They silently removed it from rotation and have recently added it back. Why they did this is a mystery - they didn't fix any of the map's problems.


Honestly, even if it does have problems it's in a lot better shape then maps like volokomask and Fire Arc where you can literally shoot spawn to spawn from the start of the match.


I like Fire Arc, I thought that it was a great improvement on Kursk. Volo is really not fun though.


Fire Arc is literally the same map. https://youtu.be/c9ZvTl8nVsY


It literally is not. The map shares the same general features and layout but there was a lot changed.


Sure, they added the buildings in the middle but it's still a big grassy plain on the South, big Pit in the North and a ridge that runs between the two spawns in the middle. Functionally and terrain-wise, yes


The (general) shape of the terrain was changed. There are a lot more small changes in terrain that provide partial or total hard cover. There are a lot more bushes, trees, and objects that provide soft cover. Fighting on Fire Arc is very different than the old Kursk map. (edit)


Middle East is a worse spawn camp map


Not reall, yes it's a spam campy map, but not to the same level. In Middle East you actually have to drive out of spawn to get to the spawn camp rocks. Certain volok and all Fire Arc have spawn to spawn. You can literally spawn and be in sight of enemy in their spawn.


Not on the west side of Middle East, the spawn camping site is right next to their spawn and there is no danger in getting there.


Is it just me or are the maps like freaking deleted from the game? I play all BRs to get this map. But you know what? I get more maps that I "disliked" with the feature from prem account than the Breslau map that I added to my "liked" list. And most of the damn time I get put into the 'Eastern Europe' map 10 times in a row with half of them having the terrible spawn locations where both teams start shooting each other as soon as we spawn, and get this the Eastern Map is part of my "disliked" list of maps


Didn’t you know? the snail switches everything. Your dislike become your liked and banned map becomes your primary haha


Saw it back not long ago.. i bet people already downvoted it since i didnt saw it from a whole week already ! I dont understand why people hate it !


Lol same


Added to like list? Yo where do you do that? You can actualy make preferences? If so, im playing for yeaaars and didnt know about it, whereeeeeeeeeee i can do it


Iirc theres a tiny setting icon near the "to battle" button somewhere or smthn. You can also ban a map if you have premium


the settings icon mentioned in the other comment is actually on the button you click to select the game mode, like the big rectangle that says "Ground realistic battles" or whatever.


I like this map, it's like a better Advance To The Rhine, which is a good map just that it's small, this one is bigger and gives more routes. The A point sucks ass though, B is a fun point.


yea they love giving us the same 4 low tier maps but these actually really nice maps i never see


It’s back in rotation I’ve played it four times this week


I personally don't like this map. You get shot out of no where most times and checking every corner is a pain and even if you do you just get sniped across the street.