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WTF hope no one was upstairs


Yeah, that bullet went somewhere...


people seem to forget this a lot, every bullet goes somewhere


"No matter where they go, there they are"


"Hey! There you are!" "Hi... do I know you?" "No, but that's where you are! You're there!"




Like when they shoot them up in the air... they come back down pretty fast too.


I have a bullet by my front door from last 4th of July. It's been dubbed "Mr Bullet", we say hello to it daily. A great reminder that the area I live in likes to celebrate by shooting in the air. I try and get out of town now during the 4th. Mr Bullet is a humbling reminder life can come crashing down at the blink of an eye. Thank you Mr Bullet, for being a daily reminder


Hello and commiserations fellow bullet finder! I've found a couple on my property --one came through the roof of my screened in porch. It's not a nice feeling to be reminded of what could happen for no good reason :(


I'm from Virginia and there was a child killed a few years ago from a stray bullet they think was shot like that on the 4th of July. It's been a long time and no one has come forward with any information.


Just watched a video and they only do if they’re shot at an angle. They fall waaay slower if they’re shot straight up. Doesn’t really help the case though bc people rarely shoot them directly vertical.


Not sure how much margin there is for error in terms of slight deviation to the angle but it’s pure luck to be able to shoot up at a perfect 90 degree angle consistently. Everyone moves at least a tiny bit, even more in such an unnatural firing position so you’d need a gun to be fixed in some sort of vise or propped up against something and have the barrel at a perfect 90 degree angle for it to go straight up and down and travel slower. Assuming there’s some effects from the wind that need to be added in too.


You, my dude, would enjoy reading about artillery calculations.


Lol I probably would, as exhausting as that reading can be sometimes. I’m still getting through Applied Ballistics for long range but I’m sure plenty of the stuff would carry over. I was more so talking about being like 10ths of a degree off instead of a perfect 90, how much that would affect the speed it comes back down at.


You can test the margin with a football. If you can throw it and it stays spiraling until it hits the ground, a bullet at the same angle kills. As you aim higher it will eventually stall out of it's spin and tumble. That's more or less the non-lethal zone; a narrow upward cone.


The Mythbusters tested it. If you shoot perfectly straight up with very little wind, it will tumble back down to earth at a much slower speed. If you are off by a fraction of a degree, it will arc and come down fairly fast


It was mythbusters that tested this and if shot straight up the bullet only falls at its terminal velocity which is relatively slow. Could still give you a nasty bump on the head but not lethally. If you shot as straight up as you could it would probably achieve the same effect. The winds higher up push it around to such a degree that it's just like dropping a bullet at some point. Never at an angle though, that kills.


[If you pull the trigger you are ruining someones day somewhere](https://youtu.be/hLpgxry542M)


Video is cropped, her 4-6 y/o sister was a few feet behind her!


Judging by the stupidity she shows, no one has ever been upstairs


Another thing to worry about, my neighbor downstairs accidentally shooting me in the ass


There goes the hearing in that ear


Mawp... mawp...


I don't know if I would prefer the mawp mawp over the constant and unending eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Speaking as someone with tinnitus from too many ranges - I’ll take the mawp mawp


You wanna know what is fucked? I was always the nerd with ear pro in, for even dumb shit like running a shop vac or using the old .22. caught a lot of shit for it too, but my dad went deaf in one ear so I was always careful. Well, I went ahead and got cancer, and it turns out the chemo fucks your body hard, including your hearing, so now I have massive tinnitus anyways. Fucking bullshit lol.


My dude, that sucks. I am sorry you have to go through all that. I got no one to blame but myself - young T-Money93 trusted the old timers at the dove hunts that “ya don’t need ear plugs to shoot a 20 gauge out in the field you’ll be fine!” …..bastards.


Hey, don't matter how it happened, I stand with my eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee homies. Shit sucks!


Sorry to hear that, hope you’re okay. Didn’t know you could get tinnitus from chemo.


Thanks partner! There's like a ton of different chemo, but mine was a kind with platinum that gets all up in the ear gubbins. Hey it worked though, so I'm all for it compared to the alternative!


What's the mawp?


I don’t even know but after 10 years of eeeeeeEEEEEEeeeee I’m open to try mawp


Huh, thought the mawp was referring to the sfx for failure (Mawp mawwwp)


That's womp womp, I believe?


Think it's an Archer reference?


Same, I’m ready to switch it up a bit


Pretty sure it's an archer reference


Yeah. It's the thing he says after a gun fight has gone on for a bit to see if he can still hear. One of those ongoing meta jokes of "if spies actually did have shootouts, it would be more like this and hilarious."


In "Archer" the title character loses hearing due to a gun being fired near his head in a car. He says "mawp" a bunch throughout the episode, seemingly to test the degree of his partial deafness. It becomes a recurring gag in the series.


archer reference, the titular character says that repeatedly every time anything happens to him that's loud enough to fuck your ears up


This is why I love when cicadas are out. Everyone else gets to hear that sound too...


oh god, you just reminded my brain to hear it. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


The mawp mawp fades into the eeeeeeee, you don't get to choose


Mawp mawp? What is that, extreme muffling?


Danger zone




Jesus, Lana! The helium! You'll kill us all!


Baboo! You bobtailed bitch!


Earlier today I wanted to look up the bomb defusal scene and discovered that "Jesus, Lana, the helium!", isn't how the quote goes. I've been saying it wrong for years. It's "Lana, be careful! Jesus, the helium!!"


Damn you tinnitus. You're a cruel mistress.


That's super bad for you.






Wait, I'm not the only one that says that?!


There's tens of us!


If you visit the Archer subreddit you'll find that they all say it! Along with the same other four running jokes they've been repeating for like 15 years lol do you want ants? Laaanaaaa. Mawp. DANGER ZONE!


This is also why, if you have guns in your home, you take everybody to the range - regardless of their interest level at the time - and demonstrate how to safely handle the guns you have. Guaranteed this girl had never seen or heard a real gun fire before - so to her, it just looks like a bad-ass thing to pose with on TikTok (or wherever). Even if they don't have an interest in learning how to shoot, everyone in my house knows how to safely handle, or make safe - then handle - the guns in our home.


I don't have guns. My friend does and keeps them in his lock box(Australian law) when going from home to shooting(pigs or roos) he has them unloaded and takes something out(I can't remember what he said he takes out) all 3 of his girls have had time firing his gun in a safe space just so they know what they are like and how dangerous they are. He is a smart man. Another note, I went down the road the other day and came home to a house that stunk of smoke and my 10 &12 year old had gotten my lighter(on the top shelf) and were burning toothpicks because they wanted to see what a match looked like


That was the bolt I think it's called. We don't have handgun only rifles and the bullets, rifle and bolt need to be locked away separately. The police will randomly show up to make sure


That's great but kids are fucking stupid, no amount of lectures from Dad at the range fixes that. I grew up in Alaska where we hunted basically as soon as we could hold a pellet gun. My best friend's idiot older brother almost killed me joking around with an "unloaded" gun. Luckily, when I threw a fit about him pointing the gun at me he pointed it to the side before he pulled the trigger "to prove I was a pussy". Turned out it was loaded and blew a giant hole in his bedroom door and the floor of the hallway. We literally had all taken competition shooting in school, and of course been to the range with Dad but none of that overcame the basic fact that *kids are fucking stupid.* You're the adult, lock your dangerous toys up like an adult.


Seriously. Taking kids to the range solves for the curiosity. You can't solve for stupid. And ALL kids are stupid sometimes, and parents don't get to choose when or with what.


What is it with best friends’ idiot older brothers? I have a similar but less severe story, I was airsofting with some friends including my best friend and his older brother. We took a water break, and he pointed an ‘empty’ automatic electric airsoft gun at me and laid on the trigger. I threw a fit and he was like “stop being a pussy it’s empty,” and right that moment a single bb that was somewhere in the recesses of the magazine came out and hit me right in the eyelid. No major damage but damn was i pissed…






For damn sure. Give it a couple of years


Why would it take a couple of years to materialize?


Better than being dead I suppose.


Fucking hell, that was close.


I was at an indoor range with my dad and one of his friends. This friend dropped something while holding my dads loaded pistol, and he bent down to pick it up - awkwardly, and pointed the gun, finger inside the trigger guard, at his own head. My dad gave him endless shit and never went to a range with him again.


My cousin's best friend owns alot of guns and would even call him a gun expert. I refuse to go shooting with him at all due to the fact that he use to like to play around with loaded guns like they were toys. Pointing at my cousin and once at MY best friend. Told my cousin, if he did it again I'm shooting him and claiming self defense, he never did it again least when I was around. Also,pointed a loaded gun to his own head, with one of those barrel safety where the gun won't fire if you have it pressed against something and pulled the trigger.Honestly, surprised he hasn't killed himself or my cousin to be honest.


Scariest story I have isn't even mine. But when I was going through gun licensing (Canada) my instructor told a story from when he was very young. Like 20ish. A friend was throwing a house party. Said friend was runing around with a 12ga shotgun pointing it at people and laughing as it "wasn't loaded." My instructor, who at the time had lots of training from family etc, started hard into him about how absolutely stupid that was. Was told "whatever bro it's not loaded". Instructor asked for the gun, was given gun, proceeded to hold the action open and pumped out 6 rounds of 12ga buckshot......party immediately stopped dead quiet and everyone left. That story still horrifies me. And now anytime I get shown a gun or handed a gun, even if I actively see the owner clear it, I also still clear it.


That reminds me of all the pictures you see of gun stores that keep a clear bucket on the counter for all the "unloaded" guns they've been handed that have one in the chamber. They're always full. I've also heard of people breaking the golden rule at gun stores - if you walk in with a gun, have it unloaded, bolt open/slide to the rear, openly carrying it outside the case. *Do not* under any circumstances pull a gun on the guy behind the counter or you'll be looking at the business end of his gun with the quickness


Are you saying walk in with the gun in that condition outside of the case? I’ve always been taught to have the gun unloaded, action open, trigger lock on, inside the case. The tech can open the case with me stood back, invite me to do the trigger lock after they’ve confirmed it’s empty or ask for the code, and there’s no anxiety on their end about confirming the condition of the gun when you walk in carrying it.


Yeah that's some wild west bullshit. Keep bringing it in the case. What he wrote is literally true "do not pull a gun on the guy behind the counter" lol that's true everywhere, but the general advice is terrible


It was about he FELT!


I have been seconds from throwing hands at people just for pointing an unloaded gun at me. You always get the same "dude it's not loaded lol there's no mag and it's locked to the rear" but that's not the point, that shit builds bad habits and before you know it you pick up a gun you think is unloaded and blow your friend away. Also staring down the barrel of a gun is just not fun no matter what


My friend went to the range and the guy in the lane next to him rented a pistol and shot himself in the head right next to him. But this guy did it intentionally. My buddy was mentally scarred.


Jesus Christ hope your buddy is doing ok... I would probably never go to a range again.


That’s not uncommon, it’s why my grandpa says he doesn’t go to ranges that rent guns, that and the people renting tend to fuck around more.


In California they don't let you rent a gun at a range if you're alone. Have to bring a friend or have your own gun to shoot.


Ugh sorry to hear about your buddy - an old indoor public range had at least 4 or 5 suicides, thankfully none while I was there.


Yeah most ranges don’t let you rent a gun unless someone is with you. This happens a lot…


I was at a range doing my shooting test for an armed security license. Guy next to me had been complaining about having to take "such a childish test" since he claimed he had years of experience shooting. So one of the first tests is to stand 5ft from the target, draw, fire twice, then holster all when commanded by the instructor. Idiot decided after his shots were fired that he was going to do some fancy finger spins with the revolver and ended up firing a shot hear his foot. Everyone was happy to see the instructor drag this asshole off the range, yelling at him the entire time. Supposedly he banned him from applying for the license again but don't know for how long.


> finger inside the trigger guard, at his own head I would not know how to react to that situation. Trying to grab/smack it away might trigger it. Trying to shout might make the person flinch


This reminds me of that video with two kids in the bathroom. One of the kids shoots the other then almost immediately shoots herself. Horrifying video.


Not seen that, quite happy to go without, thankyou.


lol same... hard pass.


Those screams from the family when they see the bodies is heartbreaking.


Yep. My first thought was, "I can think of a worse one."


My Morbid curiosity wants to see that video. Edit: god I regret my decision.




holy christ, that's just... I don't even know how to react to that


Existential despair. You’re welcome. Get to it.


I was in shock throughout the entire video.


The question is… Did the girl purposely kill herself after shooting her cousin or did she accidentally shoot herself too?


The conclusion from the threads when the video was posted is that it was a deliberate action, albeit one associated with shock and fear. Bunch of Reddit commentators does not a coroner's report make, but I personally agree with the consensus


That's probably not a question anyone will ever be able to answer. We can only speculate.


My opinion is that the likelihood that she had another negligent discharge from picking up the weapon is very low. The brief pause and the way she positioned herself back up points to suicide to me. And just imagining myself in that situation as a dumb panicky kid, I'd probably do myself in too rather than deal with the shame.


I tried to google it for ya but I'm only getting news reports about the video. Honestly I wish I had never seen it, but I get that morbid curiosity from time to time.


It's in /r/firearms, it's from an insta live, not gory, but the kids have the phone propped in the bathroom and it all happens fast.




Yep, this video is incredibly mild by comparison


she's old enough to have been taught not to do this.


Wife is an Audiologist. She said that’s about 140dB. Her ear is gonna ring and may have permanent damage.


Most people really dont understand how loud gun shots are, esspecially in enclosed spaces.


Movies have wildly distorted our perception of gunfire. Even "silencers" are still a lot louder than the ᵖᵉʷᵖᵉʷᵖᵉʷ movies have lead the public to believe.


There are guns that are Hollywood quiet, but they're *highly* specialized. For examle the [Welrod](https://youtu.be/d12AjvEsaHg)


.300 blackout subs w/silencer is really quiet


Smack two 2x4s together. That's what a silenced 9mm sounds like.


That's why they're called suppressors, not silencers. Another thing hollywood gets wrong.


Silencer is the legal term, [source](https://www.atf.gov/firearms/firearms-guides-importation-verification-firearms-gun-control-act-definition-silencer) File with the ATF and see what it says on the forms. Suppressor is the term that really should be used though. Dropping a 140 db sound by 30 db still makes it 110, which is essentially a chainsaw. The DB drop is in the same range as hearing protection.


Interchangeable tbh. The original patent names them as "silencer". You get the right caliber of subsonic with a good can and they can be damn quiet.


This is correct. While I have never personally shot it, I understand that, using an appropriate suppressor, you can shoot 300 Blackout without hearing protection. That's pretty quiet. It's not "silent" in the way Hollywood presents it, but it's much, much quieter than an ordinary rifle shot. I think "silencer" is appropriate in this case.


My suppressed bolt action 22 sounds like an air rifle


Heat was not like this.


Super fucking loud. I was shooting my .357 at the open air range and my buddy 2 stands down said he could feel it in his chest.


I shot an sw500 short barrel at an indoor range. You could feel it in your soul. Lots of heads poked out of the stalls to see what it was I was shooting. I couldn't imagine the sound without ear pro on.


How much are those rounds costing these days?


Too much


to be fair..a 357 is fucking LOUD compared to smaller, more common pistols. A 9mm browning or glock will just be a little snap, while a 357 is a THUD you feel through your entire body even 20 feet away.


9mm is definitely not just a little snap without hearing protection though… I know that’s not what you were talking about. But those shits are still LOUD


A little snap compared to the .357 sure. But shooting a 9mm inside with no ear pro is still loud as all fuck.


I shot a .357 in a closed range, that was divided into two section, with a door and wall between them. People in the other side heard me, and wondered what was going on.


Mine is a Dan Wesson. Heavy vented barrel. She’s a buet, Clark.


Thanks hollywood


The show Archer taught me that


Mawp... Mawp




I once forgot to put my ear muffs on Before shooting and shot one round of 124 grain 9mm and my ears were ringing for a few minutes. It definitely sucks.


Now imagine having that sound 24/7 365 lol welcome to my miserable Tinnitus life


I always crack a 5.56 once before remembering my plugs aren't even in. You can feel it in your teeth.


I went shooting outside recently and there was a group already out there of 4 young men, redneck type. I had full ear protection + plugs. Shooting 5.56 and 9mm, these guys had no ear protection at all and shooting all kinds of shit. They are definitely going to need hearing aids. I've shot my rifle one time with no ear protection and will never do it again, my ears were ringing and it was actually painful.


Had some dumbasses doing this at my local indoor range a few weeks ago. They rented shotguns, took their protection off, proceeded to shoot til someone told staff who made them leave for refusing to wear ear protection. My local range has a two strike rule for this sort of thing before revoking range access for several months. Could feel that shit reverberating in my chest the shots were so loud, they had to either already be deaf or guaranteeing it to happen in the future.


Serious question for her: at what level does sound become an explosion?


Past the speed of sound, sound waves become shockwaves.


[At a pressure ratio of 8.98](https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/normal-shock-wave) This is the point where a normal shock forms. 9 bar overpressure is approximately the pressure at 90 metres under water by the way.


194 db is when a soundwave has so much force it just kinda pushes the air in front of it instead of being an actual sound wave so... maybe that answers your question? It would be the equivalent of firing about 10000 shotguns at the same time and place.


As a firearm owner I cannot imagine how fucked her hearing is. Not just that but the shockwave near her brain.


Pretty sure that was her gun, she's just an idiot


She maybe lives in an apartment and that round just passed through ceiling and struck someone upstairs. Probably not but dot f around with guns. Friends won’t think you are cool when they hear that you are dead for a short video clip you thought was cool


I was once friends with a dude who was decently well off. Like, only had a job because he wanted extra fun money because he can easily live off of his yearly dividends, well off. He calls me one day, really frantic. He has a negligent discharge. The details? **He was riding a fucking hoverboard while messing with his revolver, that he thought was unloaded, fell off and shot into the fucking ceiling.** Thankfully he was the top floor, and he later found the bullet wedged in some small wood framing, but I sure as fuck laid into him and told him how lucky he was that no one was struck. He made some other selfish short sighted decisions later on and I had enough. Glad I distanced myself from that dude.


I hate the fact that I can be minding my own goddamned business in my own goddamned house and this shit can happen.


I have a friend from college who’s brother was laying in bed one night and something like this happened downstairs. The bullet hit his spine and he was paralyzed from it and nearly died. Crazy how life can change in an instant from some idiot


Time to invest in a block of concrete under my bed now that I have a new irrational fear.


If you need to be told to keep your guns secured away from kids, maybe you shouldn't be breeding.


Nor owning a gun...


Nor breeding


Nor owning a gun


And definitely not breeding guns!


My ex mother in law was living with me and my wife and our two kids (ages 1 and 10), I found a little 22 with loose bullets in an old shoebox in her closet. I told her she had to get the gun out of the house since it wasn’t secure and we had kids. Her response was “where do you want me to put it then?” I said “the fact that you don’t know where to put your gun shows me you shouldn’t have one”


How *you* keep *your* gun stored safely is *your* responsibility. You explicitly accepted that responsibility when you purchased a gun.


She was few inches from seeing her brain splatter on the wall.


Well she definitely wouldn't have seen it.


If I’ve learned anything from Lockpicking Lawyer it’s that [gun safes](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5YsZLJ5FjY&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ) are [often hilariously](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Chu4mvEUc5I&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ) and [disastrously](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5Ge05TOyA8&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ) complete [junk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4SjajIO5qo&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ), and [trigger locks](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRve0s4iWzI&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ) are [no better](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8AP5XYs8jg&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ) and don’t get me started on [police cruiser locks](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF0uiRS8asc&feature=share&si=ELPmzJkDCLju2KnD5oyZMQ). Seriously, he had dozens of these. Terrifying how many of these are in use in homes with children.


Sadly, you will not find good safes on LPL's channel. Bosnian Bill has videos on his channel where he actually showed some decent safes.


Why you should teach your fucking children.


I work with a guy who doesn’t lock up his guns and says he intentionally doesn’t teach his kids how to use them because then they won’t be able to shoot them. Apparently he thinks kids are too stupid to pull a trigger and push buttons.


That man should have his kids or guns taken from him, if not both.


Sounds like he is going to have his kids taken away soon.


One by CPS, the other by hearse.


I’ve taught my kids gun safety since they were old enough to be able to hold one. Drill gun safety into their heads over and over again. Take them shooting when they’re old enough. Once a kid shoots a gun and sees how powerful and violent it is, all that mystique is gone. There’s no “I wonder what…” about it. Everyone should be taught gun safety.


Mind if I ask a question? My 5 year old is really enamored with firearms right now. He knows there are guns in the house and I always keep them locked up. I’ve given him the lecture on the four cardinal rules multiple times, and I have an M & P 22 that I intend to let him shoot at some point. Is next spring too early? He’s a good kid, but still has some nervous boy energy that makes me pause.


Controversial comment: It may be worth getting a CO2 powered Airsoft gun, ideally one that's dissimilar to any of your real firearms, and teaching him gun safety with that Rather than him blowing a hole in someone accidentally, it'll just sting a bit, whilst still providing a useful training tool with recoil and safety switch


Not a bad idea. Thanks for this.


Any gas blowback airsoft pistol really. Some Co2 airsoft pistols don't blow back. The blowback gas guns will operate like the real thing, with mags, mag release, safety switches, slide racking to ready the first shot, and operational hammers.


A kid that age can absolutely shoot \*with serious adult supervision.\* Knowledge, experience, and good training will do much more fore safety than locks. I second the other person who mentioned excited kids instinctively turning around in excitement when they get the first few good shots off, so be careful with that. Frankly, that's easier to manage with a young kid and a heavy rifle that they can't easily swing/have to shoot while resting. Low power bb rifles are also great for practice and comfort. The 10 pump Daisy pumped twice is good for training, is pretty safe, and can be increased with age and experience.


I have that .22, excellent gun to train with, light, short, no recoil. He should be fine as long as you're almost wrapped around him. On your knees, looking over his shoulder, ready to grab the gun if he swerves the muzzle. LOL, you know how kids are. First round on target and he'll want to spin around and smile at you. BTW, just got a 10-round mag for mine. Much fun! That would be ideal for your young man. Lightweight and out of the way.


A 10 round mag sounds like a good idea. Yeah, we live rural, so the first few trips will be to a safe spot in the desert where I can be all over him.


also, consider extra life and disability insurance for your children if they expose kind of mindless behavior on a regular basis. See it as an investment.


There was a little boy in my old town that shot and killed his twin brother when they were 5 years old. They figured out how to get into the gun safe somehow. I learned this when I was helping out with a kind of scout troop that my little brother was in. I was in highschool at the time and I was one of the volunteer scout leaders for a trip. This little boy was always holding my hand while we were on our hikes and tours. He was 8 years old at the time and was very quiet for the most part. He definitely had some PTSD and separation issues that I could see but no one told me the circumstances. He was always very shy but would easily start to panic if he was left alone too long. On one of our hikes, he looked at me randomly while we were walking and said "if you knew what I did, you wouldnt want to be friends with me anymore." I just smiled and said, "that's not true!" He then stopped and looked down at the ground. I knelt next to him and told him again that it wasnt true but he just responded with "but I killed my brother" without looking away from the ground and he started to cry. I hugged him and told him we were still friends and that it wasn't his fault and we waited until he was ready to rejoin the group. I went and discussed it with an older troop leader later who told me the story. Dad was sent to prison and his mom told the boy constantly not to tell people what he did or they wouldn't want to be his friend. Instead he seemed to take this as he was not allowed to have any friends. It has been more than 10 years and my family and I moved to a different town not too long after this. But this still makes me cry sometimes. I hope that kid is ok and got help that he needed.


Looking at her hair when she should really be googling local audiologists.


What'd you say? All I heard was *eeeeeEEEEeeeeeeeEeeeeEeEEEeee*


Molp Molp


Is this a reference to something? There's a similar comment above spelling it mawp mawp. Or is it a noise you hear after discharging a firearm right next to your ear? I'm only (all too) familiar with the eeeeeeeeeeeee form of tinnitus.


I think she's looking at her skull to make sure her brain isn't leaking out. Granted, you think that'd be obvious if you're still alive, but an unexpected shock from something you know is lethal....you don't really think straight.


Should be googling funeral homes at this rate.


Like none of you haven't had a good old desk pop


You're not a real cop until you do a desk pop.


Jimmy, when was the last time you had a desk pop?


September '08


Not that it’s a competition but there’s a worse example for this. Video of some kids live streaming with a gun in the bathroom and the older kid accidentally pulls the trigger and kills her sister and immediately realizes what she’s done and turns the gun on herself and pulls the trigger. All while on IG live.


The Cardinal Rule has been broken. The Cardinal Rule is: "Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until it's time for the pew pew."


And now she has bangs. (Get it?)


Education is also important....every gun is loaded...period.


This video is cropped from the original which shows a toddler running around in the background


Not only locks but train them in gun safety. Training is also effective in their friends house too.


100% guarantee that this kid was never taught gun safety in any way.


Did you deduce that from the way she loaded it, then put it up to her head, then pulled the trigger?


Because the parents were never taught gun safety. Guns locked over here. Ammo locked over there.


A gun lock? How about a gun safe? How about gun owner education and parents educating their kids. The parents must have been busy on tiltok.


That woman is the ones with kids and her parents probably don't even know what Tiktok is




Was right


You know that ear ringing


You can lock as much as you want it's no substitute for proper safety training and respect for what you're holding


> Why you should ~~use gun locks if you~~ *never* have kids **FTFY**


Safety always off


Cyrus is a friggin dick


What a fucking idiot