It did better than the M1 when I’d play the two, probably just bc it was spaded but a pretty good tank


One of my friends has it and he says it's pretty meh nothing great really


I've killed them a lot more than they've killed me if you want that angle of the 803


I literally just bought it and let me tell you, the stock grind is awful. You're stuck with only CE rounds (ATGMs with a load time of 12 sec, and shitty heat shells). It does get a laser rangefinder and thermals. My advice is to rush caps and pick engagements very carefully, you're basically a fast Starship when stock.


it doesnt get thermals it only gets NVDs


It's pretty good as a first spawn for 9.0 and a backup for 9.3 where I generally play it on. The comparatively anemic round, 7.5 sec reload, and lack of a 20mm needs to be worked around with, but the mobility is very good for getting into power positions.


Its okay. Stock grind is rough, but once you get the dart, it's not bad. MBT-70 is definitely better, but that means you have to go out of your way to grind it as it's foldered. Unless you buy XM-1 though, it will be/need to be your backup as you start into the Abrams' since the Patton line after AOS is trash. Positives: Fast both forward and reverse, lots of empty space so can be pretty survivable when not attacked correctly, autoloader, smoke grenades (finally) Negatives: armor is super weak, vulnerable to air (roof mounted .50 is good, but still pretty easy to set engine on fire/pen roof)


The XM-803 is pretty fast for a 9.0 tank but you’ll be uptiered 80% of the time to 9.7 and 10.0 and face even faster opponents (Radkampf, T-80B, Leopard 2K, etc). The armor is okish against chemical rounds but paper against kinetic rounds and the firepower is average at best for the BR, maybe even slightly below average since it’s APFSDS round is somewhat equivalent to M735 in performance. It’s a strictly average tank more or less.


I didn't play it but I played the spaded KPZ70 which is better in every regard. You can be super strong when abusing terrain with pneumatic suspension but anything that sneezes at you will probably 1 shot you with no problem. The stock grind will suck big time and the xm also lacks that superb 20mm gun on top that can bully helicopters and light tanks and even cannons of mbts.