum:** Osma Luxury Alum * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth - Hygge - Aftershave Balm * **Fragrance:** House of Mammoth - Hygge - Eau de Parfum First run with the MiG. It's definitely a solid option. I need to compare it to some other loose knots I still have around, but I think I'll keep it.


* **Lather:** Stirling Soap Co. - West Indies Lime * **Brush:** Maggard Timberwolf Synthetic 24mm * **Razor:** Gillette Gold Ball-End Tech * **Blade:** Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge Yellow * **Post Shave:** Stirling Soap Co. - West Indies Lime Have a great day folks!


**18 May, 2023 - New Additions to the Den** * **Prep:** [WDCB.org](https://WDCB.org) Chicago's Home for Jazz * **Prep:** Warm shower * **Brush (new):** Omega HI-Brush 0146206 25mm Synthetic * **Lather (new):** Chiseled Face Morning Stag * **Razor:** 1961 Gillette 195 Adjustable Fatboy (on 5) * **Blade:** Shaving Revolution Platinum (5) * **Post Shave:** Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Moisturizing Post Shave Balm * **Fragrance:** Old Spice Classic After Shave Very stiff bristles on the Omega - as stiff as my boar brush, but in a different way. Very soft tips, and it seemed to whip up a good lather. This was a really good choice given it was free. The Morning Stag smelled like a baseball glove to me, like shoes to my wife, but my younger daughter nailed it: A hardware store. Then it hit that it smelled just like the fertilizer in the hardware store. It's an acquired taste for sure, but I don't dislike it. I can still smell it, which is very different from my other soaps. The sample size container made it hard to load the brush, but since I'm a face latherer, it's what I had to deal with. I got a small dollop on my brush and started lathering. I probably should have used more soap, but it whipped up very nicely. I'm looking forward to trying the other soaps from the sampler.


Instead of trying to load from the tiny sample jar, scoop some out with a spoon and spread it in the bottom of a bowl (any bowl will do) and load from there. You don't have to build the lather in the bowl, just use it for loading the sample. You'll get a much better load and it will be a lot easier. Glad you like the Stag too. I'm a fan.


Yes, loading was a challenge.


Razor: Gillette Red Tip. Blade: Bolzano Superinox (3). Brush: Dogwood Handcrafts Hybrid B3. Lather: Declaration Grooming Southern Paradise. Aftershave: Declaration Grooming Apogee. Fragrance: JPG Le Male


**[May. 18, 2023](https://i.imgur.com/dtOOGrC.png)** * **Brush:** That Darn Rob Verdant 2- Band Badger * **Razor:** Gillette Black Tip * **Blade:** Gillette 7 O’Clock Black * **Lather:** Barrister And Mann - Reserve Classic - Soap * **Post Shave:** Barrister And Mann - Reserve Classic - Aftershave * **Post Shave:** Osma - Alum 8 years ago last night Mad Men aired it’s final episode. It was a great series, set in the 1960’s and was filled with reminders about how things “used” to be. How many offices feature a “bar cart”? How many of you enjoy smoking in the waiting rooms of your doctor’s office? Smoking on airplanes? This scent was Gillette Sun Up. It was around from 1963-1968 or so. About the same span as Mad Men. 3 passes with the black tip. Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


**2023-05-18** * **Prep:** Coffee, Face wash soap/warm water * **Brush:** Maggard Razors - [Maggard Blue Swirl, Timberwolf Synthetic, 24mm](https://imgur.com/Ffgi4mF) * **Razor:** Above The Tie - [Windsor SSRH2](https://imgur.com/a/gzvExWM), OC Base Plate, DE - (not Windsor Pro) * **Blade:** Tiger Platinum, DE * **Lather:** Noble Otter – [Lonestar](https://imgur.com/tP1YjtC) * **Post Shave:** Noble Otter - [Lonestar](https://imgur.com/kBtsNnn) Have a good one.


**[May 18, 2023 – Pole Position](https://i.imgur.com/XhTJvPt.jpg)** * **Brush:** Yaqi Sagrada Familia 24mm AP 2BED (re-knot) * **Razor:** Wet Shaving Club ‘Merica * **Blade:** Durablade Sharp Hi Chromium (8) * **Lather:** Master Soap Creations – Pole Position * **Post Shave:** Master Soap Creations – Pole Position * **Fragrance:** EAD – EC Uni Happy Thursday. If ever you were wondering and asked yourself, “Self, should I drop a buck and a quarter on one of those knock-off frags at the Dollar[Twenty-Five] Tree?” No. Unless you were considering one of their razors. At least you won’t bleed with the frag.


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Zenith 508A Moar Boar * **Razor:** Ever Ready 1924 * **Blade:** GEM SS PTFE * **Lather:** Bufflehead Soap Co. - Tishomingo * **Post Shave:** Lucky Tiger * **Post Shave:** Zingari Man - unscented balm * **Post Shave:** Olay Complete This soap is finally starting to beg for its life. I transferred it to a vintage Seaforth mug a while back and the bottom is peaking through. I still won't hazard a guess on how many shaves are left.


>I still won't hazard a guess on how many shaves are left. I've been at 10 shaves left of my Stirling sample for 15 shaves or so....


I can relate.


**Thu May 18 2023** * **Prep:** Coffee, Face wash soap/warm water * **Razor:** Merker 34C HD * **Blade:** Feather HI Stainless * **Brush:** Semogue 620 * **Lather:** Stirling Soap Co. - Bonafide Soap * **Post Shave:** Pinaud - Clubman AS Going to finish planting beans this morning. Nice shave to spend the day alone and enjoy my BBS!


**SOTD 20230518 India by IschiaPP @ Forio** * Brush: Heinrich L. Thäter 49125/1, Silberspitze Dachs 3-streifen, 24x50x101mm * Soap: Shavologist Jaipur Oud * Razor: FrankenRazor PP1489 Edwin Jagger DE89 / Maggard Razors MR14 Zamak, Aluminium, 12x41x100mm, 56g (29/27) * Blade: Vidyut Metallics Pvt Ltd Super-Max Diamond Edge #1 Full size: 1200x600px [https://imgur.com/o6dn9Od](https://imgur.com/o6dn9Od) Soundtrack: The Hot Sardines - Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen [https://youtu.be/Q4-XIKt-ADs](https://youtu.be/Q4-XIKt-ADs) \--- First contact. Not bad at all. Diamond Edge is very sharp. Jaipur Oud smells very good.


* **Lather:** Sweyn Forkbeard Mango & Papaya Cream * **Brush:** AP Shave Co G5C 24mm * **Razor:** MARS Razor * **Blade:** Gillette Silver Blue (5) Good shave today. It will be the last with this blade but I've enjoyed using this blade overall. The MARS razor doesn't need much thought to use so it is good for in a rush, not that I was today but I still like using it.


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Shore Shave 26mm Motherlode * **Razor:** Razorock Game Changer .84 * **Blade:** Astra SP (Green) (13) * **Lather:** Stirling Soap Co. – Haverford * **Post Shave:** Proraso – Menthol and Eucalyptus * **Post Shave:** Zingari – Unscented AS balm Woke up to a balmy 35 degrees F this morning and a chilly house because why would I have the heat cranking in mid-May? I thought Haverford was done for the season, but this morning’s temps justified blowing some dust off of it and putting it to use. A great shave was had and this blade is going strong. Thursday has arrived. Can’t wait to get more dry needling done on my knee today! I’m just giddy with excitement! (Dry needling sucks for the record) At least the coffee is delicious. Have a great day all!


Do you find that the dry needling helps?


The first session I had last week seemed to help things along. I'll see how the knee feels after today's session.


Good to hear, best of luck with the rehab.


SOTD 18May2023 - Tournament day 677 (-1) * Prep: Coffee and a shower * Razor: Henson - Ti22 Medium * Blade: Lord - Platinum (1) * Blade: Lord - Tajam (1) * Lather: Noble Otter - Monoi de Tahiti * Brush: AP Shave Ocean Waves - 26mm synbad fan synthetic Happy Thursday, the week is more than half over and that’s a good thing. This soap is tied with Tis the Season for my favorite NO, so today was pleasant as always. Have a great day! —— * ⚔️ Fight 314, Round 1: Lord - Platinum (Egypt) vs. Lord - Tajam (Egypt) Have long suspected the Lord - Tajam is a regional rebranding (forget the exact countries, but the Tajam is only marketed in a small handful of middle-east countries) of the Platinum (wrapper and blade stamp are identical, only the box is different). This shave did nothing to assuage me of that suspicion. I can tell no difference between the blades based on today’s shave, they were similar right down to the edgy feedback on the throat. Will continue testing but if these prove indistinguishable, will merge like the Polsilver/Wizamet. Winner of Round 1: Tie


####[SOTD Thursday 18 May 2023](https://imgur.com/a/gYlpjBe) * **Safety Razor** - Paradigm - Diamondback * **Blade** - Polsilver - Super Iridium * **Shaving Brush** - Dogwood Handcrafts - Ziost - 26mm Fan (Silvertip Badger) * **Shaving Soap** - Zaharoff - Rose * **After-Shave Splash** - Zaharoff - Rose


Very nice photo!


Thank you


Brush: Muninn Woodworks Amboyna Burl w/ Maggard boar Razor: Muninn Woodworks Forest Moss Sextoblade Blade: Fromm Lather: MdC Vetyver Brain Bowl (Day 21) Post: Stirling Varen splash + Terrorade After some conversation last night about Wecks, I decided to use my Sextoblade this morning. A great shave as always with it. 3 weeks in with the Brain Bowl. Things are going well so far. I noticed I'm going to be breaking into some air bubbles in the soap top in the next few shaves, so maybe I'll get some extra wear down for next week's weigh in. Tomorrow will be this week's weigh in and weekly pic update.


**[May 18, 2023 - Retreat](https://i.imgur.com/JLWkpgI.jpeg)** * **Brush:** Trotter Handcrafts *Space Portal* 25mm Mühle STF * **Razor:** Blutt Rasur BR-1 0.99 * **Blade:** Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum (Black) (10) * **Lather:** Catie's Bubbles - Retreat - Soap * **Post Shave:** Southern Witchcrafts - Druantia - Aftershave (Alcohol Free) * **Fragrance:** Chatillon Lux - Gratiot League Square - Eau de Toilette Retreat and Druantia created an excellent woody and earthy pairing which garnered compliments from my better half. While I love GLS, layering this on as the fragrance, did not work as well since GLS overpowered everything else and kind of ruined the vibe I was getting from the other two scents. Rating: 4/5


**18 May, 2023** * **Brush:** Zenith - B03-A26 * **Razor:** GEM - Pushbutton * **Blade:** GEM - PTFE (4) * **Lather:** Catie's Bubbles - Tonsorial Parlour - Soap * **Post Shave:** Spearhead Shaving Company - Seaforth! Black Watch - Aftershave * **Fragrance:** Armani - Acqua di Gio - Eau de Toilette Back to back shaves with Tonsorial Parlor because I scooped way too much out for yesterday's shave.


[**May 18, 2023 – May Shaves 18**](https://ibb.co/mR65hJq) * **Brush:** Cayuen Abalone w/ 28mm Timberwolf Synthetic * **Bowl:** Timeless Shave Bowl, Blue * **Razor:** Titanium Henson +++ (Cog Mechanicum pattern) * **Blade:** Voskhod (2) * **Lather:** B+M – Arctique * **Post Shave:** B+M – Arctique A chilly start with the successor to Terror, and even here this soap makes my eyes water when using it. The base is excellent and I enjoy a cooling yet smooth finish for a Thursday. \#MayDayShaves **Bonus**: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mco6vzFxQE8 ← Charles Surprise Mail Call Head Shave | Something In Here For Everyone | Maggards Razors


5.18.23 Brush: Maggard synthetic 22mm Soap: DG Original Razor: Rockwell 6C (R4) Blade: Gillette Nacet Post: Alum block; DG BSE


**May. 18, 2023** * **Prep:** Cup of coffee * **Brush:** Dogwood Handcrafts Hybrid 26 mm Tuxedo * **Razor:** Koraat [Mariko](https://imgur.com/a/VFXxf8U) * **Lather:** Chicago Grooming Co. - Shiloh - Soap * **Post Shave:** Chicago Grooming Co. - Shiloh - Aftershave * **Fragrance:** Chatillon Lux - Admiral - Eau de Toilette Stay safe and have a great day!


**[May 18, 2023](https://imgur.com/a/JHR9hzR)** - **Lather:** Grooming Dept. L’Avventura - **Brush:** Trotter G5C - **Razor:** Blackland Blackbird - **Blade:** Gillette Nacet {3} - **Aftershave:** Grooming Dept. L’avventura - **Post-shave:** A&E Shave Serum - **Fragrance:** [d&g One](https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Dolce-Gabbana/The-One-for-Men-2056.html)


**May 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Semogue SOC 24mm boar * **Razor:** Karve Overlander SS * **Blade:** Gillette Nacet (2) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Electric Mayhem * **Post shave:** Barrister and Mann - Electric Mayhem - Balm Nice easy shave. I have been using the Overlander for just over a month now, and I’m really happy with it. Coming from the C plate with the Karve CB, I get less blade feel but still a better shave result. Very smooth and confident against the grain. My SOC is slowly getting softer. Have a great Thursday everyone!


How many uses on your SOC? I just got one last week. I think today was my 6 consecutive use of it and I can already tell a difference.


I’m on my 17th use now. It’s taking longer to break in than the MOAR BOAR that’s for sure


**[May 18, 2023 - Mallard, Sinfonia n Fresca](https://imgur.com/a/umWosoi)** * **Brush:** Zenith B26 Retro * **Razor:** Gillette Travel Tech J4 * **Blade:** Treet New Steel * **Lather:** Grooming Dept - Mallard Earl Grey Gelato * **Post Shave:** Lucky Tiger Splash * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann - Sinfonia Splash * **Fragrance:** Chatillion Lux - Agua Fresca EdT * **Jack Johnson:** [Breakdown](https://youtu.be/2cbgtkQt30I) ---- I realize I put the wrong date in my SOTD titles like a quarter of the time FML. Loaded extra heavy with the boar brush, as this soap can be finicky with animal hair brushes IMO. It made for an excellent, drippy AF lather, and it was awesome. The jasmine and apricot in *Sinfonia* makes for a lovely transition from Earl Grey to *Agua Fresca*. Have an all day workshop, and I'm quite excited for it.


Even with a bad title, I hope they at least they all ended up in the right thread?


Oh yes, they're always in the correct thread.


**May. 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Wild West Brushworks Amethyst Water Oumo Badger * **Razor:** Henson V2 Mild * **Blade:** Lord Super Stainless (1) * **Lather:** House Of Mammoth - Mood Indigo - Soap * **Post Shave:** Southern Witchcrafts - Labyrinth - Aftershave Sublime shave. Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


**May. 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Blackland Signature Shaving Brush Black * **Razor:** RazoRock Superslant L2++ * **Blade:** Gillette Nacet (2) * **Lather:** Barrister And Mann SEVILLE EXCELSIOR SHAVING SOAP Puck * **Post Shave:** Zingari Man Unscented Aftershave Balm Balm Due to long work day and night, stubble was a bit more pronounced so followed up yesterdays shave before another day in the office. My gap between shaves is usually 2-3 days so shave was quick and not great but served it’s purpose.


**May. 18, 2023** * **Brush:** Wilkinson Sword OUMO Synthetic Tuxedo Smoky Gray * **Razor:** Green Cult GC 2.0 II * **Blade:** Rapira Platinum Lux * **Lather:** D.R.Harris - Windsor - Soap * **Post Shave:** Stirling Soap co. - British Leather - Aftershave Been really sleeping on this blade, great pairing with this razor. Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)