Ork kommando loadouts

Ork kommando loadouts


Personal opinions ofc. Burna isn't worth it, anywhere one flamer does relevant damage is something a 10 man squad of orks should be able to charge and kill anyway. I go for the Klaw, but that's partly because I play versus almost exclusively power armour factions so the AP is excellent, YMMW.


"the melee upgrades and nothing else" is what I usually see The flamer looks useful for a kommando unit meant to sit on an objective, so some additional hits from a charging enemy looks useful


On this note, the flamer is effectively exchanging 2 AP-1 D1 attacks for D6 AP0 D1 shots and 2 AP0 D1 attacks in melee for what is basically 1/2 of another Kommando. Certainly adds to their "don't touch me" image, especially with the 12" range.


Personally I run my Kommandos as an annoying position holder. I go Nob with Power Klaw, 7 choppa slugga, 1 burna, and 1 breacher, with a Bomb squig. I hide them near terrain, and they threaten anything that comes near them. Great in melee, good at overwatch.


I would just equip them how you want for kill team (presuming since you bought Octarius you want to play it) The first order of optimization you'd want to do for 40k Kommandos is to keep them points cheap. So that means 5 man squad no special weapons. That means make the nob how you like and build 4 slugga/choppa Kommandos. Then have fun with the rest of them. If you need to replace a few special weapons to make a larger unit normal slugga choppa Boyz should fit right in as stand ins for the other Kommandos.


Depends on what you want the unit to do. If you want it to score ROD or Engage, you would want to keep them cheap


Personally I wanna know if the double choppa-armed "slasha boy" can carry his extra attack over to 40k games.


Nope, double choppa isn't a 40kommando option.




In general I don’t want my assault units shooting a unit they are gonna charge because if you kill a couple models the opposing player is gonna remove models that typically will increase your charge distance.