Never thought it’ll happen to me. 6 hours flight, touched me 3 times.

Never thought it’ll happen to me. 6 hours flight, touched me 3 times.


You learn a lot about people when you travel. Took a vacation with a friend and on the flight she took off her shoes, socks, and put her feet between the seats in front. I was mortified. I could never regain full respect for her again.


Yeah that's really nasty, hopefully no one was sitting in front


I learned that my bestie sleeps with her eyes open. Half way during the red eye flight I wake up and look over only to see she’s staring at me With half open blood shot eyes. Zzzz


Hopefully you took a pic for later use/blackmail


Depending on what kind of travel for me. Airplane: yeah I'd lose some respect. A cross country in a car road trip I don't think I would mind so much.


Depending on the persons fetish in front, that may have been the sexiest plane ride ever.


Quentin Taratino has entered the chat


Why is everyone so scared to say something. I would not just let that happen lmao.


I imagine it's the awkward position of, "Oh, god, now we have to spend an entire flight near each other after that confrontation", and judging by some of the replies here, I have the feeling Sock Person would pull about a thousand different passive-aggressive responses out in turn, leading to hours of hell. Best flight I ever had was when I had to take powerful painkillers for a knee injury during a 12+hr flight. Unconscious for 90% of the journey.


At that point I don't care. Their feet is touching you.. What are they gonna do beat you up? On a plane? Naw


There's an entire subreddit of videos of people beating up other passengers and flight crew on planes lol people are fucking nuts. Edit: the subreddit is r/planechaos


Shit you are right. But hell I'll take an ass beating for someone to fuck their life up for not keeping their feet on me. Honestly it'd be worth it.


Or go the opposite route, and really make them uncomfortable. "You have lovely feet *deep inhale*"


I mean what else are you gonna do. Run away? Call the police on them? Lol


Used benadryl once to bypass 10 hours of a 14 hour road trip. It was amazing.


Absolutely magical. Years of stress removed all in one go.


That's why I just get hammered before and during the flight and pass out.


The person behind you controls your comfort on the flight. The last thing I want is the back of my seat getting pounded the entire time. That being said, fuck that person for putting someone in that situation to begin with


The answer was given above. The majority of the time, they will tell you that they don't care about what you want.


That is when you get out your pen and start drawing and poking their sock. They will get the hint.


Exactly, this whole situation could most likely be prevented/resolved with "Hey man, you mind moving your foot? Cool, thanks!"


The kind of person who does this is not the kind of person who will give a fuck about how you feel, usually


Start with this little piggy went to the market


For real! Look them straight in the eye and assert dominance.


Subtle, tickle the foot. Power move, take off sock and put foot in your mouth


Start adding drips of water, maybe they’ll think it’s the AC


Then you get to smell ***wet*** stinky foot.


i would just pour water on it. nothing feels worse to me than a wet sock in my shoes


And if they’re asleep, they’ll pee themselves reflexively. We can hope.


Nah, that's going to punish the cabin crew more


And the ground crew. The seats are held on with velcro and there are replacement cushions for just that reason.


Yeah great idea having piss puddles and a wet seat soaked with urine behind you the whole flight.


You sick, twisted genius




Even better. Get busy dude.




Best possible outcum.


Use hot coffee.


I used my coffee.


Or just say “move your foot” out loud


Pour a little water on it. Nobody likes wet socks


Exactly what I thought


Literally just this. Dude thought op didn't mind because they just sat there and let it happen


And since we're on this subject, here's a gentle reminder: Keep your fucking shoes on, you goddamn savages. We're all stuck in this enclosed space with each other for X amount of hours, and don't particularly want to be. Show your fellow man a shred of respect.


THIS is exactly what baffles me about these posts. Simply turn around and say "You need to move your foot off my armrest. Thanks." Why don't people speak up for themselves?!


Because it takes courage to confront others. I personally and unfortunately lack this.


I'm very sorry to hear that, I hope you can find courage. Standing up for yourself is such a rewarding feeling.


My adrenaline goes crazy after confrontation, but this case would be totally worth it


Embrace the adrenaline.


It is only rewarding if you're successful. If you've been unsuccessful enough times, you develop an anxiety about it. When the person you're confronting gets defensive, some people may feel constrained by other priorities such as a perceived public duty not to start a fight on a plane. How much disturbance is the confrontation worth? Moving seats? Bothering other people? This anxiety multiplies exponentially, so some people might say "why bother? I don't feel like getting yelled at by somebody who's already clearly inconsiderate." Personally, I fantasize about pouring hand sanitizer all over their foot. I could play it off as if I spilled. But I don't know if I could actually do it if given the opportunity. It would depend on how I feel that day.


Boundaries. You can build them up slowly, by maybe telling friends who smoke to try to keep it away because you don’t like it, etc. I used to put up with a ton of shit, an I’ll still let small stuff slide, but something like this, I’d politely, but curtly, turn and say, “oh please don’t put your foot on me”. And if it continued, or they were passive aggressively bumping my chair, I’d just tell a stewardess loudly “do you have another seat I can go to this person thinks it’s ok to put their feet on me.”


Only say this if you want MORE foot.


Easier to reach, easier to trap under your arm rest.


Easier to slobber all over it too, I suppose.


...or pour water on it!


That requires social interaction though. None of us know how to do that.


This is the correct answer.


Whilst maintaining eye contact. Very important for asserting dominance.




Nothing like a good bit of passive aggressiveness.


Don't forget to giggle like a school girl.


Oooooopsies tehehehe


All I can hear is Cartman's little imaginary cupid friend from Southpark


Take off sock and start taking pictures of foot for OnlyFans.


"Do you mind if I use your feet for my onlyfans"


This person is trying to trick you into attempting to steal their foot, but see the sock there? It's barely visible, but a fantastic life hack to prevent people from stealing your foot! When the criminal attempts to steal the foot, the sock will slide right off, and all you get is a sock.


Spit on the foot, assert dominance.


Subtle: Tickle Foot Intermediate: Take off sock and interlock fingers with toes as if holding hands. Power Move: Suck toes and caress foot and lower leg like balls


Doubke eww


Rock back and forth in the seat for a minute or two, and then pour mayo packet from boxed "lunch" onto their foot, while sighing/grunting very contentedly.




Wait for them to fall asleep, take the sock off, clip their nails and paint them, wake them up, negotiate.


We painted my dad's toenails while he slept in his chair


Suckle the foot


Suckle lmfaooo


Just hit the foot. Elbow drop it, say you didn't know it was there.


I had a 70 + year old woman sitting next to me put her bare feet on my table tray on a flight out of Delhi.


What the ???! How did you react ?


She started by taking off her sandals and giving her bare feet a nice little massage. She then started picking all the fuzzies, lint,crap off her sari and flicking them on me. She put her feet on the armrest of the seat ahead of her, much like the pic (I was in the aisle seat and she was in the middle so it was between us). I wasn't sure if she spoke English or what to say so I put down my tray to make her move her feet cause it wouldn't go down with her feet where they were. Bout 5 minutes later Im reading my book, leaning it on my chair tray and that is when she put her bare frickin feet right on chair tray ! I was freaking , not sure what to say or do, had not heard her speak any English ( I think it was her grandson sitting on the other side of her). I put my hands on her ankles , gave a firm no nonsense shove , glared at her and said MADAM in my best indignant tone. Then I scrubbed the tray and my hand with the wet wipes I had with me. The whole flight was a nightmare, after she put her purse on her lap and stayed going through it , elbowing me hard probably 5 times ( she and I were both smaller women, she had to try to get her boney elbows that far..it was not an accident). So I dug in my carry on out the beef jerky I had brought from home and ate it with great relish (on the off chance the might know it was beef and tick her off ).


>MADAM Hilarious. >the beef jerky I had brought from home The ultimate power move.


Power move is to chew with your mouth open and offer her a piece.


offer her a piece from your mouth


Worst flight I went on was also to Delhi as well, no regard or co-operation to the comfort of other passengers. Sucks because flying to Mumbai, was a pleasant quiet experience both plane and airport, and I can see how a flight to Delhi can colour someone's idea of a country negatively. Both were Air India so there's no airline variable here.


I flew an Indian Airline to Kathmandu and it was awesome, also really enjoyed my time in India. It was Air Canada from Delhi to Toronto. I have flown to over 50 different counties and have never seen a plane look like that at the end. People took their food tray and pushed them under the seats, garbage everywhere and the toilets were in worse shape than the ones I used in Varanasi. People were trying to scoop window seats when they had middles, flight crew was busy trying to stop the arguments . It was quite a flight.


I’ve flown to India reasonably often, and I hate to say it, but those tend to be the most miserable flights I ever go on. Delhi flights are the worst in my experience, flights to southern India don’t tend to be quite as bad.


Once I sat next to a guy that took his shoes off, was wearing no socks, and clearly hadn't bathed. As soon as we got to altitude he whipped out a lunchbox and plowed through 2 hard boiled eggs. I thought it couldn't become any more of a smell fest, then dude pulls out a tupperware filled with some fish dish that had been sitting at room temp in his backpack. Fuck me, I did my best to not be rude to him but I was.


Just throw up next time and point at him. That’s the only way to address this behavior.


100% I would have done this involuntarily. I have a very over-reactive sense of smell...


What the fuck, i would have asked to change seat immediately.


The above, glare, and MADAM are going to make me laugh the whole day. What a terrible experience


Why do I have a stinkin (no pun intended) that her feet were …well— like a 70 year old woman who wears sandals all the time.


Mhm. Good one.


Oh my, something like that happened to me once - a man took off his shoes and socks and it actually smelled so bad. And he is probably unaware because he started crossing his legs omg i literally gagged and told him to put on his shoes. And i had to sit through the awkward encounter through the flight. Luckily it was only 4 hours.


Damn, like that’s gross, but I’m kind of impressed by a 70+ year old’s flexibility. Especially considering the size of the area she has to work with.


Just tell him “I’m a sexual deviant, and your foot is turning me on”


Exactly, just turn around and say , **that was amazing** I'm almost there if you could put your feet up a bit more..... ^^/s


I like this response lol


Trouble is - so might he. No win.


Tell him to meet you in the bathroom, get naked and wait. Tell the flight attendant there is a pervert in the bathroom.


Wet your fingers with water, flick water on foot, while fake sneezing.


Flick? Spill the whole drink on their sock.


And he will still do the same with his bare foot.


But still pretend like you sneezed


That's actually pretty good! Can double as prank on siblings...


Hold a lighter under it


I would straight up just actually sneeze on it.






What is with all the bizarre, socially awkward, passive aggressive responses? If that happens to you, just turn around and let them know. Don’t touch their feet. Don’t try to somehow sabotage their flight. If you are too embarrassed to say anything, call a flight attendant and ask them to inform the passenger. Edit: I don’t think OP did anything wrong - was more patient than required but handled it appropriately. The “you” in this case is for all y’all calling for assault in one form or another.


Sir, you are applying logic to people who are doing illogical and inconsiderate actions. I have tried the civil approach and whether it is the young or old, they seldom work.


I think many make the assumption that anyone willing to slide their foot onto your armrest isn’t a civil person. So they skip that step and straight to sucking on toes.


>So they skip that step and straight to sucking on toes. Idk why but this sentance is fucking fantastic.


Right?! My experience has been that every time: if you say something even nicely they will take it in the worst possible light and become an even more offensive ass. I mean all ready they blatantly do not care about others space. Talking is not going to instantly fix 20+ years crappy/non existing parenting


If they get aggressive and start shoving their foot in your space THEN you start pouring water on it


And they’ll think they’re the victims in the situation and they’re only defending themselves from some maniac.


sadly you're correct. If and when civility doesn't work, I'll wait till I know they have a beverage or food on their tray table and test the rocking chair capabilities of my seat.


EXACTLY, peace was never an option to them.


I did this and it ended in me yelling “we live in a society, you animal” but it didn’t solve anything other than calling a flight attendant over. The woman couldn’t comprehend what was wrong with her behavior even with the flight attendant explaining.




If someone does this in the first place, they likely don't see it as socially unacceptable in the first place or as violating another person's space without permission. Then they'll pull the victim card.


After they pull the victim card they cause a scene, drag you waaay to far into it and then you are on the no-fly list, pending investigation for shit some other neanderthal did to you. This is what happened to my cousin.


First reasonable comment I’ve seen, you’re hardly going to be the bad guy for calling someone out for putting their feet on you during a flight


I never realized how many people are actually like George Costanza in Seinfeld... too many.


Nah, if I have to turn around to tell them what should be obvious I will have some fun first.


Maybe this is the wrong way to handle it, but last time this happened to me, I took a pen (cap on), repeatedly jabbed the foot, *then* turned around to ask them to stop. I wanted to make sure there were repercussions


The fact it was repeatedly… and then you still had to say something… crazy.


Nope. Just saw off the foot.


Nope, should of said something the first time. Don’t let someone else inconvenience you like that when you’re in a position to not let it happen.


Right? Turn your head around and just say "kinda weird with your foot touching me....." Say it nicely with a tinge of "tf you doin?" look on your face. If they get wild about it or do it again, call or wait for an attendant. I had something similar happen with a woman who sat next to me but was too large to fit with the arm rest down. She kept raising it and I kept attempting to lower it. Attendant told her it had to stay down during takeoff and if she was unable to sit there, she'd need to get another seat. She squeezed herself in and I lost my entire armrest to her body covering it.


And yet I have to pay extra if my bag is 2lbs over the limit.


I know you said this as a joke but imagine the outcry if airline companies introduced “overweight” tax. My god it would both be glorious and terrifying


I'm overweight, and I would gladly pay an extra 5% for a seat that was comfortable.


I would 100% pay extra for a normal seat, perhaps a car seat width and legroom even. I fucking air airlines. Those seats are inhuman. How are they not being investigated for shit like this. If you’re over 6 feet tall, you simply don’t fit in coach seats. My knees ride the seat in front of me.


Well it's not for a seat that's comfortable. That's basically just an upgrade to first class at that point. The fee should be for the extra weight like everyone else. If we have to pay for extra baggage you have to as well. If you want an larger seat that's another fee, just like everyone else.


Let's take a moment to consider the fact that the airlines made an intentional decision to make seats *significantly* smaller than their average customer in order to make money on our discomfort before we start cheering on an opportunity for them to make more money. They did this because they know you'd direct your hostility towards the other customer instead of them, even though the decision was theirs to make. And it worked.


It's not that they don't care about your comfort, they just care a lot more about maximizing the number of seats/revenue generated by each flight. Case in point - first/business class exists and if everybody were willing to pay $2000 for a flight instead of $200, well they'd happily convert the entire plane to business class.


Or how about we just accept we are living in a health crisis and we need to address the morbid obesity that is occuring?


Why not both?


Samoan airlines has been doing this for years.


Really? What was the publics reaction


I'm 180cm/77kg and lean. A solid 1/3 of my flights I am sitting beside somebody who cannot be contained in the seat and I know they weigh twice what I do. Your comment always crosses my mind.


I’m 190.5cm/86kg (6’3 190 in American) and lean - I’m pretty uncomfortable in most airline seats. Booked a last minute trip to Vegas some time ago and ended up in a middle seat between two people who didn’t fit at all. Then they started chatting over me. I realized they knew each other and were married! Not one to come between a married couple I generously offered to switch with either so they could be together for the five hour trip. They kindly informed me that this is how they choose to fly because neither wants to sit in the middle. Despite all this they turned out to be pretty nice, though it may have been the start of Stockholm syndrome.




I’m 175cm/65kg and I always think my bags should fly free on any airline. I will say I’ve been very lucky with my neighbors though. Only a handful of twice my size people next to me. In US they sometimes make people buy more than one ticket.


“When was the last time you washed your feet, fucking disgusting.” Might as well make them self-conscious for their shitty behaviour.


I'm glad to finally be able to speak my mind. Man I would let this guy have it. Looks like he stuffed his sock with velvita cheese before putting it on and he has the nerve to prop it next to someone like that? Take him down a peg.


should *have*


Then if they don't respond start picking at their toes with a spork or rub them sensually with ice cubes.


Or just lick their feet.


Yeah exactly, and you don’t have to be mean or make a scene, sometimes people have zero awareness. Just be like “hey can you move your foot please?” I get that people are non confrontational but you gotta stand up for yourself and your personal space haha.


But did you say something?


Yeah I did, finally stopped after the 3rd time.


At that point it’s time to cut off some toes lol


I would put my foot down I wouldn’t stand for it.


I would personally sock'em.


I remember when flying used to be enjoyable. ^(/yes, I'm old.)


This is why I don't fly. I'd be on the no-fly list for snapping that shit off against the seat. Edit: I actually don't fly because I'm terrified of flying, but these people don't help.


My stratagy is to stuff something in the gap from my carry on.


Ha! That's my secret too


Not anymore.


Those squishy micro bead pillows are the best for this!


At least the sock looks clean


But the smellz....


This is actually why they don’t allow lighters on planes anymore /s


This is wrong they actually don't want you to have lighters in your checked luggage. They literally tell you to put it in your carry on.


They do? I’ve always had a lighter in my pocket for the past 10 years on flights, never had an issue with it. Once I had to throw away one lighter at security check since I had two in my pockets and they only allowed one.


Regular lighters can be taken with you on your carry on (torch lighters are a no go) but not in your checked bag. It confuses a lot of people because we're so accustomed to security only caring about potential weapons, but the rules on lighters are more because the fluid inside them is actually not supposed to be transported in the non climate controlled portion of the aircraft due to its chemical classification. In short, it's a shipping regulation 😅


I would always ditch my lighters before going through security because I could swear you couldn’t have them. Only last time I flew someone told me you could take them on.


I just had them in my pants pockets usually :)


Easy solution: recline all the way back 😌




or just keep bouncing it back and forth. Eventually you'll get attention from other people on the plane. Then you can explain why you're doing it. "oh it's fine, this person behind me just put their foot right next to my elbow and it's fucking disgusting and i have no other recourse"


Well u could just be an adult human and say move your dog shit feet


Nah this is reddit


Drop an elbow down with the excuse that you didn’t see their foot on your arm rest




wasn't reddit calling for the arrest and doxing people who were doing this not 8 months ago during riots?




Who are all these people? How do you know my language?


This happened to my wife once so I leaned over and tickled their toes. Problem solved


This is the way.


Let's see their face and shame them


Happened to me on my last flight, Boston to Detroit after already flying from Dublin to Boston. I was having a bad day - my boyfriend has been stuck in Ireland for the last 10 months due to COVID delaying visa renewal appointments, and I had gone 7 months without seeing him. Finally got to visit him for two weeks, cried all morning before my flight back and was hungover (accidentally drank a little too much during our "last night together" celebration, whoops) to the point of throwing up in the bathroom on the DUB TO BOS flight. And all of a sudden, during this shitty, sad-ass day, this gremlin of a woman behind me puts her dirty, sandaled foot on my arm. I could see the dirt in the crevices of her toenails. I saw red, didn't even consider any alternatives, just absolutely rammed her disgusting foot with my elbow. She tried to do it twice more during the flight, and I elbowed her twice more (I can understand trying a second time maybe, but why would she try a third time considering my obvious response?) Under different circumstances I am definitely the type to just say something, but she caught me at my worst. On the bright side, my boyfriend will be back in a couple weeks! Fingers crossed he doesn't sit by one of these people on the way over.


Just try to make it weird for them. E.g. 1 - ask if you can see their ankles 2 - stroke the foot and then immediately excuse yourself to go to the bathroom 3 - loudly ask the person next to you if they also love the smell of feet, continue going on about it If that isn’t your thing though, try just dripping a couple of drops of water on them every now and again and then mention to the person next to you about how you think there is a leak in the roof because you keep feeling drops on your head/shoulder


I'm not sure that's a good play. They might be interested in that kind of thing and comply, and then you're in an even worse position :)


sounds like a win win to me


Ah to be touched by another human... I sure do miss that


What is wrong with people? Just turn around and loudly say can you get your foot off my fucking seat. People don't like being embarrassed and called out.


I bet one lick solves your problem.


Wait until the foot as as far forward as possible then recline your seat.


nothing a hot coffee won't fix


Ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot coffee.


I always accidentally spill a little of my drink on the foot, if it comes back more liquid is accidentally spilled until they get the message.


To the person beside me “can you smell feet?” Look around. See foot. Turn around. “Mate, can you take your sock off? It stinks” They won’t. They’ll put the foot away.


Accidentally spill your drink on the offending foot.