[Yum, this Russian cheese looks nice](https://i.imgur.com/MtqHu6v.png)


Why is he wearing the uniform of a galactic overlord?


He looks like he’s about to steal 1 billion dollars


Red. Hot. Mag-ma.


Because we created the propaganda.


I can't stop laughing your comment caught me off guard hahaha 🤣😂


Because he is big fan of LotGH.


He tries to mimic for Anatoly Kashpirovsky in both appearence and voice intonation. He is a Russian psychotherapist of Ukrainian origin and was utterly popular in the 90s.


Because he's a galactic overlord.


"the following countries will not be nuked by Russia: "Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland. That is all" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lzFx-GFwzk


They think we're too thick to read between the lines. They want us to fight between ourselves. Rather than be united against Russia. No, mate. We'll fight among ourselves - and we should given our national inequality. But we'll also send artillery to Ukraine you savage cunts.


That’s so dark jfc . I need to rewatch some older Simpsons again. Gold.




God I hate it when radiation doesn’t have a visa to get into other countries


Ireland, looking over at Sellafield....."yeah we know!"


We need to stop this radiation by deploying wave machines to tip the boats over


Modern nuclear weapons are considered "clean". You are thinking of dirty bombs.




No I think they are correct. Since mutually assured destruction is a thing theres been a lot of work going in to making those bombs less radioactive and the power better concentrated. They are actively trying to reduce the amount of radioactivity as this an unwanted side effect. How is a weapon useful to you if it takes out your enemies but also your potential allies? The clouds of radiation could even affect your own country if the wind decides to change direction. They are trying to make them less radioactive to counter this problem. It is also a war crime to kill civilians so this would make sure they hit their intended targets only Dirty bombs on the other hand are designed for the very purpose of indiscriminately spreading radioactivity to everyone. This one would 100% be a war crime if used and is generally something most governments would want to avoid.


Not entirely sure Russia gives a shit about war crimes


Exactly. The higher percentage of fission taking place means more kaboom and less fallout. That's what everyone has been striving for since the first were used. Makes the weapon smaller, cheaper and more destructive. Anything that leaves huge amount of fallout at this point is deliberately engineered that way.


I feel like the fallout produced by a modern nuke still has a global impact. Isn't most of a nukes fallout thrown up into the atmosphere via ash and dust. Which could theoretically land anywhere. I did have a little looksy on the web but didn't see anything solid indicating what would be considered a dangerous amount.


Hiroshima and Nagasaki did exactly what you are describing, but they were by modern standards dirty bombs. Little boy was 1.4% efficient. Fat Man was 17%. Modern thermonuclear weapons are orders of magnitude more efficient. That's we have extremely devastating warheads carried on small missiles under planes instead of a gigantic bomb carried in a huge plane. There would be radiation yes. But you absorb more radiation on a flight to Ukraine than you would on a tour in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl. Compared to the early bombs or the Chernobyl disaster the global fallout from one modern weapon would be very little. Whereas in Hiroshima for example the fallout actually killed more people than the bomb did.














Your post was removed as it wasn’t nice or constructive. Repeated bad behaviour will result in a temporary or permanent ban.


Your post was removed as it wasn’t nice or constructive. Repeated bad behaviour will result in a temporary or permanent ban.


Yes I'm sure they'd leave the nuclear subs and missiles at Faslane (Scotland) alone during any preemptive strike.


They would be in the air before the Russian one hit anyway. Quite difficult to hide an ICBM from modern defence systems.


The ones doing the launching won't even be there so there's even less reason to bother. But since Russia is famous for just lying I suspect that Wales, N. Ireland Scotland and even Ireland will be nuked just as much as England.


Irelands a neutral state with no ICBMs


So was Ukraine...


So is Ukraine.


Little known fact, it's impossible for radiation to pass through Offa's Dyke.


Who are these statements even for? Like... jokes aside no one in Wales, Scotland or NI are suddenly thinking "you know what, these Russians ain't all that bad after all".


Imagine daily mail readers, but Russian.


I'd freaking love to see the Daily Mail's take on this. Probably arguing why we should be nuked.


“They wanted devolution, let’s see how they handle a nuke!”


We deserve it and we shouldn't be interfering or something yeah.


I meant why Wales, Scotland, & NI should be nuked instead of/along with England.


The SNP are generally a fairly progressive lot, but there are actually a certain set of Scottish Nationalists who are less progressive. There is a sort who want Scottish Independence from the UK but also Europe. The sort who don't want immigrants, thinking Scotland are better-ff going alone. They kept supporting Alex Salmond all the way, watched Alex Salmond on Russia Today, and kept on drinking the RT kool-aid. Yeah... I know a Scottish guy who genuinely thinks Russia's actions in Ukraine are a perfectly reasonable effort to de-Nazify Ukraine.


The scotexiteer type


Mind letting us know, so we over on r/Scotland can give the bastard the boot


> Who are these statements even for? They are attempting to drive independence rhetoric in the UK. Russia has always hated UK being the influence of Europe and not them. Forever got a chip on their should for the UK and won't move on.




You need to put the crack down buddy. If you think anyone in Wales would be happy for Russia to invade Britain you are literally smoking a whole bunch of crack and should stop for your own sanity. Also playing very fast and loose with the word "plenty" there arent you. I've never met a Welsh person who supports this shit but by all means give your evidence for it if you like? I suspect you are talking shit.


I got downvoted in this sub for saying that communism has failed whenever it's been tried, then when I was asked for examples and provided them I got downvoted for that as well. So this statement may get an annoying amount of traction.


He's more likely to be downvoted because the idea of even the most ardent of Welsh nationalists siding with Russia in an actual war against England is ridiculous - especially after they've nuked the bloody place, irradiating us all in the process.


Has it tho? Were they not all examples of totalitarianism - called communism to appease people. Like have you actually read the manifesto? It seems like right now, due to the abundance of material goods and the concentration of wealth, a move towards actual communism would be the best thing for the planet? Via socialism, of course.




There is more nuance to communism as an ideology than you understand, clearly


Alun Wyn gave them the look.


That look could make the nuke turn around and go back


Pawb A’i Farn has taken a dark turn


Comment of the day. Bendigedig !


Russian equivalent of Fox. Is GB news this bad?


Say what you will about the English... they're not destroying cities in Ukraine on a bullshit pretext.


He seems nice.


Totally has a point about the pyramids though. I laughed.


Welsh people will almost unequivocally continue the poor brutalised Ukrainians & understand that a nuked England would mean environmental disaster & obliteration of our families & friends East of the border. Russia & its leading clique are monsters


Russians genuinely believe statements like this will sow disunity.


Is this supposed to make me like Russia now or something?


Yep, time for everyone to go over and bow down before our new Russian masters for them being so merciful


Of course not. Fuck Russia.


I'm not sure they understand how nuclear war would pan out and that fallout travels fir hundreds of miles....


Thanks, I guess


The bear would be wise not to poke the sleeping dragon


We currently have 225 nuclear warheads. Think that could deal with Russia. That's before NATO gets involved. The irony here is the Russians are ravaging through Ukraine stealing everything they find and shipping it home.


It could deal with all the word, we must stop this militaristic shit. Dude, the irony there is what you belive another sort of propaganda.


Honestly if its between living as an independent state after Russia nuked England just because we supported Russia or die in a blaze of glory with England. Fuck I'd actually prefer option 2, fuck those LARPing MF's.




1 not everyone who want to stay in the union is a concervative 2 I support Welsh independence 3 I'd rather be under the abusive hand of England rather than the totalatarian hand of Russia.


That’s now what I am saying damn obviously I would rather be with England than Russia ima delete my comments since I sound stupid and I didn’t explain myself properly


Fair enough mate.


Thank you for being understanding


I think this is a little bit more than being 'independent from England' lad




For something that is definitely not going to happen you have picked the cowards option really quickly. (ignoring how fucked Wales would be after a nuclear attack on England)


The brackets there were kinda my point. Fuck Russia and it fear mongering bullying, but if anything was to happen we would be fucked anyway.


I was talking the other guy, i agree with you.


Of course, just throwing in what I actually ment with the original comment


Not to defend England or anything but bit hypocritical from a nation that steals other nations and elections in ones it can’t outright invade.


The US has tempered with an awful lot of elections in its recent history to be fair...


Not relevant to the context.


Nah it allows the elections but then if it's someone they don't like they get them killed (see: Allende).


I'm watching this waiting for Mini Me to come out ☝️


I'll just stick my brolly up, then.


I didn't know Ann Robinson could speak Russian. But it does explain her leather trench coat days.


What is wrong with the fucking Russians?


Everything. Everything about them is wrong


The great warrior of good also may famous like rascist.


Well you see There was a certain man, in Russia long ago. 🎶🎶


Anyone know if people in Russia watch or even take this nonsense seriously? Is this like their One America News(OAN)?


I'm from Russia. Mostly old farts are look this show. Among young and middle-aged he is most popular at this sub-reddit than in Russia. He's second name is Solovev (that means Nightingale) and and his show is ironically called Nightingale Litter. I'm though, this is a part of the old episode (may be year or two old) also knowing like meme about propaganda and this showman megalomania in the Russian Net. Or he is going to "sends nukes to England" every year \_( ツ )_/


i just hope they do it carefully. no, not caerphilly for goodness sake! carefully, CAREFULLY


I'll admit I didn't expect to see a solution to the second homes crisis in Wales coming from Russia but it's suitably mad in its scope.


They spared Northern Ireland too, to reunite with the south. Kind chaps


Fallout: New Ireland.


I wonder if nuclear annihilation of tallaght would actually change anything


Round 2 IRA vs the Kremlin


cheers putin


What an idiot


I don’t support nuking anyone. Every town, city, country and even military base has at least a handful of innocent people


A handful? Oh you are so generous


Well I support nuking Cardiff, but thats only because of the Football.


Even Russia?


Even Russia


Yeah that makes us hate you even more. Pretty much everyone in the UK has family in England, nuking them isn't going to make you popular you dumb fuck


Why on earth would I ever give a flying fuck about this guy's opinions on Wales? Let's not pretend he wouldn't nuke us the second they're done with England, he said it himself "(what about Wales?) They've been *quiet*, we'll leave them alone". Given that the refugees that DID manage to get here are doing pretty well all things considered (in school,learning Welsh etc) I don't think it'd take much for Russia to find any excuse to launch their bombs.


A face even a mother won’t like


That works


Battlestar Galactica prick!


I love how hes acting like some almighty being who actually matters and isnt just a Kremlin Puppet


Not sure why this is being shared.


ya....i don't think they understand how Nukes work.


This guy has lead poisoning for sure


Didn't they just say smth similar about Rep Ireland and Northern Ireland being considered unified as all Rep Ireland, in some mad display of desperate pandering


I remember when the Russians were not the laughing stock of the whole world. Even the Chinese are wetting themselves


Do you one better not only is wales independent but we get the rest of the England returned to us and we become Celtic again


Eh the Celts are just as foreign to these islands as everyone else.


But they were in Britain longer than the Anglo-Saxons


Where does this place BAME Welsh people in your pecking order? They've "been here" for a lot less time than even the Anglo Saxons. Should they go home too?


So what?


Oh, gee, thanks i guess. Not like nuking England will leave us unscathed will it 🙄 also what the heck is he on about stealing the pyramids etc? Aren't London's oligarchs wealthy from stolen art?


The British Empire collected a whole bunch of stuff during its peak. A lot of it sits in museums and the now independent countries want it back.


Oh no I know what he's referring to, I just meant the hypocrisy of it


OH fair enough, I see what you mean.


every museum in the world holds pieces from some where else


It is true though, even if it's hypocritical. I laughed.


I’m all for Welsh independence. Maybe I’m being a little crazy though, and excuse me if I am, but I think there might be a better way?


Can't really think of a _worse_ way to be fair!


I think he was semi joking but sick joke


Go and fist yourself ruski!!! And Putin as well!!


He’s a big Stereophonics fan…


well, thats a weight off my mind. Ill miss the english, but eh, what you gonna do.


I guess we don't have to wonder who's funding the various independence movements across the UK anymore A dis-United Kingdom is exactly what Russia would want, as Europe's biggest military force


Funny thing is Russia funds the Tories. Guess it's like rich people raising pheasants and then shooting them


There is still no proof of that and the pro independence parties have been the most critical of Russia. Many things, good and bad, are in Russian interest, it doesn't mean we should not support those movements.


Or maybe… there are people who actually want an independent Scotland and Wales? The only thing that there is some evidence of Russian involvement in is the Brexit result.


You know that the UK is the 5th largest military in Europe? Also, in decline... ​ https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-biggest-standing-armies-of-the-european-union.html


You can’t be serious if you’re suggesting Italy has the biggest military in Europe. Military force is much more then headcounts


Agreed, headcounts are not the full story, but you said 'biggest'. ​ >Obvious\_Buffalo1359 . 2 hr. ago > >I guess we don't have to wonder who's funding the various independence movements across the UK anymore >A dis-United Kingdom is exactly what Russia would want, as Europe's biggest military force


Th British army is pretty useless at the moment.


hmm still one of the best trained in the world,


I think the Tories have done the most work to bolster independence movements around the UK.


At last, some sensibility.


That's progress since chernobyl.


You need to reconsider your stance on Russia then. Being on their bad list is a badge of honor.


Yeah they want Ireland left alone apart from the radioactive tsunami part, very kind and considerate of them, if you think about it really really hard and do some mental gymnastics as well.


he is Russian, but he isnt wrong about the British museum


Also conveniently forgets that the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg is also full of stolen Egyptian, Greek, Assyrian, etc. artefacts. As is the case with most major European museums really, always found it curious how the British museum seems to be the only one criticised for it however.


Just being the biggest empire makes you the perfect example. Obviously no European nation that existed pre 1900 can really say anything but yea.


I would love to see wales as a world power tbh


Ifan Williamsnki - Penaeth Plaid Gomiwnyddol Cymru


He’s ok in my books lol


As an English person, I agree


Don't you hate it when you agree with that one person you don't like


You think England should be nuked?


I didn't realize this was controversial, I thought everyone wanted to nuke England


Yeah or how it’s not supposed to be taken that seriously.


You genuinely think millions of people should die? There was one other guy in history that thought that. Still not controversial?


I was obviously kidding idk why you had to bring Churchill into it


Sigh, edgelords.




I'm not even English and I think you suck.


This guy gets it.


I think if you could nuke England and leave the rest unscathed a majority in EU would be for it /s


I kinda like this guy.




I'd take that tbh. Awful outcome for everyone, but slightly less awful for Wales. So... Yeah. It's not going to happen though. Russia won't use its nukes. That would be the biggest act of suicide ever.


Bit harsh mate


That's fucking funny lmao


"Fuck England, y'all are chill"


My boyfriend will have to swim over the channel quickly then 🤷🏻‍♀️


Let's just all move to Wales then.


That's happening already.


By mX


Thing is we'd die to the radiation. If they really hated england more they should nuke us and let england take the radioactive blast. Or nuke nobody, whatever.


>Or nuke nobody, whatever. No need for this kind of extremist bosh


Talk about divide and conquer


Given Russia's word is its bond it's now more likely they just use their entire nuclear arsenal on us, or at least the equipment thats still actually functional, than England with one or two missiles hitting England just due to how shitty russian weaponry is


Should this be under faceplate?




Oh no… the rest of the UK will accuse us of communism now.


Can they Not Bomb The 'Soho' shop in Chester please 🙏 - it's decent & about the only decent shop left I can travel to get my 'Soho pants' & Funky Tops! Don't agree with the ethics of Russia like, but I'm Welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🙂 Soooo, just leave that Shop lol 😂


The world is seeing the Russians for the crazy loons they have become or maybe always have been.