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The guy secretly works for the panel and paint shop down the road


Paint shop owner: "Aight, here's your pay for this month. Keep this rate steady."


What's missing from the gif is the store owner chasing him off screaming 'He doesn't even work here!'


Honestly, I figured it must be a sketch/setup here. No one's *that* incompetent while someone's conveniently filming the whole thing, right?


Looks like a dashcam video.


I’m always shocked when I see comments like this because I’ve worked with many many people who I would say are at least incompetent enough to do this. I wanna be where you are if there’s fewer dumbasses around.


I’ve been that guy carrying stacks of binders struggling to find out how to add to the stack because I was too lazy/dumb just just accept that in need to do two trips. They played the footage at the staff meeting the next morning and honestly it was pretty fun trying to explain why I thought I could carry an addition 8 on top of the box


Agreed. From my experience, the majority of people are this incompetent unfortunately. Spatial awareness is a luxury.


I dunno about being secretly filmed but I am that incompetent


Alright imma start asking for your signature so I can give you credit in the videos.


Pretty sure it's edited dashcam footage


Worked in a grocery store for 15 years, Managed a grocery store for 10+ years. Can confirm most people don’t make it to that guys age still doing THAT job if they have any amount of competence. If you want a terrible career in retail management, all you need to do is have a slightly higher competency level than that guy and you’ll move up quick. I’m fairly certain my regional director of operations was less competent than that guy, he was also a fucking terrible person… being a terrible person is a requirement if you want to be in middle management and completely useless to the day to day operation of the company.


> being a terrible person is a requirement if you want to be in middle management This is true. I kept accidentally climbing the management ladder just by showing up every time, and it got to the point where I wasn't "mean enough". I don't wanna be mean, unless somebody deserves it.


TBF he does seem a bit dorky.


Most of the grocery stores near me hire mentally handicapped folks to do this job. It could be that multitasking is not this guys strength!


“If you chase 2 rabbits you will catch 0 rabbits”


Congratulations on inventing hunting. You can now build a camp


Okay, so I rolled a 13, what does that get me?


You made a tent that doesnt leak but you get bit by mosquitoes all night.


So not great, not terrible. I cast bug spray. > *Rolls a 4* > …Fuck


plot twist : instead of bug spray you sprayed chick spray. all the mosquitoes turn into ugly irritating loud blood sucking biting waifus


So they turn into Blondes?


Ancient Chinese proverbs for the win. -Me


Most productivity research leads to the conclusion multi-tasking is a mistake.


Seemed like a classic Charlie Chaplain sketch.


Haha especially when he throws his hands up at the end


If I were him I’d start leaning into it at that point Like cartoonishly indicating his confusion and anxiety — wiping his brow, etc At least go out with a laugh


Is that Charlie Chaplin's religious cousin?


I was just thinking that, it's like a silent slapstick film




Holy shit it's real




I read that as gifs that keep pong living for some reason, then I opened it expecting something random about pong. Bed time.


I'm not even tired and I read it like that too


Me trying to take my two toddlers anywhere


I’m in a Target in December. I see this lady with twin toddlers wearing bells on their shoes. I say “the jingle bells are a nice touch”. She says “these ain’t for Christmas, they’re tracking devices”


Exactly. I bought my kids shoes that squeak when they step. I wish they made them for older kids.




Hmm. I might have to get some.


I bought my twin toddler daughter a tile tracker because she’s a runner


I don’t know what hurts more... the fact that I relate way to close to this and am already having anxiety about taking them out this weekend... Or that your comment was probably written while you were up with one of them 3 hours ago.


I don't have kids, so I certainly can't relate. But I will never forget overhearing this years ago in a grocery store parking lot. All quotes are mom, just separated by a few seconds each. (Somewhat paraphrased because its been so long.) > Ok come on, out of the car. > No, no. Stay here by the car while she gets her coat on. > I *said* stay here! You're going to get hit by a car! > Why did you take your coat off? > Whose shoe is this?? *You're both wearing yours!* It comes to mind occasionally when people ask me why I don't have kids.


This is LITERALLY what I say every time I have to get them out of the car!


It's been over 2 years and while I loved that he was consistent about his feedings, I still wake up every night at 2am almost on the dot and still cannot sleep for more than 3 hours at a time. Worse is that I'm an 8 hour sleep needer to function. So I sleep 2-3 hours on and 2-3 off. HUGE chunk of day missing.


Sometimes I wish putting young children on a leash would be socially acceptable here in the west


They have animal backpacks with long tails you can hold while your child walks around. It’s basically a socially acceptable leash.


We have a leash for our three year old. But only because she loves everything about dogs and she wants to be a dog 24/7. Man, the glances we get when “taking her for a walk” lol


Do it anyway, the sneering commenters you'd encounter are either childless and thus "would never," had little ones who weren't runners, or are boomers who scared theirs into stockholm syndrome.


Absolutely. I had a runner. Got her a horse backpack with a leash and could stop having mini heart attacks every time she wrenched her hand out of mine and took off into traffic. Do not care what people think. I’m positive it helped save her life. She also loved it and saved it.


Remember that old phrase? _He wouldn't be able to pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel_


Did your parents have any children that lived? (Credit to Drill Sergeant). ~That guy raised “idiot” to an art form.


Had to read that twice to properly appreciate it. Sounds like my grade 10 auto shop teacher. "Is your name Richard? Cause you're a dick, you dick!" "Are your eyes brown? Cause you're full of shit!."


I need to hear Tommy Lee Jones yelling this.


Is he high? He's got the reflexes of a twice baked potato


Once they roll down the hill they’re fair game


Rounding up carts all day can be exhausting, especially in hot weather.


So he **is** a twice baked potato?


I used to push carts for a year. When I was dehydrated and having been outside for a long while in the hot summer days, I would enter a fugue like state sometimes. I’d just wander away and end up somewhere and come to. Usually in the store somewhere. One time it was in a Wendy’s across the street. I usually took a break at that point and drank like half a gallon of water in the break room.


For anyone reading this in a similar situation - if you're outside sweating for hours on end, make sure you take in some sodium, not just water, or you'll end up hyponatremic which comes with a whole set of issues we commonly attribute elsewhere such as confusion, loss of energy/fatigue, and nausea. Not a doctor, consult your PCP/GP, this is not medical advice


Take PCP, got it.


A whole gallon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah7ApyeyneY


"wow! A whole gallon? That's illegal!" That was hysterical! Was this a one-off or did they have a series? Edit: Thanks to y'all, I have been binging WKUK all morning. Thank you for this gift


It was a whole series on comedy central, they have tons of really great sketches. https://youtu.be/MXMG-ShKBP0


I believe they had multiple series. Here's one of my favorite skits https://youtu.be/QEQOvyGbBtY


About 4… Oh, 4 years ago? No, 4PM.


I’ve been watching this video for years. It actually loses 1 pixel per full individual view, based on my experience.




Brawndo's got electrolytes


It's what plants crave.


> ELECTROLYTES! It's what plants crave.


Never forget: Hydrate today for the work tomorrow.


Hail Hydrate


>this is not medical advice Well it sounds like one.


Like walter white


The only thing I’ve seen in movies or tv that really describes what it’s like is war movies. It’s almost like shock, when an explosion goes off and the soldiers are out of it. The world gets all swirly. You start moving on instinct rather than conscious effort. That soldier haphazardly picking up his arm with bullets hitting around him in saving private Ryan. Dehydration is no joke.


Bro, your body is telling you something very important when it just blanks out and walks you indoors.


I read fugue as fudge the first time and was very confused


It kept trying to auto correct to fudge. I’m going to declare a fudge like state is comatose after a sugar crash when you eat a mountain of candy.


You can't just say it


I didn’t say it. I declared it.


Clearly you’ve entered a fudge state due to inadequate chocolyte intake


Extra crispy


Fully agree. I always take my carts up to the rack, or at least the immediate vicinity. It doesn't cost me much, and if it makes someone's life a little easier ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


Wait, there are people who have to return carts that customers randomly place on the parking lot? In germany we have to insert 1€ (or a plastic coin) and get it back when we return it.


yeah not the case. a lot of people leave them all over the parking lot or steal them (sometimes homeless people, other times teens who are gonna do stupid shit like ride them into the disgusting run off water lake that isn’t safe to swim in near my house). some companies added things so the wheels lock once you take them out of the store or parking lot. basically a bunch of under paid workers end up having to gather the carts in the parking lot people were too lazy to put back. my family always does and always has returned them though. I learned good manners.


Never understood those assholes who don't return their carts. It's not that I don't understand lazy. *I'm* lazy. But I'll be seventy and still be trying to ride the cart all the way to the corral in one push. Best part of shopping in the first place.


A general lack of empathy. Same people who leave popcorn all over the theater, or don't clean up their meal. "It's someone else's job!"


I’ve heard “I’m helping keep someone employed”


Remember, the average American super market parking lot is huge, 7 or 8 rows 30-60 columns deep, there are generally corrals placed throughout to return the carts to and most people do, then the stores have someone collect from those. However, yes there are assholes who just leave their cart in the middle of the lot and those same employees have to retrieve those as well.


I think my usual store has close to 700 parking spots, counting on Google Maps. And that's not even close to the biggest lot I've been in.


Only aldi’s does this


Can you plead expound on what you mean by “at least the immediate vicinity”? Because the first half of the sentence says you ALWAYS take your carts to the rack.


I'm not OP, but sometimes the rack is already jammed full of carts due to people just throwing them in there without slotting them together properly. At that point I think it's reasonable to just put them in a secure place nearby where they won't roll away if you don't have time to straighten out the rack.


I did it multiple days a week for two straight years in the south. Yes it's exhausting but unless you're dogshit at what you do and have ZERO respect for people's property, this will never happen. Never once did I hit someone car because I'm not a lazy POS.


If i see a cart going for a car ill break into a full sprint to save the car. Happened twice at work because people just leave carts all around the lot and it has a decent slope to it. its a great feeling when you accually save the persons car from a runaway cart.


In my experience the people who work on the trolleys are usually really nice but aren't the sharpest tools in the shed


Spot on. I worked at a grocery for almost 3 years and my friend now manages it. It was either the youngest employees or the older gentlemen that were missing a few screws that were on cart duty.


That's why they don't even want them in the store


He’s pulling carts for a living of course he’s fucking hi lmao










You pretty much have to be to deal with that shit all day




I've done both. And I would choose neither, which is what I meant with my comment.


I did it a lot as a teen and loved it. Spend all day walking around outside, and my job let me listen to music/podcasts. Literally didn't even feel like a job. Id do it again in a heartbeat if it paid as much as I'm making now.


That's cool. The Walmart I worked at would **never** let you listen to your mp3 or music from a personal speaker in general *especially* while working outside gathering carts(which makes sense. It's a safety hazard. Very easy to get hit by a car if you can't hear shit while walking around active traffic in a parking lot.) That being said, if you're working at the kind of Walmart that I was when I was younger and you're **not** getting high or drunk or some kind of messed up, then either you're a sociopath or you believe in God, because idk how any atheist with a functioning moral compass could handle a soul-sucking job like that sober without putting a bullet through their head, unless they had a mental disorder or deluded themselves into thinking there's meaning to all of this menial labor, maybe a nice spot in heaven after they die for putting up with this shit(ridiculous complacency bullshit) Sounds like you got lucky, and it's important to recognize when your privileged experience is the exception, not the rule. You should be grateful, I know I would be.


Depends on where you live. July asphalt in the south is a frying pan.


Nah. It's just thankless and exhausting. And gravity is your enemy.


I couldn't stop thinking that he had to be stoned. You could just tell by his inability to figure out a solution to a simple problem. I know because I've been there before.


Hmm... A baked twice baked potato. Could be a good recipe.


it’s actually fantastic. you bake it, scoop out the insides, mix it with cheese and bacon and peppers and whatever, restuff it and bake it again.


that’s only two bakes. He wants 3.


Yeah he’s also just kinda being dumb. Once one of the stacks hit a car, just leave them there, grab the other one, and bring it back to the stack that hit the car. Instead, he moves them just far enough off the car so they can roll and hit something else Gotta love how he throws up his hands as if there was nothing he could have done, too, lol


In situations like these, is the store liable for the damage?


I worked as a cart guy for a while (about one and a half years). Yes, the store pays for the damage. But they always gave a write-up if you hit a car, no matter what happens. Their policy is if you're doing your job correctly a car should never be hit. It's actually a really rough job, at least at the store I worked. We were a massive supermarket in a busy city, and the parking lot was on about a 10-degree incline. But because of how busy it was a 3 or 4 man job to get enough carts in. You're only allowed to pull 10 carts at a time by hand, we had a machine that was allowed something like 20-25 carts, but half the time it was broken, and it needed to be recharged 2 or 3 times during the day. But people often pulled more carts by hand or overloaded the machine just to keep up. Since we would get harassed by management for not having enough carts. The only way you could keep up most days is to have one person line up the carts (going corral to corral) emptying the garbage and lining them up for the cart operator to pick up. On busy days emptying the garbage took second fiddle to have carts available at all. But if the corrals did fill up customers start just throwing carts all over the parking lot, even more so than they normally do. This was the cause of most accidents. We'd still get blamed for letting those carts sit for more than a few minutes outside of the corral. We were also responsible for helping customers load cars. This is the only job I've ever walked out of. I remember the day, it was in the middle of June, in the middle 90F degrees. I was the only one working. It had been a busy day and I was already exhausted at around 12pm. I had already been denied a break twice (working myself since about 7 am). I was called to help a customer load their vehicle, so I headed over. They were pulling up their car when I got a call from management about why the cart room was empty and why we didn't have carts. I told them I would come to talk to them about it. When I came over I handed over my badge and quit on the spot, and walked out of the store. One of the best decisions I ever made.


Thanks for this story! Neat little insight into the life of cart jockeys


Yes, 100%. He is an employee of the store. They are liable and also stupid. If they had given him some straps to connect the first cart to the last and better training he wouldn't have caused so much damage.


Or you know make all carts where they have a quarter chain? (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ People would take their carts where they belong & they would all be connected.


Someone is


Yep. One of the cart people at Walmart hit my car with a line of carts backed by the electric cart pusher..thing and it hit the car so hard that it left a baseball sized hole. Walmart told me to get a quote to fix it and they cut the check without any kind of fuss.


A line of shopping carts actually hit my car at a Walmart parking lot and the cart pusher had to get the manager. Walmart gave me money for the repairs, but it seemed like it was the company as a whole through insurance and such. Had to fill out some paperwork in that Walmart parking lot lol


I’ve seen these before: https://i.imgur.com/oc93T5e.jpg Could be farce but it’s also private property and you’re not forced to park there.


I call bullshit. You can't sue the store if someone from outside comes and destroys your car. But if the employer of the store damages your car either the store or the employee (his insurance) is liable. Or im gonna go rob a bank while wearing a sign "not responsible for any damages done"






This doesn't legally stop anyone from suing them for damages, just deters people from perusing it.


I’ve read before that those signs don’t actually protect the company but are just to make some people think they can’t sue for damages. But I’m 90% sure it was on Reddit so it could be wrong.


Same deal as 'no soliciting' signs. But then again that might just be something they told me on my first day as a door to door salesman.


I think those signs are more a message of how you'll be received, not that it's necessarily illegal. If they're adamant enough about not being solicited to put a sign up, they're probably not going to like you showing up at their door.


Thing is that no one wants you showing up at the door. In practice the people with the signs were either slightly more adamant or had poor sales resistance. In the office I worked at we had a tradition of taking photos of those signs after we made a sale to them. One of mine was a time the owner's dog was out, so I just played with it while I casually went through my pitch. Fun job to remember but it sucked ass at the time.


It depends. Most of the time it is vicarious liability (e.g., when the store forgot to put up the ‘Caution! Wet floor” sign and someone falls and sustains i juries)


Who else is going to be liable? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson perhaps, or NASA, or The High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania in New Delhi?


Dear god I wasn’t ready for those edits. Im dying


Insurance agent: what happened? Driver: there were sentient trolleys attacking cars on Walmart parking lot. Insurance agent: Driver:


Just gotta roll with the punches.


Please tell me where to find this store with carts that roll so easily, they drift on their own. I almost want to accuse fake because there isn’t enough weclue, weclue, weclue, from the loose wheel.


Worked in retail since 2018 to last fall, sometimes had to pull carts, those things will roll easily when they shouldn't.


Like waiting for a bus, always there when you don't want it. When you do it's got sucked into another dimension.


Nearly all parking lots are [intentionally designed to have a slight grade](https://www.goodmansonconstruction.com/grading-asphalt-parking-lots/) to channel water into the nearest storm drain. You can see in the first frame how the whole lot is tilted to the right when you compare it against the background. Also the age/condition of the shopping carts can contribute to how easily they roll around. It's not some design flaw with the carts themselves.


Its the rule, if it has wheels and you want it to move, it won't. If it has wheels and you don't want it to move, it will.


The Trolley Trolls are Trolling him


I pushed carts starting at 16 years old. This was my first day. The second day I came to work with a rope and tied them front to back. Fool me once.


I had the same, long orange "leash" with a hook on one end, it was provided by the store. They said not to take more than 6 at a time (which fit the length of the rope, give or take). A few years after I left that job I was shopping at the store and I noticed that the people bringing in the carts didn't have the leash, they were struggling much like this poor guy in the video. I asked and he said the store had taken them away... Very curious what events lead up to that decision.


You were overqualified for that job.




Literally even the tiniest bit of urgency would've prevented this, lol. The stack started separating and he walked alongside it as slowly as possible for like 10 whole seconds, lol.


Carts Gone Wild


Wal-Mart Attack Of The Trolleys


Is it a trolley, a cart, a wagon, or a buggy?


why are they rolling so much is the place on an incline or something




Laughs in The Netherlands


Bruh, if it was that bad I’d just flip one over and deal with them separately


Just rest one set against a car. It’s better than damaging that car.


True. If I saw it on my car and the guy explained what was happening, I wouldn't care. Though I'd much rather help him out and grab one of the runaway carts.


Intel Pentium processor for a brain


Those were top notch back in the days


This proves it, the earth is round. The edits were on point, LMAO. Sucks for buddy but dammit if I didn’t laugh.


He's just a dumbass, all it is, pull the single one to the stack or otherway round, instead of leaving it.


Ya, it's harsh to say but this guy just doesn't seem to be working with a full deck of cards. I know it seems to be an older gentleman but rounding carts, while physical work, is *far* from the most taxing thing you could be doing for a paycheck and it's definitely not rocket science. People will make excuses for him until it's their car getting bashed by a train of shopping carts that this man inexplicably let roll away for the third time.


After the two carts hit the camera car at the beginning, nothing was moving and he had everything under control. If he had just pushed the big stack of carts over to get the first two he would have been fine. His move of just pushing them and letting them go wherever was a major dumbass move.


Most cart pullers have a tether with a hook on the end of it that you hold to keep the front cart on while you move them. Without it you don't really have any control over whether the carts stay together.




Potato. A fucking lump of starch this one


Such slow reactions. I hope he never has to cross a road. His entire life must feel like a game of frogger.


He's 60+ working a shitty job he doesn't want to do in hot weather. So what do people do. They watch him shaking their heads, with no inclination to help.


Nah that guy shaking his head knows if he takes a hand off one of these carts it's gonna be his going rogue.


60+ and can’t figure out to roll the stack of carts to the carts resting against a car. I don’t think it’s his age or the weather—he’s not working with a full deck.


I’m not protected by the company if I fuck up trying to help and a cart hits a car. This guy is.


If people took their trolleys back to the deposit point rather than leave them all over the place.


yeah, was thinking the same, but im probably to european to understand this kind of laziness to not return the trolleys :D


Yeah, European cart trains wouldn't split themselves like that because of the coin chain thing keeps them together.


There are "deposit points" in the parking lot. Someone has to retrieve the carts from there and bring them back to the store.




Some do, but it all depends on where you park.


This made me laugh harder than it probably should have!! 😂 Ah, life




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I’m sure this guy works in our local carpark, come look at my car.🤬


Wasn’t expecting that guy to hit 88 mph


the complete lack of empathy from a very large part of this comments section is both frightening and depressing.


r/whyweretheyfilming Looks like one of those prank shows


I very briefly worked overnight at a grocery store and sometimes I would have to round up the carts. Even in an empty parking lot it’s a huge pain in the ass


Someone help the poor f*cker!


Poor guy. This could easily be me. No multitasking skills




What an idiot


/r/KillTheEditor What the fuck is with this dumbass editing on this video? Where it keeps zooming in so you can't see anything and then delaying the progress of the video to show you the same thing you've already just seen? The original version of this video, the unedited one, was funny. This one is just infuriating


dude made his day bad though... he put in the worst effort and was so slow


He’s probably just having an off day and moving slower than usual. Idk I’ve had days where I’m just absent minded and mess up like this.


Lots of muricans in this comment section. Why didn't any of the bystanders help him?


People need to learn to put the carts back into the cart collection zone.


This is the fault of the assholes who leave they're carts everywhere. If they'd put them where they go this would never happen.