Maybe your stomach got smaller and you have lower appetite? I also eat much less than before and I felt bad (physically) when I a little bit overate yesterday (I felt down, so I ate sth which was supposed to uplift my mood, but it didn't). Are you tired and have no energy after eating that 2 meals? If no, that's ok - you don't need to eat 4-5 meals a day (I eat 2 and I feel good, play sports, I am active). If yes, how long are you in this state? A week, few weeks? If it's longer, you might check with your doctor. If it's just lately, then maybe you need some good carbs to pump you a little bit? P.s. after rereading post - is this state of disinterest in food mentally tiring? If yes, than you should maybe experiment with some cuisine you never had? Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean? Those flavors are super interesting, of course you shouldn't overeat on it, but it might bring you some pleasure in eating. Even on weight loss diet, we shouldn't deny ourselves pleasure of eating (we are not looking to punish ourselves, but for lifestyle change) - I think it changes from fast food (we don't like anymore too fat, too salty and sugary) to looking for some other flavors (freshness, or e.g. spice and sweet combinations in Thai food).


It's Been around a week I just don't enjoy it I find no satisfaction like I did before I feel hungry but not a lot I try and eat but I feel full after a glass of milk An example is this morning I couldn't even eat a hole piece of bread got halfway and just didn't want to eat anymore it feels like a chore doing so But I also feel better then I did before I don't feel as "heavy"/fat and I've I'm more energetic I will admit food has been getting a bit stale eating the same again and again but I've never had a problem with this in the past so I don't know


So it's just lately, I would not worry just yet. Feely a little bit hungry is really ok (especially going sleep at night). >But I also feel better then I did before I don't feel as "heavy"/fat and I've I'm more energetic I would say that super positive - would not force anything. Maybe your body is figuring things up. Would worry when this state would persist few weeks and if it would affect your mental state.


Take this opportunity to revamp your diet and eating habits to only eating when your actually hungry and then when you are hungry eat Whole Foods such as vegetables and fruits nuts and seeds and things that come more from nature. You can find a lot of new meaning of food when it comes to eating nutritious foods and esp if you’re just eating when you feel hungry, and trust me if you don’t eat enough food you will eventually feel hungry and want to eat. That just how the body is.