Why anyone plays the AD game is beyond me

Why anyone plays the AD game is beyond me


Wait did I not need to suck the Seiko ADs dick


Only if it was for an SKX


They call it a Sukko.


It's an ancient japanese tradition, a show of respect




"Nice Seiko 5. What did it cost you?" "Everything." *gargles mouthwash*


Do y'all swallow when buying your Seiko 5 or is it just me? ok ciao


Swallowing is only for casios and above


Did you remember to credor the balls.


I really love how the AD's cock plays with the light.


No, but i chose to anyway


Depends on the model. They certainly like to play the "limited" game with every mid to high priced sku.


You don't have to Seiko AD you can just say JC Penney


You didn’t need to, you wanted to


I think they get themselves off on the idea that they're deemed "worthy" of the Rolex club. It's a weird parasocial worship of a brand that couldn't care less about them.


I straight up asked my AD to his face how many Daytonas/Subs he gets a year and how he decides who recieved them and he had like a supervillain grin and seemed to relish in the power that he had like some sort of gatekeeper larping going on


Lmfao, this is such a zesty description


Congrats on being the most powerful retail worker at the mall


Hey man, mall clout ain't no joke.


Security goes by his place FIVE times an hour instead of the scheduled three times, and Becky from the food court brings him Orange Julius whenever he wants.


> It's a weird parasocial worship of a brand that couldn't care less about them. It’s like how people were with Apple for the first ~5 years following the iPhone release... but at least that was cool/novel/useful and Apple would actually sell you the phone. People jumping through hoops and buying shit they don’t actually want to get a fucking wristwatch is ridiculous to me... especially considering these things have looked almost exactly the same for decades. If I ever decide to buy a Rolex (either explorer II or datejust), I’ll just go straight to grey market, I’m not dealing with any AD nonsense.


Same. I wish there was a word for when people think they're saving money but they're actually just not assigning any value to their own time and effort.


Opportunity cost?


I did the same. You can find reasonably priced Datejusts all day long.


That’s what I did. Super happy cause my explorer is worth more than what I bought it for just six months ago. Not bad


Ah you can't even see the Patek ADs because you are about 50 parsecs away from getting to suck them off for a crumb of either Nauts


My Vostok AD offered me a £10 discount on a 73 amfibia after I bought two 2409 dress models By AD I mean the Ukrainian guy on eBay


Dah, iz joke yes.


I will buy vostok amfibia from Nikolay he seems trustworthy






Boy that top comment is a ride and a half


Ikr, with such a smooth delivery


fucking made my day ngl


s a m e


Imagine taking the 10 minutes to write that whole pathetic shitfest and thinking the whole time "yeah, this is normal." How can such a large group of people have so little dignity?


clicked the link and now i wish i and everyone else on earth were dead


That’s fucking hysterical, I can’t imagine doing one thing on that list. When I bought my wife her first Louis Vuitton the staff treated her like a fucking queen, talked to her for an hour about different models, got a ton of things out for her to try and served US champagne after we bought. Imagine buying a watch and sending THEM a gift lmao Edit: btw I know these things clearly aren’t comparable exactly but a LV bag for a woman is a pretty big fucking deal on a similar level to a guy’s first expensive watch. The shopping experience should like, you know, make you feel better than a piece of shit lol


Yeah, I've shopped at a LV boutique before, for a gift for my wife obviously, I carry shit around in an old backpack if I have enough shit to carry, but anyways, they were super chill with me and the service was top notch. They asked if I wanted to see their men's wallets while I was there, but I politely declined and said 'ol ducktapey had me covered. LV bags are ludicrously expensive for bags though, but I have no room to talk with my wife being cool with my watches, guns, and whatnot.


I have to carry so much shit in my wallet than minimal wallets keep everything stacked in under half inch. Regular wallets don't work for me


This is gold!! Lmao


I thought all this AD business was a joke, I didn't realize it was entirely serious. This is ridiculous, there has to be an incredible amount of corruption going on there.


Put my name down at a Rolex AD in Belgium, through mail, cause they were closed due to lockdown. Get a call 4 months later, they can have the model I want. Never bought anything there. Didn't buy it in the end, but I feel it's not like this everywhere. They could also try to lure you in with your first buy, then try to sell you other stuff until you get a next watch. Whatever, got Seiko 5 president instead .


Maybe it's my location but I've never had the stuff people talk about on here. I went in one day and bought a BB58 they had, said call me when a sub comes in, they called me 4 weeks later. Who the hell would buy a 7 to 10 thousand dollar watch they don't want to "get a chance" at one they do. It'd be cheaper to just buy it grey market.


Maybe you live in a less populated area? I know that I live in one of the most populated areas in the US and they almost never have anything in for non-standard customers. Some Cellinis, maaaaybe some DJs, and some pre-owned.




Again, Rootbeer and bluesy aren't in sky-high demand.


Well it sounds like your strategy hasn’t worked right? I stopped by a popular AD in Miami over the weekend when I was visiting, perpetually looking for a Batman gmt but refusing to play the game, and was informed they don’t even have a “list” because they don’t want to make promises they can’t deliver on. Basically saying, our pieces only go to our best customers.




Sounds like you have a dealer that does business as they should. FYI though, the explorer II is the only one of those 3 you listed that is in high demand. Two tone (unless I’m mistaken but I’ve never seen a full stainless modern rootbeer) are not in nearly as high of demand. Getting a stainless sub or gmt from a dealer without a purchase history is next to impossible these days; obviously there are exceptions but it’s common enough to have people wanting the watch upset at the hoops required to jump through. Hence the memes.


It really depends on country where u from also, in the West and ME, when everyone is in willing to drop the big bucks for Rowleks, then these game are required, middle Europe and more on the East, AD don’t really require previous purchase or extra purchase since people won’t do it. It helps since they don’t need to have extra piece for tourists since coronavirus lockdown. People in my country watch forum are getting back a call in 2-3 months now for Subs and 6-8 months for BLNR


My AD in north Italy usually calls after 3-6 months, but over a year for a Daytona and a green dial OP


Which is still good, Daytona is 3 years in my country and new OP a year in my experience




Lol nah, I’ve tried my luck at many dealers both local and while traveling. The anecdotal mention was just my most recent experience over the weekend. Go see for yourself, though.


Root beer and the Bluesy Sub are both two tone watches, and are both steel and gold. And both will sell on the gray market for over retail. So clearly they are in demand. Maybe you just got lucky? Or your salesperson really likes you?




What did u mean?




There's no stainless blue sub. Do you mean the white gold blue sub? Used to be called a Smurf but there's a new 41mm dial version. It's like $40k retail and usually sells for more on the gray market.


Bluesy isn't in SS. Nice try. You got calls on two TT where the demand less. Far less.


It hasn’t. You got calls for TT watches.




TT isn't SS. No one cares that you got a call for a TT. Guys acting like big shots are annoying.




I also have an ss submariner date. Your investigation of my profile missed that. I wasn’t the guy posting three times about his TT offerings. Why didn't you post a fourth time that you got the call for a TT, are you 65?


What’s an Air King? Do you mean Air-King? My Air-King has appreciated a couple of grand.


Any other brand: Do you want high quality coffee and 10 percent discount on your new watch? Rolex: SUCK AD’S DICK AND GIVE US 100K TO BUY OUR SWISS SHITTER


"Can I guy this watch... and have 10-15% off?" "Yes" "ok, ciao"


But guys James Bond wore a Rolex Submariner ref # 6538 in Dr No and Goldfinger. So it's kinda worth letting the AD ruin your wife's asshole and she has to wear diapers for the rest of her life. So I can be like James Bond duh 🤷‍♂️


Why doesn’t this work for Orient, I’ve wanted a President and my AD just keeps asking how much I love my wife whenever I bring it up


Don’t forget Audemars Piguet We don’t have any watch to show you SorRy 🥰


Unless you want a Code 11.59!


Patek is worse, AP is the same. The only respectable brand? FPJ. You want a watch they don't have? Pay them, and they'll make one for you.


Doesn't work for Chronometer Bleu though, does it?


Oh tbh I only asked about sports models, and in the end just bought used from chrono at still half the price :)


Disgusting cucks I tell you, completely spineless


But what if I \*want\* to blow the Seiko AD?


They will appreciate it, might give you a discount


Do you just suck everyone’s dick when you go to Macy’s?


Seventh floor men's room can get pretty cruisy.


Rolex fanboys are the ultimate masochists for public humiliation imagine jumping thru this many hoops just to get a ss sports model rolex


Looking forward the next recession when the tables will turn on the ADs...


If Covid-19 crisis didn’t screw up Rolex ADs, I’m not sure what will. The truth is that there is a lot of money floating around, stock markets were insane last year and people have disposable cash to spend. On top of that, Rolex lowered their production in 2020/2021. Secondary market prices haven’t budgeted either. The problem is that people see Rolex as an investment, which is attracting speculators and flippers, hence the crazy things people would do to buy a Rolex today.


The rents will be due and loans will be due. The moratorium will be over and the market will be dryer than Ben Shapiro's wife's vagina.


How dare you mention Ben Shapiro's wife without also mentioning she's a physician.


This is all true, however if this stock market crashes it will take all overvalued assets with it, and the first to go will be the Birkin bags, Bitcoins and overpriced watches. At least this is my assessment


Why don't these smoothbrains just buy a sub off Jomashop FR


Omega: Can I buy a watch? *Which one?* The black speed master. *I’m sorry?* The one with the fancy black box. *Doesn’t ring a bell.* You know what I want lady, I want that watch in the display case. *There are many display cases.* _sigh_ Can I have an Omega Speed Master Moonwatch Apollo Armstrong Moonest Edition Luna Watch Artemis II Astral Selene Certified Gemini? *Oh! That one! Do you know that watch went to the moon?*


What I don't understand is why some people play this game. If you want the watch that badly just pay a couple grand over MSRP on chrono24. Why spend 100k on jewelry you don't want?


I don't really get the whole AD thing, why don't you just buy online/gray market? Is it just for some special models or anything rolex makes? I never heard of it in my country even for rolex.


As someone new to watches I didn't even realise having AD was a thing. But reading through this thread, having to suck someone off for a watch just sounds like an awful time. Maybe I'm just not into watches enough but having to jump through all these hoops because a watch is "exclusive" just sounds so pretentious/ostentatious.


With an AD you buy the watch at retail price. Grey market you’re paying 2-3x the price of the watch


For me, as a hopeful rolex owner, it is the fear of getting taken advantage of, either by grossly overpaying or getting sold a "good" fake. At least with an AD, you know youre paying MSRP. /SPEAKING FROM NO EXPERIENCE


I'd consider a Rolex but I don't buy fashion brands


I asked the Rolex AD for the green dial oyster, he told me that I’ll have to wait until the end of 2022, next move? Come to a seiko AD and ask for the new GS, probably it will take 15 minutes


Real talk though, different consumer/collectible industries (watches, sneakers, various types of original art, leather goods, etc.) have adopted inventive ways to distribute their products these past few years. I don't do that bullshit and no one else should either. I shouldn't have to be on a five year long waitlist to get a chance to buy a raffle ticket to *maybe* have the chance to buy an overpriced watch. Average collectors aren't sitting on 30k cash in case the opportunity to buy a skydweller comes up. These sorts of distribution streams are unfairly weighted in favor of people with the deepest pockets and it undermines fun of the hobby.


Do other ADs for prestige brands also play this game? Let's say I want a Lange or JLC, can I just walk in the store, wearing shorts and flip flops, and pay in full and leave with the watch of my choice? I know it ain't HAuTE HoRLOGERIE, but this Seiko AD to whom I hinted my interest for a GS was ready to let me try the models in stock and if I wanted something not in stock that he'd order it plain and simple. Is he full of shit for not asking me to bend over?


I've been to a JLC AD and a Tourbillion (swatch group, so omega, etc. AD) in my usual ratty jeans and hoodie and been treated like royalty. They were both ready to just let me slam down my credit card and walk away with any of the watches I was trying on, and they let me try on anything I even so much as glanced at. I've yet to visit a Rolex AD but now I kinda want to just to see if I experience a difference.


Had the same experience at a local privately owned authorised dealer of many brands including Rolex. Walked in wearing casual clothes and got to try on a wide range of watches, told the salesperson I had been wanting a Submariner without date, he got up and brought one out for me and I ended up buying it. My recommendation is: don't go to a boutique or one of the dealers owned by large groups but instead find a privately owned one that also carries the brand you're looking for.


WTF means AD?!


A Dick


*Authorized dick (to fuck your wife)


You have to go through my wife's boyfriend first


Aupermars Diquet


Anime daddy


/uj authorized dealer


Another Dick(head)


Adopted daughter


Wife is in cahoots with the AD


Pretty sure this is an American thing?


If I hire a hooker to pretend to be my wife, do I get the watch? 🤔


Cheaper than 100k. Maybe.


If only there was a way to bypass the $100k


poor person detected :roll_eyes:


Show us your wealth.