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I used to drive fork trucks for a living. I can't tell you how many times I jumped in my car after work, started the engine, looked behind me and turned on my left turn signal then reved the engine trying to back up. Shifter on the fork truck was in the same place as my blinker stem.


I drove a box truck professionally for a few years with a a shifter on the steering column, and I did the same thing with my blinker getting ready to head home in my Kia a few times.


I've never seen a look that says "for fucks sakes" more in my life


When I got out of prison I had the habit of walking up to doors and expecting some mystery door ghost angel to buzz them for me. After some beers walked back to the apartment I was crashing at and stood in front of the door for a solid 30 seconds, eventually yelling DOOR?? Before realizing, fuck, I have to open my own doors now. There’s no door angel to buzz me into my apartment. Lame.


If I saw some drunk guy stand at his door for half a minute and then yell "DOOR?" I think I'd hurt myself laughing, that's amazing


"et tu, door?!"


You ever get home from work and just sit in your car for 15-20 minutes trying to gather the motivation to make it the rest of the way into the house? I don't miss being a line cook at all.


When you drive back home from work in absolute complete silence, pull up to the house, immediately turn the car off, and just sit there soullessly.


I once drove to a house I had moved out of a month prior.


I accidentally drove to my old house too but my ex wife called the cops and was all "your not allowed here blah blah blah"


Toss a pizza on her roof?


Night shift health care worker. Gonna try to sleep now while the neighbor’s lawn service comes and does its thing. I know his pain all too well.


I’m an airplane mechanic and after a long shift I’ll try to lock my toolbox by hitting the lock button on my trucks key fob then I’m shocked when I don’t hear the lock noise


We didn't watch this guy die inside, he was already dead inside before the video


Came home after a 14 hour shift and struggled for a solid 2 minutes to open my front door using my car key. Rough times. I feel this man's pain


I've definitely used my car's key's unlock button to try to get in to my house


I used to work at the Apple Store and we had a common passcode for all our store iPads/EasyPay sleds. The day I went home and tried to punch the passcode into the microwave to heat up my leftovers was when I knew the Christmas shopping rush was getting to me...


my man probally didn't sleep more than 5 hours for the past 2 days. Medical field is such a tiring and stressful field


Auto-pilot is a helluva drug.


Oh my gosh. The look around like "please tell me no one saw that"


That dude drove home… asleep


After my high school graduation the school threw an all-night party for us with the goal of avoiding drinking parties where people would possibly drive drunk and hurt themselves or others. To make sure we didn't drink before this party we went directly from our grad ceremony to the party location via buses. The next morning the buses drove us back to our school where we had all driven to graduation the day before. We all proceeded to get in our cars and drive away having not slept in over 24 hours. Even at that time that was a little confusing to me. Like, of course drunk driving is bad but how great is it to have a couple hundred sleep deprived teenagers getting into their cars and driving home at the same time? Still doesn't seem like the best idea!


Back in the day I used to be a 911 call taker. After several long days, it would take me at least a day to stop answering my personal phone "911 (city name)", and then would have to call the person back because they'd always panic hang up.


I haven't done this, but I have gotten out of my car after driving 65 miles home from work and forgot to turn the car off. I pulled in the driveway and just got out, did the zombie shuffle into the house and didn't even think about it.


I empathize with this person on a spiritual level


The worst is when you're having a really mundane day at work when, right at the end, you wake up and realize you've been dreaming... and now it's time to actually GO TO WORK! But you're already exhausted from the workday you just dreamed.


looking around to see if anyone else saw what he just did. poor guy.


It gets even worse: in a hospital we got those elevators where you key in the floor number and on of cabins comes and takes you to the desired floor. At home, I got the good old one with numbered knobs inside. So I call the elevator, get in, lean to the wall, close my eyes, the door closes...after a minute or so the light inside goes off and the cabin goes nowhere.


Used to drive forklift 10 hours at a time. Get in my car after a shift. Go to back out. Turn on my left signal instead.


:( seriously poor dude. Hope he got the rest he deserved.


i worked at taco bell when i was younger, i was a cashier and we wore those god forsaken headsets all the time. for those that don’t know, the headsets ding when a car rolls up to the drive thru for an order. well i get off work one day and decide i want to go to circle k and get a drink before going home. as i’m there standing in line to check out i swear to god i heard the *ding* from the headset in my right ear. i go to “press the button” and answer, “hi thanks for choosing taco bell what can i get for you?” before snapping back to reality and remembering i was in a circle k checkout line. 😐 so, yeah, i got some weird looks that day.


Yep done that, or put my hands under my sink thinking it would automatically turn on, same with soap……


Best part is he was looking around to see if anyone saw it


As funny as this is it definitely makes me concerned. The fact that doctors and nurses are chronically sleep deprived and are making life and death decisions scares the shit out of me. They should not be working such long shifts. It’s not good for them nor the patients.


On stressful days, I'm prone to attempting to open the front door with my car's key fob.


Poor dude. I've stood in an elevator without hitting the button for like minutes one time.


I used to work a 55 hour call shift doing mobile x-ray. Some shifts were brutal and I'd get maybe 5-6 hours of sleep. After one horrible shift I was driving home and just a few miles away and on complete autopilot. I pulled up to the last stop before getting to my driveway. I started getting really irritated I wasn't getting a green to go. After I sat there for what felt like 5 minutes I just floored it and then realized I was at a stop sign and not a stop light.


He was so over it lol poor dude.


I love how after he realized what he did, he looked around to see if anybody saw and sighed. Lol


I work in a kitchen. One year while prepping my thanksgiving dinner sides I nearly had a melt down because I couldn’t find the the peeler I liked. I tore up my kitchen before realizing that I didn’t actually own that peeler and it was part of my work kitchen. That was a long week.


I came home from work, fobbed my doorbell, pulled open the storm door, and walked right into the main door. This after a simple 12-hour on-call during night shift turned into a 16-hour shitshow.


I once got off 17 hour shift and drove to my old house parked in the driveway before I realized I hadn’t live there for 5 years… bad day ha


It's the little dramatic huff as he pushes the door open that really makes you feel it. Dude needs a nap and a hug


*Realizes mistake, looks around* Did anyone see me do that? No? Ok, phew. *posts it to the internet*


So far, I have tried to use my badge on: \-my car \-my front door \-the toilet (but it was at work.)


The look on his face when he realized… I felt that deeply.


I heard that exhale without even any sound


Keep in mind this is the kind of exhaustion that medical professionals are pushed to rather often. I'm mostly amazed more medical accidents don't happen than do now.


A friend of my mom‘s was telling me once how he was falling asleep standing up in the corridor, waiting for a patient to be ready for a 10-hour surgery. He ended up successfully pulling out a record sized tumor out of her, even though he was extremely tired at that point. I could never. Mad respect for medical personnel. Edit: Stating that this is the reality of this profession is not glorifying it. I feel bad for the toll these circumstances take on people‘s health, mental or physical. But what they do every day is still very respectable.


My dad’s heart surgeon was working nonstop. My dad asked him to go get rest before his surgery. My dad was the third surgery of the day. My dad pulled through like a champ with slightly damaged eyesight (diabetic complication).


There are some studies done that there are more successful surgeries in the morning than in the afternoon. There's a metric shitton of variables that affect it, but I do try to schedule medical procedures in the morning.


The first one was just reflex and worthy of a slight chuckle. The second time, that's when you can see how truly dead inside this person has become. The ever so slightly reach for a third time before realizing- my man you need a vacation. You need time off now.


Probably in med school or working as a resident, you legit be working 24+ hour shifts and it's brutal


I once handed my work ID to a cop after pulling me over for speeding. Left me off with a warning, probably felt bad since it was 4am at the time lmao


The look around and the deep sigh got me lmao…dude needs all the sleep he can get.


This is up there with answering your cell phone the same way you answer your work phone


I once saw someone in their car at a Whole Foods that looked 100% dead. It took the breath right out of me. They looked stiff as a board with their mouth wide open, and their car was on. My husband went to knock on the window to see if they were alive. They immediately jolted awake and we saw their scrubs with the name of a hospital on it. I was relieved, but also felt so bad that they must’ve just come off of a long shift and just needed some groceries but were too tired. I hope they didn’t have ice cream in their trunk…


That dude should not have been driving a car. Poor him, and healthcare personnel have way too long shifts.


ER nurse here. I've used my badge to try and "swipe in" to: - my car - my garage door - public restrooms - the snack bar - a vending machine Autopilot is a motherfucker.


I was gonna call fake, but that look around and the big sigh legitimized it for me.


Important to note that this man probably drove home. Workers need better working conditions and we need better public transit.


Two weeks ago I tried to press the clutch and shift my automatic car into drive at 530am


Oh fuck. This is my house. Right. Yes. Been there.


Holy fuck do I resonate with this video today. Lol what a mockery of existence today was.


I've stopped at a stop sign waiting for a light to turn green. I'm just glad no was around to witness it.


And to think, he had to drive home that tired. Glad he didn’t get into an accident!


I do this all the time, hospital badge on apartment entry fob. All. The. Time.


I have automatically driven to work on a Saturday when I was on my way elsewhere. It didn't dawn on me until I stopped in an empty parking lot.


I once inserted my pin number in an elevator…


For almost six months after I left Pizza I had to tell myself not to answer the phone like I was still working there.


“Hi this is Pizza, would you like to try me?”


I’m a trucker, I can’t count how many times I got into my car after a day of work and went to press the clutch to put my automatic car into gear.


I once worked for a professional sports team selling tickets over the phone. One day I answered my home landline phone with “*TEAM NAME ticket office, how may I help you*” then immediately realized it, screamed “OH FUCK ME” and hung up the phone. My mom wasn’t too happy when her boss called back a minute later. This was around 2003 when calling a ticket office and landlines were a part of everyday life.


Nurse here - I badged in to the soap dispenser last week - twice.


110%. 10 years as an ER paramedic in a US leading LVL 1 Trauma, Burn, Cardiac, Cancer, Research, etc etc etc Center with over 100 ER beds. 7 of those years I solely worked night weekends, 7p-7a Fri, Sat, Sun. I'd find random shit in the oven (my scrubs), or refrigerator (bike helmet), or freezer ice machine (car keys, scrambling to get back to work), kitchen cabinets (the entire meal i cooked prior to going to bed that morning in tupperware), clothes dryer (shoes). That's just the more ridiculous of things. I also lost my car, because I forgot it was in the shop and I took the bus. Edit: Ohhhh yeah. And multiple infuriating attempts to find my phone only to call work with it and ask if I left it there. Lack of sleep really is like being wildly drunk.


I knocked on my own front door the other day then started to walk back to my work vehicle to start servicing my own house.


that looks like residency for me.


Car key fob. Have walked up to my door and clicked the fob and been mad it was locked.


I point my car keys at my bicycle to lock it


The looking around to see if anybody saw him is so so relatable


More than once I've tried unlocking my house door with my car key.


After a particularly long night at the lab in grad school I stood outside my apartment door for a few minutes trying to unlock it with my car key. No not the key itself, the remote. I was pushing the unlock button. This is more reasonable than that lol


I once stood in a parking lot next to the wrong car for over 10 minutes unable to figure out why my door wouldn’t unlock. Seems reasonable except my car was silver and this car was blue.


I love his look over his shoulder, to check if anyone saw him


if you are used to using a badge swipe at work all the time, this is very easy to do... haha


Oh bless him. The side eye to make sure no one saw was classic. Hope he got to go nap for the rest of the day.


That sigh. I feel that. I’ve tried badging into my truck after a long shift one morning.


Had to slide my ID card to get in and out of my workplace. Could not tell you how many times I tried to slide my card on my car to open the door.


I like how he looks around to make sure no one saw lol


I like that he looked around to see if anyone noticed.


I just want to give this guy a hug


I have used my work badge to summon an elevator. Didn’t work.


I have definitely used my car key fob to try and unlock my house door multiple times


Every door at my work requires a badge and no tailgating, I get panicked at stores if I don't feel my badge on my lanyard. Have been this tired a few times too, tried badging on my car door once.


You can feel the frustration when he does it a second time, like the scanners at work suck and he's always having to do it twice.


I was an EMT in the 90's and I had been working back to back shifts for several weeks. I finished a 24hr shift at 7AM and drove home. While at a red light, I dozed off and was woke by police with a knock on my window. Apparently I had been sleeping for 20+ mins, thankfully I put my car in park. The officers asked if I had been drinking, I showed them my EMT credentials and work badge, explained that I just ended my shift and apologized, they escorted me the remaining 2 blocks home. I slept for 26hrs after that. A scary moment for sure.


Dudes on straight autopilot.


Sitting at stop signs waiting to turn green


That sigh spoke a novel that writers could only dream of.


I’ve tried to lock up my house by using the car remote. Million dollar idea right there.


Pressing the car remote to unlock my front door.


Now I’m interested in implementing an NFC tag reader that unlocks my front door


I can relate to this one


That deep breath, I felt that. Sleep good, dude.


I once was soooooo tired after work. The cat was hungry, I was hungry. I opened the fridge and I made a sandwich, then…. I put it in my cats dish. Put it on the floor for cat. Who just sat there blinking at me. I was really annoyed because he was meowing like a loon for a solid 10 minutes and wouldn’t eat. THEEEEEENNNNNN, I saw the sandwich, on the floor in his dish. His cat food was on the counter. What could I do? I apologized to my beautiful boy, gave him the can and left him the sandwich Too. I was asleep while walking up the stairs I swear.


It’s dangerous for health care professionals to be this tired


He was already dead inside


Not from being tired but I’ve done some shit like that before.


Bless his weary heart. I’ve definitely been there. Lol


Dude works in healthcare can you really blame him


I remember one time during Uni break I was working.. a lot. Bar work some nights and factory work some days. I ended up having a 3 day/ 2 night stint doing both one after the other and I remember coming home on the 3rd day from factory job. Sat down to relax and then thought I better change and I remember starting to walk up the stairs and then I remember waking up the next morning. To this day, I don’t remember anything else. Absolutely mentally and physically fatigued.


I used to drive a vehicle for work that had the shifter in the upper right side of the steering wheel. After 16 hours, I’d get into my car and reach for the windshield wiper lever in my car thinking it was the shifter. One time I had to get it replaced because I yanked on it too hard trying to get my car to shift into gear!


When I worked for the department of corrections I’d be going 17 days straight without a day off due to short staffing. FYI, Women would have to announce their presence if they entered the male living quarters by yelling out to let them know you were there. After a long almost three week stretch I came home and opened my door and shouted “ female in housing unit!” Both my cats stared at me like the mouth breather I was. Sleep deprivation is real.


Night shift RN. As one myself, this checks out


I like how he looks around. "Did anyone see that? No? Good..."


Clicked my car remote at my front door and embarrassing number of times.


That look when it dawns on him.... I feel his soul...


I once worked open to close for a whole week as I was the only member of management on staff after some drama and paternity leave. Every evening was a blur of exhaustion and autopilot. I worked a vehicle shop, and getting in and out of cars all day led me to try and use my key fob for my car to get into my apt. Multiple times. Other things i can recall from that week: I tried turning up the volume on my TV by pointing my phone at it and using the volume buttons on the side. Id put food in the microwave and take a quick shower, only to realize I never hit start. I tried hitting a non existent pump on the top of my coffee maker at home. Because at work it was one of those big insulated coffee things with the pump . Answered a phone call from my mother with the usual company phone greeting.


Yeah try unlocking your door with your car key fab . Doesn’t work. But would be cool if it did!


He looked around to make sure there were no witnesses and now we are all here to witness his exhausted error


Felt this to my very tired depths of my soul


The look around to see if anyone else saw you being an idiot and deep breath really resonate with me. I think everyone has had a moment like this.


no experience is unique i'm starting to notice. we're all just in the simulation


I often hold my key fob up to the bathroom door at work and then stand there not remembering what I'm waiting for (the beep). The bathroom door does not have a lock.


When he looks around to make sure noone seen him 😂😂😂


I felt that sigh when he realized in my bones


I've tried to open my door with my car key fob Edit to add: nurse, I feel this on the deepest level


It’s really fun watching forklift drivers at the end of the day, getting into their cars and and seeing the indicator light (blinker) turn on before moving. Forklifts (at least the ones I drove) have a lever in the same spot as the blinker and you push it down to reverse, up to go forward.


got woken up by my phone once after a very busy week and responded with the usual "welcome to blabla, how may i help you today". it was my boss asking if i could come in for overtime, he was very impressed i knew it was him and responded in a way that made it appear i love my job. but really it was just exhaustion and pavlov effect.


As an RN at end of shift right now, I feel this.


I tried turning off the sink with the light switch this morning


I’ve used my car key buttons to try to unlock my house.


Omg that poor dude. So fucking over it.


I say “corner” in the grocery store sometimes without thinking


Anybody that drives a worklift regularly has gotten into their car and turned on their blinker and wondered why the fuck Their car won’t go




Welcome to healthcare. I was so tired after work one night I forgot how to use my keys. I tried the front door and the door wouldn't unlock, so I went in through the back. I realized in the morning that I was turning my keys the wrong way.


I have definitely tried to unlock my house door with the button on my car key.. multiple times


Poor dude probably did the night shift :(


Yep. I've been this tired at work. The other morning I almost poured my Coke Zero into my chicken...


Ever came home from work dead tired, took a nap, woke up and thought you were late for work because the clock said 8PM and you thought it was 8AM.


I FELT that sigh man


The rest of us zombies over at r/nursing would appreciate this.


Man, I felt like crying for him…


I work in a hospital, and when I was home I walked into my kitchen and reached my hand up to the side of the doorway like I do for the hand sanitizer dispenser. My tired, dumbass then looked for the dispenser before remembering where I was lol


I'm a forklift operator at a warehouse. I've been so tired that I've gotten into my car, put it into reverse, and started getting concerned when I didn't hear the reverse warning sound. I almost went inside to alert my supervisor before I realized that I was in my car.


I usually read books on my Kindle, but occasionally I'll read a physical book. The number of times reading at night to get sleepy that I've tried to turn the page by swiping on the paper is embarrassing.


Scrubs ✔️ Stethoscope ✔️ Dead tired autopilot motions of swiping an ID badge ✔️ Dude is probably getting off of a double or triple shift at his hospital, understaffed, underappreciated and overwhelmed... Dude needs a days long nap and a good meal cooked for him.


I used to ride the bus to work and back. Every now and then I would have to take my car for one reason or another. One reason is if I missed the bus. I would walk home, grab another cup of coffee and take the car to work, arriving very much ahead of the bus. One day I was so tired that I got off the bus, walked all the way home only to be greeted by my wife asking "Where's the car?" I had left it in the office parking lot. The bus I took was the last bus on our route, so I had to wait until morning, take the bus to work and remember to drive the car home. My wife reminded me of this at least a dozen times during the day.


I’ve tried swiping in & out of work with a credit card… lol


I've never been THIS tired but somehow i still feel his pain. Hope this dude has a better job with better hours now.


“Fuck. Did any one see me do that? No? Good. Fuck.”


911 operator here: I may or may not have answered my cell phone "911, are you reporting a fire or emergency?"


One time after work during a back to back shift, I was up all night and into the afternoon. I picked up some food for me and my sister. This is when I worked retail. So I handed her her food and went, in my best customer service voice, "Thanks for your order, have a great day!" Then I paused for like 10 seconds and we both erupted into laughter.


I was once so tired I got home and went to heat up some leftovers by entering my pin # into the microwave


Thursday night I crashed and woke up at 8:45pm that evening, and rushed downstairs thinking it was 8:45 the next morning and I was late. Completely lost my sense of time.


I work in healthcare and have a badge system at work. I have absolutely done this before.


Poor guy, you can see the exhaustion.


Love how he looks around to see if anyone seen him doing that


I have tried to use two fingers to “zoom” in on real paper document.


I have tried to use my key on multiple occasions to get into a friend's house before realizing that my key is no master key for everything.


I’ve done this and said thank you to the train car thinking I was on a bus saying thank you to a driver


I can feel his sigh


Ever sat at a stop sign waiting for it to turn green?


I've tried to use my car keys to unlock my house once. Had the same reaction.


As a doctor yes. After being on call staying up all night then going home when the sun was up will make you so weird things.


It was the second try that did me in


Lol poor guy. I got in the passenger side of my car leaving work at the hospital once lol. Sat down and shut the door . Should’ve just stayed there forever. I’ll never recover from that moment..


The look he gave it before that second swipe...


I really hope my man had a good rest after that. He looks exhausted :(


And then there was the time I sat down on my office chair and groped for the seat belt ends.


I got into the wrong car once


I've done this with my car keys. Just standing there hitting unlock on my key fob and wondering why my front door won't open.


Yes, yes I have. I have also entered my clock in code in my microwave several times.


Man, I was so tired once, I went to go get some Yogurt for my mother from the store, I went to the freezers/fridges, got the tub, closed the door, them grabbed my key fob and hit lock. I stopped where I was and replayed what I just did, wondering what the fuck I was doing. I eventually just put away my keys, quickly checked out, and went home.


I've sat in my office chair and fumbled around, trying to find my seat belt, because I thought I was in my car. I drove so much between school-work-home. Wow.


I worked nights for a while and I definitely stood and tried to badge myself into an unlocked room by swiping at the alcohol dispenser. I don’t miss it


Also healthcare worker who has done this on several mornings after night shift.


I’ve tried unlocking my front door with my key fob (I work in a truck)


Lol. Yes. Like driving to my old house.


I live in a dorm where you badge into the building and unlock your room's door with a key. ...I have definitely mixed those up before.


As an ER nurse I feel this


I did this twice last month. Had the same reaction as this guy


HE DID IT TWICE LOLLLL and that “wtf is wrong with me face” is sooooo relatable hahaha


Anyone who drives a forklift at work can probably relate: you get in your car at the end of a long day, try to put your car in reverse and instead of going backwards you put your left turn signal on instead. Classic.


During the height of covid I got in the shower with my mask on. It took me like 30 secs to realize wtf was wrong. Fun time to be a pregnant ER nurse. Still tired.


My husband used to do this all the time. I always knew he was home and had a hard day when I would hear him just slam in to the door. Funny as hell but I always knew to have some tea for him when he finally got inside.


Ah yes, the delightful autopilot. At home, our trashcan has a lid that opens when you push it down and release. When I am somewhere else, and want to throw something away, I push the lid of the can and throw my trash towards it. Only to realize that it's not a push-to-open lid a microsecond later, the lid doing absolutely nothing at all, and watch my trash land somewhere on/behind the trashcan... Happens more often than I like to admit ;)


me still muttering “behind” whenever i walk past someone for the next 2 years after quitting a fast food job


Oh I try to unlock my front door with my car key fob at least three times a week


I tried to "steal" someone's car before. I worked third shift and decided to hit up an arcade (yeah, I'm kinda old) on the way home just to relax a little. I left the arcade after a couple of hours and it had been a very very busy night so i was pretty tired. I went up to my car and couldn't put the key in. I kept trying and trying and my first thought was "What the fuck!? Someone changed the lock to my car door!". I kept trying to just open the door and that wouldn't work and suddenly some lady comes out from an office attached to the arcade yelling "Excuse me! Get away from my car!" I look back at the car and see inside and.... that's not my stuff! I quickly made my way to my ACTUAL car and left, quickly.


Poor man he looks so tired


happens when your brain is down but body moving thru muscle memory, practically not aware of surroundings too


Poor fucker can't even laugh at the situation, must be wrecked


I've walked into the wrong apartment after work before. I recently moved and we live on the third floor, but previously I lived on the second. I keep my door always locked but this time I didn't try to unlock it. Just twisted the handle and walked in. I knew immediately it wasn't my place. Not sure if they seen me or not. But they did a week or two letter get a ring doorbell installed. If you're on Reddit, my bad dude.


That dude was in bed 3 minutes later. I hope.


On early days I have legit tried to scan my security fob at the elevator door and wondered why it’s not working. I wonder what the folks monitoring the cameras think.


I love how he lo9ks to the left and to the right to see if anyone saw him trying to get in by swiping. ****Thank you for all you do, Sir!


Train driver here, Bit of context: a blue light is a shunt light for stop. Once I was so tired after work I was driving home and saw a blue light along a road somewhere (it was probably from a billboard or something like that). I turned down a side street to detour from said light thinking it was a stop light for that road. Only realising a few minutes later I’m not in a train.