I thought the breakfast club ended


No angela yee being dramatic


Honestly he makes a lot of sense, kanye said black people need to stop focusing on race in 2016, and whether or not blm spent $6 million of donations on a house , the core of blm is the fact that police unfairly target black lives over white ones, but if you believe black people are focusing too much on race obviously you don’t agree with the core of blm. It’s hard to say if he still believes that, because as said in the clip he’ll bring up his blackness when he thinks it’s being used against him or he’s being talked down to for it by media or corporations, but goddamn does Charlamange seem to hit the nail on the head here.


I wouldn’t say Ye is up tho. He is currently batting with adidas and Gap fell through. Also he is still not happy on his say so with his kids. I think it’s false to say that he is on top of the world at the moment. Sure he is a billionaire but you can tell he’s facing personal and professional adversity.


Charlatan is aging badly