Do campaign rewards scale with length of campaign?

Do campaign rewards scale with length of campaign?


I havent notice a difference in card quality. I think the percentages are the same. What I don't like about the longer campaigns is that I can reliably get to top 2% by Friday, but then by Sunday all my games are so damn difficult that I end up losing interest and stop playing the campaign, so I drop down to like top 50% at best. At least with the shorter campaigns I have a chance to get better prizes.


Seconded, the weekend campaign tends to feel like work sometimes.


It's also really funny that, when you go up a level, it doesn't always actually get harder, like, going up from Aun Va to Darkstrider is a decrease, even though the bodyguards are higher level. With the Necrons at least, I find Darkstrider decks played by AI weaker than their level, Farsight and Shadowsun equal, and Aun Va much much harder.