Does anyone know where this is?




How valuable are cell phones there that you can justify a 5+ man team to steal them?


I want an answer to this, but I think it's a bulk model for them. Do this a few times in a day, you get a handful of phones a day. Factory reset, and voila, phone you can sell.


But you just block the IMEI and it can't be used on any telecom network in the world. So....why? :/


A lot of the time it's not that hard to change the IMEI. I guess on super modern phones it's harder but ~10 years ago when I was really into modding android it was very possible.


Spoofing is a thing. They can sell it with a spoofed IMEI, it works for a brief period then gets banned by the provider.


these guys (or the guys they sell to) probably know tech people who can jail break or whatever. besides they can get lots of good data off these phones if they can crack the security


You cant factory reset Google pixels. Still requires a login that was used in the phone previously.


The cheapest smartphones start from about 0.5 times the minimum wage. So they can make half a month worth of salary from just one very cheap phone, much more if it is expensive.


The phone is unlocked when they take it. If they are quick enough they can use money sending apps or buy things.


Very possible but unlikely. This is Brazil and they may have different requirements but I imagine their mobile banking institutions would also require some sort of passcode or biometrics to enter apps and send cash.


That seems unlikely. If you are answering a call the phone stays locked, and I'm guessing most people that walk and talk on the phone are doing so because they received an incoming call. The thieves also have to hide the phone and act casually while the victim is looking around so it's a little difficult keeping the phone active. Finally, in my experience most sensitive apps require additional authentication when you open them up so unless the owner used one of his sensitive apps just prior to the theft, they aren't getting access to those apps.


Where are the off-duty police when you needed them?


It looks like off duty cops doing the robbing.


Nah, they shoot pickpockets, no questions asked. Walking version of “call an ambulance! But not for me”


e v e r y w h e r e


Off having some R and R with the underaged prostitutes they shake down for “protection” money…




Warm Russia.


Maybe Russia is cold Brazil


The country I will never visit Edit: ITT be salty and sus Brazilians Edit2: I live in a city that has a sketchy reputation and constantly gets made fun of, so I get the bitterness that Brazilians have about living in a country with a sketchy rep. Perceptions won’t change quickly, even if your personal experience “wasn’t that bad”


As you should


Only via Google Earth! Even then I would be cautious.




Its in Brazil, more specifically São Paulo


Downtown São Paulo, Brazil.


A former collegue of mine broke a dudes arm for trying to steal his wallet on vacation. He somehow managed to grab him and broke the guys elbow to the other side. Thats what should happen to every single person who does that shit.


You can just as easily end up dead for it too.


There were literally 5 people in on it... I don't like those odds.


if you EVER see five dudes ganging up on someone you should always step in and help there's no way he could fight off six of you


LOL, Jesus Christ!


Not even Jesus could save em. Well maybe from sin…


What if Jesus knows Kung-fu?


Dr. McNinja taught me about the inverse ninja law though, so be careful if you're all ninjas. One ninja? You're in trouble. An army of ninjas? They're about to go down, hard.


3-4 were elderly


ehh if they are doing this they have old man strength is my assumption there is geezer silicon valley programmer old man strength and brazil grew up in the 70s and stayed alive until now strength


but had knifes


Yeah, but the knives were old too


The knives contain potassium benzoate EDIT: I was going for a simpsons reference, but reddit lore will do too






Top tier. I Luv this joke


The dreaded poop-knife


This is Brazil the odds are yes someone had a weapon.


like the victim?


Pickpockets generally run in groups with specific roles. The movies often portray pickpockets as super artsy and delicate but it’s often more thuggish than you’d expect. A hard bump, hands go all over, and the prize is passed off quickly in case of accusation. The world of recording has actually done a lot to deter this type of behaviour. These dudes are clean for such bold behaviour. Locals might know not to out them depending on where they are.


I knew of tourist in Honduras who was Israeli special forces and got mugged and fought back. He would have won, but four other guys came out of nowhere and they all beat the shit out of the Israeli.


“Now, I didn’t know how many of them it was going to take to whoop my ass, but I knew how many they were gonna use, and that’s a handy piece of information to have”


Six bouncers *hurled* me outta that bar like I was a frisbee ...


I was drunk in a bar. You threw me *into* publi-k.


wait what is this from?


Ron White's stand up from like ... 2004?


Blue Collar Comedy Tour, if memory serves.


Ron White was by far the best comedian on that thing and it wasn't even close. I was a fan of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour when I was a kid and then absolutely hated it as a teenager and now can appreciate it again for what it is. But I never got sick of Ron White during that time. That show doesn't work without him.


I really hate Larry the Cable Guy. I think Jeff Foxworthy is cringe worthy. Bill Engvall is pretty forgettable. But Ron White is fucking hilarious.


I think it's super interesting how he's grown over the years. Went on a psychedelic journey, stopped drinking even though it was basically his schtick (he still has a glass of fake booze during shows), and is overall doing his best to find peace. My guy.


tater salad?!


That joke is funny sure, but it's not about the punchline. It's the whole set up, the journey to it. You're already laughing at the sub jokes and his indignity. You're laughing AT him, but also with him. Then he tells you the teeup at the end, and he makes the remark about the cop having known him his whole life. This is what primes you for the payoff. It's a fucking brilliantly crafted joke, but people pretend it's just a funny punchline.


100% he's 10000000x better than the dorks he toured with. I can't watch Larry - that type of humor makes me cringe.


I get it, but I really don't feel like getting into legal trouble in a different country. Recently went to Rome and I was worried about this. Thankfully we only had one pickpocket try to get us and we stopped it in time.


Where in Rome where you? I was lucky I didn't encounter pickpockets in Rome but ironically I experienced some at the Vatican...


On the train. Gf noticed her zipper on her bag was halfway open and it was closed a moment ago. Always gotta keep checking your stuff. Moved away from the guy near her and luckily we got off at the next stop


I've heard to keep small amounts of money in different spots which there in vacation. That way if you lose your wallet you're not screwed also if you get mugged you can just quickly hand over a small amount of cash and just walk away.


Also if you're in an area that doesn't largely speak English, and you see a sign that says in English "beware of pickpockets" do not move your hand ro where your valuables are. This is a clever trick to get people to reveal where they have their wallets and stuff so a spotter or the pickpocket themselves could be watching waiting for a mark to reveal


What if I just keep my hands in my pockets the whole time?


That makes sense. My entire trip to Italy, the Vatican was the place I most felt like a packed sardine. Absolutely jammed against other people to the point of claustrophobia. Would be easy for wandering hands of pickpockets to go unnoticed.


Yeah I someone tried to get me in Venice. A women came up to me saying “help me help me!” And then I felt something in my pocket. I went to grab at my pocket and grabbed the arm of an 8 year old girl who had her hand in my pocket She scratched me really bad to the point I was bleeding with her other hand and they both took off. They didn’t get anything but it definitely was a set up


He actually was supposed to spend the night in jail for it but he was in his early 60s back then so they were allowed to go back to their hotel. He said he got some paperwork back home that he broke the dudes arm and that he has to notify the police when he gets back. His lawyer said just to ignore it and that was the end of it. I think dudes dead by now. Tough mofo.


I fucking hated Rome. No pick pockets, but I couldn't escape the aggressive African guys with friendship bracelets. Saying no didn't help. Ignoring them didn't help. I had to tell several of them not to touch me and it put me on edge the whole time. Also, fuck the people standing in front of the colosseum saying they work there and your tickets no good. They don't work there and they're just shitty people. I was happy to leave.


Guess you didn't see the worse ones. The people who would throw down these posters on the ground and try to sell them. Now, they aren't trying to sell them, theh are throwing them down in an attempt for someone to not look where they are going and possibly step on one. Once you step in it they try and make you pay for the poster and buy it. They would spread like 10 of them out in a street so you had to walk around them to avoid it. Saw a ton of these guys in front of the museum for the David.


What the hell, why aren't there cops cleaning up most popular tourist places?


>No pick pockets, but I couldn't escape the aggressive African guys with friendship bracelets. So the first one I talked to for a while and he kept telling me I don't need to pay, then he asked for something to send back "home" so I gave the bracelet back and walked away. Once I got what they were up to, I was hustling to a tour group meeting spot and another one tried to stop me. It went something like this: "Heyyyy! Hakuna matata! How are you doing?" "No" "What is your problem man?" "No thanks" "You are a very ugly man" ​ ...I still laugh about it to this day.


One of them tried giving me a bracelet and since I wasn't taking it, it fell on the ground. He went from Mr. Friendly to very angry and demanded I pick it up and hand it to him. I kept walking which made him angrier. Fuck them all.


Some Romany gypsy cursed my family to death in Rome. She was walking down the line showing a picture of her grandkids with her hand out. They were well fed, fat little fuckers and I told her so. Jokes on her though, I'm not that keen on my family so she did me a favour.


When I was a young teen I went to Rome with my family. We went to the Spanish Steps and I wanted to go to the top but the rest of my family didn't, so I went up alone with nothing on me. When I reach the top I admire the view for about 5 seconds before an African guy comes up and starts tying one of these bracelets around me. Red, white and green thread, "this one's for love, this one's for peace" blah blah all happy and friendly like. When he finishes I thank him and walk away. "No no!" He shouts after me "that is €5! Bracelet €5!" I reply "what? I'm sorry I have nothing on me" "nothing? But bracelet is €5!" "Well, you put it on me and I don't have anything on me" "nothing? But is €5! Where is your family?" "I have nothing. I don't know where they are" "you have nothing? Camera? Phone?" Like I'm going to give this guy a fucking camera in exchange for a shitty bracelet?!? Eventually he gave up and just walked away looking very dejected, probably because I was just a kid. I actually wore that bracelet for a while before it fell apart!


You might like Saudi Arabia. They cut robbers' hands over there.


Even accused robbers or even people who might not have done anything.


You should see what they do to people who write bad things against them...


to shreds you say?


hell, even if you just look funny


A dude I know got chased by metal pipes when he fought back in China. And he survived!! I mean he’s a big dude but that’s like >5 guys


Damn dude, floating metal pipes chasing you sounds like a nightmare.


With a mate in Paris Gare du Nord, at the lockers to put some bags in them. Mate had the key, put his bag at his feet and opened the locker, bent down to pick it up. Gone. Roughly 5 seconds. The speed was phenomenal and it was recovered 2-3 hours later under a bush outside missing anything valuable. You need eyes in the back of your eyes in the back of your head sometimes.


After 25 years of traveling, there are only two places where pickpocketing was a problem, Paris and a town in Ethiopia called Awassa. In Awassa they distract you selling trinkets, I was aware of it but somehow my backpack was still opened (though nothing was taken). In Paris in 2002 there was a lot more Gypsies than there are now. I feel like every time I was on a train or in a station I witnessed them pestering and/or pickpocketing. One time a kid was in front of me not letting me pass and I felt someone on my pack, I picked up the kid in front of me and tossed them on their ass, then spun around and shoved the kid on my pack. Then I noticed a couple guys watching so I got eye contact with them and threw my arms up, they all left. Not sure if the term "Gypsies" is okay to say anymore, but I'm old, and that's what they were always called, feel free to educate me.


Barcelona was the worst for me. Witnessed a couple of attempted thefts on the Subway, thieves would wait for doors to be closing then try to grab something like a camera or phone off someone as they ducked out. Best was this older guy, in his 60s I would say, thief tries and grab his camera and and old guys grabs onto the dude and his camera and the thief gets stuck in the doors, guy gets camera back in his control then just sends it on this guy with his free hand, several punches to the face as the guy squirmed out of the doors. Train pulls away with thief standing there shocked and battered on the other side of the glass. Older dude turns and says, "I am from Amsterdam, we know how to deal with pickpockets!" Pure gold.


Yes, Barcelona is the pick pocketing capital of Europe.


My friends and I were ready to go back home after the Primavera festival in Barca, but had some time to kill after checking out. So we went to a burger king with all our luggage, were a couple tried to steal one of our bags without noticing. Luckily, two undercover cops were hungry at the same time and bodyslammed them into oblivion 🥲 since then I am much, much more careful in Barcelona.


So I read about Barcelona being the pickpocket capital before my trip in 2017. I was on the look out but didn't see anything sketchy at all. Very surprising. Maybe they thought i wasnt a good target? The subway was less crowded than nyc.


Yeah I was the same lol Got a text message as soon as the plane touched down from the government saying beware of pick pockets I always kept my shit close and never saw anything sketchy


If you didn't see anything that suggests you were looking, sometimes that's enough to deter someone out for prey.


I too heard a lot of stories about Barcelona being bad for pick-pocketing, but I lived there for 18 months and never saw anything sketchy (at least not any sketchier than you'd expect in any major urban area).


In Barcelona I was walking down the main street with my DSLR and suddenly I felt 5 guys surround me so I dipped into the first storefront and avoided getting robbed. Happened in a matter of seconds.


Madrid and Barcelona were my personal nightmares. I don't want to go into details but I was pickpocketed, sleight of handed, baggage stolen in those 2 cities in a space of 4 days. Never did I felt so stupid and unsafe at the same time.


Not your fault, they're very good at it.


In Barcelona I saw a woman get her phone stolen by a fake beggar while having breakfast. Her phone was on the table and he distracted her with his right hand while stealing with his left one. I saw everything and never noticed he took it.


Yep, same experience in Barcelona. And it was a pretty elaborate setup as well. I got on the metro line after Barca's match. There was this guy about 50ish who was holding onto a teenage kid facing away from him with both hands. The teenager in turn was holding an even younger kid with both hands in a hug and the younger kid was acting like he was sleeping. At some point I was like better check the wallet and the mobile so I leave the handrail that I was holding onto and put my hand in my pocket, and what do you know, that little fucker's hand was in my pocket trying to slowly pull my wallet out. He yanked his hand away and the trio spent the rest of the trip trying to look away. I was angry enough to create a scene but my gf was with me so I didn't want to get into anything which would ruin the night. I just pointed at them and said "pickpockets!" to people around me. I am glad that the mobile was in the pocket on the other side since that would have been easier to pull out I think.


Rome. We were warned and the girls carried no purses - we kept all our valuables in backpacks. We didn't take out phones wallets cash etc in crowds. But we saw a lot of skels hovering near and saw a few tourists get ripped.


Yeah I went to Rome and there were a fuckload of peddlers, pickpockets and scam artists Some kid grabbed my friends leg and was demanding money or he wouldn't let go I dunno why he chose my friend tho cause the dude is like 250 pounds 6 foot 5, so he picked the kid up by his shirt and tossed him across the room like he was a doll


I saw the aftermath of a tourist get pickpocketed in Rome yesterday on the busy metro, from a over the shoulder zip up purse/bag. Someone picked a wallet up from the floor and asked who's it was, the guy initially didn't realise that he had even lost the wallet, apparently his hundreds of dollars of cash was gone, but at least be got his wallet and all the cards back.... Anything valuable I had was buried in the bottom of my backpack with the zips locked up, but a quick access pocket with nothing in it was open when I looked.


If you had eyes in the back of your eyes in the back of your head, wouldn't you still be looking forward?


Dunno why French police doesn’t do anything or why people still travel to Paris. From my experience, Paris was one of the worst experiences I’ve had. Bunch of dumb gimmicky tourist traps and thieves/scammers. People can’t seem to stop harassing you neither. Then again, I guess French have no incentive since tourists will still travel to Paris because “it’s Paris”. Probably won’t do anything until it starts directly impacting tourism. Quite frankly I had so much more fun in cities/areas outside of Paris. If you’re thinking about going to Paris, the only real place worth visiting is Lourve, but I would bounce immediate after that.


Quick Question: Do these thieves try to solely target tourists? I imagine the French police wouldn't be able/wouldn't mind as much as long as it is foreigners getting robbed instead of locals? Just curious. My wife and I are going to Venice in December.


They absolutely do target tourists. I would even say tourists are their preferred targets. There’s all kinds of websites that tell you how to avoid being robbed/scammed.


Just finished a two week trip in Italy and didn't have any problems, nor did I even see anything. Just be careful, don't walk around with a backpack if you don't have to, don't put things in your back pockets, be aware of people around you or people passing by. Have fun! Just be aware.


Wife and I were in Madrid at a Sunday market where it's just packed, ass to tea kettle. At one point we're walking in a crowd with my wife's backpack touching my front left. At one point I notice I'm slowly but actively getting pushed to the right. Wife quietly comments, "this person is right up my ass". I look over and this \*Roma woman ~~of Romanian decent~~ has her hands up high and tight undoing the zipper loop. She actually had the loop unknotted and was pulling the zipper apart when I noticed. I yelled "HEY!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" at her as she scurries away pretending she couldn't understand. My wife's wallet was literally the first thing at the top and I figure another 10 seconds and it would've been gone. ~~In the shower afterward~~, Having my shower thought afterward\*, I'd have grabbed her wrist then punched her in the stomach, but then I'm sure her cohorts would've tracked me down pretty quickly. EDIT: Correction in grammar due to Mr Smartass **ku8475**


How did you get the pickpocket into your shower? Did you steal her heart?


When I travel the First accessibile thing in my backpack are always dirty underwear. With Google pay I don't even bring credito card anymore. And ~50€ in my phone to have some cash. I am untouchable. I keep my phone in pants pocket that can be closed or in hand but tied to my hand. I don't even be carefull anymore, my backpack was being open hundreds of time, but It requires two minutes of deeply searching between dirty clothes to find anything. Passport, airpods and powerbank goes in a small bag to put directly on body under shirt.


probably roma (gypsy) not romanian


I had my phone stolen on the train in Paris. I noticed and proceeded to try and give chase only to be tripped up by his accomplice. I quickly jumped up to try and see where they were and the 2 were already on their way off the train. I exited on the other end of the car and they didn't notice me. About 10ft away were 2 regular police and 2 national police. I called out in broken French because after 4 years of French I still spoke like a toddler. The cops immediately came over, speaking English because I'm sure they couldn't take another second of me butchering their language. Meanwile the thieves don't notice this and are casually strolling away. I quickly explained my situation to which one of the National Police beaks out running after them. The others quickly followed and they had the two pinned against the wall, beating the absolute daylights out of these guys. After about a minute of asskicking the National Police sort of looked at me like, "was that sufficient?" Best police work I've ever seen lol👌 Edit: Yes, I did indeed get my phone back.


....to which he replied in butchered french "C'était exactement la merde que je voulais descendre!"


I'm laughing so hard picturing this. Translation for the non-francophones: "That was exactly the shit that I wanted to go down!" Funny because something "going down" i.e. slang for "something happening" is not in the French vocabulary. So in this situation, the police just beat up the thieves, looked at tico42 for approval, and then tico42 is basically saying "That was exactly the feces I'd like to descend"


Out of curiosity what is the French slang for something happening, the equivalent for the English 'going down'?


I dont know about slang but to say something happened in french you generally use arriver and said that "it arrived"


So, for example, you could say, "**THE PAIN TRAIN HAS ARRIVER**".


Oh I do love bread


>I dont know about slang but to say something happened in french you generally use arriver and said that "it arrived" Instructions unclear: OP watches the police brutally beat up the thieves and then yells "I came!"


This is also an acceptable response.


It actually fits nicely since OP apparently sucked at French.


That's the joke




Just before corona broke out some kids pick-pocketed me; took my phone. They bumped into me on the street, going in the opposite direction, and it took me a second or two to think to check my pockets. Perhaps because I had had a few beers; who can say. Noticed my phone missing... I'm WAY too poor to let them get away with that so I turned around and saw them further down the street. I guess since I didn't react immediately they thought they were in the clear. Or just not that good at it. Since they didn't look my way I started to walk towards them; they were far enough that if they noticed me they would probably have no trouble running away. So I just walked, not wanting to draw attention until I was closer. But I walked up to the one who had bumped in to me and stared him in the face and held out my hand without a word. He looked very surprised but handed my phone back. I wanted to do more but I knew there's nothing I could do that would turn out well for me or be worth the effort. So I took my phone and walked away. Only later did I realize they had also managed to take my e-book tablet... -_-


You keep an e-book tablet in your pocket when you go out drinking?


Not in my pocket, but I have a small bag that I keep it in, yes. Takes me about an hour or so by train to get into the city where I usually meet up with friends. And I like to read on that train ride. It wasn't a rowdy club-hoping kind of evening. Just a few beers at a nice relaxed pub.


I LOVE that story!


At first I was like OH NO OH NO Then I was like HON HON HON


tres bien




Never heard anything as French as this today! 🤣


Would have laughed even harder had you ended be saying "i told police they had the wrong guys". Great story.


Reminds me of a story a friend told me of a trip he took to Paris in the late 80's. He and a friend were mugged by several thugs and the police drove them down the street to look for the perps. They pointed out some guys and the cops jumped out and starting roughing them up. But it turned out they weren't the correct guys. The cops just said, "No problem, they probably deserved it anyways." Guess not much changes...


Amazing! Did they recover your phone as well?


They did indeed


Good to hear the police don't always ignore these parasites


The vídeo have a few years. I live on this city. Its Sao Paulo, Brazil. This happens in downtown were I worked for many years. All the time that I need to Go to the downtown I run fast to where I need to go with my hands firmly inside my pocket. I have paranoia with this. Unfortunatelly or fortunatelly I made some friendship with some of these pickpocket thiefs during my years in downtown. The Restaurant where I had lunch were the place that these people sold many of these cellphones and other things stoled. I saw many times how they acted. The fortunatelly part is that noone never stoled me because they knew me and If some friend got stoled I was able to talk with them to recover the cellphone, wallet or anything without cost.


When expensive phones first became a thing, I wondered if this would be problem in my city, but it really hasn't. Phone thefts are rare enough that everyone has theirs out on trains, buses, and everywhere else, and no one seems even think about any danger. Makes you appreciate living in a relatively civilized big city.


Nowdays you can remotely brick a phone within a few minutes of it being stolen. My Google Pixel can be remotely factory reset which deletes all the data at least. They could probably still get it working again and sell it.


Format is the word you're looking for, not brick. Afaik, you cannot remotely brick a phone.


Does no one try to rob the gold dealers downtown? They are everywhere. Ouro ouro ouro! Também seu inglês e muito bom.


Why would you steal a phone. I thought they are useless after blocking them. And even if you reboot/reset it you still need an imei number which they dont have. Did I miss something?


Sometimes they immediately sell them as a second hand, other times they take them apart and tell the parts second hand.


I don’t know about the time these videos were taken but today having your phone stolen can be a huge liability. My friends phone was stolen in New Orleans and the thieves cleaned up pretty good. They were able to use mobile checkout at a Staples for 800 dollars, max out every digital payment/crypto app like cashapp Venmo paypal etc. All said and done the fraudulent charges totaled over $11,000. His checking account only had around $2000 in it but his bank would pull from his savings to cover the transactions. The worst part about it was Bank of America requires mobile/email verification to put a stop on your account. Gmail required mobile verification to log in. Bank of America could have prevented all of it but said anyone can call and say the same thing but they can’t do anything if he can’t verify his identity. In the end the bank reimbursed him for the fraud about two weeks later. Getting your phone stolen can wreak havoc on your life.


Your friend didn't have a phone/screen lock on their phone AND their banking/crypto apps?? I'm pretty sure most banking apps nowadays require authentication to get into the app, either a login or biometrics AFTER you gain access past the screen lock. At least every single one of mine do. And apps like paypal/venmo push you to setup a secondary PIN to access the app every sessions. Precisely in the case someone steals your phone. It's really really stupid to not use any kind of phone lock if you have sensitive banking or crypto apps on it. You're basically inviting someone to drain your accounts.


I don't think they did anything with his actual Bank of America app, that was probably better protected. But it was obviously someone who does this a lot.. It was at a bar in New Orleans and pretty sure they waited until they saw him manually unlock his phone with a passcode but he doesn't know for sure. My friend said he was using his phone to play music, like one of those places with an app for their jukebox. After they stole the phone the location services were immediately turned off and they bought crypto with cashapp and sent it off, and sent cash to some weird cashtag. Also sent money out via paypal and venmo.


My brother-in-law had his phone stolen in Vegas. He had his cellphone on the table and someone took it. Neither he or my sister-in-law had locks set on their phone. The thief used my BIL's PayPal to drain his checking account, ruining their trip that took them a couple years to save for. They have passcodes now and while it wasn't smart having unprotected phones (both physically and the lack of passcodes/locks), FUCK thieves. I felt sick to my stomach hearing them tell the story. Neither of them make a lot of money and they live very modestly. They worked so hard for that trip and were so excited for it. All it took was trusting that the world wasn't going to fuck them the first chance it got.


They're probably torn down and sold for parts


Shipped overseas where the blacklisting don't work. We need to be able to completely brick our devices through android/iOS.


Two sided coin there. We also need to be able to completely unbrick our devices through android/iOS too. Bricking them when stolen is a great feature. But making the default that phones are bricked if the owner does not jump through a bunch of hoops to free them results in most phones being junked after the first owner. I used to volunteer at an electronics recycling center. The number of perfectly usable iPhones and iPads that got trashed because the owner did know how to or couldn't be bothered to unlock them was staggering. We would take laptops and simply wipe the disks and factory reset them. We gave those away for reuse by the dozens each week. But Apple products, nope. Maybe one in fifty would come in properly unlocked so they could be reset. We tried working with Apple but they just made up excuse after excuse why they would not help. But it became obvious what the real reason was when they started to insist that we deliver them to a local Apple store.


All of that for a locked iPhone 11?


I know, right? I'd just go to "where's my phone?" On my smartwatch and listen for it screaming lol


good luck recovering your phone from a favela


People in 1st world countries have their own little world




Then you go to "where's my smartwatch" on your iPad.


They would take your iPad the moment you pulled it out.


Then you go to "where's my ipad" on your macbook.


That's when you go to where's my macbook on your apple tv


Then you realise they also took your eyes and fingers


They part it out! Selling the parts - you can make enough to pay for a good portion of the phone.


More and more of the parts are useless. You can’t make anywhere near enough to pay for a phone anymore. Smartphone thefts are waaaay down because of this, they’re just useless bricks after being reported. You can sell the glass and some other stuff, but for the bargain rate you have to part with it it’s not even close to buying you a phone… Maybe $25 to $75 per phone. Hard to imagine that’s worth the risk.


You're not exactly dealing with moral people here. They would definitely hawk it on the street corner to some naive fool who at most demands to see it turn on before paying. Only to find 5 minutes after taking possession that its locked and useless and so going back to the street corner only to find the sellers have vanished. Or worse, pull a knife on him for complaining.


Maybe with older ones, but newer ones are just trash when stolen, as you can't even interchange parts between two legitimately bought iPhones.


Scum of the earth


If you're in a crowd in a busy area, and someone bumps into you, you've just been pickpocketed. Don't start tapping your pockets, either, sometimes it's a setup to get you to show them where your stuff is, THEN you get pickpocketed.


There are signs in some train stations, subways etc that say “beware of pickpockets”. So they stand around that sign, people walk by and touch where their wallet/phone etc it


*touches feet to confuse onlookers*


who is filming??




brazil is filming? like brazil collectively? or a guy named brazil?




No, you got it all wrong, Brazil IS filming, by Terry Gilliam.


Brazil did it. Brazil did the dub.


Probably the authorities doing some kind of sting operation?


The third guy on the scamming crew. Now they have video to teach new thieving recruits.


Why are people so fundamentally shitty?


Not a lot, but enough to make places horrible.


My dude at :28 belly tho


[Brazilian Philadelphia Collins.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFGw2IGkFvo)


Magnificent cheeseburger locker right there.


Come to brazil they said. It will be fun they said.


honest to God - i'm so fed up with people - i just can't take it anymore


New invention, the wii remote wrist band secured to your phone.


Dummy phone with a 10 second trigger to self destruct. Blow up a few of these aholes and the muggings will stop.


Teamwork makes the dream work.


I only travel to Brazil naked


wouldn't it be great if if was just open season on these guys. like the other pedestrians just beat the piss out of the guy(s) until they're too afraid to rob innocent people.


Looks like everyone needs earbuds then you keep your cell phone in your pocket.... You're also less distracted because both hands are free


Fuck thieves. Unless you’re stealing food or medicine, I don’t give a rats ass what happens to you. People have become way too apologetic about theft.


Cockroaches, thieves are wastes of oxygen. We should bring back medieval punishment for stuff like this.


Is this a social experiment or actual footage of people who got caught?


Odeio viver no Bostil


Moral of the story? Use a Bluetooth headset and keep your phone in a military grade fanny pack.


Moral of the story nº2: Don't go to Brazil, because is a shithole level over 9000


This is how politics work too


Come to Brazil!!!!


It's hilarious how many Brazilians I know will say this exact phrase to me. Honestly, still gonna go lol.


Just cum


Damn the second guy was caught, but the one who assisted tried to distract the victim.


Wait who the fuck is filming this? And they’re just letting these people be robbed?