Agatha in the intro of this episode:

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She’s a Moira main




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I mean that biotic grasp really is something you gotta look out for.


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I’ve got more hours playing Moira than any other video game and I never made that connection lmao


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Since Agatha Harkness appears as an old lady in the comics, what if she tries it on Wanda (and Wanda being extremely powerful) makes her age like they did...


I noticed how they made her very young looking in the 1600s and in the present day in this episode, her wrinkles (especially the ones on her forehead) are quite pronounced... so remembering what she looks like in the comic, I was thinking the same too.


I did think she was looking much older in ep 7 and 8 than she did in the prior 6 eps. Especially in the Modern Family closeups


I just remembered when she showed up with her bunny in the basement, her appearance and her hair are looking much more disheveled and maybe I’m seeing gray hair? Maybe she’s playing along at first and gradually reveals her true physical self as Wanda gets more occupied with other things? (Like when she started drinking in front of the kids with zero care)


That makes sense - she now doesn’t have to disguise herself and play the game because Wanda knows all.


Or she killed Agatha and took her brooch and assumed her identity


Unlimited Powaaaah!!!


That intro was 1693, the Salem witch trials were 1692-1693. What if the witch trials ended because Agatha killed all the other witches?


I believe it was actually 1695, so after the end of the trials then


I double checked, it said 1693.


You’re right, I could’ve swore it said 5, and I’ve talked with like 3 other people and none of them corrected me


The other three were probably distracted by your rock hard abs, something that doesn't interfere when posting text messages on the internet.


This makes Wanda's Son having Blue Magic a little less special. I guess he is a regular Warlock.


Well I mean apparently Wanda is like proficised being so having her son have the same power as her would make HER seem less special imo


Well Wiccan is the demiurge so he should have some special looking power


Well it's only so many colors and his are blue in the comics. That's pretty much it.


Maybe he’s the sapphire sorcerer /s


To be fair, she did give them multiple chances to stop.... they didn’t..... so ya girl gave them the good o’l switcharUNO 🤠


I have read a bunch of the wikis on agatha since the show started, and it honestly doesn’t seem like the character is evil. Neutral at most. I think if anything she might try to stop Wanda because she is afraid of her powers and what she could do, but not out of sheer spite. And then in the last episode she will realize that she is doing to wanda exactly what her mother did to her, and she will stop. Probably team up with Wanda to take down nega vision. And thats the show, folks.




She clearly violated whatever their code was. That was the whole point of the intro scene.


Yeah, her aloof cynical portrayal suggests that she does what *she* thinks is right during any situation.


Agatha has revealed plans indicating that she is power hungry. It is possible that she turns out this way being misunderstood after something triggers her powers in an uncontrollable way. The fact her past is being juxtaposed to Wanda's indicates that she may want to start a new life mentoring powerful metahumans or starting a new coven.


Or maybe she just wants to learn how Wanda controlled an entire town, like she said.


I went with lawful based off the fact that when Wanda did a bunch of chaotic magic it drew Agatha in based off a need to discern what it was and seemingly restore balance to it to align with her version of the witches code


Your speculation is not a "fact."


As is anyone else's? Lawful doesn't have to follow the law. They follow their own law/code


This show isn't D&D. And that's just your interpretation of it.


Dude you're arguing semantics for a scale that is traditionally used in D&D. Everyone got the point I was trying to make. Stop being a pendant.


I'm not the one making shit up that isn't in the show and injecting it into the show here.


Eh, I'd say more of either a Neutral Evil, or Chaotic Neutral. She doesn't seem particularly beholden to any rules or morality except her own, which rules out a Lawful Alignment. And she doesn't seem phased by hurting others for personal gain, so Good is pretty much out of the question. Ultimately I think she's just an opportunistic, unscrupulous scoundrel-type, sort of in the vein of Loki. She does what suits her, when it suits her, but has plenty of room for growth. I really hope she continues on after WandaVision as part of the MCU as a recurring nemesis/frenemy for Wanda.


My head canon is they were trying to drain her power instead of killing her, otherwise any physical means would be much quicker. Perhaps it's a two way thing where the weaker side loses their power, hence why they had all the witches there to combine their powers, but agatha is so powerful that she managed to overpower all of them.


Anyone else think she wasn’t really trying to stop them? Like she wanted them to do it so that she would have a direct line to their powers to just drain them. I don’t know I feel like she’s pretty psychotic and power hungry to me.


Omg I just laughed so hard I scared my cat






Agatha is a weird character. They’re building her up as a character right at the end of the show, her motivation is unclear, and if you really pay attention everything she’s done is unclear as to why or fairly reasonable


What's weird is that the entire comic history of Agatha harness never has her being a "bad" character. At worst she's a bit if an antihero at times. It's so weird how this is shaping up.


yeah, I think she'll end up being good. Hayward was developed into a more major antagonist and Agatha has no motivation and seems to making herself out to be worse than she is. The worst thing she's done is kill an imaginary dog and most things she's done to Wanda don't have a clear purpose. The things she did in this most recent episode almost seem to be with the intention of helping Wanda, as well as her own curiosity. She even went as far as to stay behind and risk her own life after finding out that Wanda is the most powerful beings on earth just so she could tell Wanda about the reach of her powers. And yeah she took some children hostage while doing that, but 1, they're probably imaginary, and 2, Wouldn't anyone want some leverage while having a tough conversation with one of the most powerful beings on earth?


And in comics, the Skrulls are overall evil invading bastards. MCU is known to pull some swerved (also see: fake Mandarin).


Swerves are fine. The skills as a whole may be miserable. We know that the small group of skills from 1995 were nice but we don't know that overall. The real mandarin also exists in the MCU


She has repeatedly stated her motivation: she wants to know how Wanda created the hex. She wants the ability to do that. It's spelled out in the show.


But then why kill sparky? There was no reason to do that


Sparky would have destroyed the multiverse if Agatha hadn't stopped him. It was the only way. But seriously, she has stated that she was fucking with Wanda's reality to gently snap her out of it, make her face the truth and say how she did it all. I don't know how much clearer they could have made that in the show.


Oh! I knew I was missing something with that line. I still don't think she wants Wanda's power though. She was curious, trying to find out what's going on. There's still a decent chance she's there to try to stop Wanda. This whole episode was basically just her going "how the fuck are you so powerful? You don't even know the very basics of magic!" And then when she found out and had pissed off Wanda, she risked her own life to stay behind and tell Wanda what she knew. Yeah she took the twins hostage, but wouldn't anyone want some leverage in her situation? Obviously she won't hurt them if she doesn't have to.


Yeah like she is still a witch and it was an imaginary dog. She killed it cause it’s not important and she wanted Wanda out of her weird fantasy


"Bring back the dead!" "You can do that?" She's just been trying to get info out of her the whole time. Sparky was just one attempt


Did she say she was trying to get her over her grief


She was trying to figure out how she could bring vision back from the dead so she killed the dog to see if she would do it for the kids.


She wants the powers Wanda has I think. Her magic is purple while the other magic we see is blue. What color is Wanda’s? Red. And it is mentioned that Agatha was dabbling in “forbidden” magic which i guess is Chaos magic which is what Wanda has. Her magic is purple because she is trying to use the forbidden magic but she can’t in the way Wanda can with her real chaos magic. You can see through the show that Agatha is genuinely surprised by Wanda’s abilities and annoyed at the trivial things she uses them for. I feel like a lot of this is testing her/draining her in an attempt to steal her powers.


Given from the trial, it seems she is using a form of dark magic, which is already established since Dr. Strange.


I thought she wants her powers but not necessarily to steal them. More like if Wanda had a spell or trick or fancy spell book, she wanted in. But she just hasn’t come off as truly evil or hostile enough. Like her tough talk with Wanda in the basement room could easily be just how you’ve gotta be with a crazy powerful witch who had lost her mind a bit


That’s kind of what I was thinking as well about her wanting to be able to use the kind of magic Wanda has. She wants to know how her powers work. I haven’t crossed off the idea that she is trying to steal her powers though. I just think everything in this episode has shown she wants to KNOW things and to be able to do things. She wanted to know how to use the “forbidden” magic. She wanted to know how her magic works. She wanted to know what Wanda’s limits were. A few episodes back she was genuinely surprised Wanda was able to bring things back to life. We have also seen a similar book to Agatha’s in Doctor Strange which supports that thirst for knowledge and powers she does not possess. I do however think she has been shown to be a little sinister and maybe unhinged. She may not be the big bad but I feel like she is bad.


That explains why her magic is purple then? It being a mix of blue and red?


Purple is also the closest you can get to a "black" glow, and is usually the "dark magic color". The villains from Dr. Strange had purple magic, for example.




I love this 💜


What's interesting is thus far the magic color coordinates with the infinity stones. Agnes Purple-Power stione. Wanda Red-Reality Stone, Blue Witches- Space Stone, Also Vision has the mind stone (which was in the sceptre, and you see it reveal its self to Wanda and then separate out of her when she created Vision) We know Loki got away with the Space stone during Endgame. The stones are somewhat sentient what if they are trying to recreate themselves/ or avoid destruction at the hands of Thanos.


Yeah I didn’t particularly like the witch scene. But maybe I was hoping for more witch trials. It establishes her as the “powerful witch,” so I guess her motivation is just that Wanda is that much more powerful and she wants to know why. But it’s not particularly unique or interesting. And, like what about the kids? People theorized she was going to use them for something but now it seems she just wanted to use them as hostages. Hopefully there is more to it.


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Haven't you ever laughed and snorted?


I have a theory that the reason Agatha is still alive is because when she killed the other witches she stole their lives, therefore extending hers. Like the Shinigami in Death Note


I think she sucked their life force and their powers.


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I wonder if they’ll explain the magic as the same sort of magic in doctor strange. So far, the MCU doesn’t have any “real” magic, just advanced technology like in Thor


Agatha does use a spell similar to the one Strange used to create a portal to Odin, the using of hair and whatnot.


More like what seems like "magic" can still be explained through science.


After watching Doctor Strange my dad said, "So it's not magic, but more like the source code of the universe," which I thought was cool.


I think your dad was just quoting the movie because The Ancient One says exactly this


She said "source code"?


There was a fun YA book trilogy I read as a kid that played with that concept. A human kid from our world crosses over into a fantasy world and learns magic that does "casts spells", but it was supposedly just learning the science to cast it.


http://lab.cccb.org/en/arthur-c-clarke-any-sufficiently-advanced-technology-is-indistinguishable-from-magic/ What’s the difference?


The line has been a bit blurry in the MCU so far. There's the line from Thor that magic and science are basically the same from an Asgardian point of view, but then you have Asgardians with superpowers so the line is a bit blurry. If superpowers are closer to science then magic, why can't they be replicated? Like why is Thor the only "God of thunder" if his powers are some form of super advanced science or genetic engineering? Mjolnir itself is kind of magical in nature as well since we're explicitly told there's an "enchantment" on it so that only the worthy can lift it. There's that time in Infinity War where Ebony Maw calls Strange's magic "tricks", which implies his own psychic powers are not of the same nature. Then there's the Infinity stones themselves which you could consider "magic" in nature due to all they can do. Initially, my head canon was "superpowers you're born with, magic you can learn", but that's not 100% accurate since clearly there's some level of born innateness tied to the individual's magic as Mordo shows you can "steal it" at the end of Doctor Strange.


For me, the explanation is essentially that magic and weird shit are all over the place in the MCU, and always have been, but Marvel didn't want to get too weird too quickly with it and put off audiences at the beginning: now they can really let loose, though, and dispense with the "it's just science" explanation. I mean, I know it's barely canon etc., but what's the scientific explanation for punching a dragon in the heart and getting magical glowy powers? Just to take one example.


I mean, I think it is basically magic with a sci-fi twist , like in Wandavision they explain that the “magic” works by rearranging atoms and shit. My theory is that magic doesn’t exist in our universe, but does in others. We see that most of the magical characters use portals or some other form to channel that energy from other multiverses.


Well I guess it comes down to what you define as "magic". At its core, magic is just stuff you can't explain. In a very very very simplified view, if you consider "science" to be the laws of the universe, "magic" is when you need those rules to be broken in specific instances without the rules themselves changing and without a specific explanation needed as to why/how they can be broken. A good example is: time travel/manipulation is possible via science as shown in Endgame, but also via magic with the Time stone.


Literally made this joke to my wife as it was happening 😂 Well done


Haha thanks! Did you show the meme to her?


I showed her the video Thursday night it just so happens but yeah I showed her the meme after we watched the episode, this sub has been crushing the memes every week


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