Invoice history in MyInventory

Invoice history in MyInventory


My manager said she didn’t think there was a way to reprint. So I wrote on a copy of ship label that I didn’t ever see a copy of the ship list & put the green return sticker on it & sent any way. It’s only been a day, so I haven’t received a “ shame on you” email yet. I’m interested to see if that happens or not


Same thing happened to me. It's been well over a month and haven't heard anything.


I had the same problem. Do you need a fed ex label to send the box out or do I just send it out with the green sticker ??


You should get an inmar label via email in a couple days. Don't print out your own fedex label. We've been having issues ever since we are half rft ... so I printed my own label. Then a couple days later, I got the email - oops. Hope it isnt too big of a deal. But you do need both ... the fedex label and green sticker.