Todd Chrisley - class action suit

Todd Chrisley - class action suit


May I ask what exactly is a class action lawsuit? Sorry if that's a dumb question, ya don't know what ya don't know lol


Google’s free, bestie 😬


LMAO after I typed that I was like, girl you're an idiot, look it up 🤦🤦😂😂 Hey, I'll admit it, that was dumb on my part hahaha 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


Lmao! Maybe a little 😉 Figured it may be quicker instead of waiting for a reply! All good boo 😁


LOL you're awesome 😂😂 I'm also high sooooo....I'll blame my stupidity on my wax 😂😉 I'm not to proud to admit when I'm dumb, it happens 😂😂


Forgot to add, currently learning all about it 😉😂😂


Don’t know if it’s true because I did not see/hear it but rumor has it she’s either posting or telling people that she needs money for the lawsuit, didn’t she say a few weeks ago that she’s doing quite well financially?


She ain’t got a pot to piss in. She still owes Brown money for the Tati lawsuit


True! I forgot about that!!


She ALWAYS says she's doing well, her channel is growing, views are sky high, blah blah blah... but then you look at her engagement on SM and it DOES NOT ADD UP. 2 responses to one of her tweets, less than 200 likes on her videos...and people are continuously kicking her out of their chats! Her scrabbling after sound bites on the Gabby story for money proves her desperation. IMO.


For sure!!


Its so very true!!!!!!!!!


Todd Chrisley has no authority to claim there is a class action lawsuit. Simply amassing a certain number of people who want to sue the same person does not mean there is a class action. Only a court may approve a class action lawsuit and there are standards about what types of claims and parties should be allowed. No court is going to say those standards are met. I've included the most pertinent langue from the applicable Federal Rule of Civil Procedure ([https://www.uscourts.gov/rules-policies/current-rules-practice-procedure/federal-rules-civil-procedure](https://www.uscourts.gov/rules-policies/current-rules-practice-procedure/federal-rules-civil-procedure)), Rule 23, below: Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure requires a district court make the following findings to allow a class action: (1) the number of class members renders it impracticable to join them in the action, (2) the class members' claims share common questions of law or fact, (3) the claims or defenses of the proposed class representatives are typical of those for the rest of the class, and (4) the proposed class representatives will adequately protect the interests of the entire class. FRCP, Rule 23(a). Additionally, the district court must make at least one of the following findings: (1) requiring separate actions by or against the class members would create the risk of inconsistent rulings, or that a ruling with respect to individual class members may be dispositive of other class member claims thereby “substantially impair\[ing\] or imped\[ing\] their ability to protect their interests”; (2) the party against whom the class seeks relief “has acted or refused to act on grounds generally applicable to the class” so that injunctive or declaratory relief as to the entire class would be appropriate; or (3) common questions of law or fact common “predominate” over class member specific questions, and that proceeding by way of class action would be “superior to other available methods” for resolving the dispute. FRCP, Rule 23(b).


He said in his podcast that it MET class action status, not that HE MADE it into class action status. Two different things. That's what he must've meant: that the courts authorized it and not him. At least that's what I took from it with that wording. Who knows. The dude said that he has mountains of reports, including financial, and god knows what else he has under his sleeve if he's not just blowing smoke. Personally as fun as seeing a class action suit against KJ would be, just seeing her getting rammed by our ruthless king (win or not) is satisfying enough. Unlike Tati, she has been unusually quiet and must be quaking in her boots. If she wasn't she'd be yapping about in 100 lives and tweets demanding his attorneys be disbarred lol




If it doesn't end up as a class action I have a feeling Todd may be willing to assist some of these other folks financially so as he said there voices can be heard. He is clearly not in this for the money. IMO he genuinely sounds like he wants to help these people to show what KJ has done to them. Just a theory but one thing I do know regardless of any of that he's coming with his lawsuit. We shall see.


I’m still confused about this class action lawsuit. So are all of the people involved saying that they have been harmed/defamed by WOACB and want an outcome for themselves? Or is it a group of people who all have evidence of her behavior so if they all come together it makes a better case? I think I saw in Elle Bees video that Caroline Ironwill was involved in it (I say I think because I was only listening and didn’t see who the “Caroline” was that Elle was responding to ) Don’t get me wrong, I think KJ was an absolute asshat to Caroline but I’m confused about what she did wrong “legally” to her 🤔 I’m using Caroline as an example but my opinion is that there may be a few people involved who don’t legally have a case. If I’m wrong I’m happy to be corrected as I’m genuinely wondering…..