I might be wrong, but I could have sworn the price sign says limit 5 per customer.


Came to say this, my Costco has a sign that says 2




Not entirely. I work in the deli rotisserie room and when someone requests chickens we tell them there’s no guarantee because they need to be kept in the hot case and anyone can grab them. So yes, if our log is only calling to make so many chicken we’ll up the number but once they’re in the case they’re up for grabs


I work at a Costco in the deli and we take phone/in person orders for chickens. We typically just come in early and load all four ovens to that we can accommodate the order. Granted, pickup has to be in the morning and I wish we didn't take orders because it's a huge pain in the ass.


I guess every store is different. My store rarely accommodates orders that aren’t party platters so I’d just say don’t count on every Costco taking chicken orders


Ours has a limit, too. They have trouble keeping up with demand even with limits.


When I worked at Sam's Club we would get these entire pallets of cooking oil and we had a 1 per person sign for it and we just so happen to have a chinese restaurant not far down the street, so we'd get different people that worked at that restaurant come in and race directly to buy 1 per person and an hour later they would cycle out the same restaurant employees to come back in and buy up the entire stock leaving none for normal customers. So managers were chasing down and remembering the faces of these people and I worked near it witnessing everything, lol






Well I think they're a family run restaurant and it's maybe more convenient and easier since it's like literally across the street from their restaurant and they can reliably always get a whole pallet of it every morning. Also I'm pretty sure this was toward the end of the pandemic when people were also stealing and scalping medication, masks and hand sanitizers to resell online


You think they would work something out with management


I was just thinking that to avoid people pulling this shit they should have a limit. I wonder if my Costco does. I usually only get one so I never checked.


There’s a local lady that buys out the muffins every weekend and sells them as “homemade” at the farmer’s market


I ~~know~~ *strongly assume* that many of the sellers at the farmers market do some version of this exact thing. "Oh, you're a local farm and you have broccoli *and bananas* in January? How interesting."


It's a real thing. Many "local farmers" are just reselling wholesale products. Here's a 10 year old NPR article, because I'm too lazy to find the newer YT video I watched on the common scam: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2014/10/02/352979875/california-cracks-down-on-farmers-market-cheaters




> It's a-fucking-mazing Corn maze?






I like the idea of someone going through the effort of buying a bunch of corn ears from Walmart, dumping worms and shit on it, renting a cart, setting up a stand next to a stranger’s cornfield, and making no profit because of the cost to set everything up.


Just doing it for the sheer joy of screwing people over




Just like Etsy got taken over. It used to be handmade stuff but is now infiltrated with Ali Express/Wish crap


Sigh. Yes. I have sold handmade items on Etsy for 10 years and my business fell off a cliff in 2016 when they fully allowed resellers.




And a shit load of drop shippers


My local farmers market has avocados (upstate NY), I got suspicious of all their stuff afterwards


Our local farmer’s market had packs of three tomatoes wrapped in plastic….and they forgot to take the Aldi sticker off of one of the packs.


The amish here can be seen populating their stands with grocery store produce if you show up early enough.


Lol produce flipping...wow...just wow.


I mean *a farmer* grew it at some point...


Etsy is this except drop shipping from AliExpress




This! I opened an Etsy shop only a year or so after they started to sell my handmade clothing for fashion dolls. At that time, there were very few other artists on the platform who designed and sold doll clothing for these particular dolls. Obviously, sales were great since there was less competition there, but sales didn't fall when more doll artists came to Etsy. We all had different styles and designs, so there was something for every collector...then the Chinese resellers came in DROVES. After that, we all started noticing that no matter what we entered into the search, we had to comb through page after page of knockoffs and single listed items (separate listings for the same item in a different color etc) that flooded the listings. What a mess! Loads of cheap crap that was most certainly not 'made by hand', unless they mean 'made by hands of people in overseas sweatshops. ' I pulled my items and put the shop on hold for a couple of years, sold more on FB group posts with zero fees anyway. These days I only put my items in the Etsy shop if it hasn't already sold to a group member. Too many bs fees and resellers allowed to flood the site. Not to mention the acammers that try to get something for free by complaining about it once they receive it. Not worth the hassle anymore.


This is literally what ruined Etsy for me


That and the search function becoming absolutely useless. When I type in "lanyard" I want fucking LANYARDS not coffee mugs and throw pillows and socks. Anymore I follow creators I like on socials and buy from their independent websites.


Etsy= your last name cut out of thin wood with a circular saw sold by 300000000 different people and a bunch of wedding/bridesmaids crap. It sux bc a lot of people do have great stuff but good luck finding it!!!


There's a very good 99% Invisible podcast episode on search and why it sucks. They go into why the search on some websites doesn't do what you expect, and on many sites like Etsy and Amazon they don't even show you what you're looking for, just who paid the most to show up.


Nothing like an artisanal palm oil forever muffin


Muffins by 3M^™️


The sprinkles are courtesy of Raytheon.


This message brought to you by Robert Evans


I'm just saying, a knife missile is the perfect way to cut a muffin


Where are my ballistic bagels?


Host of the baking podcast, "Behind the Batters", no doubt.


You'd think they'd last a long time, but in my experience, the blueberry ones were molding by day 3 at best. It's possible they've changed it up in like 15 years though. I got so tired of them being moldy that I stopped buying them.


They simply are too moist from the blueberries. The plastic packaging, moisture, and being stored at likely room temp makes them mold up super fast.


That's probably exactly it. We started refrigerating them, but they'd still go pretty fast. I did notice that their muffins are unusually moist. The ones I'd make wouldn't ever quite get like that and would last awhile, but that moist, oily sort of mouthfeel they have was just good enough that I'd always want one of theirs. Edit: Maybe if I ever try to make them again more butter or something would help. I'm always annoyed when I can't find a way to effectively make something I want on my own like that, but for some reason I gave up.


Just freeze what you don’t eat right away. Most baked goods freeze very well


Freeze any baked goods as soon as you get them home for at least two solid days. You'll never have to worry about mold again. After I do this a loaf of bread will last in my refrigerator for a month without any growth 🎉


Odd. Muffins aren't that difficult to make and she'd have a larger profit margin if she made them herself.


Time is money. Cooking is a skill. Her way eliminates the need for either.


Drop shipping muffins, it's getting damn hard out here


Want to know how I make three, four, or five figures a month without baking a single muffin? Look, if you aren't interested in the easy life then this ad isn't for you....


Just reading that shit makes my blood boil, I fucking hate those ads.


You want to get rich quick? Then read my book! Step 1. Create a get rich book Step 2. Advertise said book on YouTube Step 3????? Step 6. Profit


I want to write a book about how to get rich writing a book about how to get rich.


Costco muffins are like, 9 bucks for 12. If you can sell them at 1.50 each you make 50% margin on it for no effort. Considering both methods involve going to the store your eliminating the time to prep, bake, store, and clean the mess of making tons of muffins. This can all be done as a side job while yours would involve a ton of time.


I think the point is in how she markets these things. If she's marking it as handmade it's still a shitty thing to do. Hell, even if not specifically saying handmade but selling them out of their boxes where it looks like it is is still shitty. That's my opinion anyways.. if I wanted a grocery store muffin I would just buy a box of them myself. If I am at a farmers market I would expect more handmade or self-farmed products.


Well, TECHNICALLY the person who made those muffins did likely have hands.


And probably a home too!


It's like Marie Callender's pot pies touting their gravy as "Made from Scratch." Well, yes, it's not like you tap it from gravy trees or press it out of gravy beans. So yes, it's technically made from scratch... in industrial vats with industrial-sized bags of flour, salt, water from a huge hose, etc.


I was at a farmers market once. One person was selling homemade gummies. Like $10 for a pint sized bag. Was okay but nothing special. Than I went to some shitty off the wall grocery store about a month later when out in the sticks. They had the same gummies, same shape and everything. Lol Also someone was selling tomatoes. The boxes they had behind the counter where the same company we buy tomatoes from Sysco. Same shape and size lol.


My step-mom (who lives in a very small town) was at the grocery store and recognized one of the local farmers from the farmers' market in the produce section. He had a whole bunch of tomatoes in his cart. She followed him (yes, she's that type of person) and watched him sit in his truck for 20 minutes, picking the labels off each tomato. He then drove to the farmers' market and setup. She went over and looked at the tomatoes and asked "Are these locally grown?" and he replied "Yes ma'am, picked them this morning."


Well, he picked them from the display at the grocery store.


They are also going to be much more consistent. Even things I make a lot, I accidentally add too much or too little, or over cook every once in a while


Like that person forever ago that started a cake business using box mix from Walmart.


So like literally every cake* decorator? You add pudding mix and some extra eggs to stiffen it up a bit. *Edit: I’m a came decorator myself just ask my as wife about my stiff pudding.


You can probably contact the organizers and get her kicked out right?


Yes, it’s an offense that is an immediate ban from the market forever for all the markets I’ve been to. You just have to contact the organizer.


Costco rotisserie is cheaper than buying a chicken at the grocery store.


It's also cheaper than buying a whole uncooked chicken at Costco. Our Costco sells raw fresh whole chickens in packages of 3, and the cooked ones are cheaper (for essentially the same size) as the raw ones. Plus it's already cooked!


Today the class learned about the concept of loss leaders.


Yep. Just going in for one cheap chicken. Nothing else. [At the checkout] Omg why is my bill $300?! What the hell happened? -Costco, every time


tbh I think I do it backwards. I go in for $300 of stuff and then inevitably i'm like "well i'm already here I might as well get a chicken for dinner because they're amazing"


I have no issue throwing a $4 chicken right next to my $80 package of steaks and $20 bottle of wine. That shit is good, and you barely get a stick of gum for that money.


Monday dinners are easy when Costco has ribs and chicken ready to eat, or lasagna that you only have to bake.


I don’t use a cart so I am limited to what I can carry in my hands and arms. It’s the only way to stay below $100.


I knew I wasn't alone in using this strategy!


I'd do this, but most of the stuff I actually go to Costco for I kinda need a cart. Large packages of drinks, the large paper towel and toilet paper packages, dog and cat food, etc.


Also, stores (not just Costco) that have an in-house rotisserie and sell fresh chickens, can use fresh chicken that have reached their sell by date, roast them, and put them back out on the floor. The cost of the chicken at that point is essentially free.


Thats because its an attraction not what they use to make ends meet. The chicken is to draw people in and then they spend their money on other items with higher margins.


Restaurant owner spotted. *edit* What put me on this train of thought, other than the obvious, was the same observation I made about a slightly more horrifying shopping cart. Actually, it was a pallet. It was loaded 5’ high with Top Ramen, the whole pallet. I felt like following the guy just to see what restaurant I would never eat at.


Customer: Whose recipe is this? Woman: Auntie Costcoz


Monica: What did you say the name of your grandmothers friend was? Phoebe: Nestlay Tollouse Monica: Nestle Tollhouse?!




“My mom wanted to shield me from the pain of sad movies. You know. Before she killed herself.”


Again with the dead mom!


“I know my grandmother is looking up and smiling right now” “Don’t you mean looking down and smiling?” “No, she was nice to me but she’s in Hell for sure.”


Look at this fancy restaurant owner over here buying whole rotisserie chickens instead of bulk canned chicken *Edit: oh no my account got banned for saying that a stupid bitch is being a stupid bitch. I write bots that automate complex tasks lol. Losing a reddit account is just funny to me. See you again soon admins. Your job sucks and only stupid people would do it haha


I just threw up in my mouth a little


Oh hey, good, more goo to pack it in.


*Excuse* me, we call it *á la king*


If your delivery is behind, you don't know when it's coming, and you don't have a Chef'Store near you, get fucked it's Costco time.


Shit dude, when I was a teen working at a "high end" Italian restaurant and wood fired pizza place the owner sent me to the local store a few times to get supplies. Costco would've been an upgrade, especially with Raul's sauce. They also sell giant cans of tomatoes and pretty good tomato paste. I can make enough sauce to freeze for six months of pasta sauce or pizza sauce for like $10.


I give benefit of the doubt too much. I was thinking like food for a funeral or something.


My first thought was a backyard wedding.


Or 16th birthday, easy way to Chicken Tinga for all the dozens of branches of family


Yep I do memorial receptions as a volunteer at my church. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. I like your benefit of the doubt attitude


We made our chicken fresh from Costco to the microwave then to you. That'll be $35 and you better tip.


Was in there today and someone bought roughly 150 pounds of French fries


Esp. if they are selling chicken sandwiches, they are going to make a good profit.


Probably owns a restaurant


Enchilada/tamale lady who sells food from her car trunk. The local lady who used to come by our office made the absolute best tamales ever. People would ask "Are you really eating food out of a cooler in a car trunk?" and then smell it and wish she would come back


This sounds very plausible. It also means that Costco is used to her and will have extra chickens ready to put out.


A restaurant I work at uses Costco rotisserie chicken for their tacos because it's so much cheaper to buy these cooked chickens than to do it yourself. Another company I work for buys huge amounts of Safeway cookies for their catering business for the same reason.




No doubt they marketed it as a fresh baked double chocolate cake slice or something like that. Most menus are borderline lying on their ingredients.


Many are lying, they are totally cool with lying, and as long as it's not a regulated term they're using to lie, they're clear to do so. Terms like "hand made" and "fresh baked" aren't regulated. They'd call poptarts hand made if people wouldn't call them out on it, nothing is stopping them. It's not a claim about the product. It's a claim about the process. You can say whatever you want about the process, regulators don't care. It's ridiculous what regs will disallow while not giving a shit about other things. For instance, a "breakfast burrito" vs a "breakfast wrap". Two wholly different things according to regulations. They'll tell you you have to meet certain requirements to use "burrito" but "wrap" is entirely not cared about. They're exactly the same thing. No "practically", no "virtually", there's zero difference. But you can get away with more by calling it a wrap.


Rule of thumb on food regulation and it’s specific verbiage: if you’re unsure what words/products to stay away from, go look at Taco Bell’s menu. That thing is a study guide of all the “illegitimate” terms companies use to skirt around regulation. “Wrap” “Crunchwrap” “BEEFY” (not to be confused with BEEF) the FDA has cracked down on them enough the entire menu is full of lookalikes. It’s wild.


As a former Costco chicken guy: *sigh* I know the store manager is going to walk by in 5 mins and yell at me for having an empty display. The secret is the smell of the fresh chickens makes people hungry and buy more Edit: Wow this blew up. Almost made the madness worth it.


This lady smelt them alright


Probably owns a food truck or similar and sells lunches. 6 bucks chicken. Sold for 20 14 profit


Filipino Food truck at the gas station is a block away from the supermarket. I noticed their chicken leg and rice plate, the chicken had a very similar texture to rotisserie, but the flavor is way different. It's a hunch, not proof. And rotisserie chicken isn't like a secret on how to make. But it makes me wonder for sure.


It doesn't have anything to do with how to make it. Everything to do with how crazy cheap they are. Costco sells those things at an actual loss. >Costco said it was able to maintain its low price because the company considers the rotisserie chicken a “loss leader.” That means its purpose isn’t to bring in profits, but rather to bring in customers to buy more of the wholesale retailer’s bulk toilet paper and five-packs of deodorant. And it works. Actually interesting article [all about it here.](https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/23207301/costco-rotisserie-chicken-poultry-farming-inflation)


you glazed over the best part of the article! >In 2019, Costco made an unprecedented move to source its chicken at even lower margins: It set up its own feed mill, hatchery, and slaughter plant in Nebraska, and contracted nearby farmers to raise over 100 million birds each year, all under the name Lincoln Premium Poultry (LPP). It could be saving the company up to 35 cents per bird. For 100 million chickens that's $35 million saved by using their own birds!




Holy crap seriously? I'm gonna look that up because it sounds interesting and my life is boring right now.


Tamales de pollo con salsa muy caliente. Not gonna lie, I'll pay her the $1.25 for a fat fuckin' corn-husk tamale.


Caliente = Temperature, Picosa = Spicy 👍🏼


Of course he wants a tamale nut caliente. Who wants a tamale frio?


>tamale nut caliente


Damn autocorrecto got me again


We went a month ago to grab a chicken, fairly early around 10am.. there was a massive line of people. My husband was standing off to the side. As chickens are coming out, the line disappears and it turns into a free-for-all. This older lady, definitely either late 50’s or early 60’s is grabbing every single chicken that comes out. She’s touching all of them. She’s yanking them from people reaching for one. She HAD to see them all first. Despite the absolute massive amount of people waiting (definitely more people than chickens!) she took six or seven. I was honestly a bit horrified by her. I saw other people pointing at her and making hand gestures her way. I’ve never seen such madness over chicken before.


My Costco put a limit of 2 per customer.


i feel this is reasonable if people are abusing them chickens


Well the chickens being abused is pretty much guaranteed


Mine too. This lady needs to make her own damn chicken. But I bet this isn’t an everyday thing


Is this a new thing? Never encountered this before. Are people struggling that bad out there?


They’re very reasonably priced (like $5 I think?) so they’re popular but I’ve never dealt with people like her until then.


I'm more surprised by the huge line of people waiting for Costco to open to grab a rotisserie chicken. Feels like it wouldn't be worth the effort unless you would starve without that access to cheap chicken


Sounds like a typical granny at a busy Asian market. Nasty bunch of sharp elbowed little fuckers lol




She's got more than a full load in there. I can only imagine how the chicken room felt. Because now it'll be, "you guys are always out" or "you know it's dinner time why didn't you add more?!" Dumb fucks, because they didn't see that lady do that, it's now the lazy worker. Hated my time in the chicken room.


Tell me more about this chicken room.


Right? Dude buried the lede.


Easily one of the shittiest jobs at Costco. Constant pressure to maintain the amount in the case, people are stupid and picky over something that costs $5, and you’re completely at the mercy of a projection sheet to try and maintain it all. It’s also hot as hell and hard on your back not to mention the constant burns on your arms and upper body. Closing that room down introduces you to smells that I think could be considered a war crime.


I know you can phone in and order some pizzas if you want a bunch can you do the same with chickens?


Yes you can! Alomst anything can be pre ordered if you need larger amounts of it. Grilled chicken, sliced ham, toilet paper, ice cream, you name it, it can be pre ordered and ready for you the moment you get there. Saves the store a lot of hassel and saves you a fair bit of time. Work with people, not against them and life will smile upon you.


The Kirkland vanilla ice cream is so bomb I had to stop buying it. It's like industrial strength Haagen Daaz quality ice cream but it comes in half gallons and it's affordable af.


Man I might have just ruined my life reading this comment. Damnit. Guess I’m going to Costco today for rotisserie chicken and vanilla ice cream and 200 bucks of other shit I don’t need. Well played Costco. Well played.


Work in a grocery store. I will bend over backwards to help you with a large order if you give me lead time. It's not just because of the $ either. It's because it's just so much easier for me and my team.


> Hated my time in the chicken room. TIL there's a place in Costco called "the chicken room". Sounds rather ominous.


She’s one of the people you hear about in math problems


Mrs. Gomez bought 47 rotisserie chickens for her daughter's birthday party. Each chicken feeds 4 guests. If there are 200 guests coming to the birthday party, how many guests will go hungry?


Answer: None. It's a Mexican birthday party. Even when everyone shows up an hour or two late, Nana is going to make sure everyone eats two full plates. She's got tamales in reserve.


Been making those fuckers all week too.


*claro, cabron...ahora ayúdame con esta masa*


I have no idea what this means but I want to eat at your grandmas house.


> ok dumbass, now come help me with this masa! Masa is the the cornflour dough for the tamales.


Oh, shit, somebody told me that cabron meant "dude." I'm gonna have to turn down my usage on that one.


>Cabron can mean a lot of things. >Ey cabron, ven y ayudame. - Hey dude, come help me >Ese wey es bien cabron. - That dude is a real strong/hardass. >No seas cabron... - Don't be a dumb ass/hard headed. Honestly, most slang/cus words are multi-meaning and it all depends on their usage.


Years ago, when I first moved to my neighborhood, one night I heard party music two houses over. I went to investigate (took my kids with me too) and found my neighbor Oceil (spelling?) hosting a birthday party for his cousin. His mom offered both me and my kids plates of food, even though it was around 10pm and the party had been swinging for quite some time. You'll never leave a Mexican party hungry. Ever.


This is the correct answer. Never in my life have I seen anyone go without food at a Mexican birthday party. Abuelita can make food appear out of thin air if she has to.


Agreed, love me some home cooking at a Mexican party. Food and drinks for days!


TIL Jesus Christ was an abuelita.


guess you never read the one about Jesus chasing the money changers from the temple with a chancleta


Had to look up chancleta. Audibly laughed. Thank you!


Scientists are still studying the aerodynamics of the chancleta. How can you still be targeted from around the corner?!


Bullseye from Daredevil was also an abuelita.


Oh shit, is Diego from the Umbrella Academy an abuelita?!


Thats where all the loaves of bread and fish came from, Jesus's Mexican Abuelita's purse *mihijo ven, toma esto y daselo*


Clearly you have never been to a Mexican party. They do it different. Responded for a grandma passed out. Why did she pass out do you ask? This 94 did three shots in a row with her grandkids that they said she poured and demanded. This lady made tamales all day. Had two bottles of wine. Then a triple. God bless Mexican parties.


The tequila is the secret to longevity.


Ms Gomez bought 40 rotisserie chickens. That's as many as 4 10s. And that's terrible.


Is it possible she's something like a tamale lady? Takes the chicken home to shred and use to sell her tamales? That's a lot of chicken.


Time to make a batch of Tamales.


She must be related to [this guy](https://imgur.com/gallery/lsmbkqa) I saw the other week.


I saw a preteen boy at the grocery store last week with an entire cart full of jars of mayo. Watching him self check out was so bizarre.


I used to live near the Canadian border and people would come across and have *multiple* carts full of nothing but milk and a few other dairy products. It was crazy! I didn't understand til I asked someone local and they explained that it's way cheaper here. Something about our milk products being less regulated as well as much bigger milk production in the US. These little old South and East Asian ladies would come and buy milk for everyone in their entire families. They'd have the employees follow them out with a second cart of milk haha


One time I was buying soup that was on special for like $1.30 so I went slightly nuts and bought 15 packets and nothing else. Definitely got a weird look from the checkout chick.


That's nowhere near as weird as 50+ jars of mayonnaise. Soup is delicious.


Once a year, my Costco has large bags of the most delicious fried onions on Earth. I felt pretty weird that one time I bought 12 of these 1.5 pound bags...


My parents business uses several gallons of mayonnaise each week. There have been plenty of times their regular order was delayed and the restaurant supply store was out of the brand they use and they had to buy out a grocery store to meet their orders. And we’re a big family so it’s not uncommon for them to give a preteen kid the option to stay in the car with a sleeping younger sibling or run into the store for whatever they need. So you easily could have seen one of my little brothers on an emergency mayo run lol


“I only like the skin”


I used to buy 5 rotisserie chickens each week and use them to make 60 -ish quarts of chicken and rice for feeding the homeless, all from Costco/Sam's. I developed the recipe to use even,whole amounts of stuff: * 5 rotisserie chicken * 10lb bag parboiled rice * 10lb bag onions * 5lb bag carrots * 5lb bag celery (three huge stalks/bunches) * 1 tub chicken base (like bullion, but restaurant style) * Salt, pepper, poultry seasoning Will feed about 100 folks a hearty meal for about $60 Edit to add the rest of the recipe since my DMs are blowing up: I pull all the chicken off the bone really good, like stripped clean. I used a big propane burner and seafood pot outside to cook. Fill it with about 1.5 x the water needed for the 10 lb bag of rice, bring to a boil, then dump bag of rice and all the veggies ( scrubbed with a veg brush and rough chopped) in. Bring back to boil, add chicken, chicken base, salt, pepper and poultry seasoning to taste, then shut off flame and dump into two 48 qt coolers. It will continue to cook in there and within 30 minutes, you're ready to serve, and it'll hold for several hours above 140f, long enough to give it all away. It's a really great meal for anyone, it's not like depression or prison cooking, it's a really hearty meal. I make it frequently for my family and we portion it out and freeze it. One chicken with like 4 cups of rice, one bunch celery, one small bag of carrots, and 2-3 onions will make a few gallons of chicken and rice. The key is to undercook the rice so it finishes cooking in the cooler or while reheating.


What's the recipe beyond the ingredients? Just wondering how you divide up the chicken


Might be stew style with all the carrots and celery and chicken cooked together


Exactly. I typed it all out here: recipehttps://www.reddit.com/r/Wellthatsucks/comments/xgoj2f/-/ioumy4o I'd serve it at a day shelter or just out of the back of my vehicle on the street in quart foam cups with lids and spoons.




You can make some amazing chicken salad with those


That’s a party right there bud!




True, but they make most of their money on the memberships anyway. They lose money on the sheet cakes too, but it brings people in.


If they’re so sheet, why would people buy them?


This lady is the only person to profit off of Costco


Here in a supermarket nearme a whole rotisery chicken on fridays for 2 dollars. Way cheaper than buying a whole chicken. But of course you never just get that. You always end up spending way more


It’s called a loss leader. You sell rotisserie chicken for cheap, but people buy things to go with it, like deli items, at full price. Plus you get them into the store to possibly buy other things too.


Used to work at Costco and can confirm this happens most of the time. I jumped between registers selling memberships and 85% of bills would be $100+. It was difficult to walk out with a bill under that even as an employee.


Anytime my bill at Costco is under $100 I'm genuinely shocked.




Surprised they don't have a limit. I tried buying five of those amazing Kirkland boneless hams so I could freeze some. They said there was a limit of three. So she rang up two of them separately.


In college the night Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather were fighting my roommates and I were throwing a watch party. I was tasked with getting chicken legs for the grill. I went to the store and grabbed as may packs as I could (which I think was only 4 or 5) and this lady comes around the corner, sees the chicken in my buggy, looks at the shelf and told me to go fuck my self. Because she was so rude I didn’t offer her any. Then I got home and my roommate scorched them on the grill


If I’m buying the meat, I’m cooking the meat. Can’t take any chances.


***Food Truck Menu Board: "Homemade chicken dinners! $14.50 - Drink included"***


I bring dinner to a local shelter sometimes (we have a roster so someone is always bringing it), and when I’m too lazy to cook, Costco is the best. Easier to drive to the suburbs than plan and cook dinner for 15.


I’d ask where she’s going, not bc I’m mad she bought the chicken, but bc I want to be invited!!!