Pizza Delivery Problem

Pizza Delivery Problem


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Oh this is sad


That's the body language of a baaad day :(


At least he didn’t forget the diet Dr. Kelp


Your what? But you didn’t order any—


Poor guy looks so defeated


the guy looks like having a bad day feel for him


Looked close to tears. I usually come to this sub for a laugh, but this one was a genuine bummer.


My heart hurts for him. If I was the recipient and saw his reaction I would pay him the price of the pizza and assure him it's our little secret.


Totally. Hope the customer wasn’t hard on him. That was clearly not the first shitty thing to happen to him that day.


The customer made the viral video and exposed the poor guy!


Hmmm, yeah that’s a fair point. At least the outpouring of support and empathy in this thread is kinda heartwarming to see.


Too bad he'll never see it though


Did the customer kill him shortly after he dropped their pizza?


Yes. Twice.


I mean, Reddit is one of most popular websites in the world, and this post is on the front page of /all/ right now. It's very likely that he (or someone who knows him) will see this thread.


And if he gets doxxed as a result he'll probably get death threats from it. Because, internet.


People can be cruel… perhaps he was even cussed or something.


According to u/kelelima, the og video had audio and the person was telling the delivery guy "it's OK, it's ok". Not that many people care about pizza to cuss the dude who made an accident


That's a relief, the look on the guy's face was really heartbreaking


Totally. Too bad this recipient just uploaded the video instead.


And judging by how sad he looks, no tip.


At that point I'd have to invite him in for a slice. 🙂


Americans are wildin' with this tip culture bullshit. I feel bad for the guy but you really think he deserves a tip after dropping the persons food on their doorstep? What the hell is a tip even for? Just make the pizza more expensive and force the owners to pay a living wage for fucks sake.


With what I assume is the part where they said whatever they said that made him cry edited out.


Good news - the original video has sound and she says “it’s okay, it’s okay”


"it's okay, it's okay, I'm going to upload this for the whole world to see"


Not only that but call his boss and tell them they should value such a dedicated employee. People are always quick to complain but nobody ever respects a job well done


Same! Poor dude. Hope his day got better.


Yeah, I just want to give him a hug and reassure him that we all have our moments like that. Poor guy.


Like it's the crowning turd on a the shittiest of days


Same. Damn that sucked


For real, now I'm sad :/


Dude. I would tell him to not even tell anyone at work that it happened and to just cheer up and wish him that his shift is almost over. We've all had bad work days, shit sucks.


Yup we have all been there and in that instance you can tell something was on his mind.


Idk why that jogged my memory, but I remember going to work at a bar in college and someone from my fraternity had died the day before. The song "Don't you (forget about me)" came on and I had to step aside to wipe my eyes, my manager came over and just goes "When you walk in that door, I expect you to be 100%". I quit like 2 weeks later. The service industry blows.


Empathy is a quality you can't buy.


I thought that was going to go a different way. I'm so fucking angry for you.


Appreciate it, would've quit on the spot but a friend got me the gig and I didn't want to step on her toes on my way out. The manager in question ended up cheating on his wife with an employee, throwing multiple pieces of glassware at another employee, and ultimately ended up with an ostomy bag due to heavy alcoholism. He was a total piece of trash. Came up to me years later at a wedding to see how I was doing and my response was just "exponentially better than you". So it worked out in the end.


And then the home owner posts his shame on the internet!


I can relate. Sometimes a day, or life in general, is so tough, that every little thing you might do wrong, no matter how small or insignificant it is, makes you feel like complete shit.


Tbh I’d tip him more for that. He needs a fucking break.


I was coming in here to comment on that… He looks like his life is over. I really feel bad for that guy.


Probably the moment he realized he’s gonna get fired


No. He probably just told the customer the pizza is free. It's coming out of his own pocket.


The pizza is free, but it is not coming out of his own pocket. Unless he somehow is the owner. Source: ex Pizza hut GM and driver.


Depends on your boss. Lots of shitty bosses in the restaurant industry who will make you pay if you fuck up


I very briefly worked at a hotel where if a reservation was cancelled via third party (like Expedia) and you forgot free the room in the system so it can be rented again the owner would take the price of the room for the night out of your pay.


I can see why your employment at the hotel was brief


You should report them. If you're in the US, that's illegal.


He no longer owns the hotel and last I heard he moved out of the country.


Lol man I would steal so many towels and little soaps before quiting if I worked there and some clown pulled that shit.


Big time illegal. Fuck that person.


I think that’s illegal isn’t it ?


Yes it is and they still try that shit


They don’t care lol


Lol, what you gonna do about it, hire a lawyer? Source: am kitchen worker


You don't need to, typically a quick call to the labor department will create enough issues for ownership that they cut that shit out.


As if people can afford to be shitty to delivery drivers lmao. Try hiring one right now.


God I hope this sticks. People deserve so much more then min wage. It's disgusting how many average people complain about it. Like min wage jobs will fire you if you leave at the end of your shift and someone calls in and you don't stay. They will give you zero guaranteed hours a week and be pissed if you aren't around. Temporary/casual work needs to fucking die, employ * enough people so if one person doesn't make it in it isn't nearly impossible to do the job. I'm 33 and I have such a bleak future I'm still in temp roles and am now competing with university graduates I have no idea how we are going to survive in this economy. It's fucked up so many people think it's okay to pay people shit as long as it ain't them and they stay making more money.


It probably is in a lot of cases. BUT! Here is the kicker. So is 70 percent of stuff shitty bosses do so its just run of the mill. Wage theft is the most committed theft in the US by far. Like combine all other forms of theft and its not as high as wage theft.


One of my friends worked at a place where you received tip outs and was the kind of guy who would leave his tip out in the safe for a month or two to stack up money. Place owed him around 3,000$ which ended up being “unaccounted for.” They basically told him to fuck off when he quit, thing is he’s also the kind of guy who kept his checkout sheets every night. He ended up suing, won a couple hundred thousand and basically put the place out of business. Super satisfying to see.


If more people made sure everything of consequence is in writing then the shitty bosses out there would be *significantly* more wary of pulling half the shit they pull. It's a life skill.


That’s so messed up :/ .


Well, we wouldn't be able to afford a lawyer to do anything about it, so we're all just stuck




Yep, so is not paying for OT or paying under the table. But lots of bosses do it, especially with people who don't know any better or don't have a choice but to take it


yeah if im gonna be straight i just realized i dont really like this sub. nothing against y’all but i find myself feeling too bad for all these poor people


What you're feeling is empathy. We have all been this guy.


He looked briefly like he was about to cry.


I probably would have cried tbh


“I can't even deliver pizzas right fml" probably that poor dude


I don’t think, as a customer, I would say anything about it. That guy just needs a break.


Problem is that not always people would be nice like you, unfortunately. Empathy is not something everyone feels, some people doesnt care about other peoples feelings at all.


I like to think that the customer's reaction was genuine, but having been a server, I know that they can be all smiles to you and complete venom to your boss. The fact this video is on the internet makes me wonder. I'm just going to pretend the customer was an actually good person and hope the guy felt better later.


Considering the customer uploaded the footage to the internet… they’re kind of an asshole.


I might be reading too much into it but it seems like he wasn't having a great time to start with and had to force a smile as he was going up the stairs. Some days be like that. I cried once because I dropped a sandwich. My own sandwich, and I had enough to make another one, but it was an incredibly rough day and I was looking forward to that sandwich. Took me a while to pull myself together and make a new sandwich.


Yeah I'm thinking that to because that's happened to me a lot. Recently at work people take one look at me and jokingly make a comment like "You look like you hate your life" "You look like you are already done with life" and I just say "I do" and it's all a funny joke. People don't realize I am being totally serious.


Not only did he probably get reemed or fired for this, poor dude got one of his lowest points posted online for people to laugh at.


I'm not laughing at it. I thought he seemed like a sympathetic guy who cared that he (accidentally) ruined their meal.


This guy is an icon for all who feel defeated. Wish I knew who he was. I’d hug it out with him. He looks like he genuinely cared.


Definitely needs a hug


And a sizeable tip.


Definitely needs s hump


Genuinely caring was his first mistake


Don't make me have to hug you too cuz I'm gona...


Damn he legit looks so disappointed. Hope this wasn’t just the cherry on top of an already terrible day.


Narrator: *It was.*


Sad upvote


It was probably a terrible day in a series of other terrible days. I hated those kind of soul sucking jobs.


read this in morgan freeman’s voice


Read it in Arrested Development


He looks like he dropped every pizza he delivered that day. He was being so careful going up the steps too.


someone give this guy a hug


Came here to say this! Wish I could give this guy a big hug and treat him to a meal or a drink. Looks like he desperately needs a break.


The way he looked up to the sky and paused for a second. That is the look of a defeated man.


And he went out of his way to look so nice, too. This dude worked so hard to put some nice clothes on knowing he would be delivering people their food and didn’t want to look like crap for his customers. I really want to believe his evening got better and he didn’t beat himself up too much.


I want to be his friend


Give him a pizza :)


That will unlock his ptsd


Pizza traumatic stress disorder


He looks seconds away from crying even after the customer accepted the pizza 😞 Hope someone was able to help him feel better. Mistakes happen!


Personally, i would feel worse if the customer accepted the pizza


I feel twice as guilty she accepted the pizza and I had 0 to do with it...


This is actually sad :/ I feel bad for him


I see this and I wonder what else he was going through. It makes me hurt.


A poor immigrant using 80% of his income to live in a moldy studio apartment where there is no wall between the toilet and the oven. The rest of his money goes into his 25 year old car-- he has to keep it running to make money but has to spend money to keep it running-- a viscous cycle. He is living off of pizza and is lacking in many vital nutrients. He keeps making mistakes because he is sleep-deprived from the drug deals that happen outside of his apartment at all times of the night, infected with mold spores, and verging on scurvy. All of this is still better than going back to his homeland, which was destroyed in the war. His vision is worsening, but he can only afford the dollar tree glasses, so it is hard for him to judge distances and he keeps stumbling upstairs, dropping pizzas. So, don't worry, it isn't too bad.


That is oddly specific.


So is your username. It’s hilarious.


It's like nearly exactly my life except I work a different low wage job


It's unfortunately not. These are experiences shared by many


A very sticky cycle indeed.


I work with immigrants/refugees in Europe and you have srsly no idea how true and sad this is


... I think he knows, dude.


Sounds like the kind of dude that needs a slice of pizza.


With a garlic knot, of course


yeah. The video made me laugh because of the uncomfortable empathy but this is really it. That's not the kind of reaction you have when everything else in life is going great.


No. It's not. Him dropping that pizza is compounded into a great failure, because he feels like he is a failure in many other small ways or a great big way. And it's sad because he shouldn't feel that way.


I was a delivery driver for a couple years at a couple different places and ive dropped 2 or 3 pizzas and ive gotta say it feels so horrible, these people have been waiting on their food for 20-40 minutes and as it arrives it falls on the ground. Its one of those heart dropping moments but ive been lucky with the people who were extremely understanding and probably tipped me better after I brought the new pizza because of how bad they could tell i felt. Now as a server, ive gotta say its a lot worse feeling in a restraunt setting because of the number of people watching plus quite often it ends up on them which at a restraunt they are stuck wearing whatever it is.


Damn this actually makes me wanna cry seeing the absolute disappointment and self doubt that’s being shown through his expression


This was surprisingly heartbreaking. It would be very annoying but I hope the customer wasn’t too upset with him. I hope it was just a bad day for this guy and he’s doing well.


She seemed nice, was saying "it's okay, it's okay." I used to deliver pizzas and one time there was a pasta on top in an aluminum container, as I got to the house the people were outside having a little get together and the I take out the pizza the pasta which I forgot was on top slid out and fell on the ground right in front of the owner and splattered everywhere. I felt terrible, kinda like this guy kept apologizing and told him I'd go back and get another one and he was like "don't worry about it man!" and tipped me $20, which was one of the best tips I ever got. Really made what could have been a terrible memory a good story, people having empathy goes a long way.


I consider myself an emotionally strong man, and I'm completely unfazed by the most brutal gruesome shit the internet has to offer, cartel dismemberments, people burning alive, torture, all of it. But this, this video of this poor man dropping a pizza just brought tears to my eyes. I wish no one had to feel the way that man felt in those moments.


I replayed this a bunch of times crying more after each replay. I dont know how this has made me so emotional. I think we have all had days like this. That feeling he has in this video is really awful.


Poor bloke, he looks crestfallen. I would have invited him in for a cup of tea. Shit pay, shit job and by the looks of it, shit weather


Looks crustfallen


Ha nice oneee


Very funny


This deserves way more upvotes than it’s currently getting.


Watch myself die inside


when I was a pizza delivery guy I forgot the machine one time. I felt so bad that the guy had to call the store and pay over the phone that I cried in my car after. it sounds like such an easy job, but when you mess it up, you feel like the dumbest person in the universe because of how simple it should be.


Bruh I feel ya. My first month as a delivery driver, I locked myself out of my car with five orders in it during the bar rush. We were already understaffed because most of the staff were students who went home for winter break, and I just cried alone in the cold while waiting for the tow guy to arrive.


When my oldest brother got a job as a waiter, my parents had the grand idea of going to his restaurant, and getting waited on him. This was his first job, and probably in his teens. So we get there, eventually are able to get a seat in his section. He's not amused that we are there, but whatever, takes our orders. Comes back a short time later with the drinks for the table beside us. Proceeds to give the lady her drink, then when handing the beer to the guy, the tray slips and he tries to save the beer, but doesn't, and ends up dumping it all in the guy's lap. All this while a 3 feet from his entire family.


Brutal, so brutal… Tell me there is a relatively good ending to the story, where the customer was understanding and your brother was able to sleep the following night


It's hard for me to remember, I was around 9 at the time, and this was back in the 80s. Pretty sure he was mortified, but I can't recall the outcome. he worked there for another year or two, so he must have recovered from it.


Wow, that expression is the absolute apex of this sub. Poor dude


Aww. Now I feel bad for the guy. He needs a hug or something.


I once had a delivery guy who couldn’t find me home. And once he finally managed to read the address the food was cold. I didn’t leave him a bad rating. Because he apologised and seemed genuinely sorry. He tried his best….he‘ll get there.


Poor guy


Poor dude. Shit happens, man. All good.


I actually hate how genuinely upset he looks with himself afterwards! I want to hug the guy :((


Can we find out who this guy is or who he works for? I feel like he deserves something good to happen to him. He cared so much that he messed up and that is honestly lacking from a lot of people.


It was submitted to Americas Funniest Home Videos around Oct 2019. They won’t say who submitted it.


It hurts me that people submitted this video for others to mock


pizza drops. Carlton does The Carlton. Audience laughs to death


Please. Reddit detectives, go to work. I’ll give this man a nice reimbursement. Let’s make someone’s day!


If it helps, this video is at least 1 year old. I feel like I remember seeing this ages ago. Considering he's not wearing a mask, it could be before Covid.


Yeah I feared it’s an old video :/


Him dropping that pizza set in motion a chain of events that caused the coronavirus.


Still, old or not, doesn’t hurt to make the guy feel better.


True, but I'm sure this has already happened. I remember his heartbreaking expression got the same reaction back then as it did today. If be surprised if no one has made it up to him by now. This also means that anyone who wants to make his day now probably already has most of the legwork done for them, so try to find the old post!


It’s an old post.


Hello. It is me. The sad man from internet tv. You can send me the maneys to PlayPal.


Hi intert tv sad mans. I have yur maneys right here all I need is you to send me $100 to cash app first as a processing fees then I can release all your maneys.


I too feel the need to give him things


Here's a crude sub I made to help us find out who he is and give him money, pizza and hugs: https://www.reddit.com/r/findthepizzaguy/


Ypu need to post the video on the subreddit as well


Wow, I can’t believe this actually worked.


I would like to also give him things


Oh I know that look... That's the I'm so god damn worthless I can't even hand over a pizza without messing it up look. I hope he's doing better now, hope he didn't get fired over that accident.


This is so sad it actually made me cry


Almost got me too damn


I'm taking a shit and crying


I’m shitting tears (and *tearing shits* 😏)


Aww he looks so disappointed in himself


Jesus christ. This video breaks my heart. Someone start a crowd funder to send this man on a dream holiday where people bring him the pizza all day long ! This poor guy :(


Is he crying? God I'm gonna cry


I generally come to this sub because for some reason people dying inside as funny or because I want to remind myself we all mess up from time to time. This guy, though, I just can’t help feeling bad for him.


I hate this so much. Delivering food already sucks enough without stuff like this happening. Hope things get better for him.


I feel this damn


Is there a Gofundme to end this guys depression? I would honestly donate.


I've made a sub for finding out who this man is and making his day: https://www.reddit.com/r/findthepizzaguy/


I wish I could give him a hug and tell him it'll be okay, poor guy


Let’s find out who he is and help him out




Food delivery (specifically pizza delivery or the like) is one of the most mentally and physically taxing jobs that people don't actually acknowledge as such. There is so much more to the job than just taking food to customers and little things like this can really just kill every ounce of energy you had left that day.


He deserves a GoFundMe


Dang, I usually laugh at these... this is 1 of the rare times when I feel bad for them


This is the first post I’ve seen on this sub that made me legitimately sad for the person.


That's definitely USA... I wish I knew where, I'd send him $20 bucks to help him not be so down...


Dam I felt that he basically lost 3 hours work


OK enough is enough. Who is this dude? We need to make sure he's doing better..


I feel for this guy


Yeah. Just trying to do a thankless job....


The pizza place takes it out of your pay. I know this for a fact. The pizza pizza guy was about 5 minutes late and my bitch ex gf said I ain’t paying.. was a $50+ bill. I said it’s fine, they’re busy, our foods hot and fresh it’s fine. She kept screaming we ain’t paying. He literally started tearing up saying “please.. please they will take it out of my pay…” I told my gf to go cool off and have a smoke. I paid the bill plus a nice tip. He didn’t do anything wrong. Was just a very busy Saturday and the food was good. I felt bad for him. I dumped the bitch btw. I hated how she treated service workers, while being a service worker herself. Entitlement beyond comprehension. Also my friends dropped a pizza or two and the company took it out of there pay. Illegal or not, they do it.


Before GPS was a thing, I rode along with my dad delivering pizzas one night to help navigate. One house was on the other side of a median, so we had to turn around in a grocery store parking lot. Completely stopped and waiting to turn, someone drove right into the driver's side door of our car (low speed but enough to crush it so it was unable to open). He lost all of that night's pay as it was the "30 minutes or less" guarantee company. The damage didn't get covered (the police sided with the other driver claiming he pulled out in front of them).


Geez. I had a guy who was about 30 minutes late with my order and when he got to me, I can tell he was expecting to get bitched at and apologized profusely because his car broke down. And yet he still managed to deliver the food. Like… bro you’re not getting bitched at, you’re getting a tip and a 5 star review. People can be assholes.


Yah. I’ve had DoorDash be a bit late a couple times and they always text to apologize. I be sure to let them know that it’s fine and if I wanted it quicker, I’d have driven my happy ass over there myself so it’s not biggie. They get a laugh out of it. However, I’m not totally altruistic...I don’t want them to spit in my food.


I feel for that dude, I've suffered from self perfection where every little thing I did I wanted to do as best as I can and if I fucked up I'd blame myself saying I didn't deserve shit and should be fired. Luckily nowadays I'm more fine with failure thanks to a co-worker of which she was a surprisingly big help to my mental health. So if someone is just really sad or depressed looking after a fuck up, it really helps to console them and say that it's fine, I know its helped me cheer up but it may not be for everyone, I'm just summing up my experiences with perfectionism in workplaces.


Poor guy. Usually I get a little silly enjoyment from these but all I got here was an overload of empathy.


The look on that guy’s face says he dealing with some much more serious shit in his life and that was just the diarrhea icing on the shit cake.


I gotta say, the empathy in this thread has restored a lot of the hope for humanity I've felt dwindling throughout this pandemic. It's pretty cool that our species can see a short clip like this and instantly relate to the guy -- not just relate, but feel the need to help him.


Been there done that, had a similar reaction. I see some info saying that it'll get docked from his pay. I'm pretty sure that it is illegal to do that, but I'll speak from my experience as that's what I know for certain. I told the customer to call the shop and by the time I got back they had already started a new one and I did the delivery again. Extra time not doing a leg that will get a tip was plenty of a lesson to be infinitely more careful lol.


Man I feel terrible for this guy




Poor guy. I’d give him a big tip if he brought a second pizza


This video always makes me feel SOOOO bad for this guy. More than anything on this sub. It's not a massive warehouse spill, or a public rejection. Its such small stakes, but I've worked as a deliver driver multiple times and the intimacy of standing at somebody's door, looking them in the face and ruining their order at *literally* the last moment before it's in their hands and then having to walk back to your car is just so brutal. Especially when their very nice about it, like this person. You can see how absolutely mortified he is. Poor guy.


Well nobody's going to see this comment. But I can tell he was trying and he cared. I wish more people tried and more people cared.


Can we all please help this guy


I love watching ppl die inside, but not this guy…