Sunday SOTD Thread - May 07, 2023

Share your shave of the day for Sunday!


**SOTD May 07 2023** * **Brush:** Bullseye Brushworks 26mm Synbad * **Razor:** Yates 921-M Stubby * **Blade:** Astra SP (3) * **Lather:** Stirling - Gentleman * **Post Shave:** B+M - Balm - Unscented


**Sunday, May 7th, 2023** * **Brush**: Omega 20106 * **Razor**: Gillette English "flat bottom" Tech * **Blade**: Topaz Platinum (27) * **Lather**: Stirling Soap Company - Frozen Tundra * **Splash**: Wholly Kaw - Chypre Rose Concerto * **Serum**: Zingari Man - Rescue Potion Recorded a day late, so, uh, no notes, at least none I can recall.


**May. 7, 2023** * **Brush:** Yaqi 26mm Synthetic * **Razor:** Karve CB OC C * **Blade:** Personna Platinum * **Lather:** Spearhead - Sea Ice Lime - Soap * **Post Shave:** Spearhead - Sea Ice Lime - Aftershave This blade must be blem it made a mess of my neck first shave. Try again tomorrow.


#### Spartan, again - **Razor**: Gillette Red Tip Rocket - **Blade**: Feather new Hi-Stainless - **Brush**: Boti Laminate brush with motherlode knot - **Lather**: Arko Berber Tiraş sabunu - **Aftershave**: Pitralon Swiss version


* Razor: Gillette Old Type “Khaki” * Blade: Astra Green * Brush: Omega #50014 Travel * Pre-Shave: Proraso Pre Shave Cream * Lather: BEA Shavestick * Aftershave: Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum * Additional Care: Alum Travel Stick & Oak SOS Beard Oil [Another week without a functioning shave den is wrapping up](https://wegianwetshaving.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/20230507_205704-1024x768.jpg). Tiling likely to start tomorrow, so we are seeing the light in the tunnel.


**May. 7, 2023** -Stirling Sunday! * **Prep:** Hot Shower and CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser * **Brush:** Maggard Green Handle 2 Band Badger * **Razor:** Merkur 34c * **Blade:** Astra Green (12) * **Lather:** Stirling Soap Co - Deep Blue Sea * **Post Shave:** T.N. Dickinson’s - Witch Hazel - * **Post Shave:** House Of Mammoth - Z (uncool) - Balm Pulled out this sample of Deep Blue Sea that has been hanging out in my drawer for quite some time now. Ive never smelled Bleu de Chanel but if this does it justice then I would really enjoy it. This blade lasted a lot longer than normal for me but it just kept on giving great shaves. I usually only get 6-7 shaves out of these and wasn’t really trying to push this blade at all.


2023.05.07 SOTN: * **Prep:** Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser * **Brush:** [AKA Brushworks Amethyst Watchman with 26mm AP Shave Co G5C](https://i.imgur.com/5y1li12.jpg) * **Razor:** Henson AL13(+) * **Blade:** Gillette Perma-Sharp (2) * **Lather:** Seaforth! Sea Ice Lime * **Post Shave:** Stirling Unscented Witch Hazel and Aloe, Stirling Unscented Aftershave Splash, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Extra-Dry *********** Decided to change some things up a little today. Used Neutrogena cleanser for a pre-shave instead of my usual Stirling mentholated pre-shave soap and skipping the alum block. I think I'll skip the alum block for the next few shaves to see how it goes, but tonight it was all good. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Extra-Dry continues to be the best addition to my post-shave care. As for the overall shave, it was great. I think SIL might be my favorite soap, and I'm now considering picking up the SSL EdT.


**[May 7, 2023- Mammoth May](https://imgur.com/a/npSoL9P)** * **Prep:** House of Mammoth Embrace Doppio Bath Soap * **Brush:** Rubberset 400-4 24mm Zenith Unbleached Boar * **Razor:** Charcoal Goods LVL II * **Blade:** Med Prep (1) * **Lather:** House of Mammoth - Fú Dào - Soap * **Alum:** Osma Luxury Alum * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth - Fú Dào - Aftershave Splash


**[May. 7, 2023](https://i.imgur.com/FBSpMhV.jpg)** * **Brush:** Sawdust Creations Studio Floyd * **Razor:** Blackland Vector * **Blade:** Feather Artist Club (8) * **Lather:** House Of Mammoth - Beloved - Soap * **Post Shave:** House Of Mammoth - Beloved - Balm Great evening headshave. Mammoth May in full effect. Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


**2023-05-07 SOTD** * **Brush:** Semogue SOC Mistura (24x53mm Finest Badger / Boar Blend) * **Razor:** RazoRock Lupo 58 * **Blade:** Blue Sword Platinum (12) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Reserve Cool - Soap * **Post Shave:** Gillette Series After Shave Gel


Wow 100 percent pocket ramblings


**May 7, 2023** * **Prep:** Warm Shower * **Brush:** AP Shave Co. Black Handle 26mm Full-Moon * **Razor:** Muhle R89 * **Blade:** Voskhod (6) * **Lather:** Arko * **Post Shave:** Thayers Witch Hazel - Cucumber


**07.05.2023 - Sunday Kamisori Fun** * **Prep:** Splash of Warm Water * **Razor:** KAI Captain Kamisori * **Blade:** KAI Captain Titan Mild Protouch MG * **Razor:** Ever-Ready 1912 Single Edge * **Blade:** Personna GEM PTFE coated * **Brush:** The Goodfellas Smile - Galaxy 26mm Synthetic * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Le Grand Chypre Soap * **Post Shave:** Pacific Shaving Co. - Caffeinated ASB A fun SOTN with two razors: my unfortunately rarely used KAI shavette and the ol' reliable Ever-Ready 1912. Fun twist: shaved both head and face, two passes on each, but first pass was always the KAI. Shaving your head with a guarded blade shavette isn't as scary as it looks. In fact, it works quite good on the sides as well as on top. The back of the head is a problem area, but that's also the case with other razors. I was surprised how efficient it felt in some spots. Of course, it's a bit faster to shave with the 1912 there as you don't need to worry about cutting your ear. In fact, no nicks, cuts or weepers on the scalp but two miniscule weepers on the face shave. Guess I'm a headshave pro by now (doing it since 7-8 years). Of course, the great performance and scent of B&M LGC helped to get such awesome results too. On a non-shaving related side note: I feel very uneasy about the upcoming changes for Reddit and Imgur. I basically abandoned the latter long ago, but on here I made some friends and found a community and a sense of belonging. Unfortunately I deleted my Discord profile, but is there a chance I could rejoin the wetshaving server anyday? Also, if anyone's familiar/experienced with sites like Mastodon, Lemmy and Metapixl, please educate me (PMs are totally fine if you don't want to do it *out in the open* ). Thanks in advance and have a nice day/night!


**[07 May 2023 Complementary Non Dickkhole Barrister and Mann Bay Rum](https://imgur.com/a/uZU40EP)** * **Prep:** Warm Shower * **Brush:** Dogwood Handcrafts Ebony 28mm SHD Badger Fan * **Razor:** Ever Ready Streamline * **Razor:** GEM (18) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann Bay Rum (13) * **Post Shave:** Thayer's Concoction, Cold River Soapworks Sandalwood Post Shave Lotion, Declaration Grooming Unscented Liniment Balm, Maol Grooming Tangerine A/S * **Fragrance:** Terre D'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche


That post shave looks complicated!


It's spread out over a few hours. Thayers right after shaving and the rest before leaving the house. It's more complicated to post, which is why I've sorrt of automated it in Google sheets


Certainly not questioning what you were doing, just curious. Thank you for posting that.


**May 7, 2023** * **Brush:** Farvour Turncraft / AP Shave Co G5A 26mm * **Razor:** Blackland Era 2SB * **Blade:** Gillette Platinum (2) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Seville * **Post Shave:** Stirling - Unscented - Balm I will kill the Seville this month. It's so close. I am guessing 5 more shaves. Headed to Blink 182 tonight. Hopefully they don't break any hips during their on-stage antics.


**May. 7, 2023** * **Brush:** Blackland Signature Shaving Brush Black * **Razor:** RazoRock Superslant L2++ * **Blade:** Gillette Nacet (1) * **Lather:** Musgo Real Orange Amber Cream * **Post Shave:** Zingari Man Unscented Aftershave Balm Balm RazoRock Superslant L2++ new today. Out of the box this is a seriously weird looking twisted razor. Despite being stainless steel the weight and balance was surprisingly good. Blade feel was almost not there. Did not get a great shave because still figuring it all out with its very slant bar. Further updates to follow.


**May. 7, 2023** * **Brush:** DG B11 Jefferson Pearl Of The Stars 28mm 2 Band Badger * **Razor:** Tatara OC Masamune Nodachi * **Blade:** Feather New Hi Stainless * **Lather:** Houses Of Mammoth - Tabacconist * **Post Shave:** Houses Of Mammoth - Tabacconist - Balm Haven’t used HOM in a while. Forgot how well it allows me to shave and good scent.






[hey, yo](https://tenor.com/view/scott-hall-hey-yo-wwf-mic-hogan-fears-my-ratz-gif-15960527)


**SOTD – Abysso Sunday – May 7th, 2023** **BeardGrowth**: 52 hours **Preparation**: Warm Shower with Nivea Men – Protect & Care - 3 in 1 Shower Gel **Preparation**: Warm Water Wash before every pass **PreShave**: Phoenix Artisan Acc. - Phoenix Artisan Cube 2.0 **Brush**: Mühle - Classic - Black Resin - Silvertip Badger (M–21 mm) **Razor**: Mühle – R101 (R41 open comb with Black Resin Handle) **Blade**: Treet – New Steel (4) **SoakCup**: H&M - Bubbled glass tealight holder - transparent **LatherBowl**: H&M – Terracotta Cup with a hand painted glaze (H/D 8/13 cm) Grey with leaves **Lather**: The Goodfellas’ Smile – Abysso – Shaving Soap **Passes**: WTG, XTG, double ATG **AfterShave**: De Vergulde Hand - Alum Block **AfterShave**: Davidoff – Cool Water – After Shave Balm **Fragrance**: Davidoff – Cool Water – Eau de Toilette (1988) **Music**: Smashing Pumpkins – Gish (1991) Abysso and Cool Water, because it’s a rainy Spring Sunday. Pleasant shave due to the excellent Mühle hardware. And equally fine shaving soap by The Goodfellas’ Smile, and balm and fragrance by Davidoff Cool Water with wonderful and delicate aromatic aquatics cents. Pleasant shave in 4 passes with smoooth skin result. André Dack: “Gish serves as a fine example of what a debut album should be. It contains dynamic songwriting, offering moments of finesse alongside the fuzzed-up mania, and is performed with a balance of raw intensity and technical prowess”. Be kind and have a wonderful end of the weekend.


**May. 7, 2023** * **Brush:** Stirling Soap Co. Boar * **Razor:** Maggard Razors V3A Head * **Blade:** Astra Superior Stainless * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Oceana - Soap * **Post Shave:** Lucky Tiger - Aftershave And Face Tonic - Aftershave * **Post Shave:** Stirling Soap Co. - Unscented with Menthol - Balm Summer has kicked in the door and showed up early so I decided to use a summer scent for my head shave. Oceana is bright and pleasant, a general good mood scent. With it so hot it feels refreshing to cool down my dome with a mentholated balm. Hope y’all have a good day! Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


**[May 7, 2023 - I killed the devil](https://i.imgur.com/T7lcExm.jpeg)** **Brush**: Zenith Moar Boar 31mm **Razor**: Blackland Blackbird Ti Lite **Blade**: Gillette Wilkinson Sword (2) **Lather**: Barrister and Mann - Fougere Gothique- Soap **Aftershave**: Barrister and Mann - Fougere Gothique - Splash I killed that bastard. Made sure that I did it on the Lord's day. First kill of the year. More to come.




**May. 7, 2023** * **Prep:** Splash of cold water * **Brush:** [Zenith r/Wetshaving MOAR BOAR 31mm](https://i.imgur.com/SuxNMTM.jpeg) * **Razor:** GEM Streamline * **Blade:** GEM Stainless PTFE (10) * **Lather:** [Spearhead Shaving Company - Seaforth! Fleur de France](https://spearheadshaving.com/collections/individual-items/products/seaforth-fleur-de-france-shaving-soap) * **Post Shave:** [Spearhead Shaving Company - Seaforth! Heather](https://spearheadshaving.com/products/seaforth-heather-aftershave-toner) * **Fragrance:** [Spearhead Shaving Company - Seaforth! Heather Eau de Toilette](https://spearheadshaving.com/products/seaforth-heather-edt) I'm trying this GEM Streamline on loan from someone, and a smush of Fleur de France from someone else. Both are outstanding! I was hoping I wouldn't like the Streamline quite this much, because it will be difficult and expensive to find one for myself some day.


May 7, 2023 - Pre Shave: CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser - Razor: Gillette Slim - Blade: Asco Super Stainless (1) - Brush: Zenith 80B - Lather: Spearhead Shaving Company - Seaforth! Sea Spiced Lime - Post Shave: Lucky Tiger Aftershave and Face Tonic - Post Shave: Cremo Cooling Mint Bought these blades on a whim after doing a little bit of research on them. They gave me the closest most irritation free head shave I've had to date. Nothing better than finding something that works great for you, especially when its cheap!


SOTD: May 7, 2023 • Lather - NO TNEV • Brush - S.O.C. Cherry Badger • Razor - Stirling Stainless Steel - Regular Plate • Blade - Astra SP (3) • Post - NO TNEV Splash • Frag - None Nice quick shave today


**May 6, 2023 - Summer Break Sunday** * **Brush:** Yaqi Dandelion Green 24mm Cashmere * **Razor:** MM24 * **Blade:** Personna GEM PTFE (36) * **Lather:** Summer Break Soaps - Bell Ringer * **Post Shave:** Summer Break Soaps - Bell Ringer Well I think I found my limit on this GEM blade. Very rough feeling, and the splash burned everywhere. It still cut hairs, but not very smooth, and the post shave feeling is awful. It is the most shaves yet for a single blade for me. Not going to push to further my personal best.


I only take mine to six but that's really just when they're getting going. I need to buy myself a 20 sided die so I can keep track longer. Lol


**May 7, 2023** **Brush**: Wolfman Synthetic **Razor**: Rockwell 6S (Plate 4) **Blade**: Personna Med Prep **Lather**: Barrister and Mann - Lavanille - Soap **Aftershave**: Barrister and Mann - Beaudelaire - Splash


Prep: * Hot shower and face wash * Proraso pre cream (white top) Hardware: * Friedr.Herder Abr.Sohn 49 straight * Stirling silicone lather bowl * HOMxChisel & Hound Rumble brush (v18 fanchurian knot) * HOMxLancaster Black Sheep shave towel Software: * Southern Witchcraft Fougere Nemeta soap * Maggard alum block (on irritated areas only) * Southern Witchcraft Fougere Nemeta splash * Moon Soaps unscented balm Tunes: Hank Mobley - Soul Station Beverage: Revolution Brewing Cold Time lager Sunday here we go!


**May 7, 2023** * **Brush:** Wald Nimbus Bloodline 27mm J3 * **Razor:** Blackland Razors Vector * **Blade:** Feather Artist Club ProGuard (2) * **Lather:** 345 Soaps - Undercut - Soap * **Post Shave:** Thayers - Rose - Toner * **Post Shave:** 345 Soaps - Undercut - Aftershave _3 passes. Face lather. Excellent shave._ --- My Formula 1 soap. F1 is in Miami today. This was my second ProGuard use. This seems like the perfect match for this razor to me. There is great feedback for the edge. I only intended to do two passes, but ended up tinkering with blade angle and found myself doing a third pass today. Extremely close and comfortable result. As a daily shaver, I probably won't have the kind of growth I'd like by tomorrow morning, but oh well. It has been a long time since I used the Feather AC Professional, I guess I need to go back and compare and contrast it with the ProGuard to verify my results. Back to straight razor shaving tomorrow. This safety razor stuff is stressful! :) Have a great Sunday!


There's something to be said about those guarded AC blades. I hate those toxic masculinity opinions like, "If you're using a guarded blade then you're doing it wrong", etc.


> I hate those toxic masculinity opinions like, "If you're using a guarded blade then you're doing it wrong" I agree with you completely! However, I thought that the ProGuard was a gimmick. Had I not seen it praised for use with the Vector by HandleBarberDave on YouTube I would not have tried it.


Well, let the record show that I am more supportive of marketing gimmicks than toxic masculinity 😂




I don't use AC blades very often, but when I do I prefer a ProGuard.


Brush: Dogwood Handcrafts / Declaration Grooming B3 Badger Razor: Wolfman WR1 .74 OC SS Blade: Personna Comfort Coated Lather: Boellis Panama 1924 Alum: Osma Aftershave: Aqua Velva 👏 AMERICA'S 👏 FIRST 👏 AFTERSHAVE (says so right on the bottle)


Glad to see your thrill is also relatively in the toilet and that you're using products that could have been made 5+ years ago.


Sir this splash was made in 1917, says the plastic bottle. And the soap says 1924. Although those are both 5+ years ago, this is true. Crack thrill is eternal.


The soap and splash are clearly the champs in terms of age. Was thinking about which came first between B3 and WR1 and my mind settled on WR1, and that B3 was around 5 years ago. Am I right?


Based on some B&B posts, looks like WR1 was actually 2015. B3 appears to be 2018, assuming CVM purchased on release per his website.


Nailed it! Thanks for doing the research.


> Aqua Velva Always a good choice! Goes with everything :) [ Especially if your variety is limited to Old Spice, English Leather, Brut, and Skin Bracer ]


**May 7, 2023** * **Brush:** Semogue 1460 21mm * **Razor:** Razorock Game Changer .84 * **Blade:** Gillette Platinum (23) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann – The Four Horsemen: Famine * **Post Shave:** Thayers – Rose Petal


**May 7 2023** * **Brush:** Dogclaration B9A * **Razor:** Gillette Super Speed * **Blade:** Parker Premium Platinum (1) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Nordost * **Post Shave:** Barrister and Mann - Nordost * **Fragrance:** Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver Rolling with Nordost again as I am making progress with this tub. I like the orange smell but would love to replace this with something a bit more complex. Life doesn’t get much better than a fresh blade in a Super Speed so this shave was a treat.


**May 7, 2023 - Sunday** * **Brush:** Grizzly Bay *"BlackSmith"* / 26mm Maggard Razors SHD fan badger * **Razor:** RazoRock Hawk * **Blade:** Schick Proline P30 (1) * **Lather:** Chicago Grooming Co. *Smoke on the Water* * **Post Shave:** Chicago Grooming Co. *Smoke on the Water* splash + Zingari Man Rescue Potion * **Post Shave 2:** Zingari Man Sego unscented balm * **Fragrance:** Chicago Grooming Co. *Smoke on the Water* EdP Another great shave with the Hawk standard plate. This is such a fun razor to use. The thin head design makes it nimble and maneuverable while the wide format blade makes quick work of things. The Darkwing base is so facking good and I absolutely love this scent. Every time I pick this soap I can't help but trickhole it. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


Lather: Stirling Soap Co. - Stirling Spice Brush: Paragon boar brush Razor: Rockwell 6S with the R4 head Blade: Astra Green Post Shave: Stirling Soap Co. - Stirling Spice Splash


**May 7, 2023 – Stirling Sunday** * **Brush:** AKA Brushworx “Mr. Green J33p” Oumo ACE 26mm * **Razor:** Wet Shaving Club ‘Merica * **Blade:** Gillette Wilkinson Sword (6) * **Lather:** Stirling Soap Co. – Deep Blue Sea * **Post Shave:** Stirling Soap Co. – Deep Blue Sea * **Fragrance:** Stirling Soap Co. – Deep Blue Sea A rainy Sunday seems like a perfect day for Deep Blue Sea.


**May 7, 2023** * **Prep:** Icecold shower * **Brush:** Maggards purple 2 band badger * **Razor:** Böker King cutter * **Lather:**Summer break soaps - Rope Swing * **Post Shave:** Southern Witchcraft - Desairology * **Fragrance:**Dunhill - Icon Racing Good shave. Weather destroyed my weekend plans.


**2023-05-07** * **Prep:** Coffee, Face wash soap/warm water * **Brush:** Maggard Razors - [Maggard Blue Swirl, Timberwolf Synthetic, 24mm](https://imgur.com/Ffgi4mF) * **Razor:** Above The Tie - [Windsor SSRH2](https://imgur.com/a/gzvExWM), OC Base Plate, DE - (not Windsor Pro) * **Blade:** Tiger Platinum, DE * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - [Paganini's Violin (Spc.Ed'n r/Wetshaving)](https://imgur.com/oDZom8G) * **Post Shave:** Thayers - Witch Hazel Facial Toner - Rose * **Post Shave:** Craftsman Soap Co. - [Brushwood](https://imgur.com/3DciE9I) Have a good one.


Brush: Zenith 506U XSE Razor: Muninn Woodworks Forest Moss Sextoblade Blade: Fromm Lather: MdC Vetyver Brain Bowl (Day 10) Post: NO Monoi de Tahiti Splash Switched up to an unbleached boar to help eat some soap. I think I heard the brain bowl laughing at me.


"I think I heard the brain bowl laughing at me." Out of context this would be the exact words a crazy person would say. Actually... on context it doesn't sound much better.


What's your goal with brain bowl? Trying to see how many uses until it's killed?


Yup. Daily use until it is finished. You know, for Science.


3017, if you will


> I think I heard the brain bowl laughing at me. I wouldn't be surprised, but fight the good fight! :)


**A "New" Razor and New Soap** * **Prep:** [JazzRadio.com](https://JazzRadio.com) \- Station: Cool Jazz * **Brush:** Van der Hagen Deluxe Badger * **Razor:** 1956 (B1) Gillette Red Tip SuperSpeed * **Blade:** Shaving Revolution Platinum Series (3) * **Lather:** Herban Cowboy Shave Soap puck * **Post Shave:** Nivea Men Max. Hydration Post Shave Balm * **Post Shave:** Pinaud Clubman After shave Lotion I'm always searching for a good shave from what I can find at the grocery store. My grocer just started carrying this brand, Herban Cowboy, although a quick search reveals they've been around for 20 years. I bought the soap because I really liked the fragrance. I blame my unfamiliarity with the soap that I didn't load the brush right, and the lather was a bit too airy, although it was slick and peaky. The red tip arrived yesterday from an online auction. It cleaned up well enough, and while I don't like aggressive razors, I wanted to try this at least once. I have a tendency to apply some pressure while I'm shaving, so there was some irritation at the end. The Nivea and Clubman helped with that. Probably should only change one variable at a time.


* **Lather:** Mäurer & Wirtz - Tabac Original Soap * **Brush:** Omega 10049 (red handle) * **Razor:** Blutt BR-1 (0,86mm) * **Blade:** Gillette - Nacet * **Post Shave:** Mäurer & Wirtz - Tabac AS


####5/7/2023….SOTD 995 * **Prep:** * **Brush:** Maggards 24 mm Synthetic * **Razor:** Merkur 34c * **Blade:** Astra - SP Green (6) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Le Grand Chypre Soap * **Post Shave:** Ariana & Evans - Corinthian Leather Splash * **Post Shave:** House of Mammoth - Z Balm (uncool) * **Post Shave:** Bliss invisible daily sunscreen * **Fragrance:** Demeter - Grass ✌🏻


**SOTD 20230507 Neon by IschiaPP @ Forio** * Lub: Moretti LEM Gel Trasparente ECG * Razor: Gillette Labs UK 2023 Exfoliating Razor Neon Night Edition FlexDisc #16 Full size: 1000x1000px [https://imgur.com/XpXRmHR](https://imgur.com/XpXRmHR) Soundtrack: Mark Mancina - August's Rhapsody in C Major (August Rush 2007, OST) [https://youtu.be/pVrsBSeodZE](https://youtu.be/pVrsBSeodZE) ​ \--- ​ Today I wanted to take this experiment to the extreme. A simple ultrasound gel, as a lubricant. A full three-pass cycle with the new razor. I must say, I’m more and more surprised. In the worst possible conditions, the result is excellent. I took ease and depth for granted. But comfort, especially during the day, I wouldn’t have bet a kopek full of holes. But there is. Yes, there is.


**5-7-23** * **Brush:** Heritage Collection Dubl Duck 4 26mm Synthetic * **Razor:** Kai Captain Folding * **Blade:** Feather Professional Super * **Lather:** Southern Witchcrafts - Carpathia * **Post Shave:** Southern Witchcrafts - Carpathia


**May 7, 2023** * **Brush:** L'Occitane Plisson Synthetic * **Razor:** Blackland Era - Level 3 SB * **Blade:** Personna Lab Blue (3) * **Lather:** WSP Black Amber Vanille * **Post Shave:** Chatillon Lux - Sni Mato - Aftershave * **Post Shave:** [House of Mammoth - Tobacconist - Balm](https://imgur.com/aPO7sUZ) Much better time with this soap today. The first time I used it was with a new-to-me razor, and it turns out the razor was the problem. I used less water in the lather today, and that might have helped too. It's possible I over-did it last time.


**5/7/2023** * **Preshave:** Stirling Spice preshave oil * **Brush:** Semogue 1305 * **Razor:** Gamechanger .84 * **Blade:** Astra Green * **Lather:** Soap Commander Endurance * **Post Shave:** Stirling Orange Chill Toner * **Post Shave:** Stirling Spice


**7 May, 2023** * **Brush:** Zenith - MOAR BOAR * **Razor:** Weck - 450-110 * **Blade:** Personna - Hair Shaper (10) * **Lather:** Godrej - Lime Fresh - Cream * **Post Shave:** Osma - Alum * **Post Shave:** Spearhead Shaving Company - Seaforth! Sea Spice Lime - Aftershave * **Fragrance:** Noble Otter - Neon Sun - Eau de Parfum


Is the 450-110 the one with RTP NC on it? Recently been researching them and that caught my eye since I was born in Durham NC.


There maybe some out there with that marking, but mine is not one of them. The 450-110 that I have is marked L.I.C. 1, NY.


Bummer, I was hoping to track down the specific model for the NC marked ones. I can’t find much info out there about them. Thanks!


**5/7/23** * **Razor:** [Wade & Butcher 7/8, "The Celebrated Extra Hollow" Barber's Notch](https://imgur.com/a/WevNCpl) * **Brush:** Muninn Woodworks w/ 23mm Manchuria Fan * **Lather:** Joker by Noble Otter * **Post Shave:** Joker Aftershave Splash by Noble Otter Decided to go back to back with Joker. No regrets.


**May 7, 2023 – Sunday Fun Day** * **Brush:** Chisel & Hound Badger * **Razor:** Parker 96R * **Blade:** 7 O’Clock – Sharpedge (Yellow) (1) * **Lather:** Summer Break Soaps – Rope Swing * **Post Shave:** Zingari – Unscented It’s already 70 here so cooling soap it is. I haven’t used the Parker since.. Early January I think? But it’s still the best in my den for mowing down 2 days growth. This thing is aggressive with more blade feel than I like, and huge audible feedback. In retrospect it was not a good starter razor. But I’m almost BBS with 1 pass. (I seem to always straight up miss a few spots.) Second pass cleans it all up, almost. It’s got a danger problem around curves, especially the lip and chin right in the middle. Also it’s like a home biopsy kit for my moles which actually fit in the blade gap. So I used the SuperSpeed to get the moles and have an ever so tiny spot of sand paper right in the middle of my chin I only just now noticed. Minor irritation, but nothing bad. I’ve gotten much better at all parts of shaving since the last time I used this razor. Probably gonna go back to the SuperSpeed tommorow. Let’s get this week started!


**May 7, 2023 – Back to Basics** * **Brush:** DSCosmetics 24mm G7 Synthetic Knot * **Razor:** Rex Supply Co. Ambassador XL Adjustable * **Blade:** Gilette Astra Superior Stainless (Blue) (2) * **Preshave:** Proraso – Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol Cream * **Lather:** Proraso – Green Tea & Oat * **Post Shave:** Nivea – Sensitive Post Shave Balm Very nice DFS today. Been fighting post-shave irritation for weeks when using my Rex Konsul while trying out new soaps, so for the last two shaves I went back to hardware/software that always delivers for me. Astra Blue isn’t a fav blade (they always give me weepers), but unless I’m having a bad-technique day they don’t cause irritation. The back to basics setup allowed my face to recover and today I got the first quality shave since last month.


* **Razor:** Timeless Ti .68 OC * **Blade:** Voskhod - Stainless * **Brush:** Yaqi Rainbow Handle 26mm Brown Synth * **Lather:** Wholly Kaw - Amber Bomba Soap * **Post Shave:** Wholly Kaw - Amber Bomba Balm Fantastic base, but I have mixed feelings about the scent. It is very sweet, approaching cloying. No doubt a well done scent, but not one I find compelling. Would love a fougere in this base.


[**May 07, 2023 – May Shaves 07**](https://i.imgur.com/DvHoTns.jpg) * **Brush:** Cayuen Abalone w/ 28mm Timberwolf Synthetic * **Bowl:** Timeless Shave Bowl, Blue * **Razor:** Wet Shave Club – Winning Razor, w/ Crown Titanium Handle * **Blade:** Voskhod (4) * **Lather:** B+M – Leviathan * **Post Shave:** B+M – Leviathan * **EdP:** B+M – Leviathan This tub is almost empty, so I'm debating whether to get another once this hits bottom. Excellent shave, however; have a pleasant Sunday!! \#MayDayShaves **Bonus**: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkB_B4lTaBc ← How the Ancient Greeks Proved that the Earth was Round


**[May. 7, 2023](https://i.imgur.com/mZg7eL8.jpg)** * **Prep:** Cold Water * **Brush:** [Zenith 506B SE 27mm](https://i.imgur.com/36fBFyS.jpg) * **Razor:** GEM Junior * **Blade:** GEM PTFE (39) * **Lather:** Col. Conk - Amber - Soap * **Post Shave:** Nivea 2 en 1 Refresh and Care - Aftershave Have a great day!


**SOTD - 07.05.23** [Batters Up ](https://imgur.com/a/vdG0JPv) * **Noble Otter - Batters Up** * **Ever Ready - Vintage ER 200** * **Turn N Shave - 26mm Shoat Knot** * **Gillette - New Long Comb** * **Polsilver Stainless Steel** Having picked this up a while back I thought it was about time I lathered it up. When I think of Baseball Shaving Scents I just think of Diamond from B&M (one of my Goat Scents), I'm glad Noble Otter created a completely different take on the Ball scent but focusing this one on the warm worn leather and it nails that perfectly. I'm not a huge leather fan but I enjoyed using this one and appreciate it enough to keep it in the den.


I think you're the first person that posted that you actually liked it.


I'm not sure it's one I will use again, maybe I will save it for second chance day for LG before moving it on


I almost need to smell it. I'm tempted to grab a tub off the zaar. Worst case it smells like this season feels. I need to find some diamond too I guess.


I've read so many bad reviews I'm almost afraid of it. But after reading this one I might give it a shot.


I saw a set of both as part of a lot and I'm kicking myself for not asking if the seller would split. But it looks like the post is lost now.


Terrific photo!


* **Prep:** Hot Shower - Preshave * **Brush:** Semogue 1800 * **Razor:** EldrormR Industries - MM24 * **Blade:** GEM - PTFE (14) * **Lather:** Cella Milano - Green * **Post Shave:** Noble Otter Soap Co. - Northern Elixer Splash The bathroom windows were open this morning and I'm pretty sure my neighbors could hear the sound of toast buttering loud and clear thanks to the MM24. Haven't used the Cella Bio in awhile and it was actually a better experience than the WSP tub I used yesterday. Go figure. Coffee is in my veins and the Honey-Do list for today is long. Time to get off my ass and knock it out. Have a great day all!


**May 7, 2023** * **Brush:** Zenith 508A Moar Boar * **Razor:** Gillette Senator * **Blade:** Feather * **Lather:** Bufflehead Soap Co. - Tishomingo * **Post Shave:** Lucky Tiger * **Post Shave:** Zingari Man - unscented balm * **Post Shave:** Olay Complete This blade is toast. The first pass was tough as hell. The subsequent passes were acceptably comfortable, but this blade got binned when I was done shaving. It fell off quick. Maybe it was more noticeable in this razor. Speaking of which...I haven't used this razor in years. I bought it as part of a lot in an obscure antique shop years ago and have used it only a handful of times. It's not a particularly exceptional shaver, but it is a nice shaver and you don't see too many of them. Back to pretending to kill this soap.


Those Senators are scarce these days. Definitely not worth the price they usually command.


I got lucky. I think I paid 6 or 7 dollars for it.


**[May 07, 2023](https://imgur.com/a/v2qx4nv)** - **Lather:** Declaration Grooming Trismegistus - **Brush:** Trotter G5C - **Razor:** ATT Windsor Pro SB90 - **Blade:** Gillette Nacet {3} - **Aftershave:** Declaration Grooming Trismegistus - **Post-shave:** Geo F Trumper Limes SF - **Fragrance:** [Terre d’Hermes](https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Hermes/Terre-d-Hermes-17.html)


**Sun May 07 2023** * **Prep:** Coffee, Face wash soap/warm water * **Razor:** Merker 34C HD * **Blade:** Perma-Sharp Super * **Brush:** AP Shave Co w/an Epoxied 26MM Badger Knot * **Lather:** Geo F. Trumper - Sandalwood Cream * **Post Shave:** Pinaud - Clubman AS Went old school this morning. Kinda partial to the sandalwood scent, Shave number 6 on the perma-sharp, still going strong.


####[SOTD Sunday 07 May 2023](https://imgur.com/a/ucBciAs) * **Safety Razor** - Henson Shaving - AL13 Purple Mild * **Blade** - Polsilver - Super Iridium * **Shaving Brush** - Abbate Y La Mantia - Krokos - 26mm Fan (Boar) * **Shaving Soap** - Abbate Y La Mantia - Krokos * **After-Shave Splash** - Abbate Y La Mantia - Krokos


**[May 7, 2023 - The Old, the New, and the Shaven](https://i.imgur.com/MGwdGL4.jpeg)** * **Prep:** Klar - Activated Charcoal - Face Soap * **Brush:** Ever-Ready 200 24mm Vie Long Epsilon Knot * **Razor:** Blackland Razors Blackbird Ti * **Blade:** Personna Lab Blue (8) * **Lather:** Ariana & Evans - Pistachio - Soap * **Post Shave:** Cella - Lozione Dopobarba - Aftershave Lotion Rating: 4/5


**May. 7, 2023** * **Brush:** Simpson T3 * **Razor:** Chinchilla Olivenholz Rasierhobel * **Blade:** Gillette Super Thin * **Lather:** Stirling Soap Co. - Scots Pine Sheep - Soap * **Post Shave:** Schmiere - 1959er - Aftershave * **Post Shave:** Sun Ozon - Med SPF 50 - Balm I really dig this scent. We have a spring morning there was rain last night and the earth is wet. Then I get this pine scent in my nose what a great way to start the day! Take care :) Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


Mutton tallow++


**May. 7, 2023** * **Brush:** Simpson Trafalgar 2 * **Razor:** Green Cult GC 2.0 II * **Blade:** Tatra Platinum * **Lather:** Ariana & Evans - Kaizen K2E - Soap * **Post Shave:** Moon Soaps - Havana - Balm Shared from [My Shave Den for iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/1581646387)


**May 7th, 2023** - **Pre-shave:** short hot shower - **Lather:** De Vergulde Hand - **Brush:** Yaqi 24mm synthetic "Black Marble" - **Razor:** King C Gillette - **Blade:** Astra SP - **Post-shave:** Vergulde Hand alum block, Boldking aftershave balm, Headlube Matte cream - **Coffee:** Espresso Quick 2 pass head/neck shave before going to work on my boat today. The KCG is much smoother than the Yaqi TFC, leaves less irritation on the head, but is also way less efficient and sucks at shaving my neck area. The TFC leaves less irritation in my neck, but is a bit too aggressive for my taste when using it on my head. Might need to look for a new razor after all...


**May 07, 2023** * **Brush:** Semogue SOC 24mm boar * **Razor:** Karve CB Brass SB-C * **Blade:** Gillette Silver Blue (3) * **Lather:** Barrister and Mann - Eigengrau * **Post shave:** Barrister and Mann - Reserve Waves - Aftershave * **Post shave:** Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm


[**SOTD: 07/05/2023 - Silver Steel Sunday**](https://imgur.com/c8de3Zr.jpg) * **Razor:** Cape 1372 13/16 Half Hollow * **Brush:** Zenith Manchurian * **Soap:** Shannon's Barbershop * **Aftershave:** Myrsol F./Extra * **Balm:** Sukin Moisturiser Bevel set on Shapton Glass 2K → Iromono Kiita Koppa w/ Mikawa Shiro Nagura slurry → Translucent Ark. *Whoosh!*


Very nice honing progression! Is that a new (to you) razor?


Thanks! I was fortunate to pick it up about six months or so ago.


Are these all made by Tanifuji or are some Cape razors made by others? \[ trying to navigate the Japanese razor maze \]


Tanifuji worked for [a lot of Japanese brands](https://historyrazors.wordpress.com/2016/08/27/tanifuji-fukutaro/) (Baba, Cape, *et al*), but unless they have his stamp on the tang, they can't be considered his razors. This one does not. It is a terrific razor, so it *may* have been one of his, but that is purely wishful thinking. :)


Thanks so much for that link! I'll be spending some time with that document.


**[May 7, 2023 - Excursion n Neon](https://imgur.com/a/2ec5BMm)** * **Brush:** Zenith B26 Retro * **Razor:** Gillette Travel Tech J4 * **Blade:** Voskhod * **Lather:** Chicago Grooming Co (Oleo) - Excursion Soap * **Post Shave:** Lucky Tiger Splash * **Fragrance:** Noble Otter - Neon Sun EdT * **Creedence Clearwater Revival:** [I Heard it Through the Grapevine](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixqofv-Oi74) ---- A gloomy, rainy Sunday made brighter by *Neon Sun*. This is one of my absolute favorites, and I'm soooo glad Noble Otter finally brought it to EdT last year. Thanks for spoiling us. Another day or two with the fantastic *Excursion*, and I think I'm gonna give some Grooming Dept Mallard soap a run for a while. Happy Sunday friends.