Henry Cavill’s Announcement

This is the post. All others will be removed.


This is the post. All others will be removed.


Holy hell, its happening! ITS HAPPENING! I genuinely trust few other celebs to be able to do this justice, but I trust in Henry.














I would love if there are multiple storylines. At least one with astartes and one with guards. Obviously it's clear astartes are bad ass but eventually they meet as allies in battle briefly and the astartes just make it absolutely clear how far above the average man they are. Like the guards are in a last stand situation about to die and the astartes roll through and kill all the enemies on their way to a more important objective.


Yeah just two completely separate story lines, and you feel the situation is really dire for the guard, and the astartes are just strolling through some enemies on their way to their objective and then suddenly you see the guard about to be overrun and the astartes just pass by, so one really tense scene and one that seems really chill switching between the two and then just a moment of them being together. But there's no acknowledgement that the astartes know they really saved the guard, just another step on their journey to the actual job.


Honestly, that is an absolutely beautiful plot device you've come up with.


It's the Eowyn plot from Return of the King. She's about to get brained by Gothmog when Aragorn just steam rolls through cuts Gothmog's hand off and Gimli helps finish him off and they just carry on without realising they saved Eowyn's life.


Well... Now I know my idea definitely was not my own but just me subconsciously altering this part...


Nah everything has been done if you look hard enough and bend enough ideas doesn't mean you can't have good ideas. It's like in the Space Marine 2 trailer when the guard are getting wrecked and 3 marines drop down like angels. Or in the 9th edition trailer when the Sisters are getting wrecked and the marines appear (less angelic in this one with the Necrons feeling very menacing). It's an awesome scene but plenty of different examples that aren't exactly the same. I do love that Aragorn scene though and it's exactly what I want from marines. We're all so attached to the lore and the tabletop that it's easy to forget how otherworldly and powerful they're supposed to be.


I just want to see a jump pack marine smash down on a heretic or mutant that is about to slice a guardsman in half sweep his chainblade to clear the area and just keep going not even looking at the guardsman. The look on the guardsman’s face should be priceless.


*Guards fighting back wave after wave of Tyranids in a plaza in a hive* *Incurring losses left and right, our heroes know there is only one way this will end* *at the sound of a mighty roar, they look over their barricades, seeing a seething mass of tyranids flow down the boulevard towards their position* *right as the front rank is about to reach the first of the barricades, a mighty impact shakes the ground and knocks the guard to their backs* *in an ocean of dust and smoke, they see a large machine that looks like it was shot from a cannon sitting in a crater in the middle of the plaza surrounded by xenos corpses, the metal still tinking from the heat built up* *suddenly there is a crack as the explosive bolts on the machine go off, and ramps fall down like a flower petal, and 5 giants in drab green power armor emerge, spewing fire and death from their massive bolt guns* *in stunned silence, the troopers watch as these demigods of war casually stride down the boulevard unleashing explosive fury into the xenos horde* *after what could only have been 30 seconds, all became quiet, as what a moment before had been a seething mass of xenos warriors had become a sea of cracked chiton and leaking viscera* *the 5 giants calmly regrouped, and began to grab items from within their massive transport* *one of their number, with a stripe on his helmet and a small amount of ornamentation on his chest plate took out an auspex and began to study it* “Thank you for showing up when you did, lord.” *Alaric said, shouldering his lasgun. The massive helmet with glowing red eyes pointed his way* “The Emperor protects.” *the warrior put away the auspex and looked to his fellows, pointing down the boulevard* “The objective is 5 Kilometers in this direction. Move out, my brothers.” *with that, all 5 of the super human warriors turned that way and moved at a pace that would have been a full sprint for a man, but looked like a casual stroll for them* *a moment later, they disappeared through the smoke and dust, leaving only their still cooling transport, roadway full of xenos corpses, and the brass cases of their bolter shells*


Honestly, Salamanders would absolutely have their entry point be position to save Guardsmen intentionally. That kind of thing happening on screen would be great


He is listed as Executive Producer, and I feel he would not have signed on without some bit of power to control the writers given his past experience.


*cough* The Witcher *cough*


Looks if we had to sacrifice the witcher to teach Cavil this lesson before he starts on warhammer it was a fair trade!


I'd much rather have a good Warhammer series than a good Witcher series. (too bad we can't have both tho)


Yeh I agree. It's a shame we even had to sacrifice either, but as a massive fan of The Witcher, and a casual but enthusiastic fan of 40K, I still agree.


There is a reason that the most recommended books are more about people than space marines. You NEED humanity as a reference. Even the most loved space marines books are about space marines interacting with humans. ADB writes great Space Marines but they are great because of how they interact with the humans around them. Edit: ADBs Black Legion novels are amazing but they would fail as an intro to the world.




>You NEED humanity as a reference. This. I like the Heresy books and story better, but there's just not enough humans for a modern tv story, and to be more specific, not enough women. WH40K is going to be hard pressed to avoid that criticism, even if one takes the position that the he-man woman hating aspects of it are parodying itself.


> He makes it sound like he gets a say Given how Netflix lost him as Geralt, I'm betting Amazon is giving him a say (for now)


He wrote the post as a producer would, not as a star. I'm guessing he's taking a role with creative control as a prerequisite to signing on in the first place. Could still be crap in the end, but I doubt he makes a post like this without having negotiated the right place in the project. He's learned from the other experiences, and they are super fresh in his mind. (As is Amazon's lessons from LOTR and Wheel of Time). It could really be a third time's the charm for both parties. Edit: looks like he's executive producer https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/henry-cavill-set-star-executive-produce-new-warhammer-40000-series-amazon


Well, considering his relationship with the VP of a company producing series for Amazon, I’d say he’s got a good shot at having significant say, and maybe even having been brought in as some sort of producer role as well as actor.


**Cavill will star in and executive produce the franchise for Amazon Prime Video**


You're going to get a love triangle between 2 Astartes and a Chaos Marine and you're going to like it! Or we'll cancel it mid season!




It's weird to think that Valdor is the smallest guy there, when he'd tower over Shaq IRL


It was announced that he is also an executive producer. So he has a say.


Considering the tone, and the character's bluster, my perfect Ciaphas Cain is Matt Berry.


https://youtu.be/t8xliaDUPwg?t=37 Anyone who isn't convinced needs to watch some Toast of London


He's not just acting in it. He's an executive producer on the project. He gets a say.


Death or Glory would make a great intro series.


I trust Henry, I don’t trust games workshop. Fan made content has been leagues above what they’ve put out in official visual mediums.


I totally agree. However, Henry Cavill is a fan, so that gives me a sliver of hope.


He's been willing to walk away from projects that don't live up to his vision. That bodes well.


>I promise to bring you something *familiar.* This part stuck out to me immediately, and I feel like this is shots fired right here. There are so many adaptations of popular works and IPs that don't *feel* like the thing they are adapting. They feel like something else with a recognizable name grafted onto it to get butts into seats. But saying he's going to deliver something familiar... I mean, that sounds like he has every intention of making something that *feels* like Warhammer. Not what some exec thinks a general audience will respond to but something that will engage a fan of the work, which then can in turn create new fans. It sounds too good to be true...


As someone who only has tertiary knowledge of Warhammer due to my boyfriend, I'm deadass excited about Henry executive producing this because if he pulls it off not only will it be a major win for the Warhammer community, it'll be one for the gaming community in general. We've been waiting for them to properly portray game IPs on film for so long that it's pretty standard at this point to just assume that whatever they put out isn't going to be good from a fan perspective. I really hope he gets everything he needs in order to make this perfect.


Plus this mfers name is constantly thrown around as *Bond*. He’s choosing to spend energy on *this* when he has *that* clout. I would say it bodes very well for his creative control.


Pretty sure the Chaos Gods and Amazon will mess it up.


To be fair, I think the Hammer and Bolter series probably suffered from a very limited budget. We know GW's animators can put out fantastic visuals, given time and money, as seen by the recent cinematic trailers we got, and by stuff like The Exodite and Angels of Death. And if there's one thing Amazon can do, it's tossing a boatload of money at things.


Most of GW's fuckups with media are due to them being extremely fucking cheap when making them, or allocating funding in dumb ways. Like their animations looking like slideshows or that ultramarine movie where they got fucking John Hurt to be in a movie where they wander around a featureless desert for an hour before shooting 15 copypasted chaos marines. If amazon is funding it then we know they'll spend a shitload on it, we just now have to worry about shitty writing, or writers "cleverly" making it nothing like warhammer so they can tell their own garbage story. Hopefully having a guy we know loves the IP as an executive means it shouldn't go too far off track though


Yes, but also I remember the days when people were excited the Helsreach guy was hired then bitched about how Angels of Death was worse then the Fan-made Astartes, etc. Like, literally in that case what people hoped for happened and they complained. Everything else, that's more understandable anger even if some of it does need to be shifted to the stupidity of how copyright works.


Even Henry couldn't save The Witcher. I would not get your hopes up. Hollywood "writers" have been generally been shit for the last decade or so with few exceptions. Doesn't matter if it is a strong intellectual property, or they spend a fortune on casting or special effects. Story is king.


> Even Henry couldn't save The Witcher. IIRC the issue there was that Netflix was perfectly content to let the show writers/producers ignore Cavil and anybody else who actually cared about the IP. He has stated that he would talk to them about how Geralt wouldn't do X, Y or Z and they would just say they didn't care and moved ahead with their original vision anyway. I have to hope that GW knows that having someone like Cavil on board is about the best publicity they could possibly get right now and not giving him substantial input behind the scenes would only hurt that goodwill.


Really, when you think about it, 90% of complaining about movies based on games or fantasy genre books is because the writers fuck the original story up into something unrecognizable. Cavil should be considered a god in that niche genre because he is what all the fans hope for, an advocate on set for authenticity to the original idea.


Yup, the cynic in me says that show runners will be show runners and do what they always seem to do in disregarding the IP in favour of their own ideas which almost never work out right. But god damn I want to believe they won't fuck this up.


Yup. Unfortunately Henry got the Ryan Reynolds X-Men Origins Deadpool treatment when it came to Geralt.


Seems like he's gonna have a lot more creative control, for the witcher I'm pretty sure he just lobbied for the role because he was a massive fan and didn't have much to do with the creative direction.


Looking at The Witcher at the beginning, all the right words were said about respect and desire to do it right. I think Cavill like everyone thought the same. Cavill decided to pull a Thanos and do it himself this time with Producer in the title. As Producer he gets to steer and only executives can interfere. Writers and Directors have to go through him first. I think he's been burned enough that he's learned some hard lessons.


There's a reason why this time he's not only an actor and avid fan of the source material, with little to no power (Witcher). He's also an Executive Producer and at the heart of this brand new "Warhammer Cinematic Universe". The Witcher debacle has tought him a very important lesson. Promises from showrunners and producers are just that. Netflix clearly did not care enough to keep him and keep the show close to the source material. This is why he has OFFICIAL creative control this time and i'm 100% sure he made this very clear with all the parties before signing any papers.


At least he's a producer on this one. He will have much more authority over big decisions like writing and casting than he did as just the show star.


Warhammer Cinematic Universe. I missed that on my first read. That means they are thinking wide on this. Maybe multiple series or films, each one having a different faction as the focus as time goes on.


Well he's not saying that they've had the greenlight to create one, just that he now feels he has what it takes to create one


I read it like they are going to plan for one. Start with your strongest idea that will get the most eyes. Then, if it works, you can expand. I doubt they would launch more than one to begin with.


If the show is more successful than Rings of Power on a smaller budget they will be beating down doors to fund a cinematic universe


I think his presence will make up for one of the flaws of RoP: star power. He made Witcher a thing by his sole involvement for people like me who were not fans of the book franchise and had never played the game. I'm a bit more familiar with WH4k, but don't play it or engage with it, and as a viewer I will be there on day one to watch as at this point I trust his judgment and passion. He made Witcher great and interesting, no doubt he'll make Live Action StarCraft amazing; especially with Bezos footing the bill.


>I think his presence will make up for one of the flaws of RoP: star power. Never mind that, can we please get some *gravitas?* Like actual weight, not narm?


I think the show suffers from being unable to chew gum (world build), and walk at the same time (drive plot) and furthermore has not yet earned my trust as a viewer for me to interpret its "mystery" as anything else than writers not having a clue at this point of where they are going. I liked the final episodes of season 1, but felt the entire season could have been tackled in 3 episodes and started off with the finale instead.


Yeah I'm happy that he's working on this, but the announcement seems incredibly premature. This I too early to have even had to ability to enter production hell yet. There are so many ways this can die before it even gets going through no fault of Cavill's


How else are you going to garner interest if you're trying to keep it secret? This is how ideas become real. You could call this a testing of the waters.


Deadpool got created because of a leak. The entire idea of Deadpool was shelved. Get excitement going, writers, directors and actors that are patient will get in contact and Cavill and his team can start building a machine and the ahead time allows for clearing of schedules.


It was time. 350 books, tons of content, videogames, codexes etc....


With this much content, where does someone even start if they're wanting to get into it?


I would recommend some lore narrators. This one is good. [https://youtu.be/M6M9-oFEKpk](https://youtu.be/M6M9-oFEKpk)


Was hoping you would link Leutin. My absolute favorite WarTuber, and a great way to fall asleep at night.


I want a documentary on the life of orks


Jersey Shore aired over 10 years ago.


Amazon's behind it so, they certainly have the money to invest in it and the will to have a popular, long-term series behind them, especially since Rings of Power proved mediocre at best.


He plays custodes so mabey they will be in it!


I would love some stuff that isn't from the imperium's perspective. Edit: it doesn't have to be the first, the tweet mentions a cinematic universe.


As long as a gretchin fan get gretchin representation, I want a red gobbo film


Greenskins have been neglected for too long!


Yeah let's make the first big Warhammer production about the Demiurg.


So would I but that isn’t likely for the universe launch, they’ll start with something relatable like a guardsman show or movie then move onto more non-mainstream type of stories if they have some successes with the relatable stuff


Then be ready for your disappointment. There is almost no chance the first movie/season however this shakes out is not IG or SM orientated. Most likely vs nids or orks. Painting the IoM as the good guys. It has to be a home run and will be "phase 3" before we get any non-IOM focused stuff. Or the curtain gets pulled back and the "no one is the good guys" truth is revealed.


with him on as exec, and knowing he will just walk away if pushing for proper treatment of lore is not met, this is a very exciting moment.


I like how he could have done anything but he chose his passion. Edit: grammar nazis got to me


Respect him a lot more for it


Could’ve* Sounds like ‘could of’ but means ‘could have’.


If you can do anything why would you choose to do anything other than your passion?


Lol good point


I get what you’re saying, but you also make it sound like Amazon will just cancel things if Cavill walks away from the project due to poor adaptation or needless changing of details. They’ll absolutely continue without him.


Yes but with him as an executive producer and having brought the production company to GW, I dare say he’s going to have enough influence to stop anything before it gets to that stage.


Yeah, if he's the boss, he's a lot less likely to walk away and more likely to dig into whatever contract was signed and see if he can pull his entire show.


GW’s also pretty protective of their IP. Or so I hear. 🥴


I’m interested to see viewing numbers on the next season of the Witcher. Despite how much I enjoyed the show, I have 0 plans to continue watching.


I'm watching 3 for sure. Just to see what made Cavill quit. 4 though I'm not gonna bother.


He’s essentially putting this together as the producer. If anyone is not respectful to the lore he will have the ability to fire them. He won’t be in a position where his only option will be to walk away. It’s exactly the kind of position he deserves to be in after both Witcher and Superman.


When I first heard the rumors a part of me was a bit worried about if the lore would be somewhat accurate. There have been so many recent shows that have taken great IP and turned it into garbage (Halo, Wheel of Time, Rings of Power), while others have been great (Witcher). Seeing Cavill as an Executive Producer is a huge comfort, he gets it and has the same love for the setting as many of us do. In Henry we trust.


No, The Witcher Netflix show was just as awful as the others you mentioned. The games remain the truest to the character, spirit and theme of the books. However, Cavill was still just an actor on that show, without any creative control. Now, I'm no Warhammer buff so I can't speak ot speculate much about this, but I will advise people to remain cautious; being the creative lead or producer on this project only gives him a fighting chance, not a garantuee of success. Do not trust Amazon farther than a stone's throw, if they can mess this up they will likely try to.


Honestly, haven't played the games, only read the books and short stories. As a whole the Witcher literature is very disjointed and can be hard to follow in terms of the timeline. So from my perspective I didn't feel the Netflix series was bad, and I enjoyed it. Definitely wasn't as maddening as other shows.


Season 1 was pretty good for the Witcher in terms of story telling. Sure the time jumps were confusing at times, but at least it stuck to the original story for the most part. Season 2 was an abomination with what they did to Yennefers storyline




They were the best part. Season 1 was great and I'm always surprised that people weren't able to follow what was happening. Season 2 was terrible. It was *actually* all over the place, like they couldn't pick a theme. I kept watching because it's still something, but it immediately turned me off of the series. I'm not at all surprised Henry Cavill left.


The biggest protector of the warhammer IP is GW themselves, they absolutely do not fuck around and are very very hands on, in my experience on working with GW IPs, they didn't let us make anything that wasn't lore accurate.


Bro what, he GUIDES the thing?! Okay, holy crap that .. is unexpected. I expected it to be "Amazon has acquired Warhammer and Henry's gonna star in a project and we all know how that's gonna go \*looks at Witcher nervously, side-eyes Rings of Power\*" Not Henry freaking Cavill leading the goddang charge and being one of the actual creative controllers. Holy moly.


Thats what I said. If Henry is their "loremaster", this might actually end up halfway good.


Slight devil's advocate but do we know if he's up to snuff for that? There's plenty of Warhammer fans that would jump at the chance to make some major changes to the lore. Wouldn't put it past a Custodus player to make the Emperor the good guy for example ;p


Eh, he’s a a guy that walked out on a guaranteed huge paying acting gig because they weren’t faithful to the lore. He almost lost Superman because he was in a WoW raid (been there, boss fights last a half hour the phone can wait lol). I’d say we can be optimistic here There are a lot of franchises that aren’t as lucky as us frankly.


Honestly, even if Henry botches this thing in his own way, I still think it's commendable. It's an actor actually going out of his way to helm a thing he genuinely believes in. That is to be commended, imho, in our by-committee-driven world where every piece of media needs to appeal to everyone and be as broadly marketable as possible.




The Emperor of Mankind is the Light and the Way, and all his actions are for the benefit of mankind, which is his people. The Emperor is God and God is the Emperor, so it is taught in the Lectio Divinitatus, and above all things, the Emperor will protect...


"you dont want me to worship you? FINE! I'll go start my own religion, with blackjack and hookers!" - Lorgar, probably




It's a case of wait and see. I just hope he doesn't make the imperium the "good guys" make them corrupt, make them a bureaucratic hell, that doesn't mean individuals can't be good, just don't sanitize the imperium.


The Imperium looks different to a Guardsman than it does to someone on an agri-world. There's a lot he can do within it. I'd love to see an almost *Ballad of Buster Scruggs* take down, where it starts like a cheery propaganda piece and as the stories unfold the true nature of the Imperium works its way to the front.


Worst-case scenario is that his Imperial favoritism shows, which wouldn’t be any worse than any other 40k media for the past twenty years or so… But even on that, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for as long as I don’t have a reason not to.


In the grim-darkness of the present day….there is one beacon of hope….


All hail Cavill


Normally I would always reply with “AVE DOMINUS NOX!!!!” But today I will reply with “AVE DOMINUS NOX (and Henry Cavill)!!!!”


Hopefully he can surpass everything the witcher achieved just to show how its done properly.


I mean, that is an incredibly low bar to surpass, LOL.


The Witcher was a terrible show compared to how awesome the games were


Season 1 was OK. A decent foundation. Season 2… It sucked aside from the first episode, which was easily the show’s best episode. Probably because it was one of the only episodes (alongside S1E1, easily the next best episode) that was genuinely faithful to the source material.


> Probably because it was one of the only episodes (alongside S1E1, easily the next best episode) that was genuinely faithful to the source material. I mean, how fucking hard can it be? "Guys, this here a series of books. They did great. The games based on them did great too. Lets just copy this and change as little as possible."


Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. If this bombs we’ll likely never get a second chance


If Dune got a second chance, then anything can.


The current Dune iteration is its third chance. So we might actually have to wait until the year 40,000 to see a good adaptation.


4th really. Lynch, Jodorowsky, Sci-fi mini series, and finally Villeneuve


I would kiss that man if I could


Wouldn’t we all


We could kiss him together maybe












What is that gif from?


Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr


He got over that Superman heartbreak real quick


Or maybe that's what pushed him over the edge, I know hes been thinking of a Warhammer universe we all have


Makes you wonder if he was secretly just waiting to get out of his commitments


Cavill: These chains will not hold me.


I'm glad he did they did him dirty


And Witcher That's one I'm still mourning


I wouldn't say real quick. He was fighting for lore accuracy from the very first episode of The Witcher. Surely he got tired of it.


I mean at least he chose to leave that one over creative differences… WB told him He’d be Superman again and made him announce it back in October, then told him never mind you’re fired again this week…. That’s some horse shit right there lol


The guy literally went *"Fuck it, I'll do it myself"* after leaving the Witcher and being dropped from Superman.


It sounds like his girlfriend really pulled out the stops to help make his dream come to light, too. He's very private about his relationship with Natalie, and I imagine she was probably beyond frustrated over the treatment and string of poor luck he has experienced. Sounds like they are a really great team.


First move should be to poach Syama Pedersen creator of the Astartes Project. Everything in those shorts was perfect. The way he captured the weight of the Space Marines. The way they blew that psyker to kingdom come without a moment hesitation. It was the little touches that really brought the whole thing alive.


He works for GW now so he'd technically be available to them. The issue is he's an animator and I presume they're going live action


There will no doubt still be reams of CGI animation. Plus just to be a consultant on HOW things in 40k should look, feel, and sound would be a good role for them.


This. He's the one singular person who got the overall weight and atmosphere right, just hire him as a lead creative advisor and let him do his thing.


And the SPEED. That was hands down my favorite part of the whole thing which is the best representation of Space Marines I've ever seen. When they go at a full sprint it was like OH SHIT. It made up for the years of them being described as "terribly fast" in the books, but then all of their representation in video games they just do this slow, lumbering jog. Damnit now I gotta watch agian.


Okay, *now* I believe it.


If you need to see the Emperor's light to believe it, then you are no believer! Doubt is the path to heresy


Henry is as close to a primarch as we’re gonna get


Hear me out here; Henry Cavill goes full Mike Meyers on 40k and plays the emperor and all 20 primarchs.


I don't see how it could be any different.




I think something along the lines of a smaller cast is the right call. Eisenhorn fits that bill. Let the 40k lore fill out the universe for sure, but focus on an intriguing story. Whats great about Abnett’s series is that they are really just detective novels at heart with a lot of character focused angles. In a lot of ways that’s why the Mandalorian first season was so strong - focus on the story, character and a few locations. Don’t jump around the universe in one go. Don’t try too hard to explain everything little detail. Eisenhorn is great at that.


Exactly this Slowly slowly build the world while giving us Eisenhorn !!!!!


Isn't that being done by a diff studio?


I don't know if we know what studio has it. It was being produced by the guy behind Man in the High Castle.. an Amazon title.. so maybe he is getting Eisenhorn.


They definitely need to get Dan Abnett on board or ADB to be the writer!


Or Graham McNeil. Storm of iron is a fantastic book and the ultramarines books are great as well.


Not really a 40K guy. I would rather see Henry Cavill as Karl Franz, prince and emperor, but I'll give the show a watch just to support Cavill.


I’m wondering, did Amazon get the rights to just 40K, or to fantasy / AOS as well. Because if they did I would be cool to see some fantasy stuff too


Just 40k it seems. On 40klore there is an investor report and it explicity states just the 40k universe.


Ah, shame. Maybe if it’s a success they may look into the other Warhammer properties


You would think with the success of GoT and HoTD, that if a 40k series does good, a fantasy series would do just as good if not better. The old world would on the TV would be absolutely insane to see. Excited for whatever comes of this!


“As of yet unseen”? So, original content? That kinda feels like the way to go, honestly. There’s enough whinging in this community. I don’t want it to be taken over by nerds screeching because a marine showed up in the wrong mark of space marine armor to a Sci-fi fantasy battle or whatever.


I actually just think he means 'higher quality than ever before,' but also I do think Cavill is exactly the kind of dude who would screech if a Marine was wearing the wrong mark of armor, so he'll actually make sure it doesn't happen.




What a chad


This is going to be fantastic for fans. Curious to see how this will influence the hobby itself.


Well Marvel CU has been a huge boost to comic characters. So I assume if they even halfway meet early MCU levels of production it will be very good for the brand.


also don't forget the boost Stranger Things gave D&D in recent years (yes, there were other factors but I mean in the main stream)


5e, CR, and ST were a triumvirate of promoting D&D and expanding table top to the masses.


So we set a series about Alpha Legion with Henry playing Alpharius, Omegon and all Alpha legionnaires


I would assume given his prior trips to Warhammer world that maybe these discussions had been going on in one form or another for some time. Otherwise it feels like such whiplash to go from Witcher to Superman to 40k in a matter of weeks. Still, hopeful to see what they can do with it. Amazon is a bit hit or miss so wait and see I suppose.


>Otherwise it feels like such whiplash to go from Witcher to Superman to 40k in a matter of weeks. "I'm looking forward to playing a joyful Superman." "Haha, NOPE!" "...Oh? Well, plan B: **BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD.**"


Great news. He seems to be really passionate about his projects. But I hope this is the Amazon Prime that brought us the likes of **The Boys, Invincible** and **The Expanse** and not the Amazon Prime that brought us **Wheel of Time** or **Rings of Power.**


Don’t forget the very good Adaption of Jack Reacher.


Could it be that...the studio funding a show is not the main thing that decides whether people like the show?


The thing is, even shows like Wheel of Time or Rings of Power ended up being "meh". Netflix is the one who releases absolute garbage adaptions.


Don't know how to fell about it lets hope cavill stays true to the source


I think we can rest assured that he’ll do his best to stay true. He left the Witcher over how the writers were treating the source material after all. This man’s been an out-the-closet WH fan for a long while.


The first one has to have wide appeal. If they did it from a guardsman or PDF or a hive ganger they might get some good numbers, but if the went "lets show space marine's fighting orks" you'd get the most unrelatable faction vs the wackiest and it might flop. I think something like the Seige of Vraks might work, or maybe an inquisitor. then build into the wider universe.


Unlike apparently everyone else....I don't wanna see Astartes. At all. This is Amazon TV series. The money isn't there to depict them really well. I also don't want battlefields. Again, the money isn't there to depict them really well. I want the gritty adventures of a more clandestine and political cult smashing Inquisitor. The adventures of a Rogue Trader spending an entire episode trying to escape a single Daemonette. The life of a regular crewman on a battleship. All that epic, sprawling shit of battlefields and sieges, entire planets on fire? It should be the backdrop. It cannot be the focus. If it's the focus, the budget won't do it any good.


With henry cavill on the weel this can actually become really great!


weel see about that.


Nerds! I summon thee! Is that the heresy aquila? It looks to me like the modern one, with the left (almost half) being corrupted by the great rift... So not Eisenhorn, then what? Trajan?


I instinctively got a bit skeptical when I saw Amazon, but seeing the degree of passion Henry Cavill has toward Warhammer gives me some genuine optimism toward this project. Hopefully this will help boost the Warhammer brand to new levels of popularity


I have never heard anything about Warhammer in my entire life, but I’m watching the shit out of this show. I want this to be awesome and 10x more successful than The Witcher. Just to show those idiots how successful an adaptation that sticks to the source material can be.


> I have never heard anything about Warhammer in my entire life, but I’m watching the shit out of this show. Welcome to the light, brother. The Emperor protects. Warhammer 40k in 60 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MeVxKZBOfM Short story showing what Space Marines can do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVXEYksoE6c




“Partnering with Natalie Viscuso” like she’s not his actual girlfriend? What weird phrasing. We all know he wouldn’t be able to get this passion project made without her.


"I promise to respect this IP that we love" With just one sentence Henry Cavill put to rest all the anxieties I felt when I saw amazon was part of it. I know it could just end up being broken promises, I'm not naive, but still I choose to trust Henry as he's always seemed genuine while being a true 40k fan himself so I'm optimistic for what will come. IN HENRY WE TRUST!




This sounds great. I'm pretty excited about this. I'm also not holding my breath. If this is true and he is spearheading this project then it still leaves many possibilities for it to not reach fulfillment. It's still very early. While I'm sure he will want to be as true to lore as possible and still deliver a quality and entertaining vision to the small screen (like the Witcher), he could still walk away from the table. I am very hopeful. Time will tell...


I can't believe it, this is an impossible timeline.


Sounds great until I remember he and the writers said the same thing about honoring the Witcher books. So... rings a bit hollow. I don't play Warhammer so I hope you guys all get something great that lives up to it!