Can anyone explain how the banks have manipulated silver?

Can anyone explain how the banks have manipulated silver?




Some Banks basically engage in selling what is called "paper silver" in a process known as 'spoofing.' In November 2018, there was a guilty plea in a criminal case related to spoofing trades by John Edmonds, a former precious metals trader at J.P. Morgan.In his plea in Connecticut federal court, Edmonds admitted that he, along with other “unnamed co-conspirators” at the bank, manipulated the prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium futures contracts from 2009 to 2015. Edmonds said he learned how to make bogus trade orders from senior traders at the bank — and that he used the strategy hundreds of times ***with the knowledge and consent of supervisors.*** To put it simply, they were selling "silver" to investors that only existed on paper and was NOT actually backed up by physical silver bullion. By repeating this process over and over the silver market became flooded with "paper silver" that can be expanded or retracted at any time to raise or lower the price... There has still been no real accountability to put a real end to this practice and there is justified speculation that some banks are still engaging in these shady practices. Making no real attempts to buy physical silver in order to back up the "paper silver" that they sold to investors. I believe that eventually their house of cards will collapse and when it's fully realized that the "paper silver" doesn't actually exist the price of physical silver will rise exponentially.


It's called a futures derivative market. A certain bank ::: cough cough ::: JP Morgan Chase sells unlimited futures contracts into the COMEX market place and violates all of the rules of the COMEX because it holds over 60% of all the silver in that market. Then it spoofs trades ::: fake trades::: on the marketplace and gets a $920,000,000 fine for rigging the gold and silver markets from the US DOJ which called JPMorgan Chase a criminal racketeering outfit. BUT since they are too big too fail. I'm mean above any law of the land. Oops I mean the ruler of the country. NOBODY ever spends a second in jail from that outfit. So basically JPM can make the price of gold and silver whatever they want it to be legally or illegally and if the USGOV steps in, they take a 10% cut of the profits from JPM's criminal racketeering. And this is just a tiny slice of what's going on since 2008......


For every physical Oz the may or even may not even have, the can sell/dump unlimited amounts of paper Silver because they never have to actually deliver the metal. When they dump, the price goes down. It costs them but then they get newly printed fiat dollars and so the circle is complete. This is my simple view on the matter, I am no expert and expect some smarter ape to give a better (and more complete) explanation.


they sell massive amounts of paper silver in the form of futures contracts into the most illiquid times of trading for the purpose of smashing down price.


I would check out the 'newbies start here link' on the side bar. Has a ton of info ​ I think this post from it might answer some of your questions. ​ https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/mbx510/slv\_is\_a\_complete\_scam\_its\_a\_scalp\_trade\_set\_up/


Their manipulation would not work if for example 50M people would be buying 5 oz silver each and every month. But they dont.... They prefer tesla amzn aapl bitcon douchecoin, mansions, boats, etc


Go fund the happy Hawaiian due diligence There is a graphic flow chart of how it works.