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If corporate cared about that $70, they would install better cameras themselves. The money/gas/inventory is all insured.


i mean they care enough too give workers shit about somebody else committing a crime.


You might just have a shitty boss. Wawa’s policy is to just let them take it. Obviously if you can try and say something go for it, but if they speed off before you can get the plates, it’s really not your fault. Wawa has the capacity to install significantly better cameras (which I have seen at newer stores and they’re gorgeous) but they don’t. The cops in my town literally make jokes about how crappy our cameras are. From one Reddit goose to another I can assure you it happens all the time and it’s out of your hands


Sucks, some people are trash. I once filled this young guys tank, told me was paying cash. Was around $50 and pulls a "oh shit, I forgot my wallet." Promised he'd be right back with it, so I said I'm gonna trust you man, because if you don't I lose my job and can't feed my kids. He came back half hour later with the money, and a sack of weed for me lmao.


I love reading stuff like this. Glad he came back and with a little bonus to. Sometimes you feel like you can't trust anyone but then see stuff like that.


I'm not even sure those temp plates are even traceable. I read not too long ago that they are pretty much useless if a cop was trying to 'run' them. Other then maybe seeing what dealership issued it and checking with them to figure out who the car belongs to. I don't think they are kept track of by the DMV.


Out of state temp tags.. NJ ones “run” on CJIS… most out of state tags cannot be checked. People use bogus midwestern temp tags for that reason on stolen cars.. unless the temp tag was put into NCIC as stolen; it won’t come up.


As a non-gas pumper who doesn't live in NJ, why don't you just make customers prepay if using cash like is done in self-serve states?


I'm not sure how the pumps are at Wawas outside of NJ, but the pumps used to be designed that way, but now it's impossible to prepay for fuel. You can only pay for it through a card before dispensing it or afterwards with cash.


It's not your money being stolen, who gives a fuck?


mf really said hoodlums😭😭


What would you call them


Finally someone talking about drive offs on here! And yes people, this is a very common thing, especially at my store! As far as the camera goes, I would suggest taking a pic of the plate if they’re paying inside or cash and you get that weird feeling they’re going to pull that. Atleast at my store we avoid write ups by getting that plate and giving that to our managers.


i know i can take a pic with my phone ,but thats really slow when seconds count. if i wore a camera all i would have to do is look at the car, review the footage and get the details that way.


I mean taking a pic right after you start the pump, as your walking to the next car or to your kiosk. I know it’s a bit of a hassle, but unfortunately that’s what we have to do. Cause I’m sure running a camera a full 8 hours isn’t that feasible. But yeah it’s sucky that we even have to resort to that.


i mean i do have a battery pack that i wear already for a heated vest


My store is insane with drive offs ive made them start collecting the cash before they remove the nozzle from the vehicle