• By - grchu


Except the blade which is a bit too clean, the rest is perfect!


I like everything, except the axe head. It's too flat and feels just like a layer of Ironbreaker or the like and nothing else. Needs more texture and depth to it. Could be the lighting of the camera, but it detracts from everything else (which I love by the way.)


Woah 😯😯


As others said, the axe head is too flat, I'd stiple/ sponge/ fable on some brown and orange rust to break up the surface. You could add some silver edge highlights to the armor, I'd focus it on the shoulders. Highlights and volumes are fine, but you couls push it more on some areas. Definitely push the highlights on the face more, make the Tipps of the teeth brighter, maybe pick out the Lipps a bit more. Overall a pretty good paint job, he looks great.


Armor, skin and the wrapping on the axe haft are great, face is amazing!


Hi, I’m looking at getting Warhammer but I can’t find any brushes sold on their own, any recommendations??